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  1. I really cant wait for this girl’s transformation. Imagine her in her classy and “alta” demeanor but once she steps on the MU stage, a sassy tigress will suddenly appear. Straight hair ala ariella arida, very pinay. Her body is going there, with very feminine and classic oriental soft curves. Her face that screams “asia” lalo na pag lumiit ung jawline and cheeks part nya, naku, lulutang ang high cheeckbones ni 4M. Her eyes that is typically sweet for asians but once captured by thr lenses, ffierce ang lola mo. Her personality, her charm is her asset. I dont want her to be tanned, baka magdry sya sa stage. Her olive colored skin makes her a stand out. She should work on how to be relaxed (baka pressured lang ang ate mo) and also her wit. She is intelligent baka di lng na natahi ng maayos ang words na ginagamit nya. B2b is possible naman.

    4M you have my support dear.

  2. I’m not sure if that’s completely true. After all, BPCI never really clarified how the crowns are distributed. Regardless of whether or not I’m happy with the placements, I think it’s better that way. BPCI has had long years of experience with sending girls to pageants, and I think some girls can get “wasted” in crowns they just aren’t suited for.

    I think I’ve heard several people complain last year that BPCI doesn’t “think” about the crowns and just ranks girls. I think that’s because Janicel last year was more our MUP prototype than Pia. And this year, I think a lot of people see that Maxine exudes an aura fit for MUP, but Kylie supposedly performed better. So, I dunno, at the end of the day, these sentiments are largely based on our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the placements, I guess.

  3. She’s not my choice but as a patriotic pageant fan Pinoy, I will support Maxine !!!!!

    My bet is Kylie Versoza. πŸ™‚

    • To the person who made the video compilation, may I know why that part of Bianca Manalo was inserted in between Maxine’s swimsuit portion?

      I watched the pageant live at Araneta Coliseum and I can attest that capture of Bianca’s reaction was not made during Maxine’s swimsuit portion.

      Please stop sowing malicious intentions. You know how gullible a lot of Filipinos are. Spread love, not hate. God bless you man.

      • I just watched it , soulsurfer . I was surprised too . But it was real. Malicious? Not jo d’mango . It was televised that way

      • I watched the live streaming of BBP in missossology’s FB page. That Bianca moment was there, too. So I don’t think the one who made this video put it in purpose.

        And besides, there’s nothing malicious at all in that. All I see is a supportive sister. That’s her personality, to each his own.

  4. Wait… Qualifications? Where did you get this rumor? And are you saying that there is a specific preparation for a specific title and are you questioning the ability and experience of bpci and the judges in assigning what they deem fit for a specific candidate based on what they know best? You people…

  5. . #IMHO Based on my previous post only Nicole Cordoves is the only one suited for MUP Crown and I actually informed my friends that Kylie is a prototype of our Queen P so I don’t like her as MUP. When they are already announcing the winners I was surprised that Nicole only got MGI and again I’d rather she had a RU placement so she can compete again. When Miss International was announced I was really shocked because Kylie killed her performance last night but I know that she really fits for BBP International. Based from pageant experts and blogs I read prior to coronation night we need a different type of beauty so we can win a Back to Back in MU2016, that’s why they pick the oriental type beauty of Maxine. I’ll just believe on the hands of her trainers Aces and Queens since Maxine and Pia came from the same camp and I will still hold on the belief that always the last letter of the first name of Miss Universe will be letter “A” because it’s like the fate since MU 2010. Again, congrats to our new 2016 Queens Maria Mika Maxine Medina / Maxine Medina Kylie Verzosa, Jennifer Hammond, Joanna Eden, Nicole Cordoves and Nichole Marie Manalo. I’ll support all of you all the way in the International Arena!

    Again last kuda ko na to at feeling pageant expert na ko. Charaught! hahahaha πŸ˜‚

  6. @ joy, where do you get oxycodone? I don’t think it is available in the Philippines except for cancer patients. I hope you are not pushing or trafficking ( just kidding!)
    someone should give you a Marcaine shot in the tongue to stop your verbal diarrhea. well, you have oxy already so I think it will stop you up and put you to sleep long enough so u can think first before you click.
    again, action speaks louder than words. preachers don’t live up to what they preach. You say it’s time to move on and support everyone. But every time you have a chance , you lash out at kylie directly or indirectly.
    Joy, just be joy-ful

    • LOL I don’t live in the Philippines Fabian. Oxycodone is available where I live πŸ™‚
      it’s an opioid treatment for severe Fabian. It’s not just for cancer lol……. I love how overworked you get when you read my comments lol. Lets keep making patol all the time na lang. It’s funny you say that because from what I can remember, prior to the pageant, every time someone mentions a different candidate other than Kylie as their MUP bet, you get right in there and try to make them feel like their bet is not worthy of the title. Wag tayong hypocrite Mr. Fabian lol.

      • I was talking about the Philippines, ms. joyous. you do not give oxy in the philipiines for back pain or toothache , do you? my sister had severe abdominal pain and still the doctor would not give her anything for it. my uncle had end stage lung cancer and still no pain meds.

        where you live , i bet giving oxy is just like handing out a candy ,lucky you. hahaha.

        I have moved on. Maxine was never on my list . But I will support her because she is it. I may watch her live if the pageant is held in Vegas or the Philippines. I’m sure I will have fun because I won’t have the anxiety and fear that I had when Pia was on centerstage.

        Time to move on , sis. Stop saying ‘What if kylie this… what if Kylie that….” everytime you spot a chance. For chrissake , leave Kylie alone hahaha

      • Well you see Mr. Fabian. An opioid treatment is only for severe pain πŸ™‚ So why on earth would you give someone with a toothache an oxycodone lol. I live in North America. Our standards of practice in the health care profession here is slightly different. I’m sorry about your uncle but I’m sure the Dr. did what he had to do because he thought the pain medication was contraindicated by your uncle’s illness.

        Lol lahat na lang ng comments ko binibigyan ng ibang meaning. You do you boo. But your responses are making me yawn now. So I’m just gonna be the bigger person and end it here. May you have a blessed year sis!

        And to all our newly appointed queens, good luck! I know you will all make the country proud!!!

      • @joy hahaha
        end stage lung cancer and still oxy is contraindicated . again, think before you click hahaha.
        merry xmas!!!!

      • There’s so much factors that can contribute to your dr’s decision. You can’t just based your clinical judgement on the disease when you treat a client. You look at the health and illness experience holistically. Just because a drug is meant to treat a certain disease, you can’t just administer it without taking other factors in consideration. It’s a matter of balancing the drug’s therapeutic effects and adverse effects. You look at the pros and cons loves. Hay nako. -____-

      • Clearly your dr. had to administer pain meds because you want to improve the level of comfort of dying patients.. But then again, your dr. has a different rationality. Kaya ask mo na lang siya. A good dr. would’ve provided you the reason why he chose to not administer the drug.

      • OMG Joy please tell me one specific reason why you would deny a few hours of peace and comfort to someone who is in his dying bed

      • I’m gonna make a wild guess but I’m assuming your dr didn’t see the purpose of giving the pain med to the dying client. Definitely not an ethical decision but that’s he did

    • @Fabian & Joy!

      Enough already honeys! I could feel the sexual tension between the two of you. Get a room already and let loose those passionate desires, lustful heat and pleasurable thoughts that are screaming, clamoring and pulsating out of control for release!

      Goodness… now if you’ll excuse me I gotta smoke a cigarette! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Love BOTH of your posts β™‘β™‘β™‘

      Now let’s channel our attention to Maxine and her court!

      • HAHAHAH so 50 shades of grey. LOLZ. Sorry mars, I’ll stop na talaga. Tumpak! Focus on our new lovely binibinis ❀

      • Oo nga. Kaloka tong 2 to. Kung saan saan na napunta ang usapan. Akala q medical rumor blog na ang napuntahan q. At sa Lagat ng posts may kudahan ang 2. Do u guys ever sleep? πŸ˜€ Kalowkey!

      • Hay naku πŸ™‚
        Wala kc silang Bong kaya kung ano-ano na ang pinagsasabi πŸ™‚
        Marami dito, gusto nyo πŸ™‚ lol
        Awww… iba pala ang trip nyo, sorry πŸ™‚

  7. congrats to all the winners! happy ako sa result hehe pero nasad ako for angelique, hustisya! 😦

  8. So many people are still grumbling on Maxine’s triumph, but let’s recall this is a “beauty” contest.

    Recall how Leila Lopes’ elegance outshone Shamcey Supsup’s wit. Or Olivia Culpo’s spontaneity and pristine face, over Janine Tugonon’s impressive response.

