243 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: On the last day of their Bb. Pilipinas reigns

  1. LOL trending ang bb pilipinas at si KYLIE haha everybody’s saying she should’ve won. WELP that’s just what the Filipino mass thinks sooo…

  2. Sir Dex, KittyKat- very strategic placements. I believe Kylie can give us another MI crown.
    I know most of the fans are somehow disappointed, but for now, let us celebrate the fact that Kylie really shines tonight πŸ™‚

  3. Tutal lahat ng MU winners “a” ang dulo ng pangalan. Maxine, please use your full name “Maria Mika Maxine Medina” . Putek, tatlong “a” yan!

  4. Try to imagine Maxine in front of the judges during the closed-door preliminary interview. That’s where our ladies have always been charming their way through the semi-finals. I am confident Maxine will do us proud up close and personal behind closed doors.

  5. Sobrang happy ako sa result because Maxine won. Sa beauty pageant, walang perfect answer. It’s the candidate’s manner of delivering the answer kumbaga. Maxine answered the question gracefully even under pressure. She was relaxed although medyo mali ang context ng sagot, pero andun ang thought. She was really beautiful at most telegenic kahit di standout ang gown. Sad for Dindi and Paula Rich.

    • I’m at a loss why Paula didn’t penetrate the top 15. With her fierce looks and willowy body siguro mag-focus na lang muna siya sa pagmo-model?

    • Lagi ko inaabangan ang paglabas ni Paula Rich kagabi, sobrang elegant niya. Nagtataka talaga ako why she did not make the cut. Surprise sa akin ang pagkapasok nina Tobias at Pangindian. I was making abang din kay Sheena Dalo kase gandang-ganda ako sa mga picas, pero nadismaya ako sa catwalk skills niya. Siguro ‘di niya isinapuso ang pasarela training niya with Jonas.

  6. Quite contented with the results. 😊
    1. Excited na ko for 4Ms transformation.
    2. 6th MI crown courtsey of Kylie!
    3. So happy for Jennifer. Pressured because of the 3rd, 2nd and 1stru placement in the last three consecutive years.
    4. Surprised with Eden but she deserves it. Pero sana si Dindi na to. Parang maxadong mahinhin si Eden for Supra.
    5. 1st MGI crown c/o Nicole. She has a very good comm skill. Develop lang pasarella and she’s good to go.
    6. Possible back to back with Miss Globe.
    7. Good placing of runners up.
    8. No Manalo bookends. 😁😁😁
    9. Let’s just support our 2016 queens! 😊

  7. when i saw Maxine opening pa lang, gosh! i was willing to concede na, hindi ko na ipipilit si kylie. pero Kylie performed really well (better than Maxine) (alam kong hindi niyo to madedeny kasi based sa mga previous comments ng most Maxine fans, halatang nagpprepare na sila kung sakaling hindi siya ang matawag for MUP). don’t get me wrong. happy naman ako sa pagkapanalo ni Maxine coz she’s really really beautiful and ngayong coronation night ko lang siya talaga fully naappreciate. but i really really believe that her age was the reason why she got MUP over Kylie. sabi nga nung iba dito ‘baka maulit yung 2014’ na hndi yung top scorer ang nakakuha ng MUP. and i really think that this is the case this year. nevertheless, i would stlll support both girls(kylie and maxine). congratulations to the both of you and the rest of the winners!

    • Very well said. It all works out in the end anyway. Kylie was undeniably the best. Iniisip ko nalang, BPCI decided na next to impossible naman ang backtoback in Ms.U, might as well place Kylie where she has a better chance like what Osmel did last year with Edymar. I’d guess they scored equal in the end. Maxine is still a good and refreshing rep for Ms.universe but it will be hard as everyone witnessed how she didn’t really do well in the final.

