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  1. So far, after having watched the video, it’s a toss between Dindi and Maxine for me as the prettiest of the batch.

  2. Binibini 11 Nicole Cordovez in Mak Tumang ….. I just wish it have some sort of belt.

    Binibini 28 Nicole Manalo in Roland Lirio ….. I like the ombre effect and a good silhouette

    Binibini 29 Maxine Medina in a pink Rhett Eala Filipiniana … love the simplicity and clean lines. although I think the rose design was weirdly placed.

    Binibini 19 Lina Pongroso in Polly Lagyap/Mayor Madelaine Gazmen ….. Love the details, I just wished the designers used swarovski, pearls and rhinestone in place of the blue.

    Binibini 37 Jehza Huelar in a Xioti Chiu masterpiece inspired by the Iranun tribe of Davao ….. Love the fabric and how it shine. Love the bottom hate the bodice part.

    I wanted to add Binibini 31 Kylie Versoza since her NatCos reminds me so much of Elie Saab couture but the gold train looks weird with the intricate design. She could have just removed the train leave the belt on, pulled her hair up and add a sun dick or some sort of stand out hair piece and it would have be great.

  3. Love your choices Tito Norms! Pero, wait. bakit nga ba tayo nangagalaiti na eto ang mga nakapasok sa top 6? di ba last year naman, lahat ng nasa top choices eh hindi naman nagamit sa international pageant? remember? Sana tuloy tuloy na ang pagsuot ng natcos na filipino made and evening gowns.

  4. Imagine kung naka top knot pa si Kylie or severe ponytail. Mas malaks siguro impact. Deep V yung cut ng neckline, if she pulled her hair back, lalo pang hahaba yung leeg nya mas magiging regal overall look.

    girls…styling is everything.

    • I agree that if she pulled her hair back and tight, Kylie could have looked like the goddess of the Universe that night at mapapatunganga na lang ang mga bading na rowdy fans ni NM at mas kakalma pa sa arena. Thanks, Lai, for your great suggestion, as always. 😉 😉 😉

      • Bago kasi rarampa, lahat ng hairstyling, make up, shoes, lakad at mga drama na gawin ay plantsado na. MapaNC, S’S, EG or special events….
        Lagi Lagi nlang may nangyayaring ganyan… Maraming kuda sana ganito, sana ganyan…😃lol
        Nasa Coronation Night nman ang tunay na labanan ng napili ng Top 15 nila Pia, SMA at iba pa (what???)… lol

      • That’s very, very true. Imagine if Kris Janson’s hair and makeup changed during the coronation night, or McGarry with her hair down instead of that bun, and Pia, if she stick to the same waves she had during the swimsuit preliminaries for the finale.

  5. If I were to pick my favourite ternos being the common denominator of NatCos, I’d definitely pick Paula Rich’s for simplicity and elegance, and Sheena’s for contemporary and creative design.
    So far all my appointed queens did well. So good! 😉😉😉

  6. i really love EVIA— Ria Rabajante’s Gown “Maria Clara and Terno”

  7. After watching the video, it’s clear Kylie was the star of the show. Dindi Estoque and Maria looked great on stage. I didn’t even notice Nichole and 4M.

  8. How about sa Jag Jeans sino sino stand out?
    Sa judging pa lang ng NC nakakakaba for the finals. the judges in NC are so old school, matatanda yata lahat walang idea sa fashion. i am afraid in the finals piliin nila ang dalagang pilipina na kilos. tsk eh 2016 na we need an upgrade dahil ang mananalo eh ilalaban internationally at hinde labanan ng pagiging dalagang Filipina. If Nichole, Maxine wins as MUP or any names na hinde masyadong napapagusapan eh alam na!

    • Dindi Geoff. She was in a bra top. Tama yung jiggle and her abs, grabe lang.

