22 comments on “Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and her message to the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 Official Candidates 

  1. I hope you realize that your statement could be a reflection of your true character. It’s very uncalled for, tacky and malicious.

  2. Pia reminds me of Miss Universe 2007 Brooke Lee. She is indeed confidently beautiful with heart. Hence, don’t be disappointed with her being linked to Dr. Mike. What is “heart” for if she won’t get in love? I love you, Pia. –No, I am not Ate Ines

    • OMG.. just saw the interview!… where is the complete interview????… I thought he’s gona be full of himself but he wasn’t… he’s awesome… and he has a sister.. that explains a lot… I think Pia’s heart is in good hands… please help me find the full interview! 😀

  3. Attention BEA SANTIAGO!

    Without never ever having to mention the phrase “raising the bar,” PIA’s sincere humility and genuine grace did just that. MUP 2016 has some large shoes to fill.

    What a gift Pia is…

    Go Bb Class of 2016, GO!

    • Hehehehehe there goes the “bar” again. Try ko hanapin yung footage ng interview nila ni boy abunda with mutya and Ara ata. May malaman sya na statement doon about things they deserve and things that are meant for them. Yung tono para bang she got MI which was fine pero MU talaga gusto nya. Medyo off lang pagkakasabi nya pero I think kase iba upbringing nya.

      • Hi, Laila. I saw that interview, too. Sa “Bottomline” yata iyon. I cringed when Bea did it. I could actually see Ara murdering Bea inside her head during that exact interview. Parang na-feel ni Ara ang shade. HAHAHA. Akalo ko ako lang ang nakapansin.

  4. Well done Pia. This is probably why you are the Miss Universe. Very spontaneous and she communicates flawlessly.

    • Haha I clicked comments to write the same observation. Love Pia’s make-up.

  5. Queen Pia’s advice for this batch is actually based on her own reality:

    Plan ahead.

    Never give up.

    Do your best.

    Enjoy every moment.

      • I’m happy Pia had finally spoken. Now it is clear. Pia really knows what she is doing. Si Dr. Mike kinakabahan pa nung first time nila mag meet based on the interview he had. So he is in love with her sincerely, I believe.

      • o see? tignan natin kung kakagatin ni pia mga plano ni doc if ever. hahaha. hinde uubra ang style nya kay pia if ever. matalino yan. madale main love pero madale makipagbreak pag may something na makakasira sa reigning nya between doc and her.

      • Hihi short lang break ko kanina dami ko nasagap. Parang harvest time kanina pag gising ko. Thanks!

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