      • thanks. nalulungkot lang ako kasi even though poibleng reason yung sinabi mo, and i hope yun nga ang reason, kylie still didnt get what she really wanted. iba pa rin kasi talaga kapag yung gusto mo talaga yung nakuha mo kasi mas ipaglalaban mo eh. also, i really believed based on the coronation night that she fits MUP better than anyone else

  8. OMGπŸ˜ƒ
    I was really surprised πŸ˜ƒ
    Nasa kamay talaga ni SMA at judges ang result, not based sa Q&A lngπŸ˜ƒ
    Ilan ba ang judges na taga ABSπŸ˜ƒlol
    Ganyan talaga sa MU, magugulat ka nlang minsanπŸ˜ƒ
    I want Cordoves for MUP pero masaya na ako at may crown cya although dapat Nasa MUP or MI ang ranking nya πŸ˜‚
    I’m happy for Hammond and Huelar but I’m sad kay Apriel at least puede pa sya nx yearπŸ˜ƒ
    My 100% support to all the winners πŸ‘
    God Bless everyoneπŸ˜‰

    • Maxine facially reminds me of this cebuano that won Miss Tourism International. yung nagback to back? her name escapes me

    • My Dindi.:( sayang pero at least you can join next year becuase you have the potential and you are pretty.you will win next year.just never give up.

  9. Yung mga runners up, malaki ang chance next year. Ang gaganda nila.

  10. Gangyan rin ang sinabi niyo kay Ara nung 2013. Bagsak daw sa MU kasi boring and pangit mag english. Pfft. Wag kayong ano jan. Mama J will do his best to prepare our candidate. Ano beeeey.

  11. I just finished watching the delayed telecast of BBP2016 that cost me $5.00 lol. Anyway, CONGRATS TO OUR NEW BINIBINI QUEENS!

    During the SS and EG segments, I altered my Top 15. Some I removed from my list, some I added. Most of the girls I thought did well made it to the semis BUT I’m questioning how Maria G, Maria Lina and Kristine didn’t make it. I was so sure Maria was pasok sa banga because I could not stop staring at her. But whatever, MAY NEXT YEAR PA LADIES! Join ulit!!!

    Jessa Mae – I knew she would make it to the semis! And when she answered her Q&A. I was like yaasss girl! Runner up na yan!

    Angelica – I’ve always placed her as a runner up in my list. She has one of the prettiest faces in the comp. Her q&a was weak so her runner up placement is reasonable. But I highly suggest she tries out again! This girl can do wonders in the international scene.

    Nichole M – This girl made me proud. She’s been bashed heavily since her Q&A performance in bbp 2014. BUT she did her homework and gave a great answer! I honestly thought she had a shot of winning MUP. She has a banging body and a beautiful face and her Q&A was enough to get her a crown.I also thought she was going to take home the swimsuit award. I am confident Nichole can win us another Miss Globe.

    Nicole C – So stunning! Hoping her walked would’ve improved but it’s okay! She has many months to train for MGI. I was kinda sad she didn’t win a special award. I knew then she might not be able to clinch MUP. Kasi almost all the winners of MUP took home a special award with them. Her answer was great though. She took her answer in a different path. It was not cliche at all. Although she could’ve trimmed it down. But I’m just glad she’s not Miss Globe. That’s all ahaha. So overall, I’m happy with her placement and performance! πŸ™‚

    Joanna – I’ve always included her in my Top 15 list. She’s very pretty and I love her walk. I liked how her answer wasn’t pageant patty. I wouldn’t have put her as Miss Supra though. I just feel like she’s not that flirty on stage as opposed to Dindi. But with training, she’ll do amazing in Supra.

    Jennifer – I was a fan but not a fan at the same time prior to the pageant (probably because her styling wasn’t that consistent BUT she looked fab tonight! Her height was her advantage as well as her soft beauty so I was actually rooting for her to win the International crown. She ALMOST ruined her Q&A, but i’m glad she was able to gather her thoughts together and she was able to finish her answer with a nice touch.

