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  1. When i saw “Mak Tumang” i was expecting flowers, fairies, feathers, raibosa, unicorns, butterflies and all thing whimsical. But alas i was disappointed. I still like him though.

  2. capedefinition

    So now you all know that Kylie’s NatCos has no cape. What you guys see and falsely assume is an extended skirt. At least you guys learned from me today. Happy F’day everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. The very thick platform shoes do not compliment the ethnic inspired costumes of some of the candidates.

  4. Kylie, Yvethe and Pia, mahahaba mga leeg na maliliit mukha. Bagay sa kanila pulled back hair. Not all the time pero sa mga Filipiniana or traditional looks, maganda malinis tingnan kase usually maborloloy mga costumes natin. Wala namang tapon sa mga natcos kagabi. One or two medyo off pero kudos pa rin sa pinoy designers kase mukang inspired sila.

    We’re used to seeing ternos with butterfly sleeves. I’d like to see shapes a few decades older. Very European mutton sleeves paired with our chunky traditional jewelry mala Nikki Coseteng at Loren Legarda.

    Something like this sana, tutal hindi naman lahat dapat idaan sa feathers…

    Basil V this is for you:

    • OMG Mars! Yvethe looks divine here. Touched ako at dedicated talaga sakin to. Thanks Lai! You made me happy (as always) ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Perfect kase sa usapan natin on natcos eh …nakita ko to sinave ko sa Pinterest ko hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sobrang ganda ng Terno ni number 6 live! Sobra!!! Talagang kinang kung kinang. Kala ko nga pasok sa top 6 yan eh!


    • Yes…diba? Akala mo usual white terno lang pero yung headdress nya sa dilim nag spa sparkle na parang sparklers pag new year. Na feel ko talaga yung Bocaue Bulacan firecracker industry. kakatuwa to…

  6. Amongst all the candidates photos featured in this entry, nicole’s face is the most exquisite!

    Imagine her wearing the same dress whilst she enters the banquet hall during the miss universe welcome dinner.

    I don’t know why BPCI doesn’t let our girls wear traditional dresses outside the NC competition. Nicole’s, Paula’s, Sheena’s and Maxine’s gowns would make great impact in a ball or any other high society formal functions.

    • Agree I think they should wear a terno during the national treasure auction event.

    • I have to agree with you Beaver re; Nicole’s exquisite face. Just perfect. I tell you, this girl surprises me each time I see her photos every now and then. Besides her pasarela, she is all set for the finals.
      Go Nicole ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree… A classicaly regal Terno ensemble reminiscent of Imelda Marcos with a trendy modern twist would surely standout…

      • gandang ganda ako dito sa suot ni Megan na to. pati yung pricess blue gown ni hillarie na gawa ni Mak Tumang. Lakas kase maka Frozen eh.

      • Kay Leo Almodal yung kay Megan right?…

        I agree Lai… ganda nyang Mak Tumang gown ni Hillarie… I just feel like he was uninspired with Nicole’s costume… I agree with the other commenter, it looked like a cheap knockoff of the fully embroidered gown worn by Ms China Universe years back that won best National Costume…

      • your true color has finally come out c2f . Now I know why all the negativities towards the Cojuangcos hihihi

      • @Fabian

        I don’t need to like the Marcoses to figure out that the Cojuangcos are indeed the real reason of behind our nation’s Economic downfall.

  7. May resemblance sa natcos ni melinda bam ms universe south africa 2012 ang natcos ni kylie…

    • hers is one of the best … if not the best .. along with 7 and 27
      i’m glad she has gained a little weight for the finals… pinoys want . no athletic bodies for them

      • I think so, too, Fabs! Everyone in the audience was fascinated by her display including those rowdy fans sponsored by one of the candidates. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Dexter, I get your point. Except the cape, I really like the entire design of the costume. I believe Rajo had decided to go for the golden pintados ensemble because he envisioned of the supreme authority a pintados persona has. The color and shimmers are fabulous on stage. If only Rajo added headdress on Kylie that resembles expensive gold, removed the cape, and made a props like spear and a shield for a warrior, then that would be perfect. Nevertheless, Rajo achieved what he wanted, and that is to present a national costume for a runway show.

    • I just wished the cape had something in it. Maybe more pintados or maybe a patterned fabric to complement her tights.