      • Ohhh c Vina pala yung nka hairspring laila at kulang nlang ang cigarette at tumayo sa Makati Ave. at bentangbenta na cya😃lol
        Huwag nyang ulitin yan sa Coronation night at hindi pangBbPilipinas ang styling😃lol
        Queenly Aura dapat 😃

    • Pati pala si No. 1 Gail Ventic. Maliit lang, hindi naman super dooper facially pretty, palagay ko fake boobies nya pero just like Nichole Manalo ang liit ng waist ang ganda ng curves. Tingnan mo sya sa group shot na to naka white shorts sya and bra top:

  9. may mga nagsasabi man na kulang sa face value si Dindi, but we cannot deny the fact that her bubbly and joyful aura is attractive na mapapansin mo talaga in a group of girls

    • Kulang talaga pag close up Pero super Ang dating Nya sa stage. She will be a different MU candidate from the Philippines, I think.

    • This was a shot I took. Medyo malayo kase mas malapit kami sa ramp pero sya pa rin yung standout. Good height, milky skin, tall…

  10. #37 national costume is a new one, elegant and pwedeng pang laban sa international pageant! Judges naman please watch the international pageant! Sa Thailand na lang walang binatbat ang mga pinili ninyo! Hoy mga judges GISING!!!👀😴👀😴

  11. #4 is unique pwedeng panlaban sa international, #1 is ok but wrong color, kong ginaya ang kulay sa Philippine Eagle malamang pasok and may panglaban, kay kaylie ang kulang lang palaypay sa both shoulder and remove the big curtain at the back, much more elegant and bambato sa national costume!!!

  12. 9 and 7 are gorgeous, sa international pageant ang pinapansin na national costume ay yong mga colourful! Hindi yang mga terno na simple! Hello…. Parang hindi kayo na nonood ng international pageant!

  13. I like them all but I would like to include Angelique’s costume if it was a Serpentina cut skirt that hid her chunky shoes… I also like Jheza Huellar and Kim Pechon’s costumes, I just wish that the body stocking matched their skin tones. Kristine Estoque’s costume is also a personal fave but I would do a bit of tweaking…. I would shorten the hanging crop top, heighten the waist and then put a giant slit in front to highlight her long legs. I notice this year have lot of plain boring Filipinianas that lacked innovation but there are still a few who made these designs that would certainly standout.

  14. My top 15 in ranking position

    Nicole c
    Joana eden
    Angelica Lopez

  15. Yehey Sir Norman chose Maxine’s natcos as one of his top picks. Maxine’s natcos is really simple.. Pretty in pink.

  16. I love your choices Tito Norms! I can understand why you chose them – impactful costumes. I’m surprised that these weren’t chosen by BbP except Dindi’s. I like that 4M looks so simple. She is elegant in that terno. I don’t understand why pageant fans are so worked up on national costumes. Just like beauty, it’s in the beholder’s eyes. i look at them as source of amusement. Each designer has his or her own interpretation of a national costume and it’s a piece of art nonetheless.

    • I must say that the NatCos all looked great in motion and it’s up to the beholder’s eyes and tastes which style should be recognized with top honours.

      Obviously, in the background you could hear the rowdy “fans” of NM. Since they are obviously “paid” supporters, the sponsor should tame them a bit and instruct them to behave with some finesse. What’s really irritating is the fact that the product is mediocre that it does not deserve the roar of those fans. I wonder how much they were paid for creating disturbance aside from having a free meal at McDonald’s?!?

      Will, thanks for sharing the two video clips from misso.

  17. Great choices Sir Norman. Nakakaumay na ang mga terno para tuloy kompetisyon ng mga terno. Dindi’s natcos can be also equated to the B’laan tribe in Davao. Bb. 4 and Bb. 7 are nice natcos too pero dapat when they present these kind of natcos, they should be barefooted. Nawawala kasi ang theme ng natcos pag naka- high elevator heels.

  18. Highly commendable choices Norman! Truly shows your depth and personal standards..

  19. I like all of Norman’s pick, each costume have elements that could draw an outsider’s interest to know more about our culture. I think that should be one of goals when designing national costumes.

      • Norman hijo, sana meron NC na meron ilaw sa baso (kahit di bateria) tulad ng pandanggo sa ilaw or bibit eh batya’t palopalo o kaya buhay na isda. wish ko lang

      • Costumes ng mga katutubong sayaw (folk dances). A simple as that.

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