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  1. Dindi made top 6 not because of the her Natcos but because of her gorgeous body and her delivery. Her Natcos was not impressive but it fit her body like a glove. You just can’t deny her presence on stage. Danda talaga si Dindi.

  2. bakit puro puti na nemen… tayo lang nakakaappreciate ng sublime and pale (that equates to elegance to some).. wake up BBP… the international and even local audience prefer the colorful ones, those that captivates our culture yet boldly and uniquely executed.. that screammsss creativity. change will not hurt guys… please…

  3. Paula Rich Bartolome’s NatCos may be so simple, but for me, that one is the real NatCos of a Filipina, white terno.
    And I love the effect of that bamboo design.
    Yung ibang NatCos e oo costume pero exaj na.
    Ganda ni Paula, sana pumasok sya sa semis.

  4. I was disappointed with the Top 6 Best in Natcos. I would have chosen other gowns, like Kylie’s, Kimberly’s, Gail’s, etc. I guess the judges preferred the usual sublime terno.

    • True! I really believe na kasama dapat sa top 6 si Gail and Kimberly!

      Kimberly’s natcos is an MU worthy one! tbh.

      • I also like the costumes worn by Jehza and Angelique. But the judges clearly favored the Filipinianas with white or pale colors. Same old. Hindi mananalo sa international competition.

  5. Top 7: 2, 7, 19, 26, 32, 38, 39.
    Top 3 would be 2, 19 and 39.
    Winner would be 19.

    Ria’s costume was really good though. Modern and bold take on the terno. I do prefer vivid colors on the costumes than pale colors (white, beige, etc)

  6. best in national costume for me – no. 31 no 32 no.7 and no. 27
    i’m impressed by 16, 19, and 32. they looked amazing in their ternos. i hope someone writes some feeds abt 19 and 32 because no one hardly ever talks about them.
    i love jessica and jennifer but their NCs were a disaster.
    11was passable, 28 and 29 were boring.
    3 and 38 should not have been in the top 6 in my opinion, there were better candidates.

  7. Okay. the natcos are of course, gorgeous. sino pa ba ang mas makakagawa ng natcos na maganda kundi pilipino din di ba? But, for me medyo on the safe side ang designs this year. comparing to 2015 and 2014? mas maraming risk takers na gown don e.

    Some of my fave natcos:

    1 Ventic
    Sana mas maraming details/blings

    5. Riana’ Natcos is also nice

    10. Jeslyn

    11 Cordoves
    I really liked it. sana medyo pa butterfly cut ang train.

    14 Paula
    Simple, elegante, malinis pero tatak pilipinas

    17. Kimberle
    This ati atihan costume is really nice. I mean ang ganda e.

    19. Lina
    The details are just great!!

    32. Jennyline
    Very madam! like Venus’ white terno! simple pero may dating

    38. Alita
    Maganda! yun lang nawala ang curves niya.

    39. Ria
    IDK, pero ang ganda ng dating sakin ng terno niya. parang PH meets Great Britain ang peg. lol


    22. Apriel – I can see the idea. pero parang kulang ang finished project. And since she’s from cebu, I was kinda expecting something mala sinulog ang dating.

    26. Hammond – Sana feathers ang nasa headdress at mas mahaba ang hem.

    31. Kylie – Nung 2010, he was asked na if siya ang magdedesign ng natcos, ano ang idedesign niya for venus. and eto ung dinesign niya, pintados inspired pero ung suot ni Kylie IDK if eto un or ibang version na to. pero para kasing sa matangkad na tao itong design na to, medyo lumiit lalo si Kylie e. tsaka ung color, mas okay kung contrast color sakanya.

    36. Gigante – Maganda ang concept. nakulangan lang ako sa details.

  8. That sarimanok and Penchon’s costumes should have made the top 6. The only thing I didn’t like about the sarimanok was the headdress which could have been just colorful feathers instead of the sarimanok symbol. Penchon’s Ifugao costume is better than Dindi’s imo. I think that the judges may have been suade by the names of the designers. I wish they didn’t reveal the names while presenting the costumes to avoid bias towards “known” designers.