    Kylie – FINALLY, I saw a side of Kylie that wasn’t so uptight. She was smiling on stage, being flirty, she was confident and it really looked like she was having a time of her life. Her question was easy BUT she answered it very well! I thought she had a GREAT chance of winning the MUP crown. But I believe she’ll do amazing in miss International as well πŸ™‚

    Maxine – She SHOCKED me THREE TIMES ahahah. First when she walked out for her swimsuit, I was like DAMN GIRL! She was so classy and so regal. She didn’t even have to smile. She had that look on her face that was so captivating. And I really thought she had A HUGE chance of winning MUP. Then q&a came, and she shocked me in a sad way….. I don’t know what happened. It might have been the nerves but I was so confident she would rock that question… And at that time, I was so sad for her because I thought she lost her chance. I really I thought she was gonna be Pia’s successor but I was praying she would at least get a runner up placement. Then the announcement came, The only girl remaining in my list that was suitable for the crown was Dindi and Maxine. Tapos MAXINE won! I was like OMG!!!!!!! Even her, she was so surprised…. I think she thought her chances were ruined because of her answer. But then again, 10% lang ang Q&A. Her regal beauty is undeniable. I can’t wait to see her transformation!!!

    Dindi, :((( I was so sad when she didn’t get called. I thought she really had it in the bag and could win Supra. Tapos during the announcement of MUP, I thought she was gonna take it home because Maxine messed up on her answer. Anyway I hope this doesn’t discourage her. Please learn from Pia and never give up. Try again next year! It may not be your year this year BUT everything happens for a reason! And I will always be proud of your accomplishment! I hope to see you next year for BBP 2017

  12. Dawn, gising na! haha

    Nanalo na ang manok natin! #4M4MUP is now #4M=MUP haha πŸ˜€

    So di lng tayo magkakape, magcecelebrate din tayo pagpunta q jan later this month. Woohoo!!!! <:o) πŸ˜€

  13. I am quite happy with the results.
    I know that the popular bet Cordoves is not MUP material. Sorry.
    It is really a battle between Kylie and Maxine (no doubt).
    But If I can change it a little, I wish that:

    1. Maxene should have given a more “substantial and convincing” answer.
    Kylie came more prepared. The question is very common, but she answered it with so much passion and comviction. Nevertheless, MI is not bad at all. She might win another crown for the Philippines πŸ™‚

    2. Dindi should have won a crown (she has better answers than Alita etc.).
    I hope that she comes back next year. She will be hungrier than ever.

    3. The spots for 5 and 9 should have been replaced by de Leon and Gigante, Fernando or even Bartolome. (For obvious reasons)


    I am really not a Smith fan. Eden surprised me tonight. Hammond came prepared too.
    Well. The lucky 6 have months to prepare.

    Maxine has it. She needs to address her weaknesses and just do her best.
    A back to back (like what ms. Lai said) is far-fetched… but it is still possible πŸ˜‰

    • *Maxine


      Alita’s answer was not justified well. Dindi fumbles a little at the beginning but she manages to end her answer with a bang. As much as I love her (she is in my top 3), she did not really stand out (swimsuit and gown), tonight. Because she is only 22, I really pray she gives it another try. πŸ™‚ She is and will always be worth of a crown for me.

  14. Klarong klaro Maxine was won by her nervousness. I don’t mean anything bad. I’m proud the judges still saw something in her despite the answer she gave. I honestly have her as my MUP but when she gave her answer, I went for Cordoves.

    Sana walang mangbabash na naman sa haters ng Pinas. Pinoys better ready their guns to defend.

    Anyway, I heard the MU venue will be announced?

    I’m also excited to what will Olivia Jordan comment about her stay in the Philippines and her as a judge sa Bb. Pilipinas! πŸ™‚

    • Lol Mars,

      Funny lang kasi na kahit pumalpak siya sa Q and A di ako sumuko! Pinaglaban ko siya sa twitter! HAHAHAHA!

      • Kasi nga may something si Maxine! haha I bet nakita rin ng judges πŸ˜‰

  15. Oh zha zha, tapos na ang national, kaya suportahan na natin silang mga nanalo. Im happy for Kylie, Cordovez but Im not happy for Maxine and Manalo pero sila nang magrerepresent sa bansa ko. I have to concede, respect them and support them. Congrats #bbpilipinas2016 winners. San ba next venue ng MU? akala ko ba pasabog iyon?

