9 comments on “Bulacan: The most heavily-represented Province in Bb. Pilipinas 2016

  1. Me too Jessica is one of my favorites…. along with april, medina, nicole cordoevez and kylie too…. just hoping all girls get crowns this year…

  2. Angela Gene Valdez. She’s a cosplayer I wonder what character she plays.

    I used to play Dopey (one of the seven dwarfs) in my Elementary years. And finally they allow me to play ‘SnowWhite’ … choz 😉

  3. I wonder if BPCI would consider having screenings in other regions. A lot of the contestants come from the big provinces, or those that are close to Manila, like Bulacan. I’m sure that there are many more beautiful girls who can’t readily come to Araneta Center. But knowing this organization, they won’t go for this additional expense if there is more than enough girls who sign up every year, anyway.

  4. Jeslyn is the most ready. But think Angela and Jessica have a better chance at winning internationally if trained properly

    • I’ll go for Jessica. How about the beauties from Pampanga? I believed Medina roots is from Pampanga

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