37 comments on “Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for Philippine Airlines

  1. Props to Pia Papaya for keeping fit and trim, she looks very queenly and expensive based on the latest pictures I saw of her with Madam SMA.

    Tita Norms! Bulong mo na sakin kung ano yan please, shoot me an email 😛 Labyew!

  2. Hi guys. nabasa niyo ba ung article sa missosology if the Philippines will host the miss universe this year? accdg to the artcile, may rumours daw na may big news na irereveal today. oh my!

  3. Sorry for the photo diarrhea but have you guys seen these shots? They’re stunning.

  4. Top 15
    Dindi Pajares**
    Kimberle Penchon
    Maria Lina Prongoso
    Kylie Verzosa**
    Paula Bartolome
    Maxine Medina**
    Jehza Mae Huelar
    Angelica Alita
    Nicole Cordoves**
    Sheena Dalo
    Nichole Manalo**
    Joana Louise Eden
    Maria Gigante**
    Apriel Smith**
    Angelique de Leon**
    (top 8 **)

    Top 20
    Mariella Castillo
    Jennifer Hammond
    Angelica Fernando
    Kristine Estoque
    Riana Pangindian

  5. I feel the same way..I don’t know why
    Let’s really watch out for Maria Lina Prongoso

  6. My Top 8 (ish)

    Nicole Cordoves
    Nichole Manalo
    Dindi Pajares
    Angelique De Leon
    Kylie Versoza
    Maxine Medina OR Apriel Smith
    Kim Penchon
    Angelica alita

  7. Isa pa palang award ‘tong Miss PAL. Yun nga lang medyo mystery yung criteria kung saan nila binebase yung mga winners.

  8. Dyosa talaga si Queen P. Wala pa talaga sa candidates ngayon ang nasa level ni Queen P tbh. Matindi tinding training pa ang kailangan para abutan sya. And I can only see one girl who has the potential to reach her, and after seeing this video I am more than convinced, hands down, I am placing my bet to KYLIE VERZOSA with NOBODY as an alternate. Sure na ko. No vague-sies.

    • Pia worked hard to be the queen that she is right now. She’s def the living example of how working hard and being focused can pay off. Good role model as mga kababaihan ngayon.

      • Yes, and her fans witnessed every ups and downs nya bago sya nakarating sa kinalalagyan nya and looking back at it now, SUPER WELL-DESERVED nya ang lahat with a strong exception of her haters from a certain country (and camp, if you will). I REALLY HOPE NA TUMIGIL NA LAHAT NG HATERS NYA, I just visited her IG account and may bago namang pa-chismis ang mga Colombiano at ang ibang Pilipino nakiki-ride pa. Nakakainis na, I guess di nila alam ang rule of Karma.

  9. I am indeed so proud to be a Filipino ! 🙂 Tangkilikin and sariling atin. Hoping PAL service is getting better … fingers crossed 🙂

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