  16. At halatang hiyang hiya namn si maxine nung tinawag pangalan nya as MUP..with her poor performance that night, she knows deep wihtin she doesnt deserve the MUP crown..parang wala syang mukhang maiharap kay pia at wala ding mga luhang tumulo supposedly on cue..

    • With all due respect din sa fans ni Maxine but you are right. She didn’t do well in the final.

    • I’m going to butt in. YES Maxine did bad with the QA. but she was spectacular in SS and EG. Mind you that QA is only 10%…. Wala tayong magagawa. Ganon talaga ang criteria. Lets give her a chance please. Madaming factors na ng contribute sa weak answer ni Maxine. Kahit ang talino mo, kung ang nerbiyos mo ay overpowering you, waley talaga. Pero with vigorous training. I know Maxine will do great sa MU. Especially because people like you are doubting her. It will only push her to work harder to prove herself as a deserving MUP winner.

  17. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CgQuDyEVIAApug1.jpg:large

    Hanggan sa dulo nilaban ko si Maxine! Huhu! So happy for her!!!

    Mejo gets ko kung bat si Eden nanalo ng Supra. GANDANG DI KAILANGAN I-EXPLAIN. Yun yung comment ko nung screening eh. PAK!

    Int’l talaga kay Kylie. Siya lang kalaban ni Maxine sa korona.

    Mejo off yung placement ng minor crowns. Pero tumpak yung mga runner-ups!

    • Congrats Boree, I know you feel like you won na rin:-) Yes, you were consistent with your support of Maxine. Join na rin ako coz she will be representing the Philippines.

      • Thank you, Mars! She’s very comanding in real life. Iba aura niya, parang sa pageant lang kanina super nag gglow siya, diba??

        Alam mo bang ang humble niya? Nung na meet ko siya pinakilala pa niya Mom niya sakin.. she’s following me pa sa instgram and she replies sa mga messages ko. Love her!

  18. Congrats Maxine! Mejo kulang man ang sagot pero sa lahat siya ung mapawow ka sa appeal kahit hindi siya ang pinakamaganda. Ang ganda ng register niya nung evening gown. Dun na sapol. Dindi can join next year, may chance ka pa Dindi. ok naman pala comm skills mo eπŸ™‚

    • RIGHT?! I admit Maxine was the prettiest of all. But her aura on stage is so mesmerizing. She’s truly a classy binibini!

  19. Congrats to all the winners! Ready naman tayo in the coming months for their transformations and kung sino unang isasabak sa international pageant stage. πŸ™‚

  20. Happy Maxine Medina won MUP! Natural and beautiful!

    HAPPIER Nichole Manalo DID NOT win MUP! Unatural BUT beautiful.

    Thank you judges!!

  21. Congrats to all the new queens, looking forward to your preparations for the international stage.

    • Agree. She and Hammond a revelation! Very deserving to win crowns. =)

  22. Tama si Tito Norms πŸ™‚ Congrats Maxine!

    Feeling sad for Apriel, but she’s young and this isn’t the last time we’ll see her πŸ™‚

  23. idk why pero i feel like sayang si cordoves na nilagay sa MGI </3
    Kylie has to switch to sweet side. Mama J will do the magic.

    Can't wait for Maxine's transformation!!! woohoo!! ^_^

    I just noticed there were some changes in the judges. Results surprised me, IMO. Yung sa assigning of major and minor crowns.

    • Well, di pa natin nakuha MGI crown so maybe this year is IT πŸ™‚

    • I felt sayang for Cordoves too pero narealize ko na I’d get to see her compete here in Vegas! Lol. I just love her.

  24. what is the fuc….ng result? Maxine ? she didnt even perform well in the question and answer portion. Her beauty is awful.. Where is my Dindi.. I thought that Dindi is the winner… lol.

