23 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Crowning of a new Miss Grand International 2015

  1. The pageant wants to crown someone who already has a U.S passport because its too cheap and lazy to make an effort to help secure one for the eventual winner.

  2. The advocacy of this pageant is really my issue. It seems to me that they have just adapted it for the sake of having one. Now, what concrete actions should a title holder do to address “stopping the war”? Hmmm. Also, I read somewhere that Anea was asked to go to South Sudan without any security escorts. If that is true, then BPCI should have second thoughts sending any delegate to this pageant. One’s safety and security should be of utmost importance.

    • “It seems to me that they have just adapted it for the sake of having one.” Ano pa nga ba? I doubt if the pageant director has even any idea about the sociopolitical complexities of war, and that it is impossible for a beauty queen with no knowledge of international relations or training in negotiations to be turned into an ambassador that you can just bring into a warzone. Eto yung advocacy na mema lang

  3. Kung US passport holder ka Di na problema visit visa sa ibang countries 😃

  4. If there’s one thing that the Thai are better at than we are, it’s crowns. My favorite might be their Miss World crowns. It’s distinctly MW, but retains the local flavor in its design. Even their chipipay pageants have better crowns than our nationals; just look at those Miss Grand Thailand titleholders. And it’s not just BBP. The MWP crown is widely considered to be superior to the BBP crowns, but nicer versions of those are available at chinese wholesaler sites.

    We might be the powerhouse of Asia, but our crowns are truly kawawa next to our neighbors. Even Nepal and Myanmar have better crowns for their nationals than we do. Our queens are world-class. Our crowns should be, too.

    • Carry na yung chipipay na crown:) parang mas ok na yung simpleng pumorma pero maraming pera sa bangko, kesa sosyal pumorma pero waley ipon

      • Eto yung hindi ko magets na mentality ng Pinoy. Bakit ang hilig natin sa “‘Di bale nang X, basta Y.” Bakit kailangan nating makuntento sa kulang? Bakit hindi natin hinihingi yung nararapat? We don’t have to choose between having a great performance and beautiful crowns. It’s not one or the other. We can – and should have – both.

      • That same mentality is one of the main reason why we are easily opressed by our colonizers, invaders and our very own oligarchy AKA our political leaders.

    • Urban Hindi Ka Na nasanay. BPCI is hella cheap Mars. Kung sa wardrobe nga Ang Chaka, sa crown pa Kaya. What else is knew. But personally, I would rather have them invest their money on a great selection of fashion forward wardrobe for our queens. Kasi the clothes they wear help them stand out in international pageants. Mas ok Na ako sa cheap Na crowns cause the crowns stay in the Philippines. The wardrobe they provide gets brougt to wherever the international pageant is. kaya Carry bells

  5. Most delegates were appointted for this pageant.I don’t know if there’s a country holding a pageant solely for MGI.

    And for Bb Pilipinas,it’s not a good move if they crown Miss Grand Philippines.First,a French beauty queen maker who past her time convinced MSA to send Parul Shah last year and get the franchise.They were partners claimed the owner of MGI.She called herself friend to Pia Wurtzbach but her true color revealed later on.And I think this pageant is using the Philippine pageantry and Filipino fans to be popular.Of course,Bb Pilipinas is now one of the most talked about pageants in the world.So rubbing shoulder to Bb Pilipinas is the best move.

  6. agree, this pageant is dubious, only on its third year of existence and so many controversies (remember, two contestants withdrew during last year’s contest, and now THIS)..imho, bb pilipinas should just send a runner-up to honor its commitment.. and i think evangeline pascual was just being practical, not proud.. after all, she was just offered the responsibilities, NOT the crown..

  7. If they prefer US passports, then the Philippines will never win this pageant. They will have to work at getting a passport for most countries if a Filipina wins and its obvious Ayaw Paawat is not up to the task.

  8. This pageant is dubious. Claire’s fans are saying that she should have won blah blah! but the thing is, she didn’t. The judges voted for Anea. Now, Anea stepped down and Claire and her fans are celebrating. Shouldn’t they feel bad about it that Claire was just a second choice? I really mind getting a crown that you didn’t win by judges scores. I dont feel like celebrating on something you didn’t win and it was just passed on to you. This kinda reminds me of Evangeline Pascual refusing to do the work for the lazy winner in Miss World 1973 as Evangeline said, the crown was not offered but only the responsibility. lolz Claire however, gets the crown and half of the prize money and travels to wartorn country. Let’s see how brave she is.

    • padede, this is a beauty contest, not a math contest. so it is expected that people will have varying opinions as to who should win the crown
      the judges voted for claire as ist run up so the crown rightfully belongs to her now that anea has stepped down or something.
      if Evangeline was too proud to pick up the Miss World crown from where it was left off , it was her decision. do not expect Claire to do the same.

  9. hihi sinusundan ko tong drama na to. nakakatawa sila magbatuhan ng issues.

  10. buhay pa pala ang chakang pageant wanna be na ito! pati ang mukhang palakang si patapon aswang na tumalo kay kris buhay pa rin pala!

  11. What’s wrong with her having an American passport? Anea is ethnically Dominican so theres nothing wrong at all for her to represent that country! Anja VanessaPeters joined bb pilipinas and I assume she has A Philippine passport and was still able to join Miss Germany and placed 1st runner up! I don’t see anything wrong at all!

    • norman is saying the same. he does not understand the logic behind choosing Anea because she has a US passport (vs someone with an Australian passport)
      claire is stunning. australia always sends facially beautiful representatives .

    • There’s nothing wrong about Anea having a US passport.The blogger said that he was told that MGI preferred Anea beacause she has a US passport.It’s a plus why she won.

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