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  1. If Nicole Manalo and Angelique De leon doesn’t get a crown in Bb Pilipinas 2016, they better join Miss World Philippines and fight head to head with Kim Ross Delos Santos! At least with this, they will give a very good show, even more money to bet on.

    This is a fight i wanted to watch! Flag bearers of 3 different camps 🙂

  2. Alam ko kanya kanyang opinyon and I respect lahat ng kuro kuro. Maxene Medina – beautiful but she register as malapad face at long torso. Kylie Versoza- maganda ang face, maganda katawan, boring ang dating. Parehas sila matalino fr their credentials. I will choose kylie versoza . why? Personality made develop ni mamaj .Bb pilipinas team.aces team. But ang longtorso and malapad face register Hindi naayos . maxene can compete in a minor pageant. With manalo send her to a contest like supra. Mabagal sya sumagot. Obvious na Hindi sya spontaneous. Mup contenders kylie, cordoves at angelique, Dindi

  3. It’s Kylie versus Nicole for me. Maxine is clearly out of contention. She doesn’t look natural at all.

  4. MU – Apriel Smith / Maria Gigante
    MI – Maria Gigante / Apriel Smith
    MS – Dindi Pajares
    MIc – Nichole Manalo
    MG – Nicole Cordoves
    MGI -Kylie Verzosa

    Rooting for the 2 Cebuanas. Kung dito gaganapin ang MU2016, I’ll go for Maria Gigante. Who knows? Baka siya ang Olivia Culpo ng Pinas. If sa abroad pa rin, Apriel Smith na ko.😄 Apriel and Maria are both maganda, sweet, matalino, and young. Pwedeng pwede sa rin sa Miss International. 😊

    Dindi is my sentimental favorite. Im thinking na baka siya ang mag Best in Swimsuit. Baka lang tumambling sa q and a kaya lesser crown ang makuha niya.

    Nichole and Nicole are both crown-worthy. At least sa MGI, we can waitch Kylie in HD. Bagay na bagay sa kanya yung gold crown. ☺ plus, hindi malalait ng mga kapitbahay. 😁

    1st RU – Joana Eden Miss Universe 2018 😍

    • Bb. Pilipinas-Universe: Apriel Smith
      Bb. Pilipinas-International: Nicole Cordoves
      Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational: Maria Gigante
      Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental: Nichole Manalo
      Bb. Pilipinas-Globe: De Leon
      Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International: Dindi Pajares

  5. My Final Top 10

    1. Maxene Medina – MU, MI, MIntercon, MGrand, MGlobe

    2. Nicole Cordoves – MU, MI, Intercon, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp

    3. Apriel Smith- MU, MI, Intercon, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUp

    4. Angelique De Leon- MU, MI, Intercon, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUp

    5. Kylie Versoza- MI, Intercon, MSupra, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp

    6. Nichole Manalo- MI, Intercon, MSupra, MGrand, MGlobe

    7. Dindi Pajares- MSupra, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUp

    8. Maria Gigante- MI, Intercon, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUp

    9. Angelica Alita- MI, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUp, Top 10

    10. Maria Lina Prongoso- MU, MI, Intercon, MSupra, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUp, Top 10

    Dark Horses:

    Jenelyn Malpaye- MSupra, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUP, Top 10

    Kimberly Penchon- MSupra, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUP, Top 10

    Jennifer Hammond – MSupra, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUP, Top 10

    Jheza Huelar- MSupra, MGrand, MGlobe, 1st RUp, 2nd RUP, Top 10




  7. #4M4MUP

    Or Cordoves, I will be just as happy.

    If they don’t get at least MIP, 1St RU will do. Reserves for BbP2017, These types of personalities deserve no less than MUP or MIP.

    Yung ibang crowns, can go to any Jane, Ann or Mary.

  8. I don’t agree with Norman at all. Maxine is very flat, her beauty is not striking, personality boring. Why did norm not place Apriel? Maybe not his type but internationally she is striking. Also, why waste Nicole Cordoves speech making ability on MI? She is perfect for MU.
    As for Nichole Manalo , the more you look at her the more her fake face shines through. It moves very odd. Pretty in pictures , borderline weird in action .

