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  1. i think majority of us here will become happy if Apriel wins MUP. i agree marami pa pwede pero i think its time for like her. i think she is ready to conquer the MU stage. malinaw talaga eh. hoping that Mama J will do the best for her come finals para maipanalo ang MUP hinde lang kay apriel maging sa iba nyang alaga. i see in her face she is good in conversation like Pia. Halimaw din sa Q&A. and sana mga expert ang judges no politics and mapansin nila si Apriel dana ganun din si SMA ipanalo nya sana si Apriel.
    This is my final list
    MU Apriel
    MI Kylie sana pwede pa age nya
    MGI Angelique
    Supra Dindi
    Intercon Joanna
    Globe Sheena
    1st runner up Maxine
    2nd runner up alita

  2. Ninang, invited po ba sa Press Presentation ang Ninang ko sa kumpil na si Maria Isabel Lowfes..

  3. This round my Top 10:

    Nichole Manalo.. most feminine body her pasarela is runner up to Kylie…

    Kylie V.- Slayed all her poses… (kailangan lang ng konting ayos sa ngipin)… I can feel the hunger

    Apriel S. – She is definitely the dark horse!

    Max M. – love that she really worked out for this… A bit to regal for my taste… I wish

    Nicole C- Not the best pasarela but I love the lean body…

    Angelique D. – her smize needs some work but her body is one of the best… ( parang kinulang sa hinaharap sya dito)…

    Maria G.. her face looks awesome but I find her bones a tad too thick…

    Dindi P. – Nice lean bod.. a tad too muscular but it matches her pasarela… hahaha

    Maria Prongoso.. I wish she had the moves of Mutya Datul and the Q&A skills of Pia.. Then she might snatch 1 of the crowns..

    Vina O. – got the moves and body… lookin 4ward to her Q&A….

  4. I was at the press presentation yesterday hoping for a ‘pasavogue’ from BPCI about Kim Ross’ reinstatement, pero waley..eh, so I was there ‘alltheway’ with a heavy heart. Ang hirap pang pumasok sa loob ng ballroom, kelangan mo pang makipagbunong braso sa isang gwardiya civil na mukhang ‘tibo’, di namin tuloy naabutan ang intro…kalokah. Napansin ko si Sir Norman ng tumayo at nag-selfie na dun nakapwesto sa front-left ng stages, hehehe…kahawig pala ang ating blogger kay ‘Dingdong Avansado’.

    Since I had a heavy heart, iisang merlat lang ang talagang umangat para sa ‘kin the whole show dahil iba ang dating nya with the rest of 39 candidates. Nama-magnetize ka sa beauty nya. Nung sa mga photos ko lang cya nakita kala ko napaka-masculine ng katawan nya. Nang makita ko ng personal kahapon, napa-WOW talaga ako pati ang kasama kong mga press.


    Napansin ko din si Maxine ng maghiyawan ang kanyang mga fans. May mangilan-ngilan na tinilian nag mga fans pero di nag-magnetize sa ‘kin. Andaming magaganda pero nasobrahan sa toning ang iba and mukha silang mga gutom… as in…parang pinagkaitan lumapit sa kusina. 🙂

  5. This was posted on Latin beauty page. I recommend to log out of your fb account first so you can see the comments on the photo. But basically, a lot of people thought Kylie was the prettiest. Followed by Nichole Manalo. They were neck and neck. But someone stated that she looked like Pia (just prettier) lol.

    • Wow, I read the comments… I’m surprised that some of the Latinos are rooting for Apriel, I thought most of them have a white mentality. They also like Angelique who’s not on the picture.

  6. Apriel Smith, Maxine Medina, Angelique De Leon and Nicole Cordoves are probably the ones fighting for the Miss U crown. Bb Pilipinas should go for a different candidate profile this time which makes me believe that it would be Apriel, Maxine or Angelique. Picking Kylie would be such a bad move as she’ll be dubbed as Pia 2.0. Send her somewhere else where she can compete fair and square.