  25. Miss Universe Philippines – Maxine Medina (Binibini 29)
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 International – Kylie Verzosa (Binibini 31)
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Intercontinental – Jennifer Hammond (Binibini 26)
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Supranational – Joanna Eden (Binibini 13)
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Grand International – Nicole Cordoves (Binibini 11)
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Globe – Nichole Marie Manalo (Binibini 28)
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 1st runner-up – Angelica Alita (Binibini 38)
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 2nd runner-up – Jehza Mae Huelar (Binibini 37)

    • Halatang nag-iba expression ang mukha ni kylie nung tinawag cya international. We all know she aimed for MU. Nichole Manalo also had a change of facial expression. hehe well it is not wrong to aim higher. She prepared.

  26. Im okay with Maxine winning kasi dito naman sa Pinas ang pageant??? correct? Top 15 na yan. Si Nicole Manalo naman, pag di mo pa mapanalo ang Miss Globe ay ewan ko na lang. Cordovez for MGI? talagang gusto ni SMA na completohin na lahat ng corona. MGI na lang ang wala pa at Intercon. di ko maalala sino si hammond..

  27. I’m actually quite satisfied with these results now lol. When Kylie was called as Bb. International, I thought Dindi had it in the bag for MUP since Maxine’s Q&A was a train wreck. Still bitter about the exclusion of Angelique and Maria G. I’m glad the crowns weren’t in the order they were said to be in a previous post, otherwise Nicole Corrodes would’ve been Bb. Globe lol.

    Dindi Pajares Bb. Pilipinas 2017!!!

    • Maria G isn’t pretty at all, she looks OLD. On top of that, her nose job looks so damn obvious. I’ve been lurking here for a while and I find it odd when I see people placing her in the top 6, even worse when they predict her as the winner of the MUP crown. Even in her promo picture (the one where they’re all wearing white) she looks like a sad iguana. Maybe it’s because I’m not Filipino but I just don’t think she is attractive at all.

    • Wow! Kung maka-cooking show ka nman,wagas! The winners actually deserve their placement, this will also be a strong batch! Maka-KF ka lang kaya ka bitter, Manalo and Eden are actually great with their placements as well…..Let’s just support these ladies regardless of their camp affiliations!Let’s all be happy and pray that tese ladies would give pride to our country once again!

  28. Oh my!My Maxine Medina is Miss Universe Philippines..Kylie for me is flawless all throughout but my Maxine just win.My gut feel really was correct.

  29. Tama si Basil, 10% lang intelligence….based on their performance in the finals night, na-surprise ako ng bongga!!!

  30. Hahaha

    Sabi q na nga ba may points ang poise eh. Lol

    I was already prepared for Dindi as MUP. πŸ˜€


    Congrats Maxine!

    • I thought it would be Dindi. Maxine was just lucky. I am sure it’s her age that gave her the title and not her points. And she knows she doesn’t deserve it. Sorry.

      • Those are such big and harsh words. I would get more annoyed because how dare you belittle Maxine and everything a lot of people see in her, but I am way too happy to care! Good luck to your bet Kylie too, in Miss International πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for reading my comments and truly sorry that I’ve hurt your feeling. But please try readfing other comments, too. And you’ll find out that what I said was actually the same as the others. Peace.

      • Don’t worry, you didn’t hurt my feelings. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I get it, and I’m not surprised–almost every candidate will want MUP, and only one person will get it, so naturally everybody else will feel slighted by the results. Just saying, just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean it was a wrong decision, or that Maxine didn’t deserve it. πŸ˜‰

      • Wag na bitter. You’ve made your intentions here that you worship Kylie from head to toe. She finally got a crown so you should be happy.