    Intelligence is part of everything of course, but this is a beauty contest, and though beauty is too abstract a word, a woman who truly possesses it cannot help but just shine. And that’s exactly what happened to Maxine. This is not to say, that she is “dumb”, or “dull”, because the girl can speak. She doesn’t even try to impress, and her elegance comes very naturally.

    Nicole Cordoves spoke well, but there’s always something “uncharming” about speeches that “try to impress”, or sounds too structured. Bravo to her on being quick on her feet, but even the judges knew the highest spot was not for her. Personally, she was not in my top 3. There is something about her face which I do not find “universally” attractive. She is beautiful in her own league, but if we were to ask an African, an Asian, a South American, and a European regarding her beauty, it will be, sort of, “debatable”. The same goes to Kylie. I’ve always found her modelesque, but did not really see her as a beauty queen, until she proved her passion and hard work pay off.

    I have no qualms on Joanna Eden. The girl is beautiful. Jennifer Hammond looks very elegant. Save for Nichole (I’m really sorry, just being straightforward here), I’m happy about the results.

    Just sad for Dindi Pajares. She deserves a spot. And again, on Maxine Medina, the body can be toned, speeches can be rehearsed, but the elegance, charm, and natural beauty are already there–these things that cannot really be taught.

    Congratulations to all!

    • You must also remember that the intelligence and great anwer of Pia made her won MU 2016 over other beautiful candidates. The samples you have given is under the Trump management right now MU is under new management which is IMG.

      • Pia, apart from being intelligent, is very beautiful facially. What made Pia win is not only her answer. She’s indeed the prettiest in her batch. She just happened to be a rare gem, who has the lethal combination. πŸ™‚

      • I don’t think Pia’s answer made her win, although I would think it certainly helped. It must also be remembered though, that Ariadna Gutierrez who delivered the worst answer in the final 3, still placed above Olivia Jordan. So I don’t think it’s the end all and be all of Miss Universe. In any case, Q and A can be worked on, but I think it’s essential first and foremost to pick a candidate who has a winning aura. And last night, I think it was really Maxine who had it.

      • Remember that Perez thought that Colombia was the most beautiful of the 3. But he preferred someone fierce than sweet. That’s why he didn’t like USA. It came down to Philippines and Colombia. Pia answering the questions perfectly and Ariadna’s “bitchy attitude” made him choose Pia.

    • I agree with you Alex.

      I hope some people would stop eating bitter gourd. Lol

  9. Congratulations Maxine! Your delicate but regal beauty shined bright during the pageant night.

    With that most coveted Miss Universe Philippines crown comes big responsibilities, a lot of pressure, utmost support (especially from family, friends and die-hard fans) but at the same time, prepare yourself to be judged and immersed in unfair bashing and cyber-bullying. Be strong and do not let immature comments bring you down. Turn the sour grapes into sweet wine. Always see the positive light. Afterall, your journey to Miss Universe is the country’s journey as well.

    May your elegance and classy beauty reign supreme in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. Congratulations again!

  10. Kaloka lang!
    Last year si Pia.
    Ngayon si Maxine.
    Next year si Saab na yan.
    Tapos sa 2018 si Elmo!

  11. Ana, this is a great answer. Thumbs up!

    β€œThank you for that relevant question, sir. I believe that, today, we Filipinos need a leader who can compassionately serve his countrymen without reservation. He must be someone who knows how to sacrifice his convenience and that of his family and friends for the greater good, and who sees nothing rewarding to himself but the legacy of integrity and respect.”

    • We can then put up a camp and train girls who dream big in the pageant world. Ikaw sa pasarela, ako sa QnA. Char lang. Hihihi!

  12. This reminds me of how top Binibini of batch 1970 Aurora Pijuan ended up going to Miss International instead of Miss Universe because BPCI knew that with Gloria Diaz as the reigning queen, a back-to-back wasn’t possible and she would just be wasted there. She ended up being sent to Miss International where she emerged as winner as expected.

    • I agree, specialy now that MU is under new ownership, MU can’t afford to come-up with another back2back on their 2nd year… Unless, we send someone better than Pia who set the bar pretty damn high.

  13. Una po sa lahat, congrats sa lahat ng new set of winners. Isa na namang kontrobersyal na edisyon ng BbP ang lumipas. Simula ng una kong napanood ang patimpalak na ito sa panahon nila Dindi Gallardo at Ruffa Gutierrez, hindi maaaring walang kwestiyon sa naging final results at placing.

    Honestly, sa tv at youtube ko na lang nasubaybayan ang mga kandidata. Wala talaga akong naging pre-pageant bets. Pero base sa performance nilala sa finals night, majority of the 40 candidates had sterling performance. Actually, some of them are possible winners for next year.

    As for the title holders, I can say Ms Medina is a good choice for MU. The body, the walk, the face. I must admit na medyo sablay ang Q&A niya pero pwede pa i-polish ito. Sa tingin ko, nasa kanya ang mga katangian at physical features na hinahanap ng new MUO management kaya nilagay siya ni SMA doon. Para kay Ms Versoza, I can say she’s a contender for the MUP crown also. Pero sa sistema ng appointment ng BPCI, siguro sa MI siya ipapadala maybe because of winnability niya doon.

    Sa mga ganito ka close fight ang laban, i think it’s time for BPCI na ayusin ang point system, ranking at awarding ng mga titles. Whoever gets the highest score must get the top plum. It’s useless to compete kung i-a-assign ka lang nila sa kung saan gusto nila naisin. Also, Q&A must be given high percentage. At kung pwede sana, kung super cliche at very pageant ang sagot, sa kangkungan na ang bagsak ng kandidata.

    I just wish na bawasan ang titles na pinamimigay ng BPCI. nagmumukhang palengke ang stage ng BPCI sa dami ng winners. SMA should just appoint candidates sa mga less prestigious pageants.


    • correction. hindi medyo sablay, sablay talaga. mas katangggap-tanggap pa na pinaulit nya yung tanong kesa sumagot sya ng mali. #thereturnofjaninasanmiguel

  14. Just saw the Cream Silk interview. Maxine needs to work really hard organizing her thoughts. It was a conversation type interview and should be more relaxed but still she had a hard time organizing her thoughts.

    Based on that interview, Nicole C is the winner closely followed by Kylie (needs to be less pageant patty with her answers. She is still conversational though)? Nichole M is so pageant patty. She needs to tone it down big time and learn to be more conversational. Love Alita, she can fulfill daw Jennifer Hammonds responsibilities in case she dies Lols.

    Huelar and Hammond needs some organization skills as well. Eden was very conversational and very natural in the way she answers (which is good) but she has to learn to be impacting… Lols

    Labo lng ng review ko…. hehe

    • LOL @ “Alita can fulfill daw Jennifer Hammonds responsibilities in case she dies”.. Tama! magkamatayan na, walang makakahadlang sa kanila mag compete sa kanilang assigned international pageant! Hahaha

  15. Wishing that the same drive and “fire” that Pia had when she prepared and eventually competed in Miss Universe also begins to burn in Medina.
    The Ms. Universe Org. appreciates candidates who are well-prepared & has an “in it to win it” attitude.

  16. Kung itinakda sayo ang isang bagay kahit gusto mo ito iwasan at pigilan mangyayari at mangyayari parin ito sa tamang panahon. Kaya yung mga bitter dyan move on na agad agad dahil kahit anong dakdak nyo dyan di nyo na mababago ang nakatadhana kay maxine. Nyemes na mukhang ampalaya mga toh. LolπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  17. I’m now worried about Emma Tiglao next year. Di na naman cya mananalo dahil medyo kahawig nya si Maxine.

  18. Just done watching the pageant in its entirety and I rank the following in particular order:
    (beauty, presentation in all segments, qna)
    Nichole Manalo
    Jennifer Hammond
    Joana Eden
    Maxine Medina
    Kylie Versoza
    Angelika Alita
    Nicole Cordoves may have the most spontaneous answer but beauty wise, she pales in comparison with her competitors.

    *I don’t like someone who thinks Chinese, no wonder her answer is all praises to Aquino, a Chinese too. That is one of the prominent mentality of FilChi.

    • What a biased observation. Obviously you are a KF-sympathizer. And why suddenly bring up FilChi? Where did all that came from? This is a abeauty pageant not a political debate…

      Bitter ka lang teh. Di lang nanalo manok mo!