    • If Penchon went on the ramp barefooted, she could have nailed it, Gringo. Though it is authentic looking, I didn’t feel it because of those heels.

      • Truth! NatCos naman; ‘di kailangan makipagsapalaran in platform pumps. Ang dating tuloy is super authentic outfit tapos out of place yung footwear. Eh yung kay Dindi, modernized yung outfit with all the slits, so bumagay kahit papaano sa shoes. Parang nagiging crutch na ng girls yung ganyang footwear eh. They always wear it kahit na they’d look 10x better in something different.

      • Doon mo rin malalaman ang true sense of fashion ng nagdadala. Kung alam nilang hindi bagay, dapat maghanap ng babagay. And for that I really find Kylie different from most. Look at Kylie’s shoes! 😉

  9. Your right Norman, the six winner for Best National Costume really confirmed that Six titles were at stake for Bb Pilipinas 2016 they were Universe, International, Supranational, Intercontinental, Globe & Grand International it’s a pity that they totally deleted the Tourism title which is part of the original first four titles. Hope they will introduce a new set of crowns for the said titles.

  10. Kylie’s Natco is horrendous!
    Rajo really? Come on were you trying to create a costume for a new super hero in town?
    Hmmmm Super Dragonfly maybe? lol

  11. Jennyline Malpaya is my choice for Best in National Costume. That beautiful peach color complemented her skin so well, and the cape-like addition to the sleeves was unexpected and made her look very queenly. The fabric was gorgeous and while the details were on the blingy side, I didn’t mind so much. Even the overexposed nude platform shoes went with this look so well. The accessories were all in good taste and rounded out the look very well.

    Maria Lina Prongoso (Best in Detail) – holy crap the details on this gown are beautiful. The embroidered filigree on the side of the bodice, the lattice on the bottom, the beading on the sleeves and train, and the blue accents were perfectly designed and executed. It’s intricate, but not gaudy. This dress looks very, very expensive.
    Kimberle Penchon (Most Authentic) – being Ifugao herself, there’s really nothing more that can be said about the authenticity of this costume. Aside from the banga accessory, everything else was true to the culture and did not rely on exaggerations for impact, and that’s something I always like. The only drawback was the platform pumps. I guess she didn’t want to go barefoot.

    Maria Gigante (Best in Tailoring) – this gown fit her body beautifully. The feather details are worked on very well, and there aren’t any awkward corners or folds in this well-made gown.
    Faith Garcia (Best in Native Fabric) – the design of this Sarimanok-inspired dress might be over the top, but any showcase of the beautiful T’nalak patterns is always welcome. She’s wearing centuries of culture on her skirt alone.

    Rounding out my Top 10 are the ff:
    Edjelyn Gamboa – she looked simply divine in this marsala butterfly number. I loved this ensemble!
    Paula Rich Bartolome – this pure white terno with hand-painted bamboo detail is clean, simple, but impactful.
    Angelique De Leon – I love this T’boli-inspired outfit. It’s intricate and luxurious, but doesn’t deviate from the culture it is based from. Beautiful.
    Dindi Pajares – Liberties were definitely taken with the amount of slit this costume has, and I wish she went all-out authentic with the fabric and headdress, but this Manobo-inspired just came alive thanks to her excellent catwalk. Bravo, Dindi!
    Ysh Ramos – I love lilies, and the dainty details on this dress were just irresistible. I like the parasol, too. This dress is something Ysh should be proud of.

  12. As for the Jag show…. si Dindi lang habol ko dun. Kahit malayo nag hehello abs ni Dindi leche

    • Miss Laila, someone bumped into dindi’s arm sa jag fashion show. Did you notice that. Hehe..

