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  1. Ako, i don’t have any right to harbor ill-feelings to any of the Manalo sisters based on what we read about their behaviors. First and foremost, di naman kami nagkasama….at hindi naman nila ako kilala and vice versa. Nichole is in my lists based on my standards. Nichole’s fate on BBP shouldn’t be patterned on the non placements of her sisters in the international arena. Remember nanalo po sila sa BBP in their own respective years, di sila talunan. They may not be successful in their journey in MW & MU, eh ano naman, ano kinalaman ni Nichole dun…sya ba ang judge don? Dahil kapatid kahit deserving, di pwede…kasi natalo ang Manalo sisters sa abroad? Let’s not be too hard on them. Try to evaluate Nichole on her own merit not because she is the sister of the two BBP winners who abbhor by other people based solely on what they read and heard.

  2. Para maging mas controversial ang family manalo, nichole m. will be a semi-finalist again😂
    Magiging part na sa BPCI history ang record ng Family Manalo + d controversy😃
    Palaging mapag-usapan ang mga Manalo kung may mga controversy same with the Manalo😊
    Pero kung may Big Heart c SMA, pls. maawa ka nman kay nichole m., ginawa n ang lahat para manalo kahit sumimplang sa Q&A ay bagay nman cya sa MI😃
    Mag-Memorize nlang cya with a Heart at konting drama acting dahil dyan nman cya magaling 😃

  3. Will the Sisters Manalo achieve the triple crowns in 2016?

    If Nichole Marie is destined to become one of the crowns holders on the night of April 17, whether deserving or not, then she’ll have one of the crowns and better the current national record of the Manalo sisters. That’s it, plain and simple.

  4. In the spirit of full disclosure, I only based my observation sa stills of the press presentation. In the video, you’re right; medyo malayo and I couldn’t see clearly. The pink swimsuits didn’t look awkward on all the girls naman. It looked much better on the girls with fuller figures (Ysh, Nichole). I noticed na wala naman talagang comment here about it; ako lang pumuna. I guess nag stand out lang siya sa akin dahil parang na-feel ko yung pagka-alanganin as a girl haha

  5. if Nichole snatches the Best in Swimsuit special award, the Manalo sisters would set another record as the Binibini sisters who all won the same special award. Come to think of it, I believe Kate & Bianca are the first siblings to have won the same award

      • Ayan hangang thumbs down nalang nanaman kayo?…. Ayaw nyo umapila??? 😀 Pag usapan natin to game?… hahaha

      • Ariella Arida won Best in Swimsuit In the Gold Edition of BBP despite having minimal curves and having competitors with sexier bodies like Parul Shah and of course Pia, just in case you’re forgetting about it. She even (allegedly) topped the swimsuit portion in MU2013. It really depends on the performance i guess. so yeah, nothing is impossible

      • @Fabian

        For your information, those are the curves of a real woman… and As I remember, aside from her performance, Ariela is the smoothest girl with the most even skintone during BBP… and back then she did not have the lean body that she sported at Miss U….

        Therefore, if Nichole can perform as well as Ariela during the swimsuit round then she has the same chance of winning that special award.

      • Or maybe even a greater chance than Ariela since Nichole has the best skin, smallest waist to hip ratio and one of the best pasarelas among the frontrunner.

      • Oh my gosh. Ano name ni kuya dancer sa likod ni Ara? Hahahaha. Sarap humiga sa kili kili. Hihihihihi.

        Sorry mga mars. Can’t help it. Haha! 🙂 Ice breaker na rin lol.

  6. Could someone kindly post a photo of Nicole’s swimsuit photo? I totally forgot. I think it’s worth seeing since post nya to. She looks good naman. @nonfatmintlatte, some of the missoni/Prada printed swimsuits are new and interesting for me so I’m keeping an open mind. The ones worn by Hammond (who looked long and lean and fab) and Nichole I didn’t like to much. Collectively they seem to photograph really well. I agree with you. I need to observe the presentation swimsuit again. Di pa maganda quality ng video parang ang layo nung napanood ko sa video from fb.

  7. Older sister Kate had gravitas; Bianca had the looks, but shot it down with a lightweight personality. I think we’re all in agreement here that as far as Nichole is concerned, we’re still pretty much in the dark as to where she stands.

    Images wise, she has her high moments as well as her lows when she registers as neither here nor there. I attribute this to her new looks as she still seems to be unsure as to how compose you know, a ‘face’. And this is what worries me about Filipina queens getting cosmetic surgery. While we still cling to the belief of a ‘natural’ beauty, we have to face the contradiction that is Venezuela whose entire pageant record is built on plastic, plastic and even more plastic! If we are to strengthen our newly minted pageant super-power status, we have to change our mindset about cosmetic surgery.