    • I now see what’s wrong…

      The triangle pattern of the lower torso should be pointing downward not upward….

      The cape reminds me of those Egyptian godess costumes worn by “iฤบlusionists” and Vegas showgirls

      The designer should have used real authentic patterns worn by the pintados…

      Huge Farah Faucet hair would have created a bigger impact…

      • I believe that the triangle was there to put emphasis on her curves and I find nothing wrong with it but probably would look better three-five inches higher. Farrah Faucet voluminous hairdo somnehow intrigues me, C2F. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

    • Dex, maraming execution issues itong natcos na to pero ang lakas ng impact nya sa stage. Nung tatawagin na 6th girl, Boree and I were mummbling number 31. If titingnan nyo mga choices ng judges, they didn’t go for something too flamboyant. They were for cleaner lines, less frou frou. Yung kay Dindi, hindi sya accurate depiction parang nagka artistic license si Cherry Veric pero it was slinky, sexy but still modest kahit may double slits. Yung kay Dindi lang medyo crazy sa kanilang anim. Stll all 6 looks were pretty safe. Naalala ko tuloy yung last year with Almodal nung hindi napili si Janicel.

      • I think it has something to do with the designer… Tingnan mo pasok si Bessie Bessana eh ang simple- simple ng gown… most probably because type nila ang attitude ni Bessie na mabait hindi gaya ni Leo na ang hilig na nga umapila, sobrang taray pa (Joke! Peace tayo Leo!)

    • Standout itong kay kylie. I thought this was very unique. I dont mind the electric pleats. Feeling ko kinulang dahil walang headress.

  8. YAY!

    Angelique – I love it. ang soft ng aura niya. hindi kagaya ng past looks nia everytime may guesting or activities ang BBP.

    Priscilla – I really love this ati-atihan natcos. just wow. but I would’ve chosen a colorful feathers instead to make it more look pinoy.

    Nicole – She’s giving me this Ariella Arida vibe. i wouldn’t mind if she wins MUP. I love her terno. very elegant and expensive looking!

    Kylie – Her natcos needs color!

    Nichole – Her terno reminds me of Bea Rose’s natcos during MI. idk why. lol

  9. The beading on Angelique’s backside resembles that of Zuleyka’s Rivera’s gown. Hipid. I just didn’t like her clunky shoes that showed and her strong makeup. Kylie naman, Hindi fitted sa kanya yung jumpsuit. May ibang photos sa fb medyo nag ga gather sa crotch area. I think it was supposed to be for a taller model. Also, she should have gotten rid of the cape. Pulled back her hair so we could see her pretty face and wear giant earrngs for added oomph. Medyo ang haphazard kase ng dating that not even the name Rajo Laurel or Kylie’s fierce walk could save it. Sumablay lang sila sa styling kase nag mukang rarampa sa studio 54 si Kylie.

    • Hi Laila . We have the same sentiments and observation on Kylie’s costume. I think this was meant for a taller girl and her hair should have been pulled up – set up. Maybe it was reserve for KRDS ( di maka move on )

      The styling was wrong since it made Kylie lost her neck . I will remove 1 of the ” Predictable Ternos” from the six, and put Rajo on the rooster, but that’s just me.

      • Dang that’s why i look even stumpier in jumpsuit…blehhhh…who cares, it’s hard to pee in jumpsuits anyway boooooo

  10. Okay, I thought I would resist BbP after Kim Ross’ disqualification until the National Costume Parade yesterday. I got a VIP pass to the KIA Theater for the said event, but there was a supervening event that held me from proceeding thereto.

    By the way, most of the natcos presented yesterday were great and I love the fact that The Rocky Gathercole had an entry therein through Priscilla Kimberly Dela Cruz. If we base the paraded natcos in “wow factor” criterion only, Rocky’s was a runaway winner. It was very Miss Universe with a festive mood!!! However, the judges might not see the connection of the creation to the Philippine National Costume the way I do.

    Kylie Verzosa’s Rajo Laurel creation was fashion forward. If you look at the detail of the body hugging dress, it was superb. What made it a little tacky was the Alfredo Barazza-trademark, electric plate-added cape, which for every pageant follower was a ghost flashback of the horrendous national costume Ariel Arida wore in Russia. Nevertheless I adore Kylie’s presentation, it was very high fashion!

