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  1. Better do your Christmas shopping as early as October because December is Miss Universe 2016 season in the Philippines! My reliable source just confirmed.

    • MARS, the second surprise eh.. 6 crowns na!

      bb international
      bb intercontinental
      bb supranational
      bb globe
      bb grand international


    • This is obviously the real surprise, Laila. Everyone knows that an MGI crown is at stake even if it wasn’t on the site yet.

      Mabuhay and welcome to the Philippines, Miss Universe 2016 delegates!!!


    From Ginger Conejero’s Instagram:
    Photo was taken at the contract signing earlier today, ABS-CBN renews partnership with BPCI.
    Watch out for surprises and a new crown up for grabs on Saturday’s coronation night.

  3. 2ND Surprise miss universe 2016 dito sa philippines.sana nga…=) sana madami surprises this sunday.can’t wait.

    my TOP 6:
    NIchole M.
    Nicole C.
    Maria G.

  4. I hope Madam was referring to MU 2016 in Manila as one of the 2 surprises. I don’t mind winning a b2b on our soil. There is no shame in that as long as it can be justified . it’s the number of crowns that matters, st-p-d hahaha!

  5. Wait, Happening right now:

    ABS-CBN execs all set to ink renewal contract with Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc.

    tweet ni Ginger! eto ba ang next surprise? hmp sana hindi LOL given na e

  6. Wait, 2 surprises? hmmm

    1. I heard filipino designers ang suot nila sa evening gown – eto kaya yon or hindi?
    2. MU2016 to be held here in the PH. well, kebs. go! ng maipakita naman natin ang kakayanan natin to host an international event like this. omg. sana festival ang theme! ang saya siguro non! hahah
    3. New Crowns? PLEASE!!!!!!!!! lol
    4. First surprise is Pia attending the BBP finals… 2nd is together with Paula and Olivia???
    5. New titles?
    6. International judges?
    7. Better prizes?

    hmmm ano kaya? kaya ba wala si madam ng matagal eh inaayos ang MU hosting deal? Hmmmmm

  7. And I’m sorry to say this but…

    Janicel! What happened to you?! 😦 A queen should never forget to take care of herself my dear. Take it from Mamang Venus. Walang masamang kumain ng hotel buffets every weekend just make sure you know how to compensate it by maintaining an active lifestyle.

    • I don’t know if you’re blind but Janicel is rocking a healthy body right now. She’s not overweight or obese. She might not be as thin as she was before during her bbp stint but Janicel didn’t gain 30 pounds… She’s a healthy woman. And for you to say she’s not taking care of herself properly, that’s absurd.

      • I saw a couple of shots wherein you can see that her hips and thighs ballooned.

        For me, BQ’s have an image to maintain. Specially that she’s still very much single and young. And i’m absolutely not blind despite of my small eyes dear. I was one of her fans during her bbp stint, and she’s still under contract with bpci. I know she’s the breadwinner of her family and she provides to them through her modelling gig. Realistically speaking, with her current shape right now, I don’t think any prosuct or magazine would be enticed to get her.

  8. The swimsuit tops were ill-fitting. Nagmukhang flat-chested ang mga girls at yung iba naman parang mahuhubaran.

  9. Sarap martilyohin ang korona ng BBP Intercon at dalhin sa Junk Shop..Yan siguro ang Free nang namakyaw si Madam ng Korona online.

  10. May nakita akong post ni Kat De Castro sa IG na kasama ang VP ng MUO. Ang sabi niya, excited na daw sya for Pinas. Mukhang dito nga at tayo ang maghohost ng MU this year.

    • hmmmm. advantage nyan its time for pinoy sa panahon ngayon na makita in person ang mga Miss Universe Candidates, makipagselfie if ever. for tourism,
      Disadvantage issue na naman kaya daw tayo nanalo…ek ek. honestly ok na satin ang top 5 or top 3. kahit nasa ibang bansa ang MU2016. a chance to bag the crown again is clear impossible unless if our representative is really the best among the rest and if she win thats okay. beside foreigners ang judges maybe 1 or 2 pinoy lang. so kung dito talaga gaganapin and we are aiming for b2b then we need a best girl para if ever we wins kitang kita ang proof kahit na madaming issue ang kakalat eh kitang kita that she won fair and square.