    Sure, we’d love a ‘natural’ girl but we also need to embrace those who’ve opted for a tweak or two. At the moment, it registers as a stigma to those who’ve had nips and tucks when it shouldn’t be; try googling Maria+Gigante+Veneers and you’ll see what I mean.

    Beauty is perfection that’s perfected by any means necessary and cosmetic surgery is simply a tool among many tools such as makeup, styling and elocution classes.

    The sooner we stop plastic-surgery shaming, the better it will be for everyone including Nichole who is not only obviously struggling with finding the right projection for her new looks, but also trying to deflect negative comments about it.

    But at the end of the day, it’s still predominantly your self-belief that should carry you and not your external looks and that’s the part we have to catch up with Venezuela; every single successful queen that came off the Osmel Sousa plastic factory had the singular belief that what they saw in the mirror when the bandages came off was their truer self.

    If between now and finals night Nichole finally gets to see that, then a crown is definitely assured.

      • Yup and the title of the thesis is, ‘Nichole Manalo: A Study of a Paradigm Shift in Philippine Pageantry & Changing Cultural Attitudes Towards Cosmetic Surgery’. (2016, Penn State).

  8. kinakabahan ako baka gumanti si SMA. baka ang ipadala nya eh alam nyo na or else magpadala nga nga karapat dapat pero paglalaruan na naman . tsk

  9. Nichole M. is definitely a crown contender. Possibly Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental or Bb. Pilipinas MGI. Well, I won’t complain if she wins MUP whilst my wish to win MUP2016 is a Binibini below 26 y.o. It’s just a wish 🙂

  10. Honestly, I’m quite impressed with Nichole’s transformation. And I have to say she’s really determined to win — having gone that far.

    It’s almost a foregone conclusion that she will be wearing a crown and a sash after all this is over. BUT I’m still waiting to hear her comm skills — that will determine what title she wins.

    • she will make top 15 for sure . if she does 2014 again sounding like she had nothing in her head , she will go home with nothing on her head

  11. Yes Nichole 2.0 is much improved, more beautiful than Nichole circa 2014. But is she competing with batch 2014? Nope. If I have to compare her with batch 2016, there are way more stunning faces than hers. She has the drive, the ambition, and the surname to back her up in her quest, plus the body and the training, but are they enough to win a crown? Teresita Sen Marquez and Mariel de Leon come to mind, and I’m afraid to say she may end up with the same fate as the two. I hope I’m wrong.

    • wynwyn did everything right from beginning to end.i think she lost because the judges were not happy with her beauty and height…. which was a blessing in disguise. now, she can join again and win MUP. I strongly believe in this girl. She will make an impact at MU.
      Mariel de Leon ,on the other hand ,is not a BQ material. She is not feminine enough and her beauty is questionable . She was lucky she made top15…thanks to her family name.
      As for Nichole. She has the face (manufactured or not) and the body. She only needs give a decent answer to get a crown… Manalo or not Manalo.

  12. The genes always tells the truth. How much surgical procedure she underwent we cant relegate the fact that they havent won an international crown. They were clappers !!! Stop sending these kind of candidates. Just a waste of time.

    • Grabe ka naman! They were not the only clappers in BbP history and I would not consider Kate Manalo as a clapper who is a finalist in Miss World. Being MW finalist is a big deal during that time, kase bihira tayong makapasok sa finals.
      Nagresearch ka na ba kung ano talaga ang nangyari kay Bianca sa MU 2009?
      Winning an international pageant is not only being beautiful, sexy and intelligent. There is also a destiny. Pag nakatakda kang mananalo walang makakahadlang sa yo. Tandaan mo yan!

    • I agree with Miss Tisa…

      Kat Manalo started a semi-finalist streak at Miss World which is indeed a great feat since we never placed after Ruffa became 2nd Princess.. and it was ended by Ana Maris Igpit… Hoping for better Luck.. BBP sent the best Binibini that year who was Maggie Wilson who became a clapper due to pageant politics… BBP felt the disapointment of Filipino pageant fans. Finaly, Julia Morely requested for BBP to send a girl from the poorest of the poor… That is the year BBP favored the 17 year old Janina San Miguel who’s the daughter of a Jeepney Driver, believing she could do a Melanie Marquez… She failed miserably during the Q&A but her beauty is more than enough to win her a crown. Alas the public was extremely critical of her on top of her family problems which broke her spirit. She was later replaced by whats her name who became another clapper at MW.

      • Forgot about Cara Subijano who could have placed higher or even won Miss World if her gown was not stolen…

      • See, this is why I make babad here sa Norman. Seryosong interes ko to. I like the exchange of information. Hindi yung issue ng thumbs up or down, or pag hahamon ng away ng iba. Thanks for this refresher closer. Cara subijano – when I think of her I think of her long black hair….love….then I to nk of Richard Gomez and n his prime

      • Ninakaw pla ang gown ni Cara that time😃
        Kaya pla parang aattend lng cya ng bday party sa gown nya pero napakaintelligent nya at may class kung kumilos at magsalita😃

      • Cara Subijano was great, don’t get me wrong. But I’d rather have Sheila M. Dizon, who won BB Pilipinas Tourism, than Cara as our rep for MW that year. Nonetheless, that 1994 batch was indeed full of pretty BBP winners…. which reminds me of 1996 batch as well.

