58 comments on ““Stepping-Up Six”: My Next Level of Hot Picks from the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 Press Presentation 

  1. I am satisfied the way Dexter Co crowned these girls.
    Kylie – Universe
    Apriel – International
    Dindi – Supranational
    Nichole M. – Intercontinental
    Angelique – Grand International
    Nicole C. – Globe
    Maria Lina – 1st runner-up

    Juice colored, sana palitan na ang mga crowns ng BbP.

    • kung sa intercon mo ilagagay si nichole baka manalo pa ang ivang asya. we need a crown in intercon and MGI. sa Globe nalang sya ilagay. sa MU naman we need to maintain our position kahit top 5. sa MI d na sya pwede don i think. sa supra naman dindi is the best girl to send in supra.so either globe or International pwede si nichole base on what she is right now. pero mukang globe nalang since her age is not qualified anymore in MI

  2. Kylie is growing on me. Without Kim, Kylie seems the next most prepared. How tall is she ? Apriel is a worthy candidate for MU too. I just wish they soften her styling… Why is he hair always in that severe pony tail? Maxine Is too girl next door. Nichole Cordoves is fierce. Manalo is fake

  3. Dindi P, Maxine M, Kimberly P, and Nicole C are my next four candidates that would not surprise me should any be crowned MUP and/or all four in the winners court!

    Go, BbP Class of 2016, Go!

  4. Dindi. I know she wants Supra and I think she’s the perfect fit for Supra pero if she does very well during the finals why not MU diba? Baby sister Alita is so pretty pero I won’t mind if she gets one of those runner up positions. Pwede pa sya mag train for next year. Become leaner and longer tutal sabi sabi naman magaling sya sa Q and A. Exciting lang sakin na with every photoshoot and every event paiba iba favorites ko. Kumbaga walang monopoly ng super lakas na candidate. It’s anybody’s game.

    Medyo inaabangan ko rin kung sino sa mga mananalo yung tipong magkakaroon tayo ng violent reaksyon. Sino kaya yung maka sungkit ng isang title na hindi natin inexpect or napagusapan. Fun lang….

    P.S. naglilinis ako ng pinterest folder ko ng photos. nakita ko ulit to. photo ni kim in a pink bikini. sayang kung nandun sya ganito sana itsura nya. Similar naman yung bikini na suot nila. Wala lang…

    • I still haven’t gotten over Kim’s being out of this year’s BBP edition. Just look at that bod ! She simply has it all (the 3 B’s) – beauty, body and brains ! I may get some thumbs down for not being able to move on (yet) but this is just me. Sooner or later, I’ll get over it.
      Nicole C. is still my favorite ! 🙂

      • Same here Jen. Hanggang last minute I’ll keep some hope. Then in the end, kung wala na talaga, it will be the greatest could-have-been in Phil Pageantry history.

      • @ KittyCat – I’m still hurting, to be honest, and it hasn’t sunk in yet that she’s no longer a part
        of BBP 2016. Sobrang nakapanghihinayang talaga na isang katulad niya na sobrang lakas ang chance manalo internationally, ay bigla na lang nawala … just like that 😦

    • She may have been slashed off the competition but we will always remember the Great Uncrowned Queen Kim Ross de los Santos, dutiful daughter and Muse of the Arts. Martyred by Colombian oppression.

      Mabuhay ka Kim! We miss you terribly. 😥 😥 😥

      This song is dedicated to you

      • Ugh ! Thanks Gloria for sharing this music vid ! Mabuhay ka, Kim 🙂 To me and the other Kimcredibles, , you will forever be a Binibini who could have been a Queen 🙂

    • @Laila

      Based on pageant politics…

      Apriel Smith is definitely the Token Cebuana for one of the crowns… unless 3 other girls from Aces already wins a crown… Then Apriel’s crown will go to Maria Gigante of KF…

      Nicole Cordoves is also a good choice based on her background… no problems with her slaying the Q&A…