      • Based on the History of MU org… Wala pang host country na nanalo aside from the US… Sa Miss World lang meron and that’s Ms. China twice.. well thats China…

      • @Fabian

        Puerto Rico (English /ˌpɔːrtə ˈriːkoʊ/ or /ˌpwɛərtə ˈriːkoʊ/;[a] Spanish: [ˈpweɾto ˈriko], locally also [ˈpwelto ˈχiko; ˈʀ̥iko]),[13] officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, lit. “Associated Free State of Puerto Rico”),[b] is a 9,100 km2 United States territory located in the northeastern Caribbean.

        Aside from being a US territory… Telemundo was the fad back then…

      • Fine! dapat inenumerate ko pala lahat ng big 4 pageants…

        Sama pa natin Miss Earth… owner and host country nag crown sa sariling candidate….

      • @c2f, we are talking Abt MU here. And at MU , PR and USA are 2 separate countries.

      • Fabbie, Closer2Shame, este, Fame (peace!) has a point naman when he says “wala pang host country na nanalo aside from the US.” Denise Quinones from Puerto Rico won Miss Universe when it was held in the said Commonwealth territory of the USA. Host nga ang Puerto Rico, pero ‘di s’ya country… Long before, we were once a territory of the USA. And like Puerto Rico, we were the Commonwealth of the Philippines.

        By the way, I don’t mind if a country hosting MU has its bet winning basta ba deserving ang nanalo.

      • Nanalo ang PR noong 2001. Boricuan judges at namakyaw ng special awards para magmukhang deserving si Denise. Wala na akong paki sa sasabihin ng ibang lahi. Tutal validated naman ang pagkapanalo natin kung sakali since marami na tayong nakuhang major crowns in 3 years.

  11. Comments after seeing the parade of beauties snippets:

    Maxine: My MUP! Very photogenic, no bad angles. Next is Kylie.

    Dindi should learn how to play with her angles, I feel like she only looks good when she smiles.

    Nichole still looks too stiff and calculated for me. For some strange reason, her thighs look a bit odd for me, specially the upper thigh area. Looks swollen.

    And lastly, WHOEVER did the girls’ body makeup a.k.a failed attempt to contour their abs, that person needs to learn how to contour properly, or perhaps learn how to use beauty blender at least.

    • Haller Lailabebe! Nasa tabi tabi lang ako madalas (hello tita Norms :* ) nagmamasid masid. Last week ko pa gusto humanash ng comments eh ang kaso my 7yr old macbook pro gave up on me, kailangan maghanap ng sponsor ng bagong laptop! LOL

      Mama Dawn! Namen hahaha pakkkk we always have the same taste LOL. Maxine for me will be a very refreshing change if she’ll be Pia’s successor. Malakas ang commanding presence ni 4M and hindi nakakasawa ang ganda, hence she’s my MUP. Tsaka after sending Pia, I think BPCI should continue to send a different beauty, away from the typical morena Hispanic/Pinay beauty that we’ve been sending for a while before we got the french fries crown 😛 si Cordoves betsina ko rin, methinks she can offer more and she’s still transformable.

      At speaking of travel, pagoda cold wave lotion na akez! Pahinga muna. Pero lalarga na naman in 2wks time at nagkakandauga uga na magayos ng itinerary ng uwi ko sa atin. Kalorca mercado, mas magastos pa umuwi ng Pinas 😦

      • more more more Sheena. Wag kang aabsent sa finals. Ganda ng feedback ni Nick Verreos sa natcos natin. We need your take on Nicole Cordoves’ fez, anong kulang kay Kylie mukupwise Dindi and Apriel at kay Manalo na habang tumatagal bumibigat fez.

        Sama mo pa muk up girls ko na si Angelique at Maria.

        Baka ma enlighten sila sa tips mo.

      • Siempre ang haba ng cinompose ko sa telepono at naghang lang kaya nabura ang mga hanash.

        Nicole needs to take it easy on her lipstick, she has a nice cheekbones and I would love to see her sporting a semi smoky eye makeup with a nude/slightly pinkish lips with pink blush to accentuate her prominent cheekbones. And just like what I said to Marian Guiddotti before, LIPLINER. Nicole’s lips, for me, is quite shapely and she can accentuate that with using a lipliner, just take it easy on the gloss kasi nagmumukhang super pouty na shapeless and lips.