  13. More photoshoots are always welcome, but ‘di ko masyado bet yung patterns. They look cute pag magkakasama pero pag individual naaalanganin ako sa designs.

    Actually, eto. I know that the swimsuit sponsors are Norman’s good friends, so I don’t know kung anong opinion niya about giving feedback on it. For me kasi, the pink swimsuits used in the press presentation did not fit well sa karamihan ng girls. It might be an issue with the design/pattern/cutter or a sizing issue. Either way, it looked awkward on a lot of girls. If you look at some of the photos, parang ang iksi nung top paikot, lalo from the side. They probably had to tie it super tight across the chest so it can cover everything, but then it made them look a bit flat na tuloy dahil na-compress. Some girls also looked like their chests were higher than usual because the top wasn’t able to go all the way down to support it. I don’t know the details of their contract – if these were made-to-order per girl’s measurements or they’re just stocked sizes. I just feel like the fit couldve been better for a lot of girls aesthetically, and as well as for support.

    • Whoops sorry this was supposed to be a reply to Laila’s comment on the new poolside shoot

  14. If I will choose a crown for Nichole, it will be Supranational or Intercontinental.
    But if she will be crowned as MUP, I don’t see any problem with that at all! Thank you!

  15. too many underrated contestants – nos 21 23 25 and 26…. among others. I have yet to watch 1-20 and 31-40

  16. Kate Manalo ok pa atleast she can talk very well… but bianca, no way nag sasalita pa lang nakaka turn off na…. at no sense magsalita i dont know why she won mup-09, i heard her sister nicole, not also outspoken… we need a girl to represent us smart, witty, beautiful, tall and spontenous. pls sana lang bukun sa maganda at matalino magaling din mag salita at may content.

  17. Sorry Norman, unahan ko na. Na excite lang ako kase kakaiba nga swimwear nila. Very Missoni and Prada prints. Sa final photos mag poi-pop pa lalo yan siguro.

    Some photos were ta ken from jeffrey rogador’s ig:

  18. Her mouth just looks really awkward to me lol. I have her as my Supranational bet, since she’s got a great body and pasarela, and she won’t need to worry much about her communication skills.
    She also reminds me of Miss Intercontinental 2014, from Thailand I think lol. So I could also see her going to that pageant, but not placing any higher than that. There are many more better options to choose from for the major crowns.

    • yes the lips are a give away
      naughty norman has caught the manalo sisters off guard
      In fairness, the three of them look good, prob better than 99% of the commenters here

  19. I think she deserves a crown. She’s worked hard to get to where she is now. Personally, I don’t care that she got her face done because I’m not old school. I’m a modern day filipina who can compete in the reality of globalization. CHOS. But kidding aside, I think Nichole has a beautiful face and a beautiful body. She already has the physical factor but she STILL has to prove to everyone that she can pull through in the q&a section. yes she was atrocious in 2014 but let’s give her a break. That was her first time joining bbp with no formal training. For now, any crown aside from MUP can be given to her. We’ll have to wait for her q&a performance in the finals… If she does exceptionally well, then I wouldn’t mind her winning MUP. But I would rather have someone from A&Q win that title to be honest.

    • no formal training?// she must have been training all her 26 yrs of life. baka nasobrahan, di naka-focus sa public speaking class

      • don’t even try to get sarcastic with me… You know what I mean. She entered bbp as an independent candidate. Her sisters probably mentored her but that’s just not enough. They can’t provide Nichole the training KF and A&Q can… Public speaking is tough.. You may know what to say, but when the nerves kick in, your performance deteriorates.

      • then, joy, think before you click. that’s how you treat verbal diarrhea lol

      • so how would you describe the training provided by these various beauty camps?

      • Nonformal training? Is that what you want to hear? It’s a pageant blog Fabian, don’t get too technical lol

      • @ Joy – she joined in 2014 as one of KF’s bets. Hence, she had her formal training back then. Just a piece of advice, please do your own homework especially when throwing in some facts — your comments may potentially mislead other gullible readers. And her growing up in a clan of beauty queens, you didn’t think she would get her “informal” training?? In fact, that’s even a huge advantage for her — she gets all the tips and advices, first-hand, on a regular basis from those who’s been there, done that. How convenient is that?!