      Although I love Joana Eden. But performance-wise she is a bit snooze. She is too pretty to ignore though. And she was gorgeous on that green gown.

      • Hi Flip,
        Can you explain to me what’s KF?
        With all honesty and sincerity, that was my personal assessment
        devoid of any biases. I hope I am free to post comments here
        just like you and the rest.



    • Good point on her praises about the Aquino-Cojuangco administration. But on the other hand, she is in their turf (Smart Araneta Colesium & ABS-CBN & Liberal Party).

    • We respect your opinion the way you should respect the judges’ opinion. When you believe that the judges have erred in their choices, we can also be on that belief with respect to your choices. Of course you cannot say your observation is much better (or correct) than anyone else, after all you were not sitting in the judges’ table, yet.

      • Ms. Vogus,
        I read my comment again and nowhere did I find a word
        that says the judges erred in choosing the winners.
        You don’t expect everyone to agree in everything, do you?

      • But you’ve been posting your discontentments about the result, my dear. So, this comment is another installment flashing your capability to review the event as if yours is the correct one.

      • @jeremi,
        you make it sound like your taste is way better than the others. so you can’t blame ms. ana for saying what she did.

      • Kabikuran my standard is my standard dahlinn and no one can question that not even you.
        As an individual, I have the right to formulate my own standards .
        Peace out dahlinn … Chill! You are messed up.

      • Just because I used questionable there does not mean I questioned your standards. And of course you have the right to formulate your set of standards; hence the use of the pronoun YOUR. It is yours and yours alone. I just find it dubious and suspicious, even problematic to an extent. Now dahlinn, re-examine your set of standards because as I see it, they are more messed up than you think I am. Also, everyone is chill, Jeremi. The question is, are you?

      • Exactly Kabilugan
        It’s my personal assessment so no need to argue and judge it
        as questionable. If you are really that chilled then why are
        we even here discussing non-sense. I just posted a comment
        that is not as popular as yours and here you go…sitting on a fire
        of canyon woods! Be open to others’ opinions just like mine as long
        as I’m not shoving down your wrinkled **s then we should be fine.
        The world is not always black and white dahlinnn, there are grey areas.

      • @ Jeremy — yes, YOUR STANDARD, and ONLY YOUR STANDARD… as your standard, apparently, pales in comparison with the rest… if you haven’t noticed it yet, as you’re too busy with your negativity. BAKLA, reality check — you’re so out of touch. You think the world, the universe rather, revolves around you?! Mind you, just because you have a different opinion compared to the majority doesn’t make you an exceptional.. ego-booster? HA! Dream on! Yeah, just keep on dreaming. If anything, you do sound (and your avatar looks) delusional. So.. I digress. Well, it’s practically a known fact here amongst the followers of this blog — that, indeed, you’re a hopeless case. So on that note, I rest my case. BYE.

      • Oh dear oh dear! You and your butthurt retorts, Jeremi, dahlinn. I think Reader already pretty much summed it all up. Feel free to re-read it, dear, please.

  19. Had a quick look at Transformer manalo’s IG account, looks like she memorized for weeks her line for the Q&A answer last night. There’s was a certain picture there with same content of her answers ! Actually very obvious Na memorize the last part , the way she delivered it ! Lucky you getting crown!!! Mas may deserving sayo for that Globe πŸ‘‘

    • I don’t know why people still wanted her to have a higher placement after that Q&A. Iba kaya naging pagkakaintindi nya sa tanong lol. Kumbaga papuntang Taft station dapat pero pa SM North na train sumakay. Ganern.

  20. Congrats to Maxine. You got what it takes. Just some polishing in the Q and A portions and more body and facial sculpting. Your bearing, projection, grace and appeal are world class. Very endearing too.

    My bets for the MUP crown prior to the finals were Nicole Cordovez and Maxine. Kylie and Nichole Manalo for MIP. Angelique de Leon and Jennifer Hammond were dark horses for both crowns.

    The Q and A rearranged my bets, with all four in the running, Nichole Cordovez still on top. She was amazing – substance, diction, fluency all on point. She was tops. Maxine did a terrible job answering that tricky question. Her answer was plainly wrong like she did not get the question. In the question, it was the parents who wanted the child to study and the child did not want to. She seemed to get it the other way around, and she said the child should continue studying regardless of what her parents say. And then she mumbled something incoherent before finishing with something, while correct, is a universal cliche – that education makes us better persons. Of course it does. Maxine, listen here and take this seriously. Practice, practice, practice! Sayang ang St. Benilde, St. Theresa’s and Angelicum educations mo. You had the best speaking voice in that Q and A – very classy diction and voice that is soft, almost angelic but clear and firm. You’ve got class lady. You have no business flubbing a Q and A like you don’t know nothing. I really hope to hear you speak more often and prepare hard for the MU. I know you can do it.

    As for Nichole Manalo, she was clearly disappointed, but heck that was destiny I guess. Nicole Cordovez too. Really hope they slay their international competitions. I have full faith. With Kylie too.

    Well it was still a happy ending. Please don’t take it against these girls. Terrible mis placements, but still the honorable thing to do. Still a great night. Maxine take your first walk as MUP. This is Steve Harvey saying good night and see y’all in Manila for Miss Unverse 2016….

  21. Challenged by my officemates to answer the question “even if her parents can afford to send her to school, a 15-year-old girl wants to stop her studies. What would be your advice to her?”

    “I would tell the girl to go on with her decision to stop from her studies if that is the way she attains freedom to decide by her own. However, I would remind her that after she had it and felt nothing but the same, she should instead go back to school because through studies she can learn true freedom.”

    There is no correct answer, it’s how you deliver it. Too good to be true answers are not witty.

    • Q: It is so said that men and women are created equal, but why does men offer a chair to women?

      A: Men and women may be equal in opportunities, laws, and the like, but because humanity evolves in us, men tend or choose to give way in some special privileges women should firstly enjoy.

      • While men and women have equal rights and should have equal opportunities, a stronger person, whether a man or a woman, may offer a seat, to make another feel safer. We do the same for an elderly person, or a child. Its all about protecting each other, as a caring society should do.

    • “I will ask the child what it is that she/he wants at a young age. I will listen and I will ask for a compromise. If she could get what she wants, provided it is not harmful, will she continue on with her studies? Sometimes it just takes a sincere listening ear, and guidance, with love that can keep a child on the right track.”

      • You see, questions can be variably responded. It depends on how it is delivered and can convince the judges.

      • Roi, heto pa, a question thrown at Kimberle Penchon. What kind of leaders do Filipinos need today?

        “Thank you for that relevant question, sir. I believe that, today, we Filipinos need a leader who can compassionately serve his countrymen without reservation. He must be someone who knows how to sacrifice his convenience and that of his family and friends for the greater good, and who sees nothing rewarding to himself but the legacy of integrity and respect.”

  22. My only issues with this years pageant is that it’s a top 8 lol. Might as well give the rest of the top 15 a runner up placement each also. Too many titles (especially non-popular ones such as Globe) lessens the prestige of the pageant. It looks very messy and awkward having more than half the finalists in the winning circle. 5 placements would make it seems much more prestigious.

    I didn’t really want Maxine as MUP in the beginning because I thought Miss Universe viewers wouldn’t be able to appreciate her oriental beauty compared to other girls like Dindi, Kylie, Nichole who all possess a more universal appeal that I think the MU audience would love. But watching her in motion, she kind of reminded me of actress Jamie Chung. She looked amazing.

    How sad that the intelligence factor isn’t as relevant as it should be in the judging criteria. She’s lucky Q&A was only 10%.
    When Kylie was called as Bb. International, I for sure thought Dindi had the MUP crown in the bag. I’m glad she was able to prove doubters of her communication skills wrong. She did well. I seriously hope to see her join again. Future MUP right there.

    Saw screenshots of Maxine’s crowning and my heart broke for poor Angelique in the background who’s face screamed of disappointment 😦 Will never understand why the judges thought numbers 5 and 9 deserved to advance over Angelique and Maria Gigante.

    Also the live streaming situation was a mess lol.

  23. Sa stage kagabi, si Maxene lang ang di nilamon ng ganda ni Miss Universe 2015. Lutang pa rin kahit katabi na si Aling Pia. πŸ™‚

  24. Congrats uli Maxine!!! Iba ka talaga kc. Nadadala mo and imperfections mo. Kahit nahirapan ka sa Q&A parang wala lng. Ganda ganda mo pa rin at parang sincere na sincere ka at hindi rehearsed, napakalovable, alam mo yun hihi. Kaya nman siguro sa halip na demerit ay understanding ang ibinigay sa yo ng mga hurado.

