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  1. Funny but the silly comments caught my attention more than the colourful and stylish swimwears. That close neck upper part with ¾ sleeves is so out of place. Who would actually wear them on the poolside? But I have to applause Sissel Ria and Kimberle Mae for making that style look good though really looks incovenient to wear. Other than these two ladies, here are the ones that really stood out:

    • I think the swimwear you criticized looks great. I’m a woman and I would totally wear what Ria and Kiimberle are wearing here. Have you heard of rashguards? We wear that for swimming.

      • Same here! Like the short-sleeved ones, still sexy but conservative enough, plus it works for top-conscious women like me.

      • I know rashies and they are kind of athletic gears thinner than scuba diving outfits. They are like full-sized long-sleeved shirts so it can protect the skin from rashes and others. I grew up in Europe and I don’t see non-athletes wearing them in pools and beaches. In fact they even go topless.

  2. Apriel Smith for Miss Universe Philippines. I think now is the right time to send a black barbie. A total opposite from our reigning titleholder, Pia.

  3. Offtopic muna, Ate Lai! How true daw na 26 na ang eligible age para sa MW this year? If so, may pagasa pa para sa Pageant journey ni Kim!

    • nako baka sabi sabi lang kase ang age limit ng MWP 17-24 kung iaakyat nila ng 26 oo pwede sana pero ang laking jump nun and hindi pa sila ganun ka ingay sa fb so mukang walang sasabakan si kim. Late na rin kase sya nag decide mag pageants eh.

    • Parang nabasa ko din yan somewhere. Sana totoo! Do you guys think she fits the Miss World title?

    • Not True!.. kaya ganun age limit sa MWP kasi diba 25 limit ng Miss world? SO it is indeed a myth.

  4. I’m glad that almost everyone is pleased with the swimwear. I love it too, there’s touch of conservatism 🙂

    You maybe laugh but the stand out for me in this swimwear photo-shoot are, Ria Rabajante, Dindi Pajares and Agatha Pangindian. The frontrunners since day 1 are not far behind though (Kylie, Nichole, and Maxine) 😉

  5. After replaying this video, i now know why the japanese chose edymar as MI. Edymar honestly is very mahinhin in her every movement, even with her winning reaction. Janicel in the other hand was too calculated IMHO. We were all hyping her and our expectations went high. She looked very trained while Edymar in the other hand looked so normal with the hinhin side.

    For Miss World, it is clear that Julia Morley has picked her winner even before the competition ends. I saw how genuine the present winner was all throughout. U just feel it.

    For MU, klarong klaro that Pia had it. Her answers sealed the deal. Her closed door interview surely won the org.

    well these are all just my thoughts and I hope the rights girls will be crowned for the corresponding category. We just have a lot of good ones this year.

  6. Kimberle Penchon is such a stunner. That shot. Just wow!
    Angelica Alita … this sweet angel is morphing into a fierce competitor. Undeniable beauty.
    Nichole Manalo has one of the best bodies in this batch. Very proportioned and long-legged.
    Dindi Pajares really gives off that sporty and fun vibe. Her long and lean body is to die for as well.
    Nicole Cordoves – ang fresh ng aura niya dito.

    Is there going to be a live streaming on the coronation night?

    • Ang ganda ng make-up ni Kimberly… reminds of how Patricia Ejercitado really looked before the pageantry.

      • Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a bad photo of Kimberle. Her swimsuit and glam pictorials are both stunning as well. She always exudes that queenly aura. Very beautiful face.

  7. marame talaga sa batch na to ang may potential there are 1 to 4 seems ready to compete anytime. and some are need to polish a little more. Apriel, Kylie, Dindi, Angelique.. but Apriel is the best to send in MU if kailangang kailangan na. they are ready to conquer the international stage. Maxine and joana completed my top 6. Alita and Cordoves as a runner ups join next year for more polishing. For Nichole Manalo , i put maxine as Miss Globe, But Nichole also fit in this title. so either Maxine or Nichole.

  8. Dindi looks like the young Michelle Yeoh when she was Miss Malaysia…

  9. Max Medina reminds me of a cross between Kurara Chibana and Patricia Velasquez… Awesome! 😀

    Nicole Manalo’s face looks like Sam Pinto, Ann Curtis, Gwen Zamora and Pia Wurtzbach… with a body of a victoria’s secret angel… wow! She will definitely have a future in showbiz after BBP!

    Again, I can’t get over Kimberly Penchon lookin like Kris Janson, Anne Hathaway and a bit of Megan Young!

