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  1. A lucky year for Aces & Queens. Hopefully their Queens ace their respective pageants.

    Can’t help but post this lovely image of Queen Ariella with a batchmate during MU2013 in Moscow.

    Ariella and MU2013 batchmate

  2. TIto Norms. Do you know what they think of the placement/s? on who do they really want to be MUP. I believe last year, their flag bearer was Pia. alam mo ba kung sino ung naisip nila na magiging MUP from them?

  3. Bb. Pilipinas 2016 is RIGGED. Pia Wurtzbach lobbied for Maxine Medina. Am I right Mr. Tinio?

  4. Out of topic but wanted to share the video below.

    Ang hinhin talaga ni Maxine. Hope she gains more boost of confidence especially when talking in front of the camera.

    Super confident ang beauties nina Kylie at Nicole C.

    Jennifer is super fun in this video. She’s showing her kalog side.

    Eden’s Australian accent is such a pleasure to hear.

    Nichole M. is better these days when it comes to public speaking. She has definitely improved.

    Congratulations again to these wonderful and beautiful ladies. They all radiate the world-class Filipina beauty! All for the Philippines! Mabuhay!

    • Napakadiverse ng batch na ito, beauty wise! All beautiful! Im surprised at how beautiful maxine ,edina is with simple pusod styling. Im also surprised at how sweet pala the voice of nichole manalo !

      • Mas diverse to if Apriel Smith would be included next year… but all these girls are truely desserving.

    • Yas! If Aces & Queens can take the MWP crown as well (which I won’t be surprise), then totally Aces and & Queens is the unbeatable camp this year. That’s 3/4 Alpha crowns! If the rumors were true, then really, you can’t snake your way to the crown.

      But going to back to MWP, I wonder who would carry the flag bearer of A&Q? Wyn Wyn Marquez? Mercegrace Raquel? In my honest opinion, Angela Fernando should give it the girl! She totally fits the bill and she said would be a great follow up of Hillarie Parungao.

      • 2 doctors already won…. another Filipina and a doctor would be too much…. Laura could be Miss International or Miss World…. If Kylie wins MI this year then Laura Lehman should join MWph. Dr. Angela could have a runner-up placement though…. Runner-up to the well-rounded Laura who has all the beauty and credentials to win Miss World.

    • Still, I like Nichole Manalo the most in this video very feminine and sweet
      Maxine should really develop confidence while speaking
      Kylie is so ordinary looking here and I know now why some say
      she looks weird when she smiles, its because her upper lip
      is too thin that it literally disappears when doing so.
      Nicole Cordoves can be beautiful at times but her styling
      during the finals made her look old
      I really like Jennifer Hammond, she has this innate elegance
      and endearing aura similar to Joana’s.

      • @ Plippy — korak ka dyan. If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now, you know he’s one of the uber-bashers of Pia last year. He’s Mr. I-know-it-all and Mr. I’m-always-right, as well as Mr. my-opinion-is-the-only-one-that-matters! It’s pretty safe to assume that he does have a REPUTATION here based from all of his shenanigans. Everyone knows about it.. except, of course, the person himself. How oblivious! LOL

    • Ibang level talaga si Nicole Cordoves sa Q&A noong pageant night… Kulang nalang kainin nya yung microphone! 😀

    • Ang gaganda naman talaga ng dalawang taga KF camp, hindi nakakasawa, fresh na fresh 😍😍😘😘

  5. I am glad neither Jennifer nor Kylie won MUP. When I watch MU 2016, I can just sit back and relax not caring about the outcome. I If Max makes it into the top 15 … then 10,5, and 3, I will be jumping up and down. If she doesn’t, I will just be fine.
    At least, Pia will be there to entertain me and the rest of the Pinoys

  6. Norman Miss World Philippines is next and I wont be surprise if Aces and Queens rule this pageant again. Even in Latin American countries they are known already as the premier beauty queen maker. Some countries in Latin America were glued to find out who will be the next set’s of winners from the Philippines especially from Venezuela and Colombia. All of a sudden Philippines is a big threat now in the world of pageantry.