        Can anyone give Kylie a week’s supply of enervon C and Sustagen? She has a very commercial face, but sister, asan ang enerhiya? Tumabi dapat to kay Angelique baka mahawaan ng konting energy, kahit daplis lang 😛 Also, she needs to work on her smile. I can’t pinpoint if it’s her teeth or gums, or maybe she should control it? Ambot. She has all the goods, all the needs is Vitamin E for ENERGY. Kantahan natin ng Alive Alert Awake Enthusiastic kung gusto ninyo manglamon to sa coronation night.

        Angelique… She’s one of my dark horse alongside Hammond. What I like with Ange is her wits and spunk. Needs to work on her smile also. Selfie selfie pag may time to see what angle would work best for you. She also needs to practice the art of perfecting the light makeup look tho. Would love to see her in lighter lipstick shade para achieve ang señorita aura. Tandaan, hindi pwede magmukhang mahirap at mapapadala ka sa Laos ni Jun Escario 😛

        Manalo on the other hand, seems to be uncomfy with her KF signature veneers? Also, I’m bothered with her thighs. She should’ve amped up her leg workouts. Ass to grass baby! And she better step up her game on Q&A, else it won’t be impossible for a dark horse to steal the limelight from her. Makeup wise, blend and tone it down please… it tends to look extremely plakado and stiff in pictures. Pabili ng Beauty blender sa Sephora US sister. Also, I find her a bit too pageant patty 😦 She should really loosen up.

        Si Gigante naman, I hope she can get out of the MJ Lastimosa template. I can only see a semi finalist finish for her tho. Her neck’s always missing :X

        Dindi also needs to experiment on her looks. I would love to see her sporting an expensive sexy sultry vixen look. Plum/dark shades of lippies perhaps?

  12. Based on the primer: Clear winners: kylie, nichole manalo, jennifer hammond
    Other potential winners: maxine, nicole cordoves, angelica, dindi
    Spoilers: ria, kim penchon, paula rch

    Sure na:)

    • Oh i forgot to include sa apoilers: lina prongoso. Very telegenic. And memorable

  13. anyone watching the primer?

    So far, Apriel, Paula Rich, Nicole and Dindi sounded great. Dindi has a pretty sister.
    I’m loving Kim P’s Disney accent and voice. She really could be a Disney Igorota princess.

    • p.s. mga suot ni Janicel sa primer yung mga damit nya nung MI na bodycon. Kakaloka.

    • Arrrgggghhhhh I missed the primer! I always miss this kaloka. Ate Lai any links??? Gano ba katagal bafgo nila iupload ang primer sa yt acct nila???? Huhu

    • Couldnt find a link. kung may makita ka, post naman dito please. thanks! 🙂

      • @baby inca, maganda naman si lani sa personal .mas mabait lang at may class si kylie. lani won’t even look you in the eyes when you call her. you spend so much money to travel to vegas- flight hotel and ticket to the show – just to see her. it’s disappointing the way some pinoy stars treat you…. like u were way beneath them.
        I prefer watching American performers- they are more friendly, orig pa
        what i’m trying to say is ,,,I do not find your comment offensive.. even though you most like meant it to be that hahaha

      • Hello Fabian, not at all. My comment was pure observation. Not meant to offend anyone. And oh yeah I agree with you, our nightingale is pretty.

  14. I hope the Philippines is not hosting MU16. Announcing it before the elections is like holding the new president hostage if the result is going to be other than Mar. Unless of course if they have already secured the commitment of all the candidates to support the event. Unlike APEC though, MU runs for at least two weeks. That would be a long time of inconvenience.

    • Hindi naman ata, baka busy sa studies. Wala naman syang masyadong gigs lately

  15. I wonder what the new endorsement of Pia is. Could it be that that she has been appointed as the spokesperson/ambassador of goodwill for an international AIDS Awareness foundation like International AIDS Society, UNAIDS, or WHO?

  16. What I hope the surprise is: new crowns. ‘Lam nyo na ‘yan dahil December pa lang, pinaglalaban ko na ‘to. Umaasa pa rin ako na ma-reveal mamaya sa primer ang ating bagong jewels.

    What I don’t think it will be: Kim Ross/Janelle’s reinstatement. It’s just simply too late in the game. They’ve missed most of the competition na and it won’t be fair to Kim and Janelle, as well as the other girls.

    What I feel it’s going to be: Announcement of PH hosting MU2016. Count me in sa mga taong ito rin ang kutob. Masyadong excited si Madam and masyadong pasabog ang peg for it to be any of the other things. Sayang, as I wanted a fair shot for a back to back. But I guess if we host, ang liit na ng chances for that.