      • marami. Even Nichole may naka bangga. I’m blaming their clunky shoes hehehe

      • And madami din nag struggle sa pasarela during natcos. Maybe because of the runway? Uneven yung level. Hehe.. Overall, i thought it was a good show.

    • @laila., I’m really amazed at how fans react to dindi. I do not understand. she has great MUSCULAR abs but…

      • but….let’s bathe in the moment haha. I think people like her because with Dindi there’s no drama. I mean if hindi ka nagagandahan sa face nya, yung height hindi na mababago. Add to that, maganda talaga proportions ng katawan ni Dindi. Another factor pa with Dindi kaya sya gusto ng mga tao is that she’s interactive. She knows how to play the game. She’s flirty when there’s a need to be flirty. She knows how to put on a show. Her gestures and the way she projects on stage is very approachable sexy. bentang benta sa mga bakla at sa mga babaeng bakla. Kumbaga with Dindi walang baggage, unlike Nichole na may naka kabit palagi na negativity and Kylie na frontrunner pero mas may added pressure.

    • Laila i like dindi na for MU. tama naman the height hinde na mababago but her looks can still change para lalung gumanda not saying magparetoke sya. actually she has a captivating beauty eh. na fe feel ko din sya. may pagka latina din ito eh. kaya talaga makipagsabayan sa mga latina. medyi bawas bawasn nya lang ung kabaklaan nya hehe baka malandian ng sobra ang mga judges sa kanya. pero im sure mapapansin din yan kahit baklang bakla dahil lahat naman ng top 16 eh sasalang sa Q&A and mukang halimaw din pala to sa sagutan. Pero i think kung ang judges eh medyo old fashion im pretty sure they will choose ung masyadong Filipina ang galaw and ung hitsura. mala 1950’s ang galawan sobrang hinhin. tsk. need mag level up ang mga judges ds year sa bbp. we need level up performances and we are now in year 2016 wala na sa old year. Dindi hinde mahirap ayusan at makeupan. stand out kahit straight hair. so My MUP ds year are Dindi, Apriel, Kylie and Angelique. Dindi top my list as MUP.

  13. Chaka ng camera ko pero here are some cool shots. Di ko na dadamihan kase mag popost naman si Norman, pero pakita ko lang impact nung ibang hindi napili.

    Kim P – PAK

    • Lakas maka Reyna Elena ng aura ni Vina. Sabi sa inyo eh ang taas ng enery parang lumaklak ng cobra

    • Even from a far, you had a great shot of her Ms. Lai.

      • Para akong fantard, I approached the stage kase marami na rin nag approach having photos with Janicel. Shit nag wave pa kamo ako kay Kim P after saying hi Kim, you’re so pretty. What a loser.
        Seriously, looking at Kim is like looking at one of those Disney princesses on parade. May ganun syang aura.

      • Haha. You are just being natural. If she has that kind of aura, great thing! She screams “Filipina”. Just by looking at her, you know that she is from the Philippines. Do you think she is ready now ms. Laina? Or does she need more time to compete internationally? Nagagandahan din ako sa kanya, gaya mo, pero parang may kulang pa 😦

      • Patang Pocohantas lang na tribal queen ang dating niya? Hehe. Your efforts of reporting and updating us here are well appreciated. Kudos 🙂

      • She’s a good rep. Nanalo na sya sa isang minor pageant. Kaya na ni Kim P. yan kaso komunikasyon ang issue ko sa paglaban nila internationally is height talaga. Even the tall ones didn’t look too tall. Para bang nasa 5’7 halos

      • @ms. lai- Having monitored the past MUs and Binibining Pilipinas, you already noticed that height is really a major concern. Hindi na ako magbibigay ng mga pangalan, pero maraming hindi nag shine sa international scene dahil nilamon ng mga nagtatangkarang kalaban. Anyway, let us claim that deserving girls will win. The pageant authorities will make sure that the winning girls will be trained well before they compete outside the country. Have your beauty rest na Ms. Lai! You deserve one. Thanks for the updates, and for patiently responding. 🙂

