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  1. “Proud Pinoy here” may sound such a cliche but thankful talaga ako and im proud being one kasi na feature na ulit ang gawang Pinoy sa Binibining. All the gowns looked majestic even on TV.

  2. Nung makita ko ang gown na to, naisip ko lang na naghuhumindig ang galit at poot ng designer sa kandidata.
    Kung magkumare lang ang designer at ang ina ng kandidata, malamang sa hindi ay nagkasolian na ng kandila.

    Pero napakanta nya ko ng….

    Do you remember me
    I sat upon your knee
    I wrote to you
    With childhood fantasies

    Well, I’m all grown up now
    And still need help somehow
    I’m not a child
    But my heart still can dream

    So here’s my lifelong wish
    My grown up christmas list
    Not for myself
    But for a world in need

    No more lives torn apart
    That wars would never start
    and wars would never start
    And time would heal all hearts
    And everyone would have a friend
    And right would always win
    And love would never end
    This is my grown up christmas list

    As children we believed
    The grandest sight to see
    Was something lovely
    Wrapped beneath our tree

    Well heaven only knows
    That packages and bows
    Can never heal
    A hurting human soul

    No more lives torn apart
    That wars would never start
    And time would heal all hearts
    And everyone would have a friend
    And right would always win
    And love would never end
    This is my grown up christmas list

    What is this illusion called the innocence of youth
    Maybe only in our blind belief can we ever find the truth
    (there’d be)

    No more lives torn apart
    That wars would never start
    And time would heal all hearts
    And everyone would have a friend
    And right would always win
    And love would never end, oh
    This is my grown up christmas list

    This is my grown up christmas list..

  3. Kaloka ang gown ni Manalo, sobrang busy sa mga detalye.
    At di pa nakuntento, talagang may kangaroo pouch pa sa hips area.

  4. The gown are okay… Some are actually very good. Can we talk about those shoes?! When will they realize only trannies, strippers and hookers wear these shoes anymore. Please ! I’m sorry Norm I know they are your friends shoes but seriously they are so passé and not fashionable at all.

  5. Nicole Cordoves! Wowie! That pose makes her look like a contestant that should be competing for MU or MW.

    Purple is my favorite color and Maxine and Kylie both look stunning!

    • P.S. What I stated about Nicole Cordoves? DITTO for Kimberly Penchon!

  6. Edjelyn’s gown….love love love. Gusto ko yung drapey shape ng gown ni Nichole. Very Madame Gres na may Eastern influences ala Poiret.

    Joana’s gown is very reminiscent of Raf Simon’s 2013 collection for Dior. Lovely color. Joana, who could pull off a look ala Barbara Streisand 1960s with her feline eyes should have pulled her hair back for the clean and modern look.

    Angelica sissy’s gown was the perfect color for her. I like how she mixed up her looks and colors during the whole competition up until the finals. Hair up, hair down, curly, wavy etc…

    Not crazy about Jennifer’s gown although I can see the signature beadwork of Nat Manilag because it kinda resembles Oliver Tolentino’s gown for Pia during the prelims but….the mowdel in her really worked it.

    Ang ganda ng gown ni Maria G at ni Crescent di mo lang ma feel yung details kase washed out yung color. I was hoping to see something that unexpectedly pops like Malpaya’s coral terno. Halos lahat trigger happy sa sepentina.

    ano kayang nag kulang kay sheena? ok naman lahat, katawan and height…

      • @ Laila , I think she needs a little dental and derma work. It’s a beauty contest . Sh has raw qualities but we want a ‘ finished product’ hihihi

      • Hahaha! Ikaw talaga, Fabbie, you are so bratty. Pero may point ka. Kaya nga, dapat nilinisan na lang yung styling nya, like super high bun. Bagay sa kanya ang white gown, yan ang wish ko sa kanya dati. May idea kayo who she was wearing? Pam-pageant din at maganda ang dress.

      • Sabagay Ana and Fabbie,

        Yung skin nya rin issue ko and tama, medyo weak pasarela nya. Sayang kase nung fashion show rampadora sya. Kung yung mga super lakas ng dating like Maria and Angelique hindi naka penetrate sa top 15, yung pagka timid ni Sheena pa kaya? Kung ico-compare kay Vina na tall and dusky din, kay Vina na rin lang ako. Marunong how to put on a show.

      • I agree, kailangan pa ilaser mukha nya para plantsado… and medyo mahiyain pa sya… try again next year.

      • Kung ganda and experience… na kay Vina na ang lahat… Kulang lang talaga sa comskills….

      • The Bessie Besana? (OMG! Hoping that it is indeed you, I feel so kilig of your reply and confirmation! – AW☺) You’ve got good designs. I liked them. I believe you can make it big in the fashion industry. More power!

    • Ate Laila, her pasarela is so weak. Sya ang bet ko dati because of her dusky Filipina look and height pero nung nag-walk na siya, ay, naloka ako! Napaisip ako at nagtanong, di nya ba tinapos ang isang sem pasarela session with the pasarela guru, Mama Jonas G.?

  7. I watched all Project Runway episodes even project runway all star. Most of the designers kulay yellow ang ayaw na ayaw nila. Kung kulang ka sa abilidad to pull it off eh magmumukha talaga itong cheap just like what happen to apriels gown. So cheap looking.