    • Ay teka. Hindi pala si Madam ang quinote sa mga surprises na yan. Hehe. Sana talaga hindi hosting gig. Sana bagong korona!!

      • I agree, they should really turn it into that format due to the fact that the winners will become the ultimate spokesperson of the local and potentialy for international organization..

  17. My gut feel tells me the second pasabog is all about the format of the coronation night. Baka lang ang Q&A is patterned after Miss Universe – two questions asked. Well kung totoo ito, the girls should be more prepared. Sharpen your mind, think on your toes, and be confidently beautiful!

  18. Guys I just want to remind y’al that the voting for Miss Creamsilk is now open sa Twitter account ng @creamsilkph

  19. When I first read about the surprises, the first thing that really got into my mind was the possibility of having Miss Universe being held here later this year. But since a part of me is not in favour of the idea, I just brushed it aside and thought of something that would delight most of the fans — new crowns!

    But after giving it a deeper thought, my gut feel says it would be really happening here. Forget about all the skyway construction around the metropolis and the heavy traffic that is caused by it. We can always have better ways of showing the outside world that such problems can be handled easily. Only in the Philippines!

    Since the Aranetas own Novotel, accommodation for the delegates and crew can be easily arranged. The Smart Coliseum can be technically refurbished again so that it can hold the event. The INC’s for sure would not mind lending their Philippine Arena. We also have ABS-CBN executives who have been bidding for the event since 2012. Plus we have new administration that would be seeking for immediate world recognition. It’s definitely possible!

    My only concern, however, is our back-to-back ambition. Nothing more!

  20. Kelan kaya ang kabuwanan ni Inday Rogelio at Inday Janicel?
    Sabay pa talagang nagbuntis ang mga merlat.

  21. I wish Miss Universe will not be in the Philippines , sabihin nila eh home court decision. bias eklabo. so wag na muna.

  22. Well i aready had a,little surprise yesterday when i saw norman during the parade of beauties with his matching running shoes and boyish looks 🙂 was starstrucked to introduce myself.

  23. Pias arrival had been know already and it will not be a surprise anymore I think first its the new title and new crowns and the second is the Philippines will be the host country for Miss Universe 2016

  24. Di nga kaya dito ang MU? Last uwi ni Pia dito hush hush pero kasama nya isa sa mga VP ng MUO.
    Sa Twitter, sa interviews kinakampanya ni Pia dito gawin. Interesado daw sila Mama Paula talaga. Nung nasa Canada sya or NY ba diba she met with some Filipino business folks and gave a speech about bringing MU here. Yesterday may snippets sya ng Snapchat nya shooting “something exciting” for the MU website. Ito na kaya yun?

    Not to be a party pooper pero kung dito…yiykes. Sa Cebu pwede pa siguro. Sabagay mas maganda naman ekonomiya natin ngayon kesa nung 1994. Baka kaya. New administration. What a way magpabango. Wala na si Kim Ross (pero hmmm lumabas na naman name ni Gines E na naikwento ko noon nagtanong kay Kim, do you want to fight for this? – apparently) so pwedeng pang gulat para lang mawindang tayo….maibalik nga si Kim. Far-fetched but. Possible. . .

    • Yess, kung ang MU ehh sa Pinas nga sana sa Cebu ganapin tapos mag tour tour sila sa Palawan. Still hoping na HINDI sa Pinas ganapin tho. After 5 years siguro pwede na, char hihi.

    • Sometimes Lai I think, member ka ng faculty ng Phil center for investigative journalism lol..galing mong mag connect the dots! You lay everything out logically tapos backed up pa with anecdotal evidence!

      But yes; it’s about time MU went further in terms of venue. There’s no doubt that IMG probably has plans for this though I doubt if it will happen this year..baka sa next…but we’ll see

      • Hehe tapos pinagtatawanan lang tayo ni Nor!an kase joke mga guess natin.

        Jang – Cebu may kaid back Manila. Malapit sa bagat. Kaya puntahan ng press. Maayos airport. Malapit sa dagat. Kung ipipilit nila pwede talaga. Skeptical lang ako kase dami natin problema pero kung APEC nga na mas grabe security arrangements kinaya, MU pa kaya?

        Komunikasyong hehehe

    • Hmmm… mahaba-haba na rin ang bakasyon ng ating “uncrowned queen” Ms. Lai. If ever she comes back to claim her crown, malamang na matalo ang mga sinasabi nyong mananalo 😉

  25. 1st: queen P will return on the day of the coronation.