    Angelica Alita looks like Paulina Vega, Isla Fisher and Scarlet Johansen…

    Angelique looks like a Latina… I can’t think of a peg for her which is good because it means she would stand out!

  10. Fadil Worthyang photos. Not a copycat of Fadil’s previous theme but the execution and end product screams Fadil. Good Job BPCI! #AllTeaNoShade

  11. Baby Laila super surprising in a good way. Kim P. Ang pretty. Kylie! Apriel! Dindi! Angelique! Maxine and Nichole:)

    Maria hasn’t been nailing her photoshoots. This shot of her is quite underwhelming.

  12. Btw, ganda ni Kimberly Penchon in this shoot… she reminds me of a cross between Kris Janson and Anne Hathaway with a bit of Megan Young. She could be the dark horse….

  13. Nichole Manalo might win the voting.. FYI everyone.. Ngayon palang nangangampanya na sya kung alam nyo lang… I remember Kat Manalo campaigned at CFC and YFC before and after winning Binibini…I believe Bianca did the same thing and now Nichole is doing it with greater effort since mas matinik ang labanan.. Right now pati Multi-level marketing company nangangapanya sya as of this moment. Magaling magaling magaling… hahaha brainy! 😀

    • Ayan nanaman hangang thumbs down nalang… parang hindi totoo sinabi ko… hahaha… Bakit pag ako nagpost hindi kayo umaapila?…

  14. No matter how I see it, I really like Nichole Manalo
    I’m forcing myself not to like her but I can’t. I just can’t dahlinn..
    I love her and in this set, she emerged on top once again.
    She has this calm demeanor and serene aura that I like

    The rest of the “popular” girls are all overrated IMO

    • Jeremi dahhhlinnn!!! Yey! We have something in common. From my quick review of the past comments, apparently Nichole was the culprit behind the disqualification of some candidates? Is that right? Lol. Fierce. haha. And obviously she is a product of SSS (Salamat Sa Siensya), but she looks beautiful and that is what matters now.

      I have yet to hear her talk. I hope that she doesn’t sound and talk like her sister Bianca who sounds dense and dumb when she opens her mouth.

      World Peace.

  15. I’m loving Jennifer Hammonds set. Available na kaya for purchase somewhere or even online?

  16. The swimsuits are lovely, colorful and modern.

    Based on these pictures alone (meaning, without hearing them talk yet, and being oblivious to the politics involved [ie. apparently N. Manalo is not popular among the readers]), here are the stand-outs:

    1) Nichole M.
    2) Kylie
    3) Dindi
    4) Kimberly Mae

    I don’t understand the hype aout : Maxine who appears to have no neck in this photo, Apriel who appears to have no chin in all photos, and Angelique who appears to be all-teeth in all photos.

    World Peace. =)

    • Nichole Manalo best body. BEST IN SWIMSUIT. Im liking her to be MUP.
      Either Maxine or Manoalo

      • Having not read this blog for some time, I had to quickly go through the past entries just to get some sense as to who’s-hot-who’s-not.

        Apparently, Maxine is a favorite here. I will now be courting fire and brimstone once again when I say this. Maxine’s body is fantastic. The skin, flawless. But the face…naman… She looks like a young Madame Auring. No offense to MAdame Auring. Masyadong malapad.

        And beyond the exotic and novelty appeal of an Apriel, the girl’s face is not proportional. She has no chin. It doesn’t help that her forehead is prominent thus eclipsing her chin. The distance between the middle of the nose from the forehead should be equal to its distance to the chin.

        That Angelique naman looks like she can give Cacai a run for her dental-diva title. She reminds me of a young Imee Marcos. The hair, the malamlam na mata and THE TEETH. The girl can not close her mouth in all her pics. She simply can’t.

        Ria’s lack of height is a pity. Her face is lovely . A cross between Tetchie A. and Amy Austria. But unfortunately, a lovely face does not a beauty queen make.

        All the rest look OK. And an adjective like “OK” is bad in a beauty contest.

        World Peace. =)

    • Oh bakit may thumbs down? May sinabi ba akong masama? Kalerky kayo ha. Ganda kaya nila, at sarili kong opinyon to. Hihi.

  17. now i will put maxine as ist runnerr up sheena is 2nd runner up.
    teka lang ha. 5 crowns talaga?
    so walang globe tama ba?

  18. Wow.. may nagbago kay Nicole Cordoves.. They did the same thing to her as what they did to Yvethe Santiago and slight lang kay Janine Tugonon… Magaling Aces!… kala nyo hindi ko mapapansin ha… 😀

    • Ok guaranteed crown for Nicole Cordoves…

      OMG may maliligwak sa Top 7 for the 5 crowns… 😦 I hope its not Angelique… face projection lang… I know you can slay the Q&A.. laban!!!