      Nichole Manalo will only be out of the TOP 5 if she fails misserably on the Q&A…

      There are only 5 crowns… hence, there would definitely be at least 2 sacrificial lambs aside from Kim Ross Delos Santos… I hope it’s not Angelique… She needs to nail her Q&A if she wants to be in the TOP 5 and so I am afraid she would be given one of those trick questions related to her personal background, religion and politics… I hope not…

      • Closer, we’ve picked our faves and you’re right, one of the Cebu girls will probably get a crown or two. We’ve seen their photos, we’ve seen them in motion….public speaking and quick thinking abilities nalang ang aabangan natin because from there I’m sure na may mga frontrunners na babagsak and sleepers na aangat.

      • There is also a possibility that Nicole Cordoves will get a runner-up position because she’s being resserved for another year to give way for Apriel Smith or the other way around since both girls will still be eligible for a crown by next year… Their placements will all depend on the final Q&A… Kahit anong combination, si Angelique talaga nanganganib… The only 4 scenarios where she will be crowned is when Kylie, Maxene, Maria G or Dindi will be sacrificed… Among the 4 girls it is Dindi who is the most likely to lose a crown so its a battle between Angelique and Dindi during the Q&A which would most probably be won by Angelique unless through some divine intervention AKA Stella Marquez Araneta would make sure that both girls would be sarcificed to make way for Nichole Manalo and the other remaining top contenders. Ang hirap ipredict, unless meron talagang hidden Dark Horse favored by BPCI who will comeout of no where… My guess would be one of the 4 Maria P, Angelica A., Joana E. or Angela V. This is crazy!!! 😀

      • Let me add Kimberly Penchon and Jheza Huelar… Jennifer hammond got the brains and moves but her beauty is not enough for her to secure a Top 10 placement..

    • It’s 2016. Stop thinkin’ like you are from an ole school. That Kylie is this and that. And because of that negative thinking we might end up crowning a Mary Jane Lastimosa 2.0 or worse, a Bianca Manalo prototype. Kylie is the best in the batch and I’d say that she is the candidate with the highest chance of giving the country the 4th crown! 😊😊😊

      • I love you for this Dexter. No offense meant. Pero bakit inilalaban pa ng iba ang MJ Lastimosa/Manalo prototype e hindi naman sila nag-hit sa international scene.

      • Nag-hit naman si Mj and Manalo sa international pageant kahit papano, yun nga lang hanggang dun lang talaga ang destiny nila. We cannot have it all, this is still a contest.
        Do you think a Pia prototype will give us a guarantee to win b2b this year?

      • @ Miss Tissa — to answer your question: YES. Her “beauty and aura” is a tried and tested. So I’m not opposed to Kylie winning MUP. Want a firm, real evidence? Pia Wurtzbach.

        So f*%€ off to those inggitera who keep pushing that we shouldn’t send a Pia prototype. Why not, coconut?! No need to exert effort finding someone new or opposite. C’mon guys, you can’t deny that this formula actually works at MU. Think of this — if Venezuela is successful practically every year, sending similar-looking reps, then why can’t we? I’d rather learn from the best and emulate their greatness than keep spinning the wheels to figure something out… when, in fact, we already did!! Let me repeat, Pia won last year’s MU. Her kind of beauty is definitely MU-worthy. The rest? We still have to wait and see. Folks, I rest my case. Hehe. OMG, sorry I could hear myself.. I sound like a broken record hahaha 🙂

      • Lol. Kylie is NOT a Pia prototype. In fact nobody is. Purket transformable and witty din Piaprototype na agad? I really can t with fans making baseless issues sa mga girls na BIG threat sa bets nila.. Well, if that’s how you guys want to play, then I just wantto say NO TO POLARIZING “BEAUTY”.
        I rest my case, ala-Dexter Co. Leshe.

      • After carefully reviewing pics and videos, I found out that she is short of the qualities I am looking for a beauty queen. Tough decision.

