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  1. Maxine is pretty pero ang laki ng mukha. She reminds me of Miss China, “Look me”. Im not sure which pageant siya nababagay. The new MUO is really looking for a model type now. As I read last year, si Pia would be the last kind of girl na pinanalo ng MUO but the new mold of MU na for 2016 is like model type at this year magsisimula. So ewan ko sa BBPinas, kung ano ba talaga gusto nila. I hope and I know I dont trust SMA, parang feeling ko gusto niyang makaganti ang Colombia for losing last year.

  2. I kinda find Nicole Manalo insincere. Like her smile- wala sa mata, parang may pagka-awkward ang dating. I think kulang pa sa confidence? I don’t know maybe it’s just me. I really like Cordoves but I was not too impressed with her rampa sa stage.

  3. Ang ganda ng lips nilang pito… looks very natural… walang pasaway na nag red or dark lips…

  4. Oh, I get it! 4M= Maria Mika Maxine Medina! Duh?
    Yes, the more I look at her photos the more I understand the growing attraction!

    So, can we humorously coin Nichole Manalo “4S’?”
    Scandals, sisters and surgical scissors? 😀

    I could not resist! All in humor now y’all…. doesn’t seem like Kim Ross is coming back. One last poke for Manalo before I can move on and truly enjoy the competition again.
    Be gentle with the thumbs down, 😉

    Go, BbP Class of 2016, GO!

    • Naughty you. haha. Let’s give Manalo the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s just all personality development – proper makeup and styling, plus loads of confidence. 🙂 I just hope judges can see through the facade.

      • 🙂 😉 😀

        You’re right Dawn… benefit of the doubt. The irony is neither Nichole nor Kim were my original picks for MUP.

      • Saluda, I do not think nichole went through a lot of surgical procedures as you ,well, imply.. I have been face to face with a lot of women who have had them … I can tell.
        if she or maria did, kudos to their doctor/s . they have done a fine job.

      • Oh don’t mind me Fabian. I admit I was a little miffed when Kim Ross was cut and obvious speculation of manipulative nepotism. I don’t think I’d be negatively riding Manalo like I have been had Kim Ross and Janelle Olafson been still in the mix. Kim was quickly becoming a personal fave.

        Pageantry is becoming like a sporting event! Lol

        Anyways, I’m following Dawn’s advice of giving Manalo the benefit of the doubt. From this point the on its as if 2014 didn’t happen, Nichole is an only child and this is her first attempt @ BbP! 🙂

        May the judges select a winner of extending MUP’S top 10/5 finalist-streak to 7 years straight.

    • Bakit ba galit na galit ka kay Nicole Manalo e wala naman yata gingawa masama yong tao sa yo, the more na pinupukol ang puno with many fruit beared the more chances na mananlo sya.

  5. Going through the photos from the presentation, noticeable yung mga magaganda talaga ang skin esp sa tuhod, ankles and feet. They would be Alita and Huelar, very nice even skintone and almost no scars visible.

    • *tip from Tyra

      Put a thick layer of sun protection minimum spf150+ on your knees, elbows and dark spots before you bake under the sun.

  6. Just watched the press presentation vids from inquirer.net, never thot this batch is ‘short’ with average height of only 5’6″ . Even angelique who looks tall is only 5’6.. I’m guessing bpci now choose to disclose the candidates true actual heights as taken by them rather than rely on candidates declaration which are padded by an inch or two…also as previously onserved,take out the front runners who are afterall repeaters and the batch becmes lackluster..even thehyped maxene is better seen on TVC’s than on the pageant ramp..she does not possess the beauty queen vibe.