  7. Penchon = STUNNING. But ang tamlay niya sa stage….
    Angelique = Ganda ng hubog ng katawan. She’s beautiful as well! Her catwalk has gotten a lot better compared to her last bbp stint. Mejo na throw off lang ako sa posing niya…
    Jeslyn Santos = Semifinalist
    Cordoves = MY GOD! Lakas maka MU vibe… She’s gorgeous and witty.. However, her catwalk is really working against her… BUT Janine had one of the worst walks in bbp as well but with the help of Mama J, Janine makes the runway a piece of cake.
    Edjelyn = Semifinalist
    Joana = Ang ganda niya!! She may be a spoiler sa finals!
    Paula Rich = So much better than her last bbp stint! She’s not as popular but I see a lot of potential in her.
    Vina = hanep ang katawan!!! Long legged hahah
    Sheena = Honestly, ang ganda niya maglakad! Her legs are so beautiful! I see Venus in her. The only thing I’m really worried about is her comm. skills….
    Maria Prongoso = Janine Tugonon ang aura. Pasok to for sure. She might do a Rogelie Catacutan
    Jessica Gonzales = Semifinalist
    Apriel Smith = Ang lakas ng xfactor ni ateng! I dont know what crown suits her but she has high chances of winning a title!
    Jennifer Hammock = Semifinalist
    Dindi = MY GOODNESS! Slay me with that body!! Malakas ang dating niya! And rampadora si ateng! Mejo nabaklaan lang ako sa introduction nya lol.
    Nichole Manalo = lets face it guys, Fake man ang beauty BUT she’s freaking gorgeous!! her body is to die for! I just hope she’s more comfortable answering questions this time….
    Maxine = She doesn’t even have to try to stand out. Effortless ang beauty Aniya
    Kylie = Banging body!! Loved that last pose she did! I just feel like mejo tensed siya. Just chill girl.
    Maria Gigante = Too short for me. Mejo kailangan pang magworkout. She’ll make it through the semis for sure. But I have a feeling she might pull a patricia tumulak…
    Angelica Alita = needs to work on her body! But she’s gorgeous!!

    My top 5 as of now (no particular order)
    Nicole Cordoves
    Nichole Manalo
    Apriel Smith
    Maxine or Kylie

    Runner ups,
    Sheena and Maria Gigante

      • Honestly Laila, daming haters ni Nichole because of her surgery pero mars ang ganda talaga niya. Super nice rin ng body. In terms of physical appearance, andun na siya. Sa Q&A talaga siya nahihirapan. I wouldn’t say she’s dumb. I mean she’s a nurse by profession. You can’t be a licensed nurse and be dumb?? But answering questions IN FRONT of a massive crowd is a different experience. She may know what to say, but without proper training, mahihirapan ka talagang mag formulate ng solid answer on the spot. We will have to see if KF has helped her in that department.

        Si Cordoves. pang MUP talaga ang nakikita kong crown for her. But Yung lakad talaga niya… I can see why Mama J is frustrated. Even with Dindi ahahah. Mejo bading sya maglakad but honestly that’s easy to modify na. I just can’t believe she’s settling for a Supra crown. I think if she were to win MUP, she’ll do great but the only thing I’m worried about is how similar she looks to miss Vietnam universe 2015.

        Kylie has a banging body and she’s hella gorgeous! Hindi ko siya masyadong bet for MUP because like I said, mejo calculated talaga yung moves. I feel like she’s a perfectionist and she’s thinking too much. She just needs to loosen up. If she wins MUP, I’ll support her! The only thing is, she’s a pia prototype.. Can we really send another Pia to MUP? I mean if Venezuela does it year after year, I guess we can as well!

      • Agree with Joy re Kylie. Sometimes she appears “ordinary” but with the right styling, she looks so beautiful. But she appears to be doing a BBP 2014 Pia–she seems too determined, if that’s a thing? Nothing wrong with wanting to win, but as Pia said in one of her previous interviews, wag masyadong gigil. It doesn’t look very flattering eh. I also get what others are saying, about her being another Pia. No problem with that either (Pia did win), but she might get compared and that kind of image may get hackneyed pretty quickly. But if Kylie does win MUP, I’ll still be happy. All my hesitations about her can be polished easily. For me either Kylie or Maxine will be a great choice.