    Actually ok lng nman sa akin sana kung 1st runner up k lng muna. Kaso nman dear, the stars aligned to pave d way for d MUP crown to land on your head. At sino nman kami para hadlangan ang inilaan ng tadhana sa yo?

    Maxine, pakinggan mo ang payo ni Ate Pia sa farewell walk nya. Sabi nya some people will bash you or say things against u pero quever lng daw d ba? So nangyayari na agad d ba? Nanjan si jajang, si Fabian, si Ina, etc etc. Luckily for u, ate Pia has already warned u against these kind of people. So heed her advice & don’t let these people drag u down. Hold your head up high my dear! Destiny has spoken, u have been chosen. For the PHILIPPINES!!!


  25. All I can say about the BbP2016 pageant last night is, the Q & A round is kinda tough. The judges didn’t hold back with their questions and some of the contestants buckled under pressure.
    The ones whom I liked the way they answer the questions were N. Cordoves, Hammond, Eden and N.Manalo.
    Cordoves was a revelation, still very queenly under pressure and astoundingly smart and spunky.
    I hope she wins Miss Grand International this year, even though she deserves a way more bigger pageant to compete in. : (
    N. Manalo for Miss Globe. Whoa, Ann Colis is a tough act to follow. But a back-to-back win is very possible.
    Maxine Medina for Miss Universe. Actually, I’m not satisfied with the way she answered the question, it’s like she’s holding back. But it can be fixed, there’s still time. Even if there are more deserving girls to win the Miss Universe Philippines crown than her, I will still support her and hope she performs well. I like her, with her Oriental, Chinese features, she is a complete opposite of Pia. She is not a cookie cutter beauty queen. And we Pinoys embrace and appreciate diversity.
    Still kinda shocked some of the girls who were expected to crack the top 15 didn’t make it, like Lina Prongoso, Sheena Dalo, Angelique De Leon and most of all, Maria Gigante.
    Imagine how Gigante would fare in the Q & A round had she made the final cut.
    Alita deserves her placement. She needs more time and experience to be a seasoned beauty queen.
    Given more time and training, I see her in the same vein and mold as Pia.
    And another edition of Binibining Pilipinas has concluded.
    Actually more excited for next year’s edition, hope the slayer girls come in droves.

  26. kaaliw tlaga ang comments nyo mga bakla, yung iba mega pintas tlaga eh feeling ko mukhang butanding ang hitsura nyo. To Paula Rich B., cge teh lipat ka pa ng camp. Congrats Maxine and Kylie. Anyare ba kasi kay Gigante, baket naging clapper.

  27. Since it has been decided that she’ll be our representative to Miss U 2016, I hope she and her mentors will buckle down to smooth out her rough edges. Her take in the Q&A was painfully lacking in substance and conviction, almost incomprehensible. Starting from the level she’s in, she should rack up double the determination of Pia, if she aspires to make it to the top 5. For all that needed fine-tuning, she still has to drop her name Maxine for Mika. In Miss Universe lore, girls with names ending in “a” emerge winners. In namenology, Mika Medina is the name that will bring her luck in Miss U.

  28. what is the sense of preparing for a competition when in the end, the organizer will just assign the contestant to the crown that matches their qualifications.

  29. Just finished watching the whole pageant – what a superb show indeed. Anyway, let’s not kid ourselves the only one who answered the question with wit, eloquence, and intellect – as opposed to rehearsed, cliched, memorized – was Nicole Cordoves. If the basis for choosing MUP was the interview, Binibini was clearly robbed. Unfortunately, the judges were looking for the total package and they felt 4M got it. Tigilan na ang pagbabash, may nakoronahan na. Sige kayo, baka makarma ang mga bets nyo sa international competition nila, like someone who intentionally moved heaven and earth to oust Kim. Remember, digital lang karma these days. You never know when it’ll hit you. As for Cordoves, MGI is so beneath her. Di kaya puedeng mag-palit na lang sila ni Alita para makajoin ulit say next year. Alita will certainly be a sensation at MGI – mestizahin at mukhang Latina, very PR lang lang ang beauty. Kung sa Vegas lang MGI, panonoorin kita ng live Nicole and I will be your loudest supporter. And tom ultimate bet, 4M, you deserved it Miss Universe Philippines 2016. Don’t believe otherwise! #4M4MU2016

  30. Tama na ang ayaw mga mars. Let us engage in deep breathing exercises para maka settle down tayo. Let us keep in mind na everything happens for a reason. Alam ko na alam niyong may magandang plano si God para sa mga binibinis natin. They can’t get through this reign without our unending support. For now let’s focus on Pia’s next journey sa Peru! Exciting yan kasi magkikita sila ni “Laura Spoya – Peru!!” Tapos makikita siya ng bf ni Laura, mapapa-nganga na lang kasi Queen P is a goddess. heheheheh

  31. Ok ok Maxine is beautiful but I think she doesn’t possess Pia’s quick wit which is bothersome because I think MU has just brought “intelligence and wit” as the ultimate basis of winning as we’ve witnessed this year.
    To be honest, I like Nichole Manalo the most last night and I was expecting Jennifer Hammond for Miss International. If I would to jumble the placements, 4M is Miss Grand Intl., Nicole Cordoves for Globe, Joana Eden for Supranational and Kylie for Intercontinental but again it is what is. Good luck to all the ladies.

    One thing for sure though is that this year’s queens are downgrades from that of last year.
    Kimverlyn and Hanna were gorgeous dahlin…

    • Again? So hese new queens are downgrade? What about you… You have no credibility to say such a thing, kelan ka ba naging tama sa mga pinagsasasabi mo, di ba’t lahat ng sinabi mo kay Pia ay nilunok mo, heto ka na nman? You are not an expert f beauty because you do not have a heart! Just sayin’ dahlinnnn! You and your cult,, back off! Nawala na nga c Jack Ammo at Baby Nica andito ka pa rin o baka nagbabalatkayo lang sila!!!

    • May mali talaga ata sa pamantayan mo. Kay Pia last year nega ka din tapos ngayon eto na naman? Matuto nalang kasing maging masaya at sumuporta sa tagumpay ng iba.

  32. I think Maxine winning MUP is a good thing. True, she does not fit the MUP mold that we are used to but that can be a good thing. I’ve also noticed that MU switches from fierce beauties (Dayana Mendoza, Gabriela Isler) to fresh girl next door types (Ximena Navarette, Olivia Culpo). We also have to consider that WME/IMG is looking for a model type beauty queen and I think Maxime fits the bill. A back to back is a possibility.

    My heart goes out to Kylie because she really performed last night and everyone was expecting her to bag the top plum. But, I think she can do well in MI. Remember Edymar Martinez? Favorite to win Miss Venezuela but was destined to win MI. I think Kylie’s can win it again for the Philippines there.

    • Super agree as well. After sleeping on it, I really think all of our girls will do great in the intl stage. I would go as far as saying the placements were strategic but might just be perfect . Now on to which competition comes first. Excited much!

  33. I am not really a fan but it does not matter. What matters now is that Maxine starts to prepare for MU. Get polished and be ready for battle. The Latinos and our neighboring countries are waiting in anticipation.

  34. After a much needed sleep, I have already moved on from BbP 2016.

    To my Kylie, it’s okay! I can totally see you rocking the runways of Victoria’s Secret! You may not have been and will never get the chance to be Miss Universe but you can be the First Filipina to ever grace the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! That’ll be an equally great feat as representing PH in MU. I just know that you’ll bring so much pride to our country and MU is not the only event that you can do so. As your fan, I am so proud of youuuuu and I freakin’ love you so muuuuuuccccchhhhhhh! ❀ ❀ ❀

    Dindi, you have somuch potential! You proved everyone who doubted your Q&A capability wrong! Not winning a crown means you can still try again and improve!

    Nicole, you made me want to support you after your Q&A round! I wasn't a fan but damn you slayed it and now I'm a big fan! I love you! Maybe if you don't bring home our first Miss Grand crown, you'll try Miss World PH? You'll be more than perfect there. ❀

    And Maxine, just as I have said earlier you're gonna start from scratch you have a lot of proving and convincing to do and that is another room for improvement. You have to show everyone why you won, remember you have BIG shoes to fill, Pia is now a legend here and there is no time to succumb to pressure, instead turn it to motivation. Distinguish constructive from destructive, and most of all learn from your predecessors MISTAKES. You have to do your own assignment, not just the ones from A&Q.