  14. What’s the inspiration behind JEHZA’s costume? Nakita ko lang yung picture sa rappler. I dunno pero gandang ganda ako, plus siguro pagproject ni jehza. Parang natcos ng China sa MU. I’d love to see yung mga gantong natcos ng PH sa MU, hindi yung patay na patay ang kulay. 😀

  15. Woops, Kylie being consoled by her Dad. Mahirap din talaga mag expect kahit heavy fave ka and may backup ka ng uber designers.

    • I thought she aced the natcos. You had a good point, though. Medyo mali lang execution. Her natcos could’ve been more appealing. But her pasarela was great. Nakausap ko mama ru, wala daw tix si mama j. Have you seen him?

      • I didn’t see Mama J. Rogil yes, Bessie yes too.

        Commanding naman si Kylie. Wala lang naging changes sa look nya since day 1. Even sa natcos part she continued to sport the same I just got out of bet but I’m fabulous look. She had a bit of trouble with her cape thing pero Ok naman, maybe for the judges it was wayyyyy too different lang.

        Rajo did this sketch after the MJ hoopla. He and other designers were asked by a leading newspaper company to come up with designs should they be asked to make a natcos for one of our reps. He submitted this Pin tados design. Palagay ko dito based yung suot ni Kylie.

    • Some clearly have better natcos than her. Sorry, I did not like hers regardless if it was made by a well-known designer. Bawi sa finals. Haha. I love the way Kim Penchon carried her costume with conviction. That smile 🙂 It speaks sincerely of her identity – as proud Cordilleran. Way to go!

    • I noticed that too. She struggled with with the cape. I was watching the monitor din kasi. Ang ganda ng agles ng camera. Pang miss u. And the lighting sa video was good. Kulang nalang steadicam. Sa finals lang sila gumagamit nun alam ko. Mcgarry was in her best shape. Janicel’s gown was great. Venus raj was stunning as ever.

      • Except for Dindi’s, maybe the judges preferred the mainstream terno. Penchon shines in her own right anyway. She looks unique and very Filipina 🙂

    • I agree with you, i noticed that kylie never changed her hairstyle since day 1. Sana din she’d loosen up a bit. I liked Cordoves’ natcos, and Ria’s.

    • If the pintados’ color was bronze or even copper instead of gold then the costume would’ve worked.

      And the “skirt” thing made her torso looked long which seemingly cut the length of her legs. I mean, I know her legs are not that long, pero they weren’t pudgy like that of you know who.

      I can’t believe the ati atihan costume was not recognized. It looked fabulous!

      • Hindi Pala “skirt”, print Pala. Baliktad ang pattern Sa legs, dapat parang inverted triangle Yung print para nag mukhang long ang legs!

      • Priscilla’s costume was bongga, but that was it for me. Todo effort sa paglagay ng feathers, but the whole thing didn’t seem to make any sense to me, sa totoo lang. I’m Aklanon, and it definitely did not remind me of the Ati-atihan.

      • Ganito sana kay Kylie. Sheer pero dark beads para kitang kita. Kahit wag na syang mag colorful skirt. Kahit yung gold cape nya. Na wash out kase ng gold on gold on gold yung details ng beading kaya hindi mo ma identify kung ano depiction kung hindi sasabihin

      • For me, RL should have elected to use black and gold beads and softer fabric for the pants and made it tight, Lai. I’m sure it could work better but I’m not complaining. 😆😆😆

      • I wanted to like Kylie’s natcos because I think the concept is great, but I dunno, for some reason it looked unflattering on her. She looked wider and shorter. With this video of her crying, I’m kind of fearing she’s going the same route as Pia in BBP 2014. Hopefully she relaxes a little bit! She’s beautiful and this is hers to lose, really.

