14 comments on “Is the #DocBinibini Angela Fernando IN? 

  1. too small for an international candidate, beauty and credential ok cya…. pero kailangan may height din atleast 5’7″ sa ganda ok na din ako sa kanya very for sure matalino eto dahil docotora eh… ang beauty niya pinay-malay…. top 15 my highest placement for her…

  2. Is it just me or the photos above of Angela reminds me of Janine tugonon? parang may hawig. the way Anj smiles and her eyes.

  3. Filipino judges like them soft and cush-y . if she sounds good, she may win a crown like rogelie. there are more deserving women though

  4. I don’t find her facial beauty that special. BUT she might snatch a crown kung halimaw siya sa q&a lol.

  5. Angela is pretty and photogenic but two inches short to capture the more decent crowns.

  6. If only she is 2 or more inches in height, it will be easier for her to bag any of the crowns.
    Good Luck Angela!

  7. Pleasantries suprised ako ha ang ganda ng register niya sa photos above. She has huge potentials I guess. Mala Janine Tugonon ang aura. Pwedeng manalo. Hihi

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