    Kimberly Penchon’s Igorot ensemble was adorable. Hers was a true symbol of national costume we should see in cultural-themed events, but not in a fashion show. It lacked creativity and wow factor. The jar was a cool props, but is it not lovely to see layered jars on her head instead?

    What was Mika Medina wearing? I love Mika and I want her to win MUP, but her national costume was the least beautiful amongst the average-looking costumes therein. It was ordinary and forgettable. The color did not complement her. So, whoever plans to dress Mika in pink gown come coronation night should think twice. I’d rather see her in lemon Yellow.

    In fairness to the judges, their picks were all deserving. Among the six chosen best, I think Dindi Pajares’ T’boli-inspired costume was a standout for it was uniquely colorful and nationalistic. BbP, or shall I say SMA, should understand that indigenous costumes showcase genuine Filipino creativity and braveness unlike Maria Claras or Filipinianas which are a reflection of Spanish domination to our civilization. (I believe Stella’s Hispanic race makes her bias to Spanish-inspired national costumes). If, again, Stella chooses Filipiniana, I’d like to suggest Paula Rich Bartolome’s. The latter’s costume is “yayamanin”, something you’d love to wear in the Presidential Gala Night or high society events. The design may not be intricate, but the costume totally looks expensive!!! That costume could match Pia’s Albert Andrada’s Filipiniana in Binibining Pilipinas last year and Terno in Miss Universe last December. But of course, if I were to bid between Paula Rich’s and Pia’s, I’d still go for Albert Andrada’s Filipiniana showcased last year. It was my all-time favorite.

    • what a way to describe the NCs! I think the ternos that made the final 6 were deserving except for maybe no. 3 .. she looked pudgy in it …. no. 38’s costume was plain , i’m not sure why it was chosen. it probably reminded the judges of shamcey at miss u

      • Fabian, I can see that Angela Fernando’s Filipiniana by Frederick Peralta is the least deserving among the six. The attached black patches are overly done to the pastel dress, which makes the costume boring. As opposed to your observation, Angelica Alita’s Maria Clara by Bessie Besana is simply elegant. The color combination and the sequins at the bottom area of the skirt make the costume look elegant and fabulous. However, it could not outshine the Filipiniana worn by Paula Rich Bartolome. The neatness and the bamboo print of Paula Rich’s skirt are excellent.

  11. Nicole Cordoves – I get the nod to her Chinese roots, but after the Guo Pei design that won Best Costume in Miss Universe, this China Blue pattern already seems a bit…done. The craftsmanship of the dress is excellent, though.

    Nichole Manalo – Best Headdress for me. Otherwise, the dress was just par for the course.

    Priscilla dela Cruz – I appreciate the effort…I really do. She probably expected to get a nod with this piece. Sadly, I didn’t feel that it was better just because it was bigger. It also doesn’t look particularly Filipino.

    Karen Ibasco – ok, I didn’t get it. I don’t get the concept and I don’t get why the sleeves are so big. Can someone explain??

    Riana and Roshiela – cute concepts

    Kylie Verzosa – definitely the most polarizing piece of the night! As a historian, I love the idea of a nod to the Pintados of Visayas. However, I felt that the execution was lacking. The arrangement of the paillettes to create the tattoo design was great, but the fact that everything was gold was a serious detractor. There was simply not enough contrast between the base fabric and the embellishment, when the whole idea of the tattoos was to see the contrast with the skin. I’m also not going to sugarcoat this anymore: that cape was a big miss. It was clunky and she had difficulty with it. It also looked like the Isis wings so frequently seen in baranggay dancing contests, and she’s just too classy for that. Maganda sa kung maganda yung outfit; fab kung fab. But I understand if some people don’t feel that it belongs in the Top 6.

  12. I don’t even understand how the judges picked those 6 costumes… They weren’t really that creative as opposed to the photos above. Kylie’s was really different and I appreciate how modern it is. The details are nice. But if hadn’t looked up the concept behind her costume, I wouldn’t have known what it was trying to showcase.

    • @ joy, nice…….I think hihihi
      In my opinion, no. 7 stood out . She was shining bright. Most finalists were clones of either Venus’ or Shamcey’s.