  7. My current bets, in no particular order, are:

    1. Maxine – It’s hard to pinpoint but there’s something about her that makes her stand out. Her facial feature may not appeal to local pinoys but I think she will do well internationally. I get the vibe that she has a lot more to offer and she’ll surprise us even more.
    2. Angelique – Her personality and communication skills give her the edge. It’s hard to ignore someone who talks with substance. She just need a moment in the pageant to let this quality shine.
    3. Apriel – I see a lot of potential. Whatever crown she gets, she’ll surely grow into it and perform well.
    4. Kylie – Consistency is her asset.
    5. Vina Openiano – I find her face naturally pretty plus she has the height.

    • But her pictures show an otherwise pretty girl but covered in what seems like a bucketful of make up, massive set of teeth, thick waist and pudgy legs.

    • im sorry but Gigante is more of aesthetically beautiful. reminds me of those “the power of make up” videos sa youtube. with her fake blue/grey contact lenses.. she’s not a real beauty..at least for me.. she does remind me of Gilrhea Quinzon.. so No for me.

  8. Manalo and smith, for miss universe and miss international vice versa, supra for versoza, yvethe santiago ang peg, grand for gigante ala parul, intercon peachon catacutan globe medina colis type, dindi; miss hipon, just telling the truth

    Runner ups de leon at cordoves

  9. Versoza, Manalo and Gigante’s looks are too reminiscent of previous Ms. Universe Philippines reps Wurtzbach and Lastimosa.
    My choices for Ms. Universe are either Smith or De Leon.
    Smith needs to lessen whatever it is she applies on her skin that makes it look too shiny.
    De Leon needs to relax her mouth.
    Not gonna name names pero a lot of the candidates maitim mga tuhod.

  10. Dindi Gallardo – Ganda ng Katawan
    Kylie Padilla – pa Sweet ang effect
    Vina Morales – may chance sa korona kungdi runner up
    Maxine Magalona -ganda ng projections

    • haha..kelangan po Taft 7, isama mo na sina:

      Kristine Bersola
      Jessica Suho
      Maria Risa

  11. The more I read everyone else’s top picks comparing the similarities and differences, I’ve concluded there are at least 12 candidates that I can visualize wearing the MUP crown.

    The Q&A will definitely play a huge, if not a deciding, factor in crowning the new MUP. This is where the rubber meets the road and hope they are all ready. One can definitely feel the pressure now.

    Go, BbP Class of 2016, Go!

  12. Worry ko lng for maxene international appeal…unlike Miriam q nung 1999 oozing with x factor to the max tlg…dnt know what’s with the hype with cordoves…ano nga b? Matured looking too..pasarela parang wala din…Also with Angelique, parang downgraded shamcey,parang lagi may kulang d ko m explain what…Apriel Smith grabe!!! Peaking….brewing…. Ma-ace nya sna q and a….Kylie,Nicole gorgeous tlg grabe…Si pajares parang miss Vietnam cum Singapore ang peg…. Just my thoughts… Feeling ko tlg,madami bubulaga on the night of the finals….lagi nmn gnyan, kya magka alaman n lng on April 17!!! Pag pray ntin judges,to pick the right girls who will wear the crowns!

  13. Di ko talaga bet si maxine to be top tiered…yes pretty sya..very calculated moves nya..but she undeniably exudes a mutua ng pilipinas aura, or bet yet a phil rep to the miss aisa pacific contest..kylie ‘s styling this time is spot on, nonetheless parang may kulang..nichole manalo looked good in her close up shots pero parang back to the old nichole pag malayo ang kuha..

    • Moves can be changed/modified but you can’t change the natural aura in her. To be honest our recent candidates with the exception of Venus all had to go through total transformations to compete. Maxine has the gravitas of a winner just by looking at her. Can you imagine if she goes through the entire training after winning. Pia wasn’t MU material either after Bb Pilipinas but look at her now.

  14. Of course Norman has a close relationship with the girls in his list. How objective?! 😉

    • And your point?

      Do you understand the repercussion of what you had said? How objective are you?

      • How can he give his objective assessment when he is personally known to the girls in his list? Is that difficult to understand?

