7 comments on “Throwback Thursday: When John Spainhour and Sam Ajdani were announced as Mr. World Philippines 

  1. Sometime in January this year, I was standing side by side with Sam who was then waiting for his girlfriend to arrive from Hong Kong at NAIA 2. He’s about 7 inches taller than me with firm and lean body. I say only in photos do they look big. I am actually bigger than him at 75kgs.

    Is he ready to leave his job in Macau? Well… who knows?!? Good luck, Sam!

  2. Women create their own platform in effort to alleviate the pain and suffering of mankind around the world and to celebrate humanity. Men can do what women can in this regard. Whoever says a pageant is form of sexploitation can always be proven wrong (usually the ugly and jealous LOL). Kudos to Sam, John and ones in the past and more in the future. Bring it on!

  3. Sam and John did not need this pageant.
    Nagduda tuloy ako sa pagka-lalake nila.
    I believe that those men joining pageants are 69% gay.
    That whenever they are walking on stage wearing their suits, they imagine that those are evening gowns.
    But still, I so love my Papa John from the bottom of my….

  4. Finally, Sam gets to proudly wear PHILIPPINES! I think 2 years was a good enough of a time to prepare for Mister World.

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