    • You made my day Jajang. Kylie and Maxine, and all of them really, will make us proud. But yah, I’m sticking with thinking their placings are strategic and not based solely on scores. Jajang, which intl pageant usually comes first?

      • I find that “strategic placement’ unfair, tbh but it is what it is. Btw Miss International usually comes first around October-November.

  35. Maxine Medina – Another pride of my alma mater! Eventhough I am rooting for Dindi, I always looked at you as the one who’s got X factor , classy, regal no matter what. Your overall winning aura is undeniable! Well done Max!!! Keep calm, yet (natural) confidently real dahlinπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  36. The first time I saw her photo here, I found her ordinary. I thought she was overhyped. But then as more photos emerged, I found her pleasantly beautiful. Hers is a beauty that grows on you.

    • I had the same experience. Now let’s see what the transformation brings…

      Congratulations to all the winners! Well done!!!

      Apriel, please come back in a year or two. Experience, training and transformation will make you a force to be watched out for. You did well honey and I’m proud of you. I would be extremely proud to have you represent The Philippines on an international stage, any where, any time!

  37. When I first saw Kylie’s pics at the start of the BP season she turned me off immediately. Her big round face, big eyes, arched brows, tight lips, and deathly stare made her look like a macabre anime character, not a beauty queen that inspires immediate connection and empathy. She was flat and boring! I never saw her smile in her pics. Either she thinks she is so pretty she need not smile, or she had a problem she could not unload. I wished she smiled. Last night I saw her finally smile on stage and she was actually captivating, except that she should have gone all out and smile widely and from within. A real happy smile would bring out all her charms. Then she moved in the SS and the EG segments and boy did she come to life. She won me over, but not completely yet. Then she opened her mouth and whoa, there is actually something between her ears. She spoke very well and with great substance. Well well, the anime girl suddenly came out fighting. And yes she got me. She totally deserves what she got, even if it were MUP. I guess that’s what you call performance. Moral of the story – get to know the girl well and suspend judgement until you have seen and heard her enough. Of course there is still much to be improved, like her energy and aura, so she could command immediate positive connection. And a certain amount of flirtatious, non vulgar presentation, like what Pia does, would add some appeal. Call it sex appeal if you may, but that is needed too. Maxine has it, even if Kylie may be “prettier”. Barring, any BPCI or MUO intervention as all the conspiracy theories go, the predominantly male panel of judges went for the one who had stronger sex appeal, among others.

    My bets really for MUP after the Q and A were Nichole Cordoves, Nichole Manalo, Kylie and Maxine, in that order. But after a little frustration, I am not complaining. I am happy for all of them. And good luck in the next stages. You all have my support.

    Lastly, I hope Maria Gigante comes back next year. She is a femme fatale and is fierce. Don’t know what happened. Sad for Angelique de Leon. She was hot! hot! hot! Ditto for Anjellica Lopez, from the body, looks and sex appeal department. Good luck in their next moves as well.

    Peace. This is my first time here. Enjoyed reading your comments.

  38. Congratulations Maxine ! I can’t wait to see your transformation courtesy of A & Q.
    I know you’re in good hands (Mama J knows best πŸ™‚ Carry on and make us proud !

  39. I’m actually relieved that Kylie did not clinch the top crown. She has that Ria/ Miss Indonesia 2015 syndrome where at many angles she looks horrible. For me she often looks like a goblin with her nose especially when she smiles. I can see her beauty being an easy target for bashers if she was our MU rep. Although I won’t have a problem if she actually won that crown. Nonetheless I wonder how the ending would have been if Kim Ross was not disqualified?

    • Actually madaming Latinos na bet si Kylie! Her and Nichole are the prettiest daw. But they like Kylie better! Maganda si Kylie! Yung top lip lang siguro puwede niyang ipa-enhance ng konti. Para mas maganda yung smile niya

    • Di ko talaga sya bet, kahit cnu na lang sana wag lang sya..nway, sana she wont follow the footsteps of liza berroya na naging clapper.at sana she wont marked the drought season again in the tuff 10…gudluck sau maxine kahit d ka kagandahan and all u have is guts..

      • @marvin 1978. Mukhang Plato shape mukha naman talaga si maxine pero maganda ang features, flat chested, mahaba torso. Intelligence matalino, she is also an interior designer but may nerbiyos. Kayang kaya remedyuhan.Mukhang Plato. makaya ng rf fr viky belo, breast augmenatation . mahaba torso eto alam ko wala solusyon. Bago mag complain mga die hard magpakatotoo kayo sa nakita ng mata nyo. I will support her coz kapwa pinay ko sya but let’s admit it Mas madali remedyohan ang flaws chabelita lang Queen pia dati.congratulations maxine you are elegant last night . looking forward sa transformation mo!!!

    • I love that, C. #Maxination

      Maxine is gorgeous. Maganda ang styling niya kagabi, ang lakas maka-refresh at hindi pageant patty, pero ang ini-expect ko sa evening gown yung style niya dito sa rightmost picture, yung may flower sa bun. Sobrang elegant niya dyan. Nung tinawag na ang name niya kagabi as Miss Universe Philippines at ipinutong na ni Pia ang crown sa kanya, grabe, magkasing-ganda sila ni Pia. Wish ko nga kunwari nagkamali si Pia at ang ipinutong niya sa head ni Maxine eh yung MU crown mismo, para makita natin kung bagay. Lol.

  40. Below are my notes about the pageant last night:

    1. The stage was beautiful, very modern. There was no non-sense segment. Hosts were good, especially KC Concepcion. I like her diction mapa-English or Filipino. In the Philippines, silang dalawa lang ni Lea Salonga ang good speakers, walang arte sa pagsasalita ng English or Tagalog. Malinaw ang bigkas at enunciation. KC can be a very good talk show host, tanggalin lang niya yung “too mabait” voice. She has to learn from Natalie Morales, fierce hosting.

    2. Stunning ang ibang past beauty queens kagabi, like MJ Lastimosa and Ara Arida. Ang ganda ni Maggie Wilson nung dumaan sya sa right side ko. Marie Ann Umali was also beautiful. Naloka ako kay Bianca Manalo kagabi, nag-wave talaga s’ya sa’kin.

    3. Grabe pala talaga ang mga fans ng BbP, para s’yang football. Hahaha! Siguro na-prove na ni Madam Paula Shuggart, Olivia Jordan, Misses Myanmar and Malaysia how seriously crazy we are when it comes to beauty pageant. In fairness kay Olivia, she was loudly cheered kagabi ng fans ni Pia. Si Madam SMA hindi naman na-boo kagabi. Sa isang banda, parang mas OK pa manood ng pageant sa TV kase di mo kita ang nagtatakbuhang crew ng production at yung mga nanonood na tayo ng tayo at lakad ng lakad kahit kasagsagan ng rampahan sa stage ng candidates.

    4. Bakit pag tinatawag si Ian Veneracion kagabi to ask a question sa Binibini, grabe ang hiyawan ng fans? I googled him, at totoo nga. He is sooooo hot! S’ya ang sikat kagabi amongst judges, level sila ni Olivia.

    5. Sa bandang likod ko, parang may nagpaparinigan na fans. Diko na lang pinansin. ‘Yung isang group kase, pag tinatawag si Kylie or lumalabas sya, parang luluwa na ang lalamunan sa kasisigaw. Naiirita ang isang grupo, na parang maka-Nichole naman. Hinintay ko na lang magsabunutan sila. Tumahimik naman sila nung nanalo na ang mga idol nila.

    6. Ramdam kagabi ang disappointment ng mga fans nung tinawag na Bb. Pilipinas – International si Kylie. Pero ako, mas malakas ang kutob ko na it was Maxine talaga who would win MUP lalo na nung tinawag na si Kylie for International. Hindi ako nag-isip na maaring si Dindi ang manalo kase kinabahan sya sa sagot niya.

    7. Ang daming mga beking modista o fashion designer kagabi na pakalat-kalat. Hihihi! Sila yung mga beki na medyo malalaki ang tummy pero alam mong sosyalin din at mga professional at mababango sila ha, in fairness.

    That was all. Again, congratulations sa winners!!!

    • Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your observations of last night. Walang bang part 2? πŸ˜€

      • @Hana Ko, iire-recall ko pa ‘yung ibang observations ko. Pero for the meantime heto ang maidadagdag ko…

        8. Naghakot yata ng fans sina Nichole at Nicole. Sila ang maraming fans sa loob. Nakakarindi ang mga fans nila. Haha! Samantalang ang iba halos walang pumapalakpak o nagchi-cheer sa ibang kandidata like Ibasco, Bona, etc.

        9. Yung mga katabi ko, naiinis kay Bianca Guidotti ‘pag sya ang nagsasalita. ‘Yung “Arneo (Ateneo) twang” niya, very apparent to the extent na hindi sya maintindihan at ang hirap niyang pakinggan! Sabi ko nga, ibang-iba ‘yung pagbigkas ng words ni KC, alam mong sa mamahaling school pumasok at itinuro talaga nang maigi ang phonetic alphabet in English and Filipino. Si Laura naman, parang fifteeners kung magsalita, ang tining ng boses. She needs to drink wine para bumaba ang boses niya. Hahaha!

        10. I am not certain kung si Vice Ganda ‘yung isang gay dun na medyo pansinin, parang kasama niya mother nung Daniel Padilla. Dunno, sa dami ng gay dun na halos peg si Vice Ganda pati sa outfit. Hahaha!

        11. Bilang sa daliri ang straight guy sa loob. Hahaha! Pero in fairness ha, ang pogi ng BF ni Bianca Manalo.

      • Hi, Shin! At far (at far talaga kase yung seat ko was like 30 meters away), she was stunning. In the bevy of ladies on stage vying for the coveted BbP crowns, I could easily spot her on regardless of the number pinned on her waist area. She was shining like a diamond. Sila actually ni Paula Rich yung pansinin sa malayo. Dunno why Paula Rich was outshined by Tobias and Pangindian.

  41. Dahil nanalo ang manok kong elegante na si Maxine Medina.Magluluto ako ngayon ng ginisang ampalaya.Handa para sa di makamove on na natalo ang mga bet nila.Ito po ang aking recipe.

    pieces ampalaya, cleaned and cut into thin slices
    1 tbsp garlic, minced
    Β½ tsp ground black pepper
    2 tbsp salt
    2 raw eggs
    18 ounces luke warm water
    1 large tomato, sliced
    1 large onion, sliced
    3 tbsp cooking oil
    Place the ampalaya in a large bowl
    Add salt and lukewarm water then leave for 5 minutes
    Place the ampalaya in a cheesecloth then squeeze tightly until all liquid drips
    Heat the pan and place the cooking oil
    Saute the garlic, onion, and tomato
    Add the ampalaya mix well with the other ingredients
    Put-in salt and pepper to taste
    Beat the eggs and pour over the ampalaya then let the eggs cook partially
    Mix the egg with the other ingredients
    Serve hot. Share and Enjoy!

    • @C

      Walang fried salted tausi and fried garlic on top? Plus dagdagan pa ng diced smokey pimiento, diced pickled red onions and pickled jasmins… tapos i-match ko yan sa deep-fried smoked bagnet spiced with lemon pepper and crushed peppercorns….

      Yummmmmm! πŸ˜€

      • @C2F
        Simple recipe lang ginawa ko.More ampalaya at egg lang.Marami kasi kakain.

      • Ah ok… I understand… my simple version is almost the same except I just coat it with salt and leave it for 5 min before I wash it with lukewarm water… πŸ˜€ I notice it makes it less bitter… hehe

    • Beef with ampalaya ang favorite ko lalong lalona ang Pinakbet with a lot of ampalaya πŸ™‚

  42. CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners. You deserve it. Carry the Philippine Flag well.

    And here we go again with all the arm-chair and hindsight analyses. Just support these ladies. The judges have spoken.

    World Peace.

  43. I think the formula is sweet but fierce na.angelic face hinahanap nila yung tipong artistahin din ang peg and nasa modeling na rin… Pero kinabahan ako kagabi akala ko rin si apriel ang makakasungkit ng mis universe…. Go philippines!

  44. @ joy, who the hell takes pentobarbital anymore? That med is as old as hell.
    U keep yapping abt the distribution of points with only 10% being given to Q and A. It does not matter ! Whoever gets the top score gets the top crown.

    • glad you did your research Fabian! That’s exactly why I recommended it to you, because it’s unsafe πŸ™‚

      And I will gladly give you the same advice you gave to me “get over it!”

    • Bigyan na lang kita ng oxycodone for the severe pain you seem to be experiencing. Be careful though if you have some type of respiratory disease…. The drug tends to depress your respiratory system. Mind you it’s easy to become tolerant to the drug mars. Hinay hinay lang sa pagtaas ng dose. Don’t worry mars, If you happen to overdose on the med, I’ll willingly provide you naloxone πŸ™‚ Kasi I don’t want you to leave Earth yet! Kailangan pa nating icheer si Kylie sa MI2016!!!

  45. Yahoo, panalo ang manok ko!
    Finally, come Miss Universe season e wala akong ookrayin!
    Luv u Max, kesehodang very elementary ang response mo sa Q/A, ikaw ang itinakda ng cooking show!
    Great menu Madaam Stellalu, konting seasoning pa, pak na pak na yan sa December!
    Max for Back-to-back!
    Maria Maika Maxima Medina, 69, Felepens!

  46. 4/6 titles and 2 runners-up for A&Q
    to KF – may ME and MWP pa naman

  47. Anak pala si 4M ng flight purser ng PAL… Kaya pala mas malakas sya sa PAL over Dindi.

    • Politics ang laro kaya nanalo C2F…Smart endorser c Maxine ng Smart which is a subsidiary of PLDT kaya naging MUP cya(automatic na Ms. PLDT ang MUP), na held pa sa Smart Araneta coliseum na pag-aari ng mga Araneta(SMA + 1 Araneta judge) and naging actress si Maxine sa ABS-CBN Production Films “Beauty in a Bottle” ; Cory Vidanes and Ian V. are from ABS-CBN.
      Pero 100% my support to maxine dahil di naman sya pababayaan ni mama J, SMA and ABS-CBN. πŸ™‚ lol

      • eh kung naging flight steward ang ama nya sa PAL at naging Model ang ina nya na may kinalaman sa mga sponsors ay Game Over na talaga πŸ™‚ lol

      • kasama pa pala c direk Kuya PBB mg ABS as Judge ….Game over na talaga πŸ™‚ lol

  48. Magaganda at deserving yong lahat ng winners including presentations and stage arrangement ang hindi ko lang matake bakit hindi Makita ng BPCI headed by Mrs Araneta na yong mga crowns ang sumira sa magandang performance last night malalaki doon sa 2 new titles pinag lumaan na yan noong 1996 at yong kay Miss Universe Philippines hindi mailagay ng ayos sa ulo ng winner at mas kawawa ang kay Intercontinental maliit na parang sa nag sagala sa isang barrio paging BPCI and executive committee maawa naman kayo sa mga winners pagkagagandang babae tapos ang korona nyo pang sagala lang sa barrio opr sitio nakakakilabot at hindi deserving ipatong sa ulo ng winners pagkagaganda nga ng gown laos naman nag crown nawawala ang tunay na kagandahan ng isang Filipina. Dapat next year hidi na yan ang gagamitin or else tatamaan na yan ng kulog at kidlat.

  49. Minsan try lang natin yung sa tama lang, yung sa totoo lang. Kung sino talaga ang rank 1-6 kung ano talaga yung result. hindi yung kinukunsider yung age ng candidate or kung ano yung hanap ng sasalihang international pageant. Kasi nadedefeat yung purpose ng contest. Sayang yung effort ng candidates who are eyeing for MUP. Aminin naman natin sa hindi MUP ang top crown at kahit ano sabihin pa nila na winner na yung 6 iba ang level ng Universe sa international sa supranational sa globe sa intercontinental at kung anu-ano pa. Parang ang nangyari kasi pili tayo ng top 6 bet natin tapos saka na lang natin iporma kung saan crown sila bagay o kung saan pageant pasok yung qualification nila. 3h di sana hand picked na lang from the start.

  50. You were never my bet as MUP pero dahil sayo inilagay ang korona, I will support you all the way. It will be a tough work and training pero sabi nga ni Queen P, when you’re in doubt eh just think of your Filipino supporters. Yours is the hardest job to accomplish as the reigning MU is a Filipina but no pressure. Just enjoy the training and the experience.

    • I’d be happy to be proven wrong, as I was with Pia. Then again, Pia had that fire that demanded respect, and it showed in every. single. thing. that she did. I just can’t put my finger on why I’m not too enthused with this new winner.