      • Right? It’s not like I don’t like Kylie. Yun lang talaga observation ko sa kanya. I can tell she really wants a crown, who doesn’t lol… Pero sometimes, she’s SO concentrated on getting everything right to the point na hindi na “flowy” or “natural” yung flow of actions nya. BUT no lie, she’s improved compared sa performance nya last year. All I want her to do is relax and have fun.

  8. Maxine Medina for MUP! Beautiful face, elegant, regal bearing, sophisticated, cosmopolitan look and can be transformed the way the way A&Q did to its previous MUP bets. She is definitely not a Pia clone. Alternate – Apriel Smith tall and very exotic!

    • Kylie for me- beautiful ,classy, extremely feminine, and absolutely not a Pia’s clone.
      alternate-no one

  9. Just watched the video grabe Dindi! you’re a killer , that sparkling confidence & catwalk is so Miss U!

  10. Sino to???? If 23 number nya she must be tall. Bakit di ko sya napapansin noon? May hawig sya kay Lorna Tolentino nung kabataan nya…

    • She s my girl. Angela Valdez. Mas maganda pa kay Manalo Darkhorse to.

      • Shk ayesa ahhhh OK akala ko si doc Angela dami kase may Angelica Angelique Angela 1 Angela 2 kaya nalito nko. Nagulat lang ako kase angbhaba nya ang liit ng mukha bakit di natin napag uusapan

      • Anong camp sya ? (#23)

        Nung screening , she was in white swimsuit – top forty wearing # 28 . Try nyong i ” high bun “tong girl na to , you will see a different pretty face.

        Di pa kasi na fefeature to ni Norman .

        Yan kasi ang mahirap sa ‘Pinas . Pag di ka na sikat , your chances of winning is close to none.

    • @laila , I saw her at the jag rehearsal. she was the one that stood out for me. her video ,however, showed she needed a lot of training in terms of public speaking.
      run up for me … right now

    • Screening pa lang Isa na siya sa paborito ko. Standout siya sa screening.
      Pero sa web interview nya ay naka-straight hair siya. Iba itsura nya sa video.
      Mas bagay sa kanya ang kulot

    • Nice legs! She needs to gain those dats at the right places… but huge potential…. beautiful face and bone structure without a doubt..

  11. kylie-extremely feminine . no doubt, she is the best. she should win MUP

  12. I think it’s smart that kylie has gained a little weight… at least for the Philippine finals . Filipino judges do not like athletic bodies so dindi may end up as one of the TYGs

    • Kung si Ann Colis nga eh, mejo masculine yung body, nanalo! Si Dindi pakaya. lol

      • joy are u crazy.? ann is extremely feminine and I do not see her body masculine at all

      • google mo swimsuit pics ni Ann. I love her and all but her body is not as great as Dindi’s… Mas prominent yung muscles ni Ann. Dindi’s body is feminine compared to Ann

  13. may balita ba galing sa kapitbahay natin or ung mga latino? Kase sa pagkakaalam ko, abangers sila sa mga kandidata natin haha

  14. All of the candidates are very beautiful but three stand out for me:

    Apriel Smith: Sultry morenita, with bootylicious body!
    Paula Bartolome: I love her cool Oriental mystique. One of the best faces in this batch!
    Dindi Pajares: She’s a femme fatale! And that body is to die for 🙂

  15. The best bodies for me are:

    1. Dindi – pang international standard, ganda ng proportion!
    2. Angelique – same as Dindi
    3. Apriel – same as Dindi
    4. Vina – pinay body type & build plus the height (5’8″+)..and the face, no retoke
    5. Kylie – delicately feminine
    6. Maxine – delicately feminine, she has innate class.

    Just like Norman, they are all impressive but the above reps got my attention.

  16. Chismiss from my IG friends:

    Pia is leaving for NY tonight or naka alis na ba.