  19. Love these photoshoots! The eye-catching swimwear is a fresh of breath air BPCI’s annals. The org is definitely stepping up. I love that 4M is sporting a different look here. Very youthful vibe and a chameleon – two assets when you want to see someone transformed by the time MU gets rolling. Apriel’s styling here is much softer – curls look great on her. I wish they’d find the right makeup for her skin tone – maybe her camp should start pegging Tyra Banks for that glamazon look. Best of luck to the rest of the girls! #4M4MUP

  20. Now these kind of photos will really boost a certain candidates popularity world-wide. A lot of youtubers create top picks for a certain pageant, especially MU. This kind of quality must be published often. Just my opinion based from how I see published photos in the past years

  21. I’m beginning to think that I’d like Maxine Medina for MUP- who would have thought that straight hair gives her a sharp, edgy modern Asian look?? (as opposed to her previous up-dos which registers as dated)…and on the plus side, she has an amazing smile as compared to everyone’s fail-safe choice Kylie Versoza.

    As defined, a fail-safe or fail-secure device is one that, in the event of a specific type of failure, responds in a way that will cause no harm, or at least a minimum of harm, to other devices or to personnel- this means in pageant speak that we’ve put so much faith in someone whose perceived strengths hardly overcome her more weighty liabilities; a smile that distorts her face and a lack of spontaneity even when answering the simplest and most casual of questions. A lot of her admirers seem to believe that her posing and pouting skills are enough; sorry but its not! (at least for the MUP crown).

    Kylie V: Like I said, a fail-safe choice for MU. Give her a different crown
    Nichole M: Looks every inch a winner for the top crown as well as the rest. We just have to see if the inside matches what’s on the outside.
    Nicole C: Aiming for MUP as well though sometimes she gives me an Yvthe Santiago Vibe (meaning she’ll most likely get one of the ‘lesser’ crowns).
    Apriel S: keep ‘softening’ her look and she’d be perfect for MI (just to shake up that staid, stuffy pageant)

    Kimberle Mae: such a strong, but still attractive and compelling face as opposed to other strong faces like Mariella Castillo (which registers as too much) or Ria Rabajante who is going in the opposite direction and sporting a soft, mysterious look- is being muted going to make you stand out though in a sea of girls?

    Others that I like:
    Anjelica Alita: she could surprise ala Ara Arida
    Vina Openiano: we might think her look is dated, but foreigners won’t see her the way we do. Great body, polished presentation skills.

    On the fence with:
    Angelique de Leon; there’s only two possibilities for her, bomb out of the semis completely or bag something like runner-up or MGI.
    Maria Gigante; perhaps the equal to Pia in terms of intelligence and personality but height and continued criticism of her use of cosmetic surgery are really hurting her chances.

    • I really like medina, alita, and apriel. I think they will stand out when standing beside latinas. A lot of things can still be improved before MU.

      I think kylie can only sport limited styles. i’ve noticed that MU wants a girl who can be styled differently in numerous ways.

      I’ve seen pia in curls, straight, wavy, good up-dos that features her swan like neckline, and many other more.

  22. Kylie and Alita dominated and slayed eveyone here. Expected na kay Kylie but Alita is the revelation. Dindi is cute and Penchon also slayed, loving her more. #NoToPolarizingBeauty

  23. look at maxene face really stunner – NicoleM, NicoleC, April, Alita, Dindi are stand out for me based on these photos.

  24. Shet. Pag commodity si Maxine for sure d xa affordable. I mean mukha talaga syang mamahalin. This round is for you Max!

    Kylie and Nichole of course. The rest are just meh.

  25. Baby Laila super surprising in a good way. Kim P. Ang pretty. Kylie! Apriel! Dindi! Angelique! Maxine and Nichole 🙂

    Maria hasn’t been nailing her photoshoots. This shot of her is quite underwhelming.

    • Alita and Penchon – amazeballs!
      Versoza and Medina – modeled
      Pajares – playful
      Cordoves – vibrant
      Smith is gradually winning me over.

  26. Honestly the head turners for me.. the one who have got the best appeal,
    1. Kimberlie Penchon
    2. Maria Gigante
    3. Angelique
    4. April
    5. Angelica
    6. Kylie –

  27. Ria and Angelique–gorgeous!

    Maxine dominated this one again. Apriel is very fresh faced, would love to see a crown on her.

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