      • I agrees with you Fabian, no. 7’s is a top pick for me. I hope to see this design again.

      • Fabian, Kylie’s costume was great. Yun nga lang, it was hard to see what the designer was really showcasing. I would’ve never thought this was a Philippine national costume. But aside from that, the bead work is fantastic and the costume overall is more creative than the chosen 6…. I agree with you, Angelique’s was amazing! It was different but very Filipina. I think the judges are old school and picked the plain looking costumes lool.

  13. I think the National Costume of Bb. Pilipinas #17 will be good for the winner of Miss Grand Philippines 2016. Miss Grand International 2016 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on October 26, 2016 at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

    • I am happy that Miss Grand International 2016 will be in Las Vegas. I’ll make it sure that I will be off on that day.

  14. Di hamak na mas magaganda mga ‘to kay sa top 6. Hindi lang ako kumbinsido sa ati-atihan inspired ni #17 kasi hindi endemic sa Pilipinas ang ganyang pheasant feathers or correct me if i’m wrong.

    • I agree, they are not endemic… (Maybe because most of our native galliformes are already considered vulnerable to endangered due to habitat distruction)… But it did create the biggest impact. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I also like that Rocky G natl costume. Elegant, spectacular at above all bumagay sa nagsuot. A breath of fresh air from the perennial ternos. But of course sa MU stage lalamunin yan ng malalaking ibon, dragon, structure, monumento at Kung anu ano pang natl costume.

  15. Puede bang kapag gumawa ng national costume eh isama sa design ang shoes or any footwear? Gaganda ng costume pagdating sa paa eh.sigh sigh

    For me i like the costume of Binibini 31….tanggalin lang cape sa bewang…tsaka sana naka taas ang buhok para ma emphasize ganda ng costume.

  16. Bid Disappointment to Kylie’s NC! Dapat wala nang tela kasi nagmukha siyang Egyptian Dancer! At ang liit niya

  17. For me since its Summer Season:
    I prefer the natcos number 28, 12, 11
    The colors are attractive for Summer.
    Natcos 11 – if i were the designer i will just remove the headdress.

  18. I like Nicole C’s NatCos. Simple but elegant and she carried it well.

    Nichole M’s NatCos reminds me of MJ’s in 2014. Nilagyan lang ng sunset effect sa baba, but then yung sa body is almost the same from the color to the beads.

    Kylie took a big risk. Not the usual NatCos, she is so brave I should say. Marami siguro hinde nka appreciate coz its not the usual NatCos that we expect, nevertheless, she carried it well. Pinoy audience may not be ready yet for that kind of NatCos though.

    • i agree on kylie. i wonder what the inspiration was . she did not disappoint but i liked her better last yr.

      • It was based on ancient tattooed Pintados warriors yata. Hehe. It was a very defiant move on her part since most of the Binibinis wore the traditional natcos. Nevertheless, she still delivered. She will get one of the the crowns ๐Ÿ™‚

        Sharing this lovely pic:

        Laban Kylie!

      • thanks, kom. i think it should have been one of the top picks… just based on its ‘originality? ‘ (i’m not sure about this) or at least uniqueness. it was the only one among the 40 costumes.\

    • Now that I’ve seen Kylie’s costume closer (after zooming the image), I must say that it is really one of the best. You’re right, BV, only those with good eyes would appreciate it. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

      • Hear hear! ๐Ÿ™‚ But do you think it would have been better if they did not include the cape (or atleast they modified it) sir Dex? ๐Ÿ™‚ Any idea who designed Kylie’s EG?

      • It was designed by Rajo Laurel, K. He is one of the most respected designers of this generation. In my honest opinion, she carried it well but perhaps it could have been more eye-catching if it has contrasting colours. Probably the use of gold and black would be more spectacular. Just saying…

      • Wooahh! Exciting!! Thanks Sir Dex and BV ๐Ÿ™‚

        She will surely be a swan in that Libiran creation, freely and elegantly gliding in motion, gracefully capturing the hearts of everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Dex!! I know sikat si Rajo pero iffy ako sa kanya because of cases of plagiarism in the past. He plagiarized designs from other international designers and included them in his collection. I think it was covered by extensively by Fashion Pulis with side-by-side comparison…tapos undeniable ang similarity, mapapaquestion ka talaga…

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