        What’s the repercussion? Enlighten me. Are you guys going to stop the contest now because of my comment? Lol!

      • @Q Kulang talaga åkö sa Iodine if I’ll stoop to your low level. I’m so better than that. haha!

      • @ Unorthodox — True! Haha 🙂
        He’s too arrogant for his own good. I betcha this bitch, aka Ryan, is fugly as hell! Trying his darnedest best to stir up controversy and denounce others, such as the owner of this blog. Hmmm…. sounds like a bitter rival, one that’s suffering from enviousness compounded by the lack of sound judgment. Oh well, such a pity.

  15. If you’re referring to yourself, I suggest we shouldn’t even bother sending any delegate to any beauty pageant at all nor consider having a national pageant this year. It’s a hopeless case, a lost cause. So why waste the effort?!

    • Just noticed now that the previous statement (from someone with a handle “vlad” or something) where I made the comment to (per above) was actually deleted. Wow! Anyway, that “vlad” guy (or gal or gay) was insinuating and making fun of the readers of this blog at the expense of all the BBP candidates.

  16. 1. Nichole Manalo
    2. Kylie Verzosa
    3. Maxine Medina
    4. Apriel Smith

    Dindi, Angelique, Maria Gigante – love them also, but ang dami nilang extra galaw on stage na di naman necessary. Parang a little bit annoying tignan.

  17. Here’s my top choices:
    Maxine Medina – MUP
    Kylie Versoza – MIP
    N. Manalo – MSP
    N. Cordovez – MGP
    Apreal Smith – MsGlobeP
    Ria Rabajante – 1st RUp

  18. MUP – Apriel Smith
    MInt – Kylie Versoza
    MSupranational – Dindi Pajares
    MGrandIntl – Angelique de Leon
    MIntercontinental – Nichole Cordoves
    MTourism – Nicole Manalo
    1st Runner Up – Angelica Alita (still young, una diamante en bruto)

    I think Dindi is perfect for Supranational as she is very flirty in her moves. Bawal mahiyain there eh. And grabe lang ung body, panalo ang proportions!
    Si Kylie… Hmm hate to say this, but I think she wasn’t at her best yesterday. Masyadong calculated ang moves and pilit ung smile but still her stage presence was there.
    Apriel for me is the best bet for MUP. feeling ko dapat na tayong magpadala ng black beauty. 🙂 She was also good and I liked her poses.

    • Apriel was not on my list for MUP but after the PP, kasama na siya! I hope A&Q can find the best styling for her. yung masyadong mahigpit na hairstyle niya nakakapag pa age sakanya ng slight, tsaka medyo nahahighlight ang mataas niyang hairline. she’s just 20 (tama ba?) sana medyo youthful vibe ang ma achieve!

      Agree ako with Alita, runner up to have the training and sali next year!

      • Haha ung candidate number 2 grabe maka-extensions noh? Wagas lang! Agree ako that A&Q should find the right styling for Apriel. Please Mama J, she has tons of potential under her belt. Alita’s face is just so refreshing. And honestly, I don’t get the hype with Max Medina. Hindi ko napansin eh.

        Best body proportions go to Angelique de Leon and Dindi Pajares though many of us may find them too skinny. Ganda ng shoulders! 🙂

