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  1. For the Jag shots, hands down winner would be Angelique De Leon.

    But to be honest, after seeing the shots, seems like the photographer wasn’t really in a mood that time and got too lazy to give simple instructions or reminders to the binibinis on how to improve their poses or projections.

    And I hope A&Q will tweak Nicole’s styling a bit and try to lessen her tan and dark makeup. Light makeup really suits her more and no to over baking please 😦 And pleaseeeeeee, cupid’s bow dear. Your upper lip is always looking shapeless 😦

    • Naku C inday sinon, nagbakasyon pala sa Pinas at dyan na naman maghahasik ng lagim C2F 🙂

      • Wow, saw his youtube vid… My brain was a bit confused because Im looking at guy hunk bordering on porn who sounds like he’s being dubbed or possesed by a totaly different person… His life story is indeed inspiring… I love the lesson of the day which I think is about Tolerance.

      • Mabait naman si Inday Sinon Loresca C2F…He is adoeable too. Maganda rin ang kuento ng buhay nya, may drama at saya 🙂
        Tingin ko nga ay mas makulay pa ang buhay nya kesa kay Pak Pak Pak ikot 360 degrees ek ek… cno na ba yun at biglang nawala sa eksena 🙂 lol
        Mukhang pupunta sa London ang KalyeSerye…Abangan 🙂

    • Tuloy ba ang virginity check ng BbPilipinas candidates kasali na ang mga singles na staff ng BPCI para malaman kung sino ang malandi o p*kpok…as part of checking their Good Moral characters 🙂 lol

      • Not for this year te, walang pondo ang kooperatiba.
        Maraming XXL na dildo ang kailangang iangkat sa Thailand para lang matuloy ang virginity check na yan.
        And besides, naturan na rin nang matandang Stella na virgin or not, she has no problem with that at all, and she said it ala Pia.

  2. I don’t like the styling for this shoot. Pumangit sila. The only ones who looked great and could pass off as Jag models were Jehza, Kimberly, Nicole C, Edgelyn, Aprile, and Nichole M.

  3. The more I look at Maria G’s jag pic, the hotter it gets. Sultry.. sensual.. sleepy..and oh so sexy!

    Outside the box and beyond the paradigm of pageant photos, but it works tremendously! ♡ it!

    Go BbP Class of 2016, GO!

    • I concur. I like Maria G, but tbh those sleepy eyes are the first thing I see before looking at the whole outfit. In my opinion, Roshiela, Priscilla and Maria G tried the sultry look but missed it by a foot.

  4. i am sure kylie nailed it. shes got the look award will be hers.
    PS. Pia is back!!!!

  5. Honestly the superb beauties who really standout!

    1. Kim Penchon
    2. Angelique
    3. Maria Gigante
    4. April Smith
    5. Versoza
    6. Manalo

  6. angelique and ria for me. Maria Gigante, for me, is an MJ Lastimosa prototype.

  7. @Miss Universe

    2010 5th
    2011 4th
    2012 2nd
    2013 4th
    2014 top 10
    2015 1st

    Long live the streak! Whoever is crowned MUP, may she have an abundance of IT to excel again.

    The worst nightmare is crowning a candidate who eventually does NOT place at MU2016. With all due respect, this places even more pressure on Nichole Manalo should she be crowned MUP.

    Bianca Manalo, holds the honorable distinction to be the last candidate NOT to place. God forbid Manalo “bookends”…. Mercy, mercy, mercy me!

    Oh the anguish… oh the drama… let the show begin, honey 🙂

      • L 😀 L

        No Fabian… I’m not Thomas! However, I do enjoy reading his (and Jeremy’s) posts. May not agree with their opinions, but they are nonetheless entertaining. 😉

    • my thoughts exactly. should nichole wins mup and doesnt make the semis cut in miss u, she will forever be crucified.

    • Omg, S.Chang, your bookend scenario is both funny & scary. Lol. What if nga. Kung manalo man si Manalo sana minor crowns na long. Sorry talaga, I don’t mean to be mean but we’re shooting our own toes if we send her to MU. Makekwestyon ang katotohanan ng kagandahan ng mga kandidata natin ngayon at kailanman. Nakakabawas ng kredibilidad. Sabi q nga in a previous post, it’s tantamount to condoning doping in in sports.

      • Yes aj. Regarding N. Manalo, I read your previous post and I agree with you. Being that Nichole is a public figure, we all know what she looked like in 2014.

        Is she gorgeous and beautiful in 2016? Yes… but in a freakishly obsessive manner. She crossed that line from “going under the knife” to “going under the knife, the blade, the chain-saw, the scissors, the chisel and the hammer!”

        It’s sad really. I’m starting to feel sorry for her. She has issues.

  8. Not crazy about the styling. Look like they spent their breaktime out in the rain then came in to do the shoots.

  9. Angelique de Leon
    Nichole Manalo
    Paula Rich Bartolome
    Ria Rabajante
    Maxine Medina

    • agree. naging puffy cheeked na sya. still pretty but di ko lang nakilala. just saying.

  10. ria Angelique and nichole for me. wow. nichole has been really consistent. kayanin kaya ang q and a ?

  11. 3 pala ang nurses sa binibini. Tobias, Manalo at Bona. Pero walang nursing functions na naipakita kay Manalo…. Baka waley ang nursing practice.
    5 silang nasa Medical field including Fernando and Ventic….
    Sino kaya ang wagi sa lima 🙂
    Maybe Manalo and Fernando.