  51. Ugh damn the time zones, couldn’t be bothered watching at 2am with work the next day. But regardless of that controversial Q&A which I have yet to see (if it was that bad, the social media noise would have been cataclysmic), I think BPCI (and the shadowy forces of the MUO) have crowned a worthy successor.

    We don’t know about a back to back, but it sure won’t stop Jonas Gaffud from trying, or us from hoping. I’d like to see it happen though only for the pure pleasure of seeing envious Latinos slitting their wrists out of sheer envy lol.

    But like I’ve said, expect a better girl to emerge after a couple of months. It’s true what some have said, that Maxine’s Q&A was just a stumble due to nerves. We’ve seen, heard and liked her personality and her speaking skills and I’m pretty sure, a more confident girl will be whipped into shape.

    Unfortunately, Kylie’s smile did her in- I honestly tried my best to like it, but who am I kidding? Will she do well in Japan? If they follow the trend with the current titleholder, Kylie has this in a bag- even the memorised speech fits her perfectly.

    Surprised but pleased with Jennifer Hammond and Joanna Eden. In hindsight, inspite of her physical transformation, Nichole Manalo’s so-so personality justly brings her a minor crown. Finally, the Manalo sisters can get a full-night’s sleep; this is the best they can ever hope to achieve. Got an Yvethe Santiago de ja vu vibe with Nicole Cordoves’ MGI crown; sure, she was facially up there with Maxine but then again in hindsight, was it a case of a lack of gravitas?

    Anjelica Alita is on track for a similar Pia route to a crown.

    My heart goes out to the girls who time and again, appeared on our wish lists but have been destined for something else (Ria R, Angelique de Leon).

    And frankly, we should all start calling MUP 2016 MariA MikA Medina!

  52. Pasok na pasok si Nicole Cordoves sa peg ni Nawat na “Stop the war”… Fil-chinese, may US at Chinese Visa, at lalaban sa Q&A.. sa taas ng level ng rep natin and sa dami ng Pinoy sa Las Vegas… Wala ng kawala ang Miss Grand crown na yan!.. Lutong macau at papaitan lang ni Nawat sa dami ng crowns ng Pilipinas ang hahadlang sa pagkapanalo ni Nicole Cordoves ng santolan pageant na yan!

    • pero during Q&A si jennifer ang dapat sa Miss Grand international. since stop the war ang theme ng MGI.
      by the way eligible pa ba si kylie sa MI? anung age ba nya at ang age qualification sa MI?
      Last night i pulled up Nicole as my MUP. magaling din sa sumagot. on point ang sagot nya. d ko sya bet before pero she surprised me. nakita na ang hinde maipaliwanag sa kanya before.
      eden is my bet she was a surprised pero hinde na ako surprised i trusted her and tada supra si ateh. pero choice ko din sya sa MUP. look at her gandang ganda nya, best in SS. there is no reason para isnobin to sa MU. evertything can be trained and polished naman so ok lang na sya ang ipadala sa MU. but sadly the crown is for maxine. nag iisip din ako na baka kay dindi. kay apriel she did her best. hopefully sumali sila next year with cynthia and emma tiglao.

  53. I understand not everyone is happy with Maxine being ‘appointed’ as MUP but to say that she doesn’t deserve the crown, and that our sash is doomed just because she “f❀️cked up” her Q&A doesn’t really make sense. She reached the finals round because of her face and body, and I think her answer wasn’t that bad to begin with.

    Maxine wasn’t in the inner circle of my radar during their journey to the crown, and I was actually rooting for Nichole as MUP and Kylie as MIP but after her stellar performance last night, I was happy with the results. And I really have a good feeling with Kylie for the Miss International stage. That face would be adored by the Japanese.

    Max was already more than ‘okay’ when she was crowned tbw, and we could just imagine the transformation she’ll go through in the months to come. She was this quiet girl in class 2016 but when it was show time, her confidence was felt throughout the night. I put my trust in her, and all our new queens to keep our torch burning once the pageant season opens.

    • After watching this, I have completely forgotten Amelia Vega in her ethereal white coronation gown or dethroned Russian temptress Oxana Fedorova in that glorified Gucci bedsheet.

      This sets the diamond standard for Miss Universe titleholders for generations to come…I mean who does that, gestures to the audience to wait and then does a slow half about face and totally gets away with it??? I’m pretty sure somewhere, Tyra Banks, Rashumba Whateverhernameis or some other modelling authority is taking notes because honestly, no one has ever done this before

    • Wow, sayang hindi ko sya napicturan last night kasi lowbat na ako…. Ganda nya kahit sa malayo.. buti nalang may TV screen sa taas…

    • Ang ganda-ganda! Kung makatitig, para kang lalamunin (I’m sorry, I meant that in a good way LOL)!

      Pia!!! Maxine!!! Kylie!!!

  54. Basta ako…excited sa transformations nila. Kalat na sa fb possible changes sa physique nila through photoshop. maganda naman. I have faith in AQ and BPCI for transforming the girls. I am honestly not rooting for a back to back. Bonus na sa akin ang good placement sa lahat ng international pageants nila. With MU, it’s nice to have some diversity and a sprinkling of the usual suspects like Venezuela, Phil and Colombia.


    na Pham Huong-zone si Dindi pero……kung maisipan nya sumali next year ala Kylie, sila ni Alita possible mag tuos sa MUP2017

  55. Maiba lang ako… who the hell styled Janicel last night? Ang ganda ng mukha nya pero pinagmukha syang Principal na aattend ng PTA meeting

    Nothing against Janicel ha, i love her since MWP 2013 pa. Mejo off lang yung styling last night

    • Actually, lumevel siya sa past queens! mga desiree verdadero levels. sorry.

  56. I have to say that Kylie’s kiss blew me away last night. Wow I didn’t see her doing that. I always felt she’s calculated with her moves but she won me with that single move. I wonder if Jonas told her to do that? lol

    Most of the gowns were fantastic!!! Kudos to finally having a pageant where everything worn by the contestants are Filipino made. Swimsuit, shoes, costumes, and gowns. Nakakaproud since they are finally recognized in their own country. I didn’t like the cut of Maxine’s gown. It reminded me of Venezuelas gown in 2014. At least the train and Max’s delivery saved it. I’m most impressed with the green gowns. I never thought green would look so good as a gown.

    • i hope she won’t do that kiss during rampa sa international pageant. hindi lahat mag aagree sa ganyan eh baka magka timing na ayaw ng judges na naggaganyan habang rumarampa

    • I love Kylie’s gown and the way she carried it. For me, she was the best in that Segment.

  57. First of all, bakit ayaw mag work nitong site sa iphone.
    2nd of all, nakita ko na sa fezbook ang sagot ni Maxine, nawindang aketch, ang pagsagot ng q&a sa pageant ay dapat strategic para bang mga tga-inja, sana dinirecho na niya kaagad sa “education” ang subject doon is education, root ng sagot, dapat gandahan ang explanation after that saka na mag add para hindi ka mukhang naging kabado sa nerbiyos, i know it’s easy to say kasi hindi ako ang nasa stage, pero nagtrain na siya ng matagal eh under A&Q pa sya. Para hindi, nakakalito sagot dapat start siya sa.. “education is… blah blah this blah blah that” then conclude it with, “and that’s what i tell to the little girl..para malinis pakinggan at kunwari confident. ang mga injan, meron silang technique, listen carefully sa question tapos merong part sa question na you can answer it na magmukhang me alam ka kahit shallow sagot mo, nasa delivery kasi ng sagot iyan eh.

  58. congratulations, maxine!
    fascinating choice. i think there will be a move towards asian beauties in the pageants.
    maxine’s beauty is a nice blend of filipino and chinese.

    i love the diversity of the philippine candidates in the past decade
    filipino-indian, filipino-german, filipino-arabian, full blooded filipinas, and now filipino-chinese.
    maybe BBP is ahead of the curve with this choice.

    congratulations to kylie as well, i was hoping that she will get MUP, but i hope that she wins MI
    and give that pageant a boost it needs.

    i am most happy with joanna eden, so quietly but so convincingly won that crown.
    but quite disappointed with dindi’s non-inclusion (i jope it just because they have bigger plans for her next year)

  59. Beautiful as ever, Maxine. Congratulations for bagging the top plum. I know that a lot of other Binibinis’ fans doubt on your winning; however, I still believe that your total performance counts. Whenever you come out on stage last night, you give everyone a smile. Your styling was perfect, and it suited your gown (though I did not like purple for you). I already understood what you wanted to say during QnA despite the fact that you mixed words. You actually did great because that mix did not cause you panic or to stutter, instead you remained composed and confident. That’s what you call delivery. I remember Pia did the same in Miss Universe when she answered the first question. Her answer wasn’t responsive, but we already understood what she meant. It’s her delivery that mattered. We Filipinos are very answer conscious on beauty pageants. We focus on the substance of the answer and not on the wit. A witty answer is not usually a perfect one but is given quickly, shortly, and with practicality, which leaves everybody a smile or laugh. My two cents.