    • If Japan believed that they can be perfectly represented by an Afro-American Japanese in Miss Universe. I believe that this year they’re ready to crown a real dusky candidate as Miss International. Who else could be the perfect representative? Apriel Smith. To those who insist that she is too young for an international pageant, just remember that Queen Mimilanie was just 16 in 1979. 😊😊😊

    • I want Apriel for Miss Universe… but kahit anong crown makuha niya, it’s fine with me. As her avid supporter, i will support her all the way kahit major or minor pageant pa yan. I have a soft spot for girls who are uniquely beautiful and i’m going gaga over her dark beautiful skin. Her features are different in a way that it makes her stand out from the morena and mestizas. Apriel is a rare beauty for me

      • she needs to lose some weight to make her backside a little less prominent. some dermatolgic procedures may help too, I cant see her face

      • She is a rare find here in the country but in the States you’ll find the same mix — children of Pinoys married to Afro-Americans. Just like you, I’ll support her whatever crown she wears. Cheers!

    • Somehow I strongly believe that Angelique Celine perfectly fits the mold of a Miss Grand International. If given the chance, she could bring home our first MGI crown home. 😊😊😊

    • Dindi is fun to watch on stage. She has that titillating factor that I believe can give the Philippines its second Miss Supranational. 😊😊😊

    • In 2013, Koreen Medina was 3rd runner-up. Kris Tiffany Janson was 2nd runner-up in 2014. Last year, Christi Lynn McGarry almost got the crown by placing 1st runner-up. And this year maybe a double success for Nichole Marie — being crowned Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental and our first ever Miss Intercontinental. My gut-feel says she is the ONE. 😊😊😊

    • I’m leaning towards this crown na rin for Nichole. Her transformation has been great so far, but I still don’t want the MUP crown for her. This crown seems fit for her, even though honestly I have 0 idea what kind of girl Intercon even wants to crown. She’s obviously hungry for a win. Maybe she’ll be the one to figure out the formula for this elusive title.

      • Definitely not for MU but what if that crown has been reserved for her? I can imagine how the pageant world will react.

        BTW, what’s with the new username?!? 🙂

      • Ay nako I don’t know anything about certain crowns being reserved in advance of the coronation night…realm na ata ng pulitika sa pageant world yan. I guess that’s why there’s always an element of surprise sa finals. We don’t know what decisions are being made behind the scenes! Regarding naman the reaction of the pageant world, ‘di mo rin masabi. I can’t deny that she has a lot of fans on social media. I’m sure a lot of people will be happy if ever she gets MUP.

        haha sa BTW! I tried changing back my display name na sana it works hahaha

    • Nicole really gives me a strong Ann Colis vibe that I feel that she is perfect for Queen Ann’s crown. Who knows? It’s not impossible for her to do a back-to-back. 😊😊😊

    • I’m currently choosing Maria Lina as first runner-up not necessarily for her to join next year but she is actually the perfect replacement to all the titles. She has the height, she has beauty with substance and with softer styling just like in her glam and swimsuit shots, she is also fit to wear the Philippine Sash internationally. 😊😊😊

  5. Dindi dito. Even though ang gut feel ko for MUP is Kylie vs Nichole, si Dindi ang 2nd choice ko for MUP. If Ky won’t win MUP, Dindi is my second choice. I also like Paula (I want a straight hair for her next time or yung wet look hairstyle nila nung swimsuit shot), Jehza, and Eden from this group, how old are they?

    What are your thoughts ’bout Alita Tito Norms? I personally think she also did well and deserves more hype tbh (quite shocked at the lack of it actually). Edjelyn, Valdez, and Penchon (I want more exposeur from this 3, anyone?) plus all the 7 girls in Tito Norms last post and the girls I’ve mentioned in this comment completes my Top 15 (Betting on Paula and Penchon as darhorses).

    There are just too many girls to keep an eye on and it has really become a pandemonium, but the fog is getting clearer by the day. Who will reign supreme? Find out on April 17! Charot.

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