    2nd: she will also leave leave on the night of the coronation and won’t be able to crown the new winner.

  26. Sana wag iannounce na tayo ang host country sa MU 2016. Ayoko talaga ganapin dito ang MU kasi ang mangyayari niyan sure na pasok tayo until top 5 pero hanggang dun lang. Ang wish ko lang for the 2nd surprise is new format na lang. Sana may scoring na yung pre pageant activities tapos may selected Top 15 na agad, then Magic 7 tapos crowning.

  27. 2nd pasabog pmagmamakaawa si araneta na i vote si mar roxas…hahaha… Pisibleng dito 2016 or ’17 held ang M.U or miss International will also be here….or papasavog lang ng granada literaly si madame…

  28. Let me guess, I have a feeling that Norman will be one of the advisers now at the BPCI pageant and Secondly, I will not surprise at all if Madam Stella will disqualify another possible talented candidate and retain one of the disqualified candidates. Who will be? I don’t know. As far as I know she will and always the owner of BPCI and she will keep the old crown as long she will be the chairperson

  29. I really do wonder what’s the second surprise. Truthfully, does Queen P really need a Press Conference? Like a big press conference? 😅 JUST THE FACT THAT THERE WILL BE A PRESS CONFERENCE, the news gotta be big. If Paula Shuggart tags along with Pia, it’s HUGE NEWS. Will it be an announcement that Miss Universe 2016 will be held in Manila? Would they really choose to announce the host venue a few days before the Binibining Finals? They could have done that at Miss USA finals… Hmmm… And it really stuns me that Queen P just came home a week ago to do a certain “endorsement”. Obviously it’s so top secret that her Manila based Make-Up Artist had to take off a photo of Queen P’s look for that certain “endorsement” from Instagram. I believe he even asked other pageant sites to remove the photo of her. Now the big question is… What is this endorsement that cannot be revealed… I can’t wait for this big PASABOG!

  30. 2nd surprise:
    1. Additional title will be included
    2. New format in selecting the winners.
    3. Resignation of SMA.
    2. Maria Isabel Lopez will be one of the judges!

    • wow , miss tissa, you are a big fan of maria Isabel lopez’ . in fairness, I think she looked good when she won bpu 1982.

  31. I like to entertain the idea that some candidates will be reinstated. But that’s just me and I swear Im not really expecting too much from this pasabog

  32. I think the second surprise will be a guest…three choices: Olivia Jordan, Ariadna Guttierez or Steve Harvey 🙂

    • I have the same suspicion as you. I feel like Olivia will come as a special guest. The only problem, Queen P leaves for Manila on the 11-12, New York time, to arrive on the 13th Manila time. Olivia is currently in Miami doing some project work for Miss USA. Steve would be a good guest. Rumors has it that he wanted to host Binibining because of the whole fiasco he caused. I actually wouldn’t have mind if he hosted, but if he is a judge, by all means.
      If Olivia or Steve comes, it’s a win-win situation!

  33. Janicel seems to have gained weight, no?

    I actually find Maxine pretty. Kahawig nya Si Kristin Kreuk. My issue with her is she doesn’t look tall. Her limbs aren’t long. Parehas sila Ni Maria Gigante, pudgy legs. But what’s going for her is, she is in reality, around 2 inches taller than the Cebuana.

    Si Pajares, fresh talaga all the time. ‘yung aura n’ya parang laging bagong kula.

    I like Cordoves but her make up here is a bit too much.

    • Sa init na yun parang di napagpawisan si Dindi. True about Maxine. Delicate asian features looks wider when she’s actually so slim. If she wins one of the crown I hope Mon. John Cuay works on making her limbs longer and leaner.

      • laila, she is wide … not just because of her short pudgy legs .she needs some work on her abs and hips. hihihi

  34. Regarding the 2nd surprise, I’m thinking of, First, new crowns will replaced the old ones, Or Second, there will be a new franchise of another international pageant, or Third, Miss Universe 2016 might be held in the Philippines. I doubt if BPCI will get again the franchise of Miss World from Cory Quirino, since we are really not performing that well unlike in Miss Universe and Miss International. Just mu wild guesses.

  35. Based on these photos alone, I like
    April Smith
    Nichole Manalo
    Maria Gigante
    Ma Lina Prongoso

  36. I don’t mind the physical crowns, I mind who wear them .
    vina doesn’t look good here. save for kylie, my bets now include Jennifer Kristine E. Maria and… if she has the patience to get in shape 4m. I don’t want the latter to end up like Gionna who was full of poise and grace but lacking in discipline to work out for MU.