  9. I usually venture to unfamiliar territories lol
    Hence, whatever may be the final results, here is my own “powerball”:
    Universe – Maria Lina Prongoso
    International – Jennifer Hammond
    Supranational – Paula Rich Bartolome
    Intercontinental- Nicole Manalo
    Globe – Maria Gigante
    Grand Intl. – Apriel Smith
    1st RU – Kylie Versoza (I think she will do a 2014 Pia)
    2nd RU – Carla Malpaya

    The rest:
    Maxine Medina ( I think there’s a botched surgery on her cheeks as seen when MJ interviewed her)
    Dindi Pajares (She is too Ms. Universe Vietnam 2015)
    Angelique De Leon (No charm at all)

    Note: this is my own choices. If you don’t like it then make your own and post. It’s a free and peaceful world after all dahlinnns….

    • Very interesting. I’ve been waiting for some sort of hostility since she’s Chinese. Now lang may nag labas talaga. You’ve got balls. Good for you.

  10. If Angela Reeder Valdez cant get a crown this year, I hope she lands to a runner up placement and join a beauty camp of her choice then come back to BBP in 2017. I see a lot of potential in this girl.

    • I am actually liking Angela Valdez myself and I can see a lot of potential in her.
      I’d like her to rejoin Binibini in a year or two. She’s got that beautiful face you’d take notice of right away 🙂

  11. For sure, Nichole Manalo is going to get a crown. But she will get it as a token. I can see her discomfort from all the cosmetic surgeries she underwent. The way she talks reminds remind me of Janicel. It’s how you talk after just going through a major dental procedure. In her case, it must be the implants that they put in her philtrum and chin that is causing such discomfort.

    • Yes, she is.

      Hands down Nichole M. will get a crown. Is the 2016 face crown worthy? YES! Is she beautiful and gorgeous? Yes, in a freakishly obsessive manner.

      I’ve mentioned in a previous post that there is nothing wrong with “going under the knife” but in Nichole’s case it’s like she went “under the knife, the chainsaw, the blade, the scissors, the chisel and the hammer!”

      If she sneezes do we offer her a tissue or do we look to see if her nose moved? Just sayin’

      Good luck Manalo!

      • OML, that exactly how I feel each time I see her. I feel like something’s going to fall off from her face or see a silicone-looking goo drip. LOL

      • Saluda!!!! Spot on! I loooove Nicole’s new look and the confidence it has given her. At the end of the day happiness nya magmamatter. Nicole’s battle is with herself. If she aces all positions why not?. Yun lang, since we’re actively observing everything – natatakot ako tingnan sya kase baka ba may mag melt, ma yupi….I feel that her face is just so fragile. Kung ako kandidata, gusto ko lumayo sa kanya para lang di sya matamaan.

  12. At 23 (to me is the best and ripe age to compete internationally ), with her impressive credentials and communication skilIs, I would still give the MUP title to Nicole Cordoves. She’s spontaneous and flexible. Whatever else she falls short of (pasarela etc.) she can still be trained on between now and December (that’s a plenty of time to train) like what they did to Pia last year.
    If she fails to bag the top plum I’d rather not see her with a title at all so she can join MWP instead, or she can rejoin BBP next year. I don’t want her beauty and brains wasted if you ask me.
    Maxine would be my best bet for International because of her chinita sweet, regal and queenly look but I wouldn’t mind her bagging the MUP title either.
    As to the rest of the titles at stake, anyone from Sir Norman’s list can fight it out – all of them are very deserving. Good luck ladies ♥♥♥
    Mabuhay ang gandang Pilipina 🙂

  13. Nakakaexcite! May the BEST lady win! Tipong beauty+brains+appeal+attitude!

    Universe – Nicole Cordoves or Kylie Versoza
    International – Nicole Cordoves or Kylie Versoza
    Supranational – Maxine Medina
    Intercontinental – Apriel Smith
    Globe – Angelique de Leon
    Grand International – Nicole Manalo (26 na kasi sya eh)

      • Kitabels ko na, anyare sa mukha ni Maxene nung mine-make up-an sya? Ganda talaga ni Manalo kaso kitang kita yung ngipin nya parang nahihirapan syang magsalita sa laki ng veneers nya. Kylie and Dindi! ❤

    • Bakit ganyan ang styling ni MJ sa vid?

      At ang stiff ng lower jaw ni Manalo pag nagsasalita. Chin implant!

    • Although Nicole didn’t speak in the video, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She’s gorgeous with a great personality. My MUP bet.

      Nichole, better than last time in terms of her com. skills. pero I’m still not impressed. Parang ninenerbiyos siya na hindi ko maintindfhan…

    • Thanks for this one, Lai. Obviously I now know why I never picked Medina. Aside from her very strong “mutya” vibe, there’s something wrong with her cheeks. It’s not natural. It’s something only plastic surgeons can explain.