  31. Sad ako for Cordoves. Sana runner up na lng muna sya. Also with Eden.

  32. Kagigising ko lngπŸ˜ƒ
    Masuerte c Kylie sa Q&A kc gasgas na yung question sa kanya but she looks like a winner and the gown is beautifulπŸ˜ƒ
    I like the gown of eden (bongga ang green at design, lutang ang ganda at kapansinpansin talaga)medyo 50-50 sa Q&A pero malay natin bka type talaga sya ng mga judges. Bongga rin c Apriel sa yellow na gown and she did well sa Q&A.
    I feel sorry kay maxine parang wala lng. Maganda ang red gown ni manalo, bagay sa kanya at mas kabado ang kanyang mga ateπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒpero ok nman sagot nya. Nicole Cordoves, Maganda rin ang gown pero yung make up at hairstyle jusko nakikita ko c MJ, I prefer her a light and fresh looking aura sana kc matapang masyado ang dating and her answer will definitely wins a crownπŸ˜ƒ
    Hammond, I love you. ..winner ka sa akinπŸ˜ƒ
    Now, nasa judges at kay SMA na ang desisyonπŸ˜ƒ
    I’m still with Nicole Cordoves for MUP and Kylie is really fightingπŸ˜ƒ
    Good luck girlsπŸ˜ƒ
    Thanks Misso sa updateπŸ‘

    • Yes indeed mukhang leading sina Versoza, Hammond, Cordovez and my favorite Apriel Smith πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, these 4 did very well

        I’m wishing for these placements:
        1. Cordoves for MUP
        2. Hammond for MI
        3. Dindi for Supra
        4. Kylie for MGI
        5. Eden for Globe
        6. Anyone for Intercon na walang kwenta lol

  33. Kylie is FIERCE..natural, very confident and she looked like she hardly had any make-up on but was still so beautiful. She owned that stage.
    But this competition looks real tough.

    • Yes very tough . I think it will be a 3-way among Kylie Jennifer and Eden ( I haven’t heard her answer)
      Kylie is cute very pretty very feminine and definitely not a Pia clone.
      Jennifer is very pretty and queenly.
      Nicole is good but her face is very questionable . She is a news anchor for me.
      Nichole has done a decent job and I like her humility . I hope she wins tonight .

      • I am giving up on Maxine’s chances this year. I hope she can turn it around next year.

        Kylie did very well. But I still prefer Cordoves. I wonder how Kylie would grapple with the question that was thrown at Cordoves. I love Dindi. She carried herself well in d Q&A, definitely exceeding my expectation.

        Although didn’t deliver as I hoped for, I’m generally happy with the overall quality of this batch. I miss Kim now. Lalo pa sigurong patayan kung nanjan si Kim haha

      • Nicole ‘s answer was very clear but the last part made me cringe because of her ‘dramatic facial expression’. If she gets MUP , I will support her because I know she is very driven and patient and will do everything to make an impact at MU.
        Facially though, I will give it to Kylie Hammond and Eden

  34. Bait ni Olivia Jordan!
    Those who responded well to the Q&A are
    Alita? (3rd to the last)
    Pangandian? (2nd to the last)

    • Pwede pa si Alita next year in case wala syang crown tonight. Kelangan lng itrain sa rhetoric. At patangkad pa hehe

      • She’s very pretty pero di nga lang siya katangkaran 😦

  35. Last year’s batch seems “hungrier” to win a crown.
    Mas palaban mga contestants last year in the way they walk in their swimsuits and present their gowns.
    Best wishes to the winners who will represent our country.

  36. Two of my favorites have done really well- Kylie and Jennifer- are they are ABSOLUTeLY the most beautiful in the top 15. Eden is the other one to beat.
    Nicole is ok but her face is too strong it could pass for a transsexual . She is also a little on the dramatic side. I like her better bare — with no make up on.

  37. Grabe aura ni Kylie tonight. Aurang winner. She peaked at the right time =)

    • Oo nga eh, pero I love her poise. Hahaha, baka may points Yun. Love u Maxine! Kundi ngayon ang panahon, may 2017 pa baby. Itetraim kita sa Q&A.

  38. Oh ano yung mga nagsasabing ang gaganda daw ng kf tapos naiinsecure daw ang a&q nung screening,, weh no na nangyari? Nganga? Tsarot! I dont like manalo, maganda siya pero alam kong pekeng ganda. Sorry

    • Pinakamadaling question. Lagat ng kandidata prepared sa ganyang tanong. Anuveh.

      • AJ – It’s a matter of wit and charm. Madali nga yung question but not everyone would come up with a witty yet sensible answer.

        And just so you know, ang punchline sa huli lagi tumatatak. Remember Pia’s Click before you think? Now Kylie has , I believe I am her!