  12. Seriously! What happened? These girls look so messed up. The bronzed wet-look effect isn’t done this way! Either photographer is a neophyte or they really don’t understand the theme for this pictorial. Pics just gave me a headache and wanted to throw up

  13. OMG What happened to Maria? Her posture is sooooo off. Slouching tapos sleepy eyes pa…Parang nakadroga.

    • Yup..they said the brief was nostalgic and sad..but infairness any sexy nya dito..malaki any boobs..hahahah

  14. Maxine, Angelique, Nicole, Apriel and Kylie. I wouldn’t mind either of these girls win. this. Angelique WOW.

  15. I wish the make-up was a little bit lighter and cleaner
    Nevertheless my favorites are:
    Jehza Huelar
    Maria Prongoso
    Apriel Smith
    Maria Gigante
    Nichole Manalo
    Maxine Medina – her first picture that I like
    Angelique de Leon

  16. I noticed that these photos are quite distorted that made their faces more assymetricaLLy pronounced.

  17. Angelique, Maxine, Nichole M, Kylie and NIcole C for me 🙂
    Whover took these shots could have done a lot better though !

    • Completely agree! Whatever “Jag Look” they are looking I don’t want even know. These photos didn’t do justice to these girls. On the other hand, I’m wondering if they deliberately do this styling to see who is the real deal.

    • Truer than true! Anyare sa styling nila ate??

      Eh di Sana camera 360 name lng ginamit bka mas tasteful pa.

  18. What a mess! Parang naRape ang mga itsura. Sorry for saying but I am dissapointed, this is the best JAG can produce? Ang ganda nila dun sa Behind the Scenes video tapos ang ending pala ay itetch? #Nakakaloka #AllTeaAllShade

  19. Angelique DeLeon? Can we talk? She gets an “A” for ask amazing! Equally impressive to me is Kylie. (I’m biased as both are part of my pick-six… includes Sheena, Apreil, Maria C, and Sheena whom all were impressive to me).

    Also amongst Norm’s favorite nine that are ferociously beautiful are Medina, Estoque, Rabajante, Hammond, Pangindiam, and Bartolome.

    • Correction (Sheena, Apreil, Mariella C and Maria G*) apologies y’all 😉

    • Angelique and Maxene are my favorites to win any of the six crowns. 🙂

  20. Ewan ko ba bakit c Nicole Cordoves pa rin ang MUP ko at Miss JAG 2016 din… Sa mukha ako nakatingin at maganda nman katawan nya at cyempre ang IQ nya..lol
    Sa akin kasi ay hindi ako kakabahan kapag nakipagchika na yan sa ibang internat’l celebrities and can talk anything under the sun, moon and stars 🙂 lol

      • Eh kung nag-Chiang Kai-Shek na sya ng salita sa New York, maglabasan na ang mga lahi ni Sun Yat-sen at magParty ang Filipino-Chinese community sa U.S. kasama ang entourage from Philippines and Chinese Embassy…Kung papalarin cyang maging MUP to MU2016 🙂

    • plus sobrang bait at kalog sa personal ni ms nicole cordovez napaka humble na tao.
      magkasama po kme nung parade after nun kumain kme sa mcdonalds malapit sa novotel grabe sinabaw din nya ung gravy sa kanin ahahaha. sya ang ms universe ko ❤

  21. I don’t know if it’s just me but these images seem distorted…. Wait. baka it’s just me lang talaga lol.

  22. Watda. Angelique?

    I have always liked you.

    But this? This is just breathtaking. Lakas maka-Kate Beckinsale ng datingan.

    Ria looks good here, too.

  23. “Past Bb.Pilipinas queens, ibinunyag ang kanilang Top choices sa Bb.Pilipinas 2016.
    Note: This is based on their interview with Mario Dumawal sa TV Patrol kanina.
    MJ LASTIMOSA………Nichole Manalo
    JANICEL LUBINA…….Kylie Verzosa
    ARIELLA ARIDA……….Nichole Manalo
    …………………………….Nicole Cordoves
    …………………………….Maxine Medina
    …………………………….Kylie Verzosa
    …………………………….Dindi Pajares
    VENUS RAJ…………….Nichole Manalo
    …………………………….Kylie Verzosa
    SHAMCEY SUPSUP….Kylie Verzosa
    …………………………….Maxine Medina”

    Add ko lang na nabanggit din nila si Riana, Doc Fernando, Jessica Gonzales and Maria Gigante

    • Halata pa ring may kampihan sa Camps pero Valid naman ang mga sinasabi nila kc any of the girls mentioned can win.

      • Mas kakabahan ako Dawn kung ang manananalo sa MUP ay laging tulog 🙂 lol
        My support 100% whoever wins 🙂

      • dawn! me too! gumanda siya. ibang level ang confidence niya. but hindi ko talaga siya nakikita for MUP. but whoever wins MUP, she’ll get my support pa rin naman.

    • Brace yourselves pag si Manalo ang nanalo. We’ll be bombarded with vitriol, accusations & what have you. I don’t have anything against the girl but I’m completely against what she did to herself just to get her current looks.

      Simple lng ang analogy ko Jan. Allowing cosmetic surgery in beauty pageants is like condoning doping in sports.

      Anyway, having said that… Bakit and dugyot naman netong jag ek ek na to, both the styling & the photos? Lahat sila except for Angelique eh pumangit, to put it bluntly (sorry). ANYARE???!

      • AJ – imagine, si pia na ang ganda ganda nga eh nakipag away pa ang pilipino para depensahan lang siya. what more pa pag kumalat ang before and after photos ni Nichole? haha un din ang iniisip ko e. remember mga before and after kuno photos daw ng venezuelan beauty queens eh kumalat? naging issue at pinagtawanan ng iba dba?

  24. Angelique nailed it. This girl is sizzling hot.number7.
    31 ,27, 15 also have nice shots

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