  14. Kalokang prediction presentation.
    Kinailangan ko pang humanap ng listahan ng candidates and their respective numbers.
    Sadista ang blogger.
    Anyways, my ultimate bet is the uberly-oriental beauty of Maximus Medina.
    But I have a hunch na mambubulaga rin ang beauty ni #32, Jennylyn Malpaya.
    I like her aura, I see Maricar Balagtas in her.

    • Jennylyn Malpaya looks lovely in that gown. That peachy color nicely compliments her skin tone. She does remind me of a darker version of Hannah Sison. Good luck to her!

  15. Medina – MU
    Versoza – MI
    Valdez -MS
    De Leon – MGI
    Pajares -InterCon
    Eden – Globe
    Cordoves – 1st run
    Alita – 2nd run


    ? – EG
    Medina – SS
    Versoza – Jag
    Valdez – Avon
    Pajares – Nat Co
    Gamboa – PAL
    Medina – Creamsilk
    Samaco – Friendship
    Limjap – Talent

    President- Santiago 🙂 thats just me

  16. Here’s mine.

    Miss Universe Philippines 2016: Kylie Verzosa
    BbPI 2016: Dindi Pajares
    BbPS 2016: Maxene Medina
    BbPIntercon 2016: Nicole Cordoves
    BbPGlobe 2016: Angelique de Leon
    BbPGrand 2016: Nichole Manalo

    Dark Horses:
    Kimberle Penchon
    Paula Rich Bartolome

    Runners Up:
    Angelica Alita (Magpatangkad pa sya! Kaya pa yan!)
    Angela Gene Valdes.

    Girls who could also be called as runners up:
    Apriel Smith
    Maria Gigante

    Rest of the Top 15:
    Jennifer Hammond
    Joanna Eden
    Edjelyn Gamboa

    Bubbling Up:
    Jehza Huelar
    Maria Lina Prongoso
    Jessica Gonzales

    Had a hard time assigning titles and rounding up my top 15, kaloka. @Dexx di tayo mawawalan ng pagasa! Char, haha.

    One thing though, I think it’s really unfair kung iaassign lang ang titles dahil lang sa ages nila. If this keeps up, we will never have a younger MUP puro 25 or 26 na and mawawalan ng chance ang mga younger candidates for that title and baka the following years halos lahat na ng candidates puro 25/26 na bago sila sumali kase alam nila na if your younger than that specific age range, wala kang chance for MUP. And please don’t give me Pia as a reason, she is on a league of her own and as the Filipino madla would say, “It’s Pia so okay lang”.

  17. These are my observations on what traits should a Miss Philippines contestant should have that may make them fit for their respective crowns.

    Miss Universe – Philippines – fierece, fresh, has an edgy face but complemented with
    a commercial appeal.

    Binibining Pilipinas – International – sweet, elegant, very feminine looking and should also have commercial appeal ( I was thinking that we should send a mestiza Miss Philippines for Miss International but most of the Filipinas that won the pageant are exotic but sweet looking.)

    Binibining Pilipinas – Supranational – should have the qualities of a Binibining Pilipinas – International but could pull off a Victoria’s Secret Performance

    Binibining Pilipinas – Intercontinental – the second best bet for the Binibining Pilipinas – International

    Binibining Pilipinas – Globe – a girl that has a Miss World Aura (not necessarily sweet or feminine looking or radiating, but should have an elegant and commanding aura) that could pull off a Miss International performance like Edymar’s or Bea’s.

    Binibining Pilipinas – this goes to an underrated girl or a darkhorse that could pull off a Miss Universe or Miss Supranational performance.

    Disclaimer – It’s still a must that the potential winner have good communication skills, unrehearsed and very trainable

  18. Do you honestly believe that your comment is appropriate on this thread? Norman is not a predictor but he is a qualified judge of beauty pageants. But just remember, the winners are not based from a one-man perspective. Hey, cheer-up — it’s not the end of the world! 😀

  19. I’m sure Norman had dealt with his analysis a hard time that he decided to use some power ping-pong balls. 😁😁😁 It’s kind of odd that when the year is an even number, his predictions and my wish list do not match. Hopefully, I could transmit my wish list to the judges as I won’t be able to stand the same unfortunate incidents again. We cannot afford to lose a Miss Universe crown just like that horrible year of 2014.
    My wish list is based from my gut feel mixed with the positioning of the stars in high heavens, the candidates’ performances from screening time until primer, their impact to the crowd and the choices of the beauty queens themselves. So here they are:
    She may have peaked slowly but she definitely knows how to hit the jackpot. Yes, Jennifer knows how to compete internationally and she probably knows how to retain that crown this year.
    One of the most surprising candidates this year, Nicole just continues to give us surprises everytime her new images and videos appear on the net. Now I want you to surprise us with our first crown!
    Dindi is so magical on stage. She can instantly turn you to a believer. And no one can deny that. Who else could better represent our country and bring back home that Supranational crown?