    To Kylie, congratulations as well. I believe the board of judges saw your potential in MI than in MU. You were also sparkling last night, and that doll-like face was noticeable.

    Joana Eden had been underrated during the preliminaries. However, she gave her A-list game last night. She deserved the Best in Swimsuit award, plus the Best in Long Gown (methinks). She was superstunning in that gown, though I already saw it worn by Janicel Lubina. The only thing that made Jennifer Hammond snatched the special award was her excellent execution. She did it in high fashion.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  60. I love last night’s opening prod. nabitin lang ako sa party party! ang ganda ng effect ng led monitors plus their blingy dresses for the opening number.

    The swimsuit part is kinda boring. Kulang sa prod.

    The gowns! I love the gowns! Finally nakapagsuot na sila ng choice nila, hindi na cumbia. puro serpentina cut nga lang but at least, maganda ang design at fit. may weird choices lang like the ones of 17, the silver gown and ung green, I’m not sure if that’s roshiel tobias? ung may parang fringe ung hem.

    I love the farewell walk of queen p! pak na pak. engrandeng engrande. not the senti type, yung background na instrumental ng Piliin mo ang pilipinas, mas nakapagpatayo ng balahibo ko. mas ramdam ko ang celebration ng binibini!

    What happened to Janicel? ang tanda niya sa styling niya kagabi 😦

    Ariella Arida is LOVE!! ganda niya with her new haircut! pak na pak sa cleavage si mars!

    Kinda upset with what happened to Dindi! she wore an unflattering gown. Jennifer Hammond’s gown was really one of the best, if not the best. Ang ganda. kaya nanalo na Best in Long gown e.

    Surprised when Manalo was announced as BBPGlobe. I was really eyeing her for Intercontinental.

    Pero at least, tama ang guess ko na Maxine for MUP and Kylie for MI! nakakaloka lang ang crowns ng dalawang Nicole! juskolerd. wala talagang bagong crowns si madam!

    • Mars, Speaking of Manalo. Ako rin nagulat. Kung hindi MUP, I thought she would be good for Intercon and International.I just felt like she was better than Globe. Pero you know what, malaki chance natin na mag back to back sa Miss Globe. I

      • I was really rooting for her para sa Intercon. She’s a strong representative, but not strong enough for MU – at least for me. That’s why I put her in BBP Intercon para naman manalo na tayo don! But maybe they need a really strong girl for a back-to-back sa Globe no?

      • Cordoves talaga aketch all the way. Pero Maxine really won me over sa EG and SS. So i thought she had the biggest chance to win MUP out of everyone. Then when she fumbled sa QA, I thought it was gonna be a battle between Kylie, Nicole and Nichole for MUP then. But Nichole got called for Globe, followed by Nicole for MGI. Then it was clear to me that Kylie was gonna be MUP. Which would’ve been a great choice as well quasi Kylie really performed sa finals. She wasn’t my bet for MUP before but because she finally let loose! I saw how confident she was on stage and how much she was having fun. And her QA was great as well. Pero she got called for MI. So I got confused. I actually thought it was gonna be Dindi then for MUP quasi she’s the only one there that did great in EG, SS, and QA. But It was Maxine’s destiny to win! Overall, I’m happy for all the girls!

      • Joy, from the start I am already eyeing Kylie for MUP. but when I saw Maxine’s after-numbering-photo (the one with the colorful background) I clearly remember posting that her aura screams Miss Universe, but I still have my eye on Kylie.

        But Maxine knows when to shine, really! fashion show, national costume, plus the parade of beauties, I said that the MUP title will be between Maxine and Kylie. Nung natawag si Nichole for Globe and Cordoves for MGI, sabi ko malamang Si Maxine na to and Kylie for International.

        Kahit gaano ka fierce ang perfomance ni Kylie, I can really see her on MI stage. that fierce-sweet aura. And when I saw Maxine paraded in swimsuit? ibang level ang dating. Nakita ko na agad siya sa MU. She has this beauty na fresh, at malayo sa itsura ng past queens. I just hope hindi siya “matuyo” like what happened to Ariella nung nagtransform siya. ang lakas maka jugets ng itsura ni Maxine e.

  61. And besides, she’s from A&Q! ngayon pa ba kayo magdududa sa kakayanan ng BPCI and Aces na mag transform ng isang binibini? Hello? Janine Tugonon? Pia Wurtzbach?

    • Wait, So total of 3 titles each camp? tama ba? Is Hammond a KF or A&Q? pati runners up hati rin tama ba ko?

      • 2 lang sa KF, the rest of the top 15 were from A&Q. Only nichole manalo and joana eden are from KF. So 4 crowns sa A&Q at yung 2 runner ups. From A&Q din. But who cares. PHILIPPINES sash nmn ata ang bibitbitin nila. Hindi PHILIPPINES-KF/A&Q. Pero pride ata ng mga camps pag ganun.

  62. I knew it! That it was going to be between Maxine and Kylie! Kylie gave a better answer or should I say answer confidently with Olivia’s question BUT maxine’s aura last night screams Miss Universe while Kylie’s for International.

    Maxine’s performance was really captivating. Her beauty is really radiating from within. Siya yung ganda na hindi pa natin naipapadala sa MU! Let’s all support the newly crowned queens.

  63. MARIA MIKA MAXINE MEDINA, 25, PHILIPPINES!!! Ganda ng tunog. I hope she uses her full name more.

  64. Maxine Medina is MU material, she just needs to get transformed by Jonas & A&Qs to what MU expects for this year. And A&Qs seems to always have a good idea of what those expectations would be year after year, so I’m never doubtful about that. And I don’t believe Maxine is not smart or unintelligent she just needs to be trained on how to keep it cool when under pressure that aspect is taught because being nervous is actually a natural thing and to overcome it, is learned.

  65. Congratulations Maxine Medina, MUP 2016!

    If the last 6 years are an indication, the BPCI will have yet another TOP 5 or better representative at MU in December!

    What a dramatic BBP pageant season! Time to unify and rally for Maxine, y’all.

    Go MAXINE, GO!

  66. I will be the first one to just say a few words about Norman highly controversial blog. I was left an awe on the statement that the organization has already a chosen one ? Hmm if I’m one the judges I will definitely nullify the aforesaid statement. Such a disrespect! What do you think of the judges a bag of chips or chopped liver?

    • What if their chosen was actually Kylie. Would you still be upset that the organization already picked their MUP winner prior to the pageant? hihihi. peace lang pres.

      • Why are you so anti -Kylie , Joy? Get over it, it’s finished ! Get a book , have a life out of binibini , go just anywhere.. Away from Kylie .
        Action speaks louder than words. U keep saying support the winners . But you ‘chew our’ Kylie like a rabid b—h every time there’s an opportunity. Check your cholesterol and stop smoking , save your heart while u can hahaha

      • Hello again Mr. Fabian πŸ™‚ Kakasabi ko lang ng ilang beses na I thought Kylie had a great chance of winning MUP after her performance. She did very well and impressed me big time! So when Maxine messed up, I thought si Kylie na talaga. But that didn’t happen. So lets just respect the decision. I keep bring her up to tease all of you. Because if the situation would’ve been the other way around. Had it been Kylie who fumbled in the QA but still won the MUP title because of her facial beauty or because she was preselected by the MU organization,none of you would be making complaints… Just saying….

        Go take a pentobarbital and sedate yourself my dear. Masyado kang apektado sa comments ko lol. Be careful though, pentobarbital has a very narrow therapeutic index. You might reach the toxicity level before achieving the therapeutic effect. Kaya hinay hinay lang sa gamot mars πŸ˜‰

    • Norman said “Me thinks”. It isn’t confirmed so he’s just speculating.

  67. She did NOT do “okay”. She did really bad on the Q&A. She can’t even put a sentence together and from afar you would think that she’s fluent in basic English. It’s REALLY bad. I seriously had to Google her educational background.

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