4 comments on “#FindingMiss52 for Miss USA 2016: an interesting twist

  1. I think it would be unfair to the other 51 candidates who competed live for their states titles but then again this could be an opportunity for those aspirants who can’t compete in their own state due to the conservative, ethnocentric and political views of their locals.

  2. It depends on who will be Miss 52. If she wins then the search for Miss 52 continues, if she ends up like Vanessa Williams (you know with a secret nude photo behind her) it will be a one hit wonder.

  3. Probably a one hit wonder. We all know that Miss USA/Universe loves experimenting. Does this mean there’ll be Miss U.N. in the next Miss Universe? That would be funny! I’m sure lots of girls from SEA including our country would be sending applications. 😜😝😋

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