    Nichole Marie is hungry for a crown. But what crown would suit her best? Bianca had Universe, her Aunt had International, Kathy had World. So the next best crown that suits her total package is Grand International. And since it’s goin’ Hollywood, she’d be perfect!
    Surprised? Don’t be! Maria Lina is the real strategist in this batch. She may seem to be in a low profile (Very MI!) but always peaks at the right time. And her accent is just perfect for that speech!
    From screening time, only one lady screams MISS UNIVERSE all over her aura — Kylie Verzosa. Her sparks just threaten everyone but it is one indicator saying that SHE IS THE ONE. Put her face amongst the Misses Universe past and present and she fits in perfectly. A near-perfect diamond that needs minute polishing. I can’t wait for that back-to-back!

    • Surprised to see Hammond in Miss Globe, but in a good way! I never considered her for that title, but I agree that she’d make a great follow-up to Ann Colis!

      • Just can’t help it, she just peaked on time that I have to stop ignoring her presence! 😊😊😊 In fact, I almost assigned to her the MI crown.

      • That’s the title she wants, right? But I’m afraid MI will think her too similar in vibe to Bea Rose. I mean, that’s probably why she was aiming for MI…because she herself recognized the similarity.

    • I really like the way you presented your list and I respect your view. Who knows your predictions might be the exact result come the coronation night. I am happy we’ve got the same four favored beauties.

    • Kylie might be beautiful but she doesn’t have the ovreally package to be competitive in MU. She hasn’t transformed in the entire competition. No changes. Beautiful face but she’didn’t be good at Supra.

      • It’s Kylie or nothing to the eyes that see the future. How about your choice? She doesn’t even exist in my winning circle?!?

  20. My Analysis/Prediction

    Miss Uiniverse Philippines – Maxine Medina

    Strength – Fresh aura something that we have not sent in the recent years 2010. Oriental features is on point and different packaging Asian vibe in! Latina Vibe out.. Her elegance and sophistation is her greatest weapon

    Weakness – Personality a little bit timid and can be outshined by girls with bubbly and vibrant

    Opportunity – personality Need to tone her body more

    Threat- Nicole Cordoves, Nichole Manalo and Kylie Versoza

    Miss International Philippines – Kylie Versoza

    Strength – Beautiful Face, sweet personality that can pull a regal and elegant vibe. Porcelain skin + beautiful face is what japanese people love she can make waves in Japan. Her eloquence can also be one of her weapon

    Weakness – She started the competiyion so strong that we thought she can be Pia’s succesor. But it seems like she cannot maintain her momentum she suddenly lost her spark and her energy when almost all the girls are Peaking.

    Opportunity – Her body is weakness she needs to work hard especially in her mid section so she can be perfect in all angle. Also, she needs to give variety of faces not the usual smizing look she is sporting.

    Threat – Nicole Corves, Apriel Smith

    Miss Supranational Philippines – Dindi Pajares

    Strenghth – Stroing stage presence and really a show stopper which is what supranational is looking. Her body is really at it’s best and her vibrant personality makes her more interesting.

    Weakness – Like Kylie, variety on her poses and trying different angle .

    Opportunity – Q&A should be her frocus and sporting different style.

    Threat – Nichole Manalo, Angelique DeLeon or Nicole Cordoves

    Miss Intercontinental Philippines – Nichole Manalo

    Strength – Her confidence and great transformation. Plus her family’s influence / legacy makes he a shoo in for one of the crown

    Weakness – There are times that her moves are so calculated also when she smiles it seems so forced.

    Opportunity – Like Dindi she should focus on her Q&A and try to be bubbly so loosen up

    Threat – Dindi Pajares, Kylie Versoza or Nicole Cordoves

    Miss Globe Philippines – Nicole Cordoves

    Strenghth – Amazing body, wow legs and statuesque frame. These are the qualities of Nicole that cn be threat to any one and also makes her a shoo in for one of the crowns. Her credentials are really impressive, being a speech writer to the secretary of Department of Finance is a testament that she can really talk with sense. I will not be surprised if she bags MUP.