    • ok din saken kung si Apriel ang MU. kung qualified pa si Kylie sa MI ok GO ako dyan. Dindi no doubt pang supra ang lola. medyo bawasan ng kaunti ang kabaklaan hehe. pero pwede din sya sa MU i like her aura kahit malayo sya sa paningen mo at rumarampa mapapa wow ka talaga basta bawasan ang kabaklaan sa pag rampa o pose na hinde kailangan un bang mala miss vietnam 2015. if she wins hopefully makuha nya ang lakad na gustong gusto ni Mama J sa kanya para pagdating ng intl competition eh. alam na. angelique also fits in supra but shes more fit in Miss Grand intl coz of her strong features. Maxine or Joanna in intercon and Nichole or Sheena in Miss Globe. runner ups dapat ung medyo madaling ma train o maihanda ng tama in case palitan nila ang current winners. so Alita, Sheena or joanna and gigante and Nichole pero mas ok if Maxine or Alita
      If they are all eligible in my list then sana ganito talaga.
      MU – Apriel
      MI – Kylie
      Supra -Dindi
      Intercon – Maxine / joanna ( i choose Joana)
      Grand – Angelique
      Globe – Sheena or nichole ( I choose Sheena)
      1st runner up – Sheena or Joanna, Maxine ( I choose Maxine)
      2nd runner up – Alita or Nichole or Gigante ( I choose Alita)

      Sana ganyan hehe.

  19. Kylie has been so consistent since day 1, and she also “peaks when it matters”. From screening up to now na-sustain nya yung momentum umaarangkada pa when it matters. But I have a feeling na si Nichole Manalo ang girl to beat right now, and Kylie is the only one that can go neck-to-neck with her. Both are “magpapatayan” for the Universe crown.

    • the only difference is isa sakanila eh lalaban talaga at ang isa ay gagawin ang lahat to win. :))

  20. Was rooting for Kylie last year pero nadisappoint lang ako kasi ang boring nya gumalaw. I hope nagimprove na sya this time. I dont know with Max pero i hope she dont disappoint.

  21. I have a hunch that Maria Maika Maxine Medina will be the big winner come the coronation night.
    Very oriental beauty yet so fierce, so effortless yet so striking.
    Pag ako kinutuban kadalasan nagkakatotoo.
    Ang huling kutob ko ay papatak ang Sabado de Gloria ng Sabado, at siento por siento, Sabado nga pumatak.
    Kaya itaga nyo sa Biak na bato, si Maxine ang mananalo, kahit itanong nyo pa sa brotherhood nya.

  22. Wow, pretty impressive these BBP 2016 candidates are.
    Although ever so tempted in revamping my short list, I’m sticking to my pick-six-mix-winners (assuming there will be six titles).

    In no particular crowns and my personal choices for MUP and/or the BBP crowns;

    Apreil S +
    Sheena D *
    Maria G *
    Angelique D*
    Kylie V*
    Mariella C +

    Original four *
    Additional two *

  23. we almost have the same top picks, tito norms but mine is Dindi instead of Maria Gigante. I don’t know, nasurprise ako with dindi e.

    Saw all the photos of the press presentation, ang daming hindi prepared! ang daming nag buffet nung umaga. I just don’t know if it’s the camera’s angle or what pero aminin niyo. parang Quantity over Quality ang ganap. ang lungkot ng stage, ang sikip at ang sikip ng poolside photo! lol


    My choices (SO FAR)

    MUP: Maxine / Kylie / Apriel / Nicole C
    MI: Kylie / Nichole M / Kim P
    Intercon: Dindi / Apriel
    Supra: Angelique / Apriel
    Grand (if meron): Dindi / Angelique
    Tourism or Globe: Dindi / Kim P

  24. If Mrs. Araneta send April Smith in miss universe as philippines official representative, i believe we will have huge impact in the pageant world aside from our miss universe pia is the reigning queen- first time ever philippines to send black barbie pinay in the miss universe pageant… i dont mind if april get the MUP- I will support the philippines rep kahit sino pa sila pero dapat lang deserving ang manalo… i see april has a good fight with the other pinay front runner beauty…. my other choice is Jessica, taller girl will always have an edge to be called front runner!!!

  25. Same Top 7 as mine

    Max M.
    Kylie G
    Nichole M
    Nicole C.
    Maria G.
    Apriel S.
    Angelique D.

    Top 10

    Dindi P.
    Maria P.
    Angelica A.

    TOP 15

    Joana E.
    Jheza H.
    Vina O.
    Sheena D.
    Ria R.