        My favorites for natcos would be Jehza’s and Jennifer’s.

    • Aww Kylie must have been heartbroken, I wanna hug her 😦 I agree with the others, though. I liked the idea of a pintados-inspired design, but her Natcos didn’t really do it for me. For one, nahirapan ako i-identify na pintados pala ang inspiration because it was all gold and beige and it seemed kind of . The cape thing was also a miss for me…it reminded me too much of the Isis wings so prevalent in the friendly-neighborhood rentahan ng costume. Other than that, her costume was the most fashion-forward and she carried it well. That’s still something she could be proud of.

    • Why is she crying? Does she actually think that she is the best? or did anybody promise her something at this stage of the competition. Sorry to all her fans but for me Kylie is overrated IMO.
      There are a lot of girls in this batch that have a lot of potential.

      • I’m pretty sure she cried because her designer, a top one at that, didn’t make top 6 in NatCos. Syempre it’s a big let down andmahihiya ka din sa top designer na tumulong sayo. This is what I don’t like about you Jeremi, you always assume the worse sa mga girls na hindi mo bet.

  16. They missed setting the hair of Kylie upwards. Wala bang nakapansin?

    Rajo’s work should have knock-out everyone’s Costume.

    Bad Bad Bad !!!!

  17. Hola guys,

    So my phone died boohoo. Anyway, what a treat. Thanks Boree mwah mwah mwah. Please indulge me…

    Gail opened the show and looked really hot. Yes her boobies might be fake but her body shape is to die for.

    From the Sarimanok group since a few of them went by that route, Alexandra Faith was my favorite. The gown looked heavy but the fabrics were divinely indigenous.

    From the colored terno group – Angela takes the cake. Super well made gown + carnival queen super benta sakin. Christiane’s sleeves were so unique. Nicole C’s ming vase terno looked fresh and Jennifer Hammond’s terno were also my faves.

    From the white terno group – Riana’s looked really cute.I liked the “panyo’ concept. Most of the white ternos are soooo well-made. Paula’s had no beading but the clean lines and the impeccable fit made her look regal. Vina, who’s probably had shots of sting, red bull and cobra sported an afro during the Jag show and cleaned up nicely with her “mala Janicel” terno. I did like the look of this one girl from Bulacan who chose to showcase Bocaue’s fireworks. She did look sparkling. Joanna Eden’s terno was pretty too. My only issue with the white terno group was that most of them resembled Pia’s.

    From the tribal group – They should have focused on penchon’s fun and sexy igorota costume. Just saying. Angelique’s styling was a bit strong because of her wine colored lips but her dress which was inspired by Zamboanga is super cool. I hope they make someone wear her dress in an international competition. Kylie Kylie Kylie….I know Rajo did a sketch some years back about a “Pintados” inspired natcos. I don’t know if Kylie’s dress was pulled from his previous collection but it was the most fashion forward of all. My only issue was that, the beading was gold. It could have made more impact as a tattoo print had it been beaded with black beads. The overall impact of Kylie’s look and walk ended up looking very Studio 54. Gold on gold on gold.

    Other observations:

    Edjelyn came out in a marsala colored terno with dried butterflies. Until she opened her arms and live butterflies flew out….WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Maxine Medina’s face just makes me want to say Ma’am all the time. She’s sooooo alta.

    Ms. Malpaya’s terno was so sparkly. Yey.

    Jessica G – has a very Solenn vibe.

    Maria G – may I just say…..her veneers are weird but she is sooooo pretty. She didn’t have such a heavy makeup on so hooray for that. I wanted to steal her headdress.

    Prognoso and Sheena Dalo – super appealing. These girls can pull an upset I think.

    Karen Ibasco – looks like a ballerina. Has a ballerina body type and came out in a black swanish natcos.