    Weakness – At the start of the competition her styling is a miss or a hit. Consistency is the key word for her to secure a placement.

    Opportunity – Her pasarela is her downfall. She should match her walk to her personality, beauty and elegance

    Threat – Angelique De Leon, Apriel Smith or Maria Gigante

    Miss Grand Philippines – Angelique De Leon

    Strength – She made waves before and after the screening and she even continued in making an impression in almost all of the BBP events. Her style dyanmics mesmerize majority plus she can really talk. Her Exotic Asian/ Latina Looks is what Miss Grand International is looking.

    Weakness – Her smile is knd of off. She need to have her teeth re-fix.Tip a true queen should and always smiles confidently

    Opportunity – Her make up can sometimes be off. But I know this can be fixed with proper training. She should avoid her comic walk last 2014. Pasarela is the Key for you girl…

    Threat – Maria Gigante, Apriel Smith Maria Lina Porongoso

    1st Runner up – Apriel Smith

    Strength – Her overall aura screams crown. Her being articulate is a plus factor

    Weakness – Her styling aged her at times. She should syle her age.

    Opportunity – at 20 she still have a lot of rooms to grow. Body, mental and emotional department. Which are the main weapons in comp-eting internationally

    Threat – Sissel Ria RabajanteMaria Lina Porongoso and Paula Rich Bartolome

    2nd Runner up – Paula Rich Bartolome

    Strength – Clean styling. On point in everyway is her weapon plus her determination in getting in the winners circle can work on her advantage

    Weakness – Her hunger for the crown really shows and can sometimes make her looks fake.

    Opportunity – Her presentation skills should ne more relatable and more flawless that her last stint

    Threat – Sissel Ria Rabajante Maria Lina Porongoso and Angelica Alita

    Top 10
    Maria Lina Porongoso
    Sissel Ria Rabajante

    Top 15
    Joana Eden
    Angelica Alita
    Jennifer Hammond
    Vina Openiano
    Sheena Dadalo

    Top 20
    Jehza Huelar
    Sarah Bona
    Jessica Gonzales
    Jennyline Malpaya
    Riana Pagadian

  21. I have 3 predictions because I’m having a hard time changing to just one lol.

    Universe: Angelique De Leon
    International: Maxine Medina
    Supranational: Nichole Manalo
    Intercontinental: Nicole Cordoves
    Globe: Maria Gigante
    Grand Intnl: Kylie Verzosa
    1st Runner Up: Dindi Pajares

    Universe: Nicole Cordoves
    International: Maria Gigante
    Supranational: Dindi Pajares
    Intercontinental: Nichole Manalo
    Globe: Maxine Medina
    Grand Intnl: Angelique De Leon
    1st Runner Up: Kylie

    Universe: Dindi Pajares
    International: Maria Gigante
    Supranational: Maxine Medina
    Intercontinental: Angelique De Leon
    Globe: Kylie Verzosa
    Grand Intnl: Nichole Manalo
    1st Runner Up: Nicole Cordoves

    Good luck everyone. Whoever wins I will support 100%! 🙂

  22. Tito Norms!! OMG parehas tayo ng bet! I was rooting for kylie for MUP talaga. pero nag step up si Maxine and she’s also one of my contender for the title. she’s giving me this Miriam Quiambao aura!

    Kylie can also be BBPInternational. her doll face, sweet aura is what the Japanese is looking for right?

    Nicole C for me is like Ariella and Shamcey in aura department. She even topped the mock pageant of A&Q sa Q&A round. pero sabi nila she’s for International daw in terms of delivering speeches.

    Nichole M is a strong representative but not strong enough (at least, for me) to be sent to MU. I think she’s the one we really need to get that elusive Intercontinental crown!

    If there will be 2 Runner up, I’d pick Apriel and Alita so they can have the training and exposure so they can join again next year. they’re too young pa.

    • I agree with your placements for Kylie and Nichole, but I never really considered Nicole Cordoves for the BBP-International title. However, you have a point here about her ability to deliver speeches. She can digress a bit during spontaneous Q&As, and she has the issue of having too conyo an accent, and her great comm skills will be shown to great advantage by the preparation of a speech. International is a serious consideration for her. We shall see on Sunday. For now, I think I’ll keep her in MUP.