      • Huh, di mo nagets? Kaloka ka teh, no wonder impressed ka na agadir. Madali question kc Yan and mga tipong pinaghahandaan ng lahat. Every year ang final q sa Ms International at Ms World. Kahit ikaw Kaya mong paghandaan Yan, correct or not? Lol

      • @aj, Olivia and Adrianna did not answer the question very well and they had been preparing for that question forever.
        Like what BBg said , it s how you answer that question with clear conviction that matters . And that’s not gonna happen unless you truly believe what you say

      • Fabian, your point is taken. Kylie answered with conviction & confidence, but I’m afraid it’s mainly because she was given one among the questions that she had prepared for. I wonder how she would answer if it’s something out of nowhere. It seems to me that Cordoves can tackle anything under the sun. & that I think is what separates a Ms U contender from the rest of the beautiful pack.

      • @aj, Nicole’s question was also very generic expressed in a different way. And her answer? It was so non-specific it can be an answer to a 100 million questions.

  39. Grabeh ung mga gowns ah! Excited na rin ako sa gown ng MU PH 2016 natin hihi πŸ˜€

    Eden looked really beautiful with that emerald gown. Only a few can pull of that color.

    Angelique’s gown reminded me of Ariadna’s lol

  40. 31 Versoza
    16 Openiano
    5 Pangandian
    38 Alita
    22 Smith
    9 Tobias
    4 Pencheon
    13 Eden
    29 Medina
    27 Pajares
    26 Hammond
    11 Cordoves
    37 Huelar
    28 Manalo
    12 Gamboa

  41. A&Q dominated the top 15. OMG! I feel sorry for KF.

    Eden is so derving to be there! But sayang wala si Estoque.

  42. Gigante didn’t make it to the semifinals. I wish that Squalog (squatter and jolog) commenter is still around. I am sure he’s lurking though. I just want you to know, I am having the last laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It is not gigante’s fault. Fault of troll fans.

      TRUTH: A lot of candidates is better than her.

  43. I’m really trying to stay positive but I’m just getting more and more confused and annoyed with this whole pageant lol. Did they seriously just exclude Angelique De Leon and Maria Gigante from the Top 15??? No doubt they were both big standouts in SS and EG, this makes me so angry omg!!!!!!nekjfbcjdbsbcjk
    Joanna Eden got best in swimsuit??? … really?

    • questionable yung Best in Swimsuit – Joanna Eden, how sad Maria Gigante didn’t make it

  44. So, sinetch sinetch ang mga winnie corderos ever 12:30 dito sa south wala paba

  45. Magaganda ang mga gowns! Sa 2nd batch yung mga nag-impact ay sina

    25 -Angelica Lopez
    32 Jennylyn Malpaya

    Medyo na-distract ako ng crowd so I can’t really make up my mind about the more popular candidates πŸ˜‰

  46. Laura lehman is so natural at hosting.. bianca guidotti is reading reading reading.. hehehe

    Love bianca though

  47. Tarush ng mga gowns! Pak kung pak! Hats off to d girls, d designers & BPCI for letting this happen. I so loveeeeeeeet!

    • At ang girls, lahat ay confidently beautiful! Kahit si no.40, go lng ng go haha. I sooooo love the batch!

  48. Ganda ng gown ni eden… kaso kulang sa projection.. nervous lang siguro…

    I hope she makes it to to top 15.

  49. I’m not watching coz streaming is so bad, but I read in different posts that Maxine Medina, Nicole Manalo, Angelique de Leon, and Kylie Versoza were stand outs. Any updates, please?

    • I’d say from the 1st batch EG standouts sina

      3 Angela Fernando
      8 Karen Ibasco
      11 Nicole Cordoves
      15 Kristine Estoque

  50. Ang ganda sana ni estoque kaso laki ng veneers!! Haist… It does not look natural at all! What the fuck KF?

    • Oo nga she’s a revelation! Baka naman puedeng liitan yung mga veneers?

      • Tapyasan na yan.. para makapag.smile siya ng lubusan.. parang may naiwang pagkain pag nag.smile… sayang..