    • Very valid comparison and concern Fabian.. The biggest difference, to answer your fear, is clear on papers and in their performance. Max is a seasoned ramp model, Gionna was a very raw newbie- who, to date, still gave the “weirdest” pasarela on the Miss Universe stage. Her personal elan just didn’t integrate in the way she walks on stage. And Max’s beauty, for me, is best appreciated up close and in person. She personifies the declaration of “may photogenic, may hindi..”. She is actually in the the few breed of Margarita Moran – nakatayo lang or nakaupo without make up, papansinin mo. There is something in their persona. Call it grace, call it regality or X factor. Hopefully that persona shines on the pageant night so we get to see her more and experience her more in the road to Miss Universe.

      • @momoy, I didn’t notice it until I watched gionna again at MU. Her walk was really awkward. but she was articulate, thanks to her frequent travels abroad.

    • Sana there is still a good avenue for her to showcase her wit and beauty on an international stage.

  37. Second pasabog wil be the return of ” Miss World ” to BB Pilipinas

    • why did they announce the bp world winner last all the time? was it considered the top prize then? they always said the 3 of them – world’ int’l ,and universe – were of equal bearing. but everyone knows mup has always been the top crown .

      • maybe because before there are only 3 titles and announcement is in alphabetical order international universe world

      • Kasi wala pang MW crown ang Pinas that time until Miss Cory leadership came.
        Mailap kasi ang MW crown kaya yan ang pinakatarget na makuha ng mga candidates.
        Kung hindi dahil sa mga beauty camps, hindi naman tataas ang kalidad ng competitiveness ng mga Philippines candidates kung iasa lang sa leadership ni SMA, sa totoo lang 🙂

  38. Miss U 2016 will be held in the Philippines? Time to go home and watch Pia!

  39. What could be the 2nd “pasabog” Sir Norman ? Would it be a jaw-dropping one ?
    Spill the beans now pretty please ? 🙂 Lol. Good luck to all the girls ♥♥♥

  40. 2nd surprise? Hmmmm?

    SMA announcing her retirement and new successors/owners to BPCI?

    Just a thought… 😉

    • The Miniature crown. Di ko talaga maiwasan matawa everytime na maalala ko ang korona sa ibabaw ng bun ni Cristi.

  41. Second surprise.. New Crowns? I hope soooooo hahaha. And sana HD na din yung telecast ng BBP hihi. I think 5 titles are more than enough.

  42. I think the second surprise is a franchise of a new pageant . meaning another crown

    • I hope they crown just one winner so the rest can have a chance to join again

  43. OMG!!! What is that second surprise which we might be caught offguard next week, Tito Norms? Does that have to do with the “return”? I am so excited and I can’t hide it!!! Spill the beans now, Tito Norms. Hihihi!

    • @ana, I’m not sure about it. I do not think it will happen as the candidates are already about to wrap it up.
      but if sma wants to spice up the pageant with “the return” ,it’s her show —> it’s her decision. I’m sure all the 40 if them will be very angry.

      • Fabbieeeee! Why not? SMA might pull off a surprise on the pageant night itself. After all, it’s 2016 already. Haha! Ok, let’s play a wild imagination… KC and Xian announced the top 7. And then they suddenly announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, after a full deliberation and people’s clamor, we are getting The Kim Ross Delos Santos automatically back to join the top 8!” Labas ang diyosang Kim natin in a carnation pink, Maxi Cinco number, na sobrang ganda at tipong ready to own the MUP crown. And then biglang hinimatay si Nicole Manalo na in fairness e kasama sa Top 8. Parang yung eksena nung pagpasok ni Gibraltar sa finalist circle sa Miss World 2013. Ang saya siguro. And I will love SMA then.

      • @ana. ang ganda ng plot mo. dugtungan natin. pag pasok ni Kim in a carnation pink maxi Cinco gown, Mapapapalakpak ka pero hindi matutuloy kasi pag tingin mo parang hindi pala si Kim yun. dahil nagparetoke din like nicole manalo. kaya pala na disqualified para bigyan ng enough time si kim na magparetoke at pahilumin ang sugat at maga ng mukha. tapos yung top 8 papasok sa loob ng bahay ni kuya at mag stay ng 100 days to determine the winner. after that magulat ka ulit kasi panaginip lang ang lahat.

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