24 comments on “Sunday Specials: Aliwan Festival Queen now, Bb. Pilipinas in 2017?

  1. When are we going to see this kind of National Costume sa MU stage? ang ganda e!

  2. sayang ang ganda, pero kung di pa siya tumangkad.. pangminor na lang..

  3. Pag hindi nagka crown si Angelica Alita… pagandahan ng mukha labanan for Miss International next year…
    Cynthia Thomalia Vs. Angelica Alita.. Lamang ata si Cynthia ng smaller waist to hip ratio… Pero magaling daw sa Q&A si Angelica Alita… ermhegerd!!!

    Tapos pag hindi magkacrown si Apriel Smith… Kalaban nya si Laura Lehman next year for Miss Universe… holy shiz!!! Patalinuhan…

    Galing ng BPCI maghype lately…May konting advantage Cebu lately dahil yang ang demographics na gustong gusto ligawan ng mga Araneta lately for their biz and for votes as in politics…

  4. With this year’s BBP edition, Im sure SMA will give a crown to a Cebuana. So who will it be? Will it be the “MJ prototype” from KF to continue its 3rd winning streak in the prestigious pageant or will it be broken by the “exotic black beauty” from A&Q who shall signify the rise of “friendly competition” of the cebuanas in the pageant arena? Or will it be the 1st time that 2 cebuanas will be crowned tonight? This sounds so much exciting.

  5. Please refrain from posing in “any project cause that would require nudity ” and any “art formed pictorial- fashion editorial ” and men’s magazine , to avoid disqualifications.

    Remove all your post in FB , Twitter , and IG concerning heavy partying -drinking and smoking, nude or semi nude portfolio images, published or non published, that will be questioned by the “jurassic” thinking of BBPCI, if u want to be part of 2017 Bb Pilipinas.

    Unlikely images that have been shot already prior to this , but are still not published , should either be bought back with a counter deal in the presence of a lawyer , be put in black and white , not to be release at all.

    • 5’5″ ata. Tingnan mo ang biyas. Maliit sya tingnan sa group picture. Pero napakaganda.

      • My gay friend says, “dapat lumaklak sya ng Cherifer Sevilla nung bata pa sya. Di katangkaran si atey, pero ang fez, vonggels!”

  6. She looks like a pageant girl from Venezuela and Republica Dominicana. Beautiful! I can see her Miss International 2017 early today.

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