  8. Eden’s gown reminded me of Ara’s gown… But this one carry naman kasi proportinal yung body sa size ng gown.

  9. TBH, I don’t like Maxine’s gown but she wore it well. I’m amazed how she made it look classy and attractive. I found myself watching her and not the dress, not everyone have that gift.

    • Even yun dress ni Jennifer hindi ako nagandahan pero galing din magdala. She deserves the Best in EG award.

    • Exactly, girl. Si Maxine ang nagdala sa gown. Yung kay Jennifer naman, both complement each other. Ganda ng execution ni Jennifer dun. Pero I love Joanna Eden’s gown the most. Ganda ng pagkakagawa! It is as if the gown was tailor made for Jennifer Lawrence’s or Charlize Theron’s Oscars appearance. The problem is medyo di nag-complement yung hairstyle ni Joanna Eden sa gown, though she is beautiful. Klap, klap, klap for Mark Bumgarner.

      • Ana, you hit the mark on Joanna’s hairstyle. I was actually thinking meron kulang or mali…yung hairstyle pala.

      • Fantastic! You got it, Laila! Klap, klap! Love you girl to the top, to the moon and back. Mua! Pero parang mas maganda pa ‘yung kay Joana Eden, iba ‘yung fabric nun at yung heart shape sa bust area. O diba, kinabog ni Bumgarner si Christian Dior. Pero syempre, nag-iba na depende sa nagsuot because of the styling. Diyan lumamang si Nyong’o.

        Kaya nga Hana Ko (Hana Niya at Hana ng lahat, char, hihi!), dapat maingat sila sa styling. Dapat balanced ang updo at dress, para yung audience di lang sa damit titingin. Maxine’s case is the exact opposite, sa mukha naman nya tayo nakatingin at di sa dress, considering na may aplique sequin pa sya sa front area.

        Yun lang. I mean di tayo nagmamagaling kase di tayo fashion designer o stylist, but we speak as audience, expectators, and we base our observations on what is pleasing to our naked eyes. After all, audience are mostly composed of non-fashion designer or -stylist and perhaps our taste covers a majority of them. Diba, girl? Mua!

      • Ana,

        love love love. Actually, the metal belt and shape is so Dior…but a few months back Janicel wore this amazing emerald gown for a Samsung event. Eto mas kabog…

      • Oo nga, nai-comment ko na rin ‘yang same na design na isinuot ni Janicel sa isa sa mga post ni Tito Norms. ‘Diba ‘yung hairstyle ni Janicel d’yan, bumagay? Pero still, iba ang yari ng gown ni Eden, malinis. Ito kasing kay Janicel, halata yung tahi. Hihihi!

  10. I like the following EG
    Jennifer Hammond
    Nichole Manalo
    Joana Eden
    Vina Openiano
    Edjelyn Gamboa

    Nicole Cordoves looks like a tall chinese boy who is fully
    made up wearing a gown
    Kylie is too flat-chested to carry that gown well
    Maxine’s gown is so so
    Apriel’s gown should not be like that, it gives emphasis on her behind
    which is already too big to be true

    • I agree. Medyo ng-over ata make up? styling ni Cordoves, ngmukha talaga transgender, mas soft pa nga si trixie maristela sa kanya… Nagiiba talaga pag mismo sa gabing yun.

  11. #31 #13 #16 #27 #37 Beautiful gowns.
    #13 is my favorite. Simple and elegant.

  12. These photos are blurred, which do not show justice to the details of the gowns. #AllTeaNoShade

  13. Was surprised with Edjelyn’s styling and make up during the finals.. Uma -ariella arida at nina ricci alagao ang aura ni ateng..at kumavog sya sa rampahan kaya pasok sya sa tuff15!

    • Agree! Sana nabigyan siya ng crown… would prefer her over nichole. But nichole has the best body!

  14. Amazing gowns ! Proudly Pinoy. Congratulations to all the designers – great job everyone 🙂

  15. I love Kylie’s gown. Regal at its finest. Panalo talaga si Libiran magdesign apart from wafu ng partner nya😂

    Tsaka yung design ni Hannah Kong.

    • Yeah, maganda yung pagka-flowy ng skirt. Pero yung upper part, di nag-complement kay Kylie, mukha syang lumapad. Maganda din ang design nung kay Angelica Alita, pero ganun din, lumapad sya tingnan. I’d choose Edgelyn Gamboa by Bessie Besana and Joanna Eden’s gown by Mark Bumgarner.

      • Must be the cut of the bustier of Alita

        I don’t see anything wrong with Kylie’s. I think it has something to do with making her shoulders look wider to balance the flowyness of the skirt? Maybe 😅

      • Masyadong malapad yung strap sa balikat ni Kylie, dapat half-inch lang or even lesser. Yun lang ang issue ko dun, but the rest is excellent.

      • Yung kay Alita naman, dapat may illusion sa side para maging slim sya tingnan.

  16. Tito Norms, ‘di ko pr-in-eempt ‘tong post mo in my comment in your preceding post, ha? Hihi! I was just wondering who the gown designers of our binibinis were. Ang gaganda kase ng gowns talaga. May I know din who designed Angelique De Leon’s gown? Fit for her kase at pam-pageant talaga.

    By the way, the photos above show that Maxine is really the runaway winner. Ang gondoh gondoh nyaaaaa!

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