    • Where do you read info bwt this? Wanna subaybay their comments too. 🙂

    • Wow! We are indeed in place. Thanks to the beauty queen makers for putting our country in the pageant world map. Dapat ‘yang mga ‘yan ay nire-recognize din ng mga mambabatas natin because they largely contribute to making our country beautiful, despite the fact that lawmakers themselves have been continuously making our country ugly to the eyes of the international community.

  7. “Success is the best vengeance”

    Imagine if KRDS competed last Sunday. It would have been 14/15 🙂 Only Eden would have been from KF. Manalo would have been out .

  8. Congratulations to Aces & Queens! Hard work, dedication, and discipline are the key and I believe the camp works with them on these parameters.

    KF and other camps are also highly commended for supplying girls to the beauty pageants such as BbP. Were it not for these camps, beauty pageants would not be as exciting as this. Hence, we, beauty pageant fans, should not dare word fight to the extent that we unjustly bully the pageant girls who are affiliated with these camps at their own mercy.

    • My thoughts exactly, there better be a congratulatory article for the other camps too what with the competition they are putting which consequently puts the country to a higher level. It will be overly conceited to thank just one camp.

      • Kagandahan, well kahit naman di sabihin, ramdam at alam naman natin kung nasaang camp ang suporta ng blog na to… wag nyong sabihing di nyo napapansin yan

    • And connections too…that played the biggest part. FYI.

  9. Sana nanalo din si Angela Fernando. Siya ang pinaka gusto ko sa EG competition. Sino kaya ang nag designed ng mga gowns nila Mama Norms?

    • Good question, Will. That’s a fact hidden during the coronation night, about which I specifically wondered. Aside from swimsuit parade and QnA round, gowns are essential in a pageant and every pageant aficionado would love to know who the designers of the gowns are. Is there any insider who could confirm each candidate’s gown designer? Let’s begin with candidate no. 1. Who?

      • Hinalungkat ko mga IG nila. Eto na search ko.

        1. Gail Ventic – Rian Fernandez
        2. Faith Garcia – Richie Bondoc
        3.Angela Fernando – Michael Leyva
        13. Joanna Eden – Mark Bumgarner
        14. Paula Rich Bartolome – Joel Acebuche
        15. Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz – Rocky Gathercole
        22. Apriel Smith – Dino Lloren
        24. Niza Limjap – Pablo Cabahug
        26. Jennifer Ruth Hammond- Nat Manilag
        29. Maxine Medina – Rhett Eala
        31. Kylie Verzosa – Francis Libiran
        34. Sarah Bona – Jan Francis Hermogeno
        36. Maria Gigante – Harvey Cenit
        38. Angelica Alita – Hannah Kong
        40. Ysh Ramos – Lloyd Arceo

        BTW, merong bagong rumor na MISS PANCONTINENTAL daw kukunin ng Bb. JEZKELERRD KAWAWA NAMAN BEAUTY NI ALITA. Super hakot na binibini. -_-

      • @ Boree

        Ganun may bago title? Andami na winners lagpas kalahati na ng semifinalists

      • Thanks for providing that well-researched info, Boree. Kudos to all these designers for showing off their creativity for free (I presume). I know that they intended to freely lent their creations to show the world, the universe rather, that Filipino designers are talented and can compete globally. Sa totoo lang, nagningning ang stage dahil sa magagandang gowns. Mukhang mamahalin at mababango ang mga gowns!

      • I like the gowns worn by Angela Fernando and Kylie Versoza. Both could have not chosen a better gown.

    • Gone are the days when , during the evening gown competition segment, the name of the designer is being mention along with a short description by the emcee or a voice over.

      It may sound very 80’s but, reviving that, would have been appreciated by the designer themselves, since for sure, each candidate’s dress was a “pro bono” .

    • I also want to know who is the designer of this uberly decorated gown?
      Sa kasagsagan ng El Nino, nadama ko ang simoy ng Pasko.

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