    Dindi – made me want to swear off rice forever. FOREVER.

    before I left, I ate at McDonald’s. Nichole Manalo arrived with her entourage. I think they rented the party space for a get together with her supporters. They were rather loud and rowdy and seems to be in competition with Kylie’s fans.

    Janicel looks so beautiful. She’s so warm and nice.
    Rogelie suddenly looks caucasian.
    Christi is so fit, she probably lost more weight than her previous appearances.


    • I bet you those supporters of Nichole Manalo you saw were most likely the same people behind the accusations that Kylie is behind the leaking of Kim’s photo. They’re calling Kylie the snake in A&Q.

    • Laila – thanks much for all the updates (very detailed even) ! para na rin akong nakapanuod sa Kia Theater last night. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

      • Hahaha…natuwa lang ako alam ko marami satin dito nasanibang bansa. They can only see photos from the news and social media so fun din may insider info na ma share.

      • That’s why I call you my golden treasure. Thanks sa marami mong kuwento kanina, Lai. Para na rin akong nanood kagabi. You’re so sweet!

  18. Sa mga nagugulat sa resulta.. thunders po kasi mga judges kaya ganun.

    Sa anim na yan ang pasok sa top ko kay eh yung kay Angela at kay Paula. Simple lang pero maganda. Kagulat lang at di pasok yung kay 17 at Angelique. Maganda din yung kay Vina yata yun.. Super makinang ang ganda sa mata.

  19. I’m excited to review the individual photos and pick my favorites! But if I may, I’d just like to clarify the use of some terms. Traje de mestiza is appropriate, but use of the term Filipiniana generally refers to all types of Filipino clothing. Some would say that Filipiniana more specificially refers to the type of attire used today in formal events, which is a slightly sheer top worn over something else underneath, and paired with a skirt of various fabrics. It is the successor of the older baro’t saya. It’s usually made of piña fiber and is frequently embroidered with a variety of motifs. These days, some wear it over a dress. This is what you’ll usually find in stores like Kultura.

    On the other hand, the butterfly-sleeved gowns are more appropriately termed terno. It is a more modern adaptation of Filipino dress popularized by Imelda. So technically, both Traje de Mestiza and Ternos can be appropriately called Filipiniana, but not all Filipiniana sport the butterfly sleeves.

  20. @sir Dex- thank you for responding to my question in the other post.

    Re: the natcos. I agree with your observation sir. Pale colors dominate the stage. We were used to seeing vibrant and festive designs. Perhapsthe designer intended to focus more on those intricate details (those who watched live will appreciate better). I wish that Kylie should have worn an Igorot-inspired natcos (a fitting tribute to the great Narda Capuyan who passed away recently).

    From the first picture above, I find Nicole’s/Angela’s/ Paula’s simple yet very sophisticated. 🙂

    • Kim Penchon is the real Igorot who should have worn what you described…

      • Closer, we had good seats. Kim P wore an igorota costume that was fully beaded. it was sexy and fun :} She and Angelique should have been chosen.

      • *had

        i stand corrected. Thanks Ms. Lai for confirming that she wore one. 🙂

    • OMG😲
      Natay gayamen ni Manang Narda.
      RIP Manang 🙏
      If Kylie asked help from Narda’s, She might be wearing one of Cordilleran’s Best costume.

      • Though Kylie is representing Baguio City, I honestly would not be in favour of her wearing an authentic costume from that region, Bong. Her skin won’t match. Just saying…

      • Dexter, mga meztisa ang mga igorota.
        Meron ding dark-colored. Naikot ko na ang buong Benguet. Namumula pa ang mga pisngi😃
        May Versoza house akong nabisita sa may Quezon Hill noon at talagang puro meztisa medyo chubby lng yung nadatnan ko at may hawig kay kylie😃

  21. A lot of the costumes are minimalist in design. I think there are some that deserve credit not because of how it looked but the overall concept and use of Philippine material. I think I saw a terno in abaca or pina fabric? The top 6 seem underwhelming. I like the ones with vibrant colors like Ria’s. I also like Nicole C’s since it is very well thought out given her Chinese affiliation.