  20. Bbp-International 2016. 😂 kaso di na pasok ang age. Ipadala ang 1st runner up. Haha

  21. Di ko bet ang manalo sisters my distant memory of which is bianca’s 2009 clapper finish..bust must concede that am loving nichole’s overhaul altho i have yet to hear her speak..tsaka napag iwanan ata bust size nya, sana tinodo na talaga nya at nagpalaki ng boobs para vavavoom talaga..go nichole! I know u have prepared well for this and a crown is in the offing.

  22. In terms of projection and overall (overhaul sorry couldn’t help that) styling …yez give Nichole a crown so she may compete internationally deserve naman nya. We’ve heard nasty rumors about their family shenanigans pero in fairness kay Nichole wala naman ako naririnig or nababasa na rude sya or mayabang or bitchy. Sa nakikita ko kay Nichole, sarili nya ang competition nya. If prepared na lahat for her, I just hope she nails her q and a para may sabihin man mga tao na nega, taas noo nyang masasabi na pinaghandaan nya lahat ng aspects ng competition sorry nalang sila.

    Since Hindi pa na proprove ni Nichole sarili nya in terms of public speaking, a crown for her yes, pero wag muna MU. Reserve ko muna MU pick ko dun sa kaya makipagsabayan ng Boca. Yes some of them are ma Boca na like Nicole C pero, iba pa rin yung nasa stage ka na, kaya mo ba talaga mag deliver? So wait muna ako dyan. Again, we’ve seen their photos, we’ve seen them in motion pero sa q a may mga frontrunners na bumabagsak at sleepers na umaangat. We’ll see …

    • True! I mean everyone thought Charmaine Elima was the true contender for MUP but she faltered in her q&a unfortunately… But then Ara, who wasn’t as popular surprised everyone with a bang! And the rest was history 🙂

      • joy , the judges watched the primer and saw that ara was the real beauty. I knew shw was gonna be a sleeper hit

    • arrrggghhhh Nicole C, yung level ng pagka girl crush ko sayo. level nung pagka girl crush ko kay Ann last year….bone structure man bone structure….

      • impressive. it just boils down to who will impress at the Q and A. Whoever can talk wins… I think … I hope

      • like ko sya dito. pero bat ganon pag nasa stage na! ewan ko ba. Chyna ortaleza. sya nga ang mag aala ann colis vaka mapunta sa Miss Globe. Pero gusto ko runner up nalang muna either sya, alita or sheena runner up muna. i will pulling up Manalo on my list as Miss Globe and push down sheena as runner up muna.
        so may list today
        MU Apriel
        MI Kylie sana ok pa age nya
        Supra Dindi
        Intercon Joanna
        MGI Angelique
        Globe Nichole
        1st runner up Sheena
        2nd runner up Alita

      • Remember, Lai, what I said in one my previous comments? She reminds me of Ara — those beautiful, gorgeous high cheekbones!!! 🙂

  23. If there is a family of politicians, a family of physicians lawyers etc. There is certainly a family of beauty queens. Which family could beat them if Nichole bags a crown. There is certainly no problem with surgical beauty if that’s how you call it. We live in an era where nothing seems impossible. There are no rules either.If Canada accepts a trans woman as a contender then Philippines has no problem with Nichole bagging a crown.

  24. Norman, the picture above is a revelation. It makes it obvious that something has been done on Nichole’s face .Not there is anything wrong with it. I used to believe it was all natural

    • If I was to base my decision on above pic, I would say no to Nichole getting any of the crowns. She just does not look good there

      • So, does your comment matter in the finals? .whether she wins or not…she followed her dreams

      • sam, do not be too quick to say that. the judges maybe reading us. they are just people like u and me.

        regardless, I’m just trying to join a conversation here. everyone matters , every opinion should be heard.

  25. Oh Good Lord! HELP! 😀

    Forgive us of our sins (debts/trespasses)
    As we forgive those who have sinned AGAINST us,
    Lead us NOT into temptation,
    But deliver us from the EVIL one!

    Lord, when it comes to the Manalo sisters, give me YOUR supernatural strength to keep my trap shut, my accusations quenched and keep my sarcasm in check! May YOUR justice be served, not mine… PLEASE!


    Go, BbP Class of 2016, GO!

  26. I hope not. Nothing against them but this is a high time for the Philippines. We don’t wanna go back to the oldways. No to runner-ups or semi-finalist position. Remember that Manalo in Miss World? She said she was already contented with semi-final position as long as hindi clapper? juicy mio! Give the crown to the real contenders.

    • well it looks like nichole wants an international crown , something that no one in her family has ever achieved.
      as for miss world Manalo, it was almost impossible back then for a Filipino rep to get into the semifinal round. so I think she was just being realistic .

      • Nini Ramos, BBP-I 1968 is their Aunt. So the Ramos-Manalo family has a complete slate of crown(s). Nini Ramos was a semifinalist at MI68, Kate was a top 8 finalist at MW02.

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