        Sana runner up.. join siya next year under aces..

  51. As in wow kahit Hindi kagandahan ang mga candidates eh eto na sa buong history ng Binibining Pilipinas eto na ang pinakamagandang gowns na sinuot ng mga candidates. Kudos sa mga designers.

  52. I think Kylie will win this. Rampadora daw si cordoves Dindi and Jennifer hammond but Nichole is the crowd fave

  53. Special Awards 1
    Miss Friendship: Vina Openiano
    Miss Talent: Vina Openiano
    Miss Photogenic: KYLIE VERZOSA
    Best in Costume: Angela Lauren Fernando

    • Thanks Dex!! Finally I’ve seen something from the ongoing pageant.

      Nagmukhang yema nman ang mga kandidata, lol

  54. oh my 9:30 pa daw yata streaming link. hahaha live pa ba yon? haha. ung televised sa tv later kasabay ng streaming link kuno.haha. abs talaga oh. pwede naman i live sa tv ng same time dba? once a year lang naman dapat pinaghaha daan to for the viewers and pageant fans. hinde na kakaexcite manonood ka ng late na tapos maya may mag tetext may nanalo na. kaloka.

  55. I saw some fans outside Araneta near Novotel carrying tarpaulin of the Binibini 38. Mukhang madami syang fans. Also supporters of 11, madami din. It’s festive here. Sobra! Ilan pa lang ang nakikita kong supporters ni Maxine. Maxination, where art thou???

    • Mare ano name kaganapan dyan? Juicecoloured hindi PA nagsisimula live streaming. Sana naman pareho and winners sa live at sa streaming, lol. Buset na streaming yan.

      • Mare, di ko pa nararamdaman presensya ni Maxine. Mahina din ang Globe signal ko, kaloka, may jammer yata dito sa loob ng Araneta. Ang iingay ng sigawan ng fans.

  56. Last year, Rappler.com had live streaming but it actually ended at the same time as the delayed telecast. Fact is, the winners would surely be announced after midnight so if I were you guys, just get updated with Norman’s live blogging and enjoy the delayed telecast.

    Norman, you’re live blogging, right?!? Cheers!

    • Lai, unfortunately it’s not really “live streaming”. Kasi their airing the show at 10 PM Manila time. Eh 8PM yung pageant. Unless they changed it

      • Joy, kaka release lang yan kahapon kase maraming foreigners na walang tfc na gusto din manuod. so try natin mamaya at around 8

      • madames, marami nang link na pwede nyo i try try…
        dito 7:06 na. 8 yung start…nyeta kinakabahan nako lol

    • lai any back up link? bukod sa link ng abs. duda kase ako dyan sa abs eh. live streaming nga pero baka 10pm pa ipapalabas. bat pa tinawag na live streaming nyeta yang rapler at pageantology. gusto lang may bumisita sa link nila. dba every click eh may kita sila hehe.

      • sorry la ako alam. willing to wait din naman ako sa tv at tradition na rin pero if meron wehy not? check nyo iba pa nilang pinopost dito

  57. Tito Norman,

    meron po bang live streaming sa coronation night? paki share namin po too late na kasi d2 saamin lumalabas ang telecast… mga guys pls… share niyo ang link kung meron kayong alam… sana ang rappler mag live streaming. πŸ™‚

  58. Mamaya na ang coronation sa mga reyna pero worried c ate Nichole M. kc wala sya sa top choices at ayaw nya ng runner up lngπŸ˜ƒ
    Nag-iisip na ang D Transformers group kung ano ang Plan A & B nila tonightπŸ˜‚
    What are their plans kaya ateng basil😈

    • Surpise ni madam mamya gabi pagkatapos mag-intro ng candidate no. 40, biglang may lalabas sa stage at mag-i-intro…”KIM ROSS DELOS SANTOS WILLIAMS 25 PARAΓ‘AUE!!!!


  60. In deed the most beautiful and most successful of all! They have given the standards on what to look for our future queens. :))

    Mabuhay mga Reyna ng Binibining Pilipinas! πŸ™‚

    Salamat sa inyong lahat!

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