  22. Maybe it’s just me but NatCos of 2014 & 2015 were better than this year. I believe colours and glitters are kind of missing this year. Just saying…

    • Yvethe’s red terno (by Bicolano designers) was the best in BBP so far

      • Oi Basil si Yvethe mo ang ganda. Nandun sya sa row namin. Yun lang bitbit na naman nya jowa nyang tibo.

      • Miss Laila, Jowa niya ba yun? Super ganda ni Yvethe. I liked kylie’s natcos. Seemed like riyo mori’s gown. Weak pala lalad ni cordoves, nevertheless, she has the face! Dindi’s glide was heaven. Manalo wasn’t in her best. Smith’s natcos was forgettable. I loved the glow in the dark natcos. What are your thoughts, Miss Laila?

      • Jonel up…

        hehe matagal na namin inoobserbahan ni Boree. Palagi nyang kasama sa photos nya. May isang photo si tibo sa IG nya. Si Yvethe and isang kid. Yung capition : with the girlfriend. So I guess yun na yun. Bakasyon out of the country sila lang dalawa? That’s it pancit. You may want to confirm with Basil V, our leading Yvethe authority :}

      • Hahaha Mars Laila, maganda talaga si Yvethe. Actually naisip ko lang sana ng 1RU na lang sya nun 2014 so she can join now. Anyway, history na yun. Yvethe will always be one if not the best Binibini for me.

        As for dun sa tibo, haha di nya jowa yun. Friend nila yun nina Michael Flores and Nina Alagao. Ang bf ni Yvethe ay nurse sa Saudi. LDR sila now. Nung ng vacation yung bf nya, they were always on tour. HK, Boracay, etc. Mahilig lang talaga mg travel si Yvethe so madalas nya nkakasama yung “tibo”. Kilala din naman nun bf ni Yvethe yung “tibo”.

        Ayan todo explain ako Mars hahaha. Kahit ngarag ako ngayon sa mga audit engagements ko. Lol. Anything for Yvethe 🙂

      • Dexter – I hope you don’t believe the rumors on Yvethe 🙂 Ang haba na ng explanation ko ha hahahalol

      • @J

        Yup. Ikaw din ba? Hehe mejo busy busy lang now due to the season.

    • Apriel smith too, tibo ang jowa, ano ba pakialam natin loce life nila yon, savihan mo lang ako kung ready mong ligawan sa yvette laila…hahah

      • Lolz. To-do protekta kase si tibo eh. Para di mabangga si Yventhe. Oo Basil V, ayan magbexplain ka hahaha. Pero habang naglalakd sa aisle naiisip ko nga sayang to si yvethe. Bakit ba sa supra tinapon? Yung tipo bang till now nanghihinayang ako hehehe. Liit ng katawan ang haba. Liit ng mukha.

      • Its been 2 years pero naiisip ko pa din na mali talaga placement ni Yvethe in 2014. And lalo na ngayon, I just learned from Dexter that Yvethe was Gabriela Isler’s pick in 2014. Broken hearted na naman ang peg ko. Haha.

        If only I can post dito yung mga IG pics ni Yvethe and her bf I will. Actuallt Yvethe is super sweet sa mga Bday msgs nya sa bf nya. Early January ang bday nung jowa nya sa Saudi, inaabangan ko msgs ni Yvethe, sweet 🙂

        Active ngayon si Yvethe sa modeling, sana lang maisip nya pa pumasok sa corporate world. Gusto ko sya maging officemate haha

      • OMG😃
        Front lng yung RN bf.
        Marami nman cgurong aalialigid sa kanyang BF sa Saudi 😃 mga Arabo nga lng😂lol
        What do u think will happen 😲
        You’re guess is also my guess 😢
        Mabuhay ang LGBT society😃lol

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