  26. i was observing the critics of other nations and the consensus : according to them this year is one of the weakest batch. Oh well . It is what it is.

  27. Manalo and smith ang neck to neck for miss universe, automatic ang isa for miss international, versoza for supra, intercon si gigante globe si cordoves…

  28. This, same as mine, dindi is least beautyful, ok sana takpan ang face katawan na lang ang rarampa…

  29. Apriel Smith. Would not mind at all if she got MUP. I’ll support whoever gets it as there are many that could easily snatch the title. Apriel, however, just keeps drawing my attention…

  30. i liked Nicole & April on the presentation, they own the stage with their perfect body with great projection… nicole looks more taller compared to other girls at their 5’7″ heights… maxene, kylie, nicoleM, also one of the great presentation… angeline i think she has perfect body but face wise not striking for me…. dindi aswell has great stage presence… those girls tito norman mentioned was exude excellent presentation yesterday… we will see in coming more days!!!

    • @messiletchus. Mag tagalog ka na lang ateng! Sakit sa ulo ng ingles mo
      social climber!

  31. My top bets for MUP, in no particular order:

    Apriel Smith
    Maxine Medina
    Nichole Manalo
    Kylie Verzosa

  32. Maxine certainly knows when to peak. This is their swimsuit preliminary and it’s true she was in her element during the press presentation. No unnecessary movement or twirl or even hand gestures to call attention to herself. Just her face, her body (which needs work I must confess), and her pasarela. Of course, her beautiful face is the focal point – hair is neatly tied at the back highlighting her distinct oriental look and cheekbones. Her unique personality on stage is evident, not a copycat of someone famous. After my heartbreak over Kim’s fate, I’m rooting for Maxine as the next best thing to conquer MUP. Apriel is still my alternate. Her camp needs to find the best styling for this girl – the severe high ponytail seems to age her a bit. She’s 20 and such youthful vibe should be her asset. Good luck to the rest of the girls – they can all fight for the other crowns! #4M4MUP

  33. I would have put Dindi there instead of Maria G. But otherwise I pretty much have the same picks as you!

  34. What are the age limits for these titles?
    Miss TOURISM
    Miss UNIVERSE – 18 – 27 years old

    • Correct me if I’m wrong.

      Miss SUPRANATIONAL: 18 to 27 yo

      Miss INTERCONTINENTAL: 18 to 28 yo

      Miss GRAND INTERNATIONAL: 18 to 99 yo 😉

      Miss TOURISM: 18 to 27 yo

      Miss INTERNATIONAL: 17 to 25 yo

      Miss UNIVERSE – 18 – 27 years old

  35. I cant believe everyone including Norman is agog over 4M. I must be blind lol

    • you are lol… The fact that you think Dindi’s body is masculine compared to Ann’s ahahaha

      • joy, dindi’s body is just too athletic for me. it would be ok if she was competing in America. but pinoys like them soft .
        Maxine ? her face looks odd and she is not in shape .
        I’m bewildered at how people respond to Maxine and dindi. where??
        but i’m just one set of eyes so … whoever wins, I won’t complain.

      • but then again, were sending these ladies to international pageants. I’m pretty sure it would be a wise decision to send girls to pageants wherein heir characteristics will shine. Dindi’s body will be heavily praised in the MU or Supra scene… but like you said, whoever wins, I will support them completely!

    • Might be because you’re too convinced with Kylie haha. I’d be happy with either of them really, but I’m leaning more towards Maxine. I get what you mean about her registering as matronly though. I’ve noticed it as well. Nothing proper styling can’t fix though. She looks classly, transformable, and striking.

      Also, not to butt in, but Ann’s body IS more masculine than Dindi’s. Dindi’s body is like Paulina Vega’s.

      • @Fabian – Lol. I woke up to this 😀

        Random thought: looking at how her name is coined, I’m always reminded of that brand of adhesives that I use around the house (3M).

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