20 comments on “Century Tuna Superbods Nat10n 2016: Of expected and surprise winners

  1. #tunaoverload sa bahay nila Ali at Cristine. Ali for century and Cristine for 555. bukas makalaban may kaliskis na sila.

  2. Dala na naman ni Sir Norman ang mahiwagang Bag 🙂
    Ano kayang laman nyan 🙂

  3. Sabi sa TV Patrol, additional crown daw, kaya 6 crowns na daw ang paglalabanan sa BBP.

  4. i dont know why filipinos doesnt appreciates their colors, they seems not proud from their kulay kayumanggi, that mostly foreign people loves our skin tones…. if you are mestiza malaki ang chances mong manalo, tingin nila pag mestiza maganda….. try niyo kaya mag work sa ibang lugar out of philippines, mas pansinin ang pinoy kesa sa mga foreign looks…..

    • What you said is true but in a negative way. They look down on Filipinas who they can easily bed in exchange for a meal or just extra change. 😦

  5. If you’re moreno or are Pinoy of Malay ancestry, don’t bother competing here. Your looks, which represent the majority of Filipinos, are not appreciated in this competition. Sorry to be negative, but I think we should expand our definition of what’s attractive–& this competition merely reinforces the idea that to be partially Caucasian is superior.

  6. they seem to be too covered for a physique competition. I want to skin skin skin lol

  7. Tom’s physique and personality seems to match Derek Ramsay so he is probably the one for the manufacturer since day one. Just saying…

  8. ang ga-guap oat gaganda ng nanalo, nakakiinggit lol! i think peter should be one of the winners . ayaw talaga ng pinoy na hindi soft ang babae

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