      • She’s one of my bet for MUP title, kaya lang the last time i talked to a friend na nakakasalamuha ang candidates and nakaka attend ng mga ganon, yun ang sabi niya, her aura and overall look is for MU but she’s perfect for MI daw. let’s see on sunday!!

  23. Tito Norms. Choline/Nichole Manalo is already 26. So two crowns na lang pwede Universe and Grand International.

  24. Tito Norms, what do you think of Apriel Smith?..

    Something tells me, the queen city of the south will have a rep in the Magic Circle and its either Maria G. or April Smith… I believe it would be Apriel Smith… Ms. Grand perhaps?..

  25. Naku daming aatungal sa prediction ni Kuya Norman.Basta ako Maxine Medina for Miss Universe Philippines 2016.Pero yung Miss International ko galing sa kabilang camp.Kasi for the past 11 years kapag nanalo ang isang binibini na galing sa isang camp yung kasunod na mataas na title makukuha naman ng rival na camp.

    Maxine Medina-Miss Universe Philippines 2016

    • Paano yun?.. e ang best bet ng KF is Nichole Manalo who is already 26?… so mauungusan sya ni Maria Gigante?… or si Paula Rich Bartolome talaga ang dark horse?…

      • Thats right C2F.Hindi lahat ng best bet nananalo.Katulad kay Charmaine Elima in 2013.Marami nga nilagay sya sa MU pero Aces ang nanalo.Supposedly Miss International siya pero another girl from KF na si Bea ang nakakuha.

      • C, true. pero ibang klase ang ganda ni Elima. bet na bet. yun lang di talaga para sakanya.

  26. I had such a tough time picking my Top 8…. Daming beses ko na jinumble pero I still can’t make up my mind. One thing is for sure, I want Nicole Cordoves to win the MUP title… But the rest of my favourite girls, I have trouble assigning to a title. Kaya Ill just give my Top 8 + Spoilers in no particular order.

    Nicole Cordoves
    Nichole Manalo
    Dindi Pajares
    Maxine Medina
    Kylie Versoza
    Angelique De Leon

    Runner Ups:
    Kim Penchon
    Angelica Alita

    Spoilers: Apriel Smith (I dropped her from my Top 8 sadly huhuhu), Paula Rich, Prongoso, Maria G,

    • Hi joy we have the exact list . but I’m not so keen on manalo. 10% ang q and a so she is still in my list. Maria g might also be a runner up

  27. Excellent review and analysis from the fiercest beauty-pageant blogger, Tito Norms. Except for Sheena Dalo, all of my bets (I put Paula in my list lately because of her consistent elegance) are in your list! This is so exciting!!!

  28. Great analysis Norman! I love how well thought-out your analyses of the possibilities. I believe that BPCI will favor repeaters such as Nichole at least and let the youngins be the sacrificial lambs. I don’t really mind that at all as it gives them more time to train and polish and be more mature. I honestly think that Dindi and Apriel could be runners up for now and wait for their time. Kylie is perfect for Supra and so is Dindi but with Kylie being older I would give it to her. We have the same pick for MU and International! How exciting!

    • she gives off such a warm vibe. I love listening to her speak. IMO, she should’ve been first runner up instead of ariadna….

      • Agree she should been 1st runner up. No offense to our Latin friends but I thought USA had a better response to the last question. Oh well… Absolutely love it that she’s coming. I consider her family.

    • I hope Pia invites her friends too like Miss Malaysia and China… They’re close naman diba???

      • Miss Malaysia is coming as well I believe. but Miss China can’t come due to late notice and she couldn’t get a visa.

  29. I’ll get a lot of thumbs down but I’ll post it anyway. Gut feel ko lang…wag magalit saken ha;

    MUP – Angelique De Leon
    MI – Maxine Medina
    MIntercon – Kylie Versoza (she’ll surely bring home our 1st crown)
    MS – Nichole Manalo
    MGrand – Angelica Alita
    MGlobe – Dindi Pajares
    1st R – Nicole Cordoves (so she cud re-join again much improved, I feel madami pa sya untapped potential)
    2nd R – Apriel Smith (same reason as Nicole C)

    • Really not bad. Anything can happen. I’d rather give the Globe to someone though. Dindi has plenty of potential.

  30. Super agree to the highest maximum level ako sa Mup kuya norms 😆. Keber Kemerese nako sa limang title kahit magsabong sabong na yung lima. Basta Maxine for MUP 👑👑👑Ⓜ

  31. Very creative theme, I must say. Aylabet! Congrats and great job Tito Norms!

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