    Sabi daw ni Dra. na medyo close sa isang admin ng pageant acct sa IG: Dindi’s goal is to get the supra crown. Sabi daw ni Dindi: HAY NAKO SA KANILA NA UNIVERSE KAHIT MAGPATAYAN NA SILA DOON. BHALA SILA BASTA AKO AAGAW EKSENA. – Isn’t she fun? She reminds me of Azenith all of a sudden from Temptation Island…

    Kylie and Nichole weren’t speaking to each other during the Jag shoot kahit magkatabi sila. Actually they hardly speak to each other daw.

    Napapagalitan si Dindi ni Mama J for her rampa skills. Minsan pang Ms. Gay. Si Nicole C, napapagalitan din kase di makuha ni Nicole walk na gusto ni Mama J for her.

    International ang gusto ni Hammond so alam naman natin na yun.

    Halimaw daw sa Q and A sina Doc, Riana, Cordoves, Apriel, Maxx and Baby Laila Alita.

    Amazed daw tong grupo ng girls na to {aq girls} sa salamat doc retoke nina Gigante at Manalo. Napaguusapan daw nila palagi. {na uunfairan kaya sila or supportive sila sa iginanda ng dalawa?}

    May guy na nag approach kay Doc: Taga AQ ka no? Halata sa ngipin mo hahaha {kase nga palakol veneers ng kabila}

    Marami pa daw sya share…check ko bukas….

    • yes SUPRA please…..or MU hahaha…di ako maka get over sa katawan nya grrr….ulam ko pa naman bicol express at naparaming rice

      • Behind the scenes chismes are much appreciated Laila 🙂

        Wala na ba talaga si Kim Ross de los Santos? 😥

      • Glow…..ang sad…kase nag post ata sila ng photo sa bahay ni Kim while watching the presentation. Parang may small get together lang sa house nila nagluto ata mommy nya. so to answer your question…mukang wala na talaga…

      • Laila, thanks for answering my question.

        I guess we can all cry now 😥 😥 😥

      • Wala na nga tlga then for Kim. Kept on hoping that if they were to bring her back, kahapon na yung best time. Kylie, Dindi, Angelique for the top crowns!

    • Nakakaloka si Dindi hahahaha I love her more na.
      Why daw dindi naguusap si Kylie and Nichole??? Sa finals na lang daw magkakaalaman? Ganern? Charot hahaha, aylavet talagang patayan kung patayan para sa Universe.

      • Baka tahimik lang din si Nichole or nagkaka ilangan sila. Kase these are the same folks na supporters ni Kim. So nung talent competition nung nandun pa si Kim, yan din observation nila. Magkatabi si Kim at si Nichole hindi daw sila nagpapansinan.

    • @ Laila …aha – not on speaking terms pala ang 2 flag bearer. Parang Colombia Ariadna – Philippines Pia ang nangyari sa Jag Fashion shoot. Isang nakapatong/ naka – angkla ang kamay / braso sa isa . Baka pati kapalaran mangyari din 🙂 .

      • hehe parang ganun na nga oo nga noh, fl;ag bearers nga pala sila. nung andyan pa si kim, ang lakas din ni kim talaga kaya siguro nakaka ilang

    • At least Dindi knows what she wants and I agree she’s perfect for Supra!

  17. After the press presentation, Kylie sealed the deal for me. She’s not afraid to take risks. She smiled even though that’s a rough area for her. She wants to offer variety. And her poses, bawat kanto PAK PAK PAK! Miss Universe na ba?


    I would love to put Maxine in International but she is not eligible.

    The rest of my top 5



  18. Dindi – the best form , cute overload, pansinin
    Manalo – 2nd best body
    Medina- need to lose 5 lbs
    Gigantic – need to lose 5-10 lbs. I want her to have a crown. Sana may solusyon
    Cordoves- pansinin
    April- pansinin
    Jehza at alita delivered
    Kylie- maganda face but I was expecting more I guess

  19. My choices

    Top 5
    Kylie V.
    Nichole M.
    Dindi P.
    Maxene M.
    Maria G.

    Top 10
    Angelique DL
    Nicole C.
    Apriel S.
    Angelica A.
    Maria Lina P.

    Top 16
    Angelica F.
    Paula Rich B.
    Vina Prulla

  20. Just saw this thread in fb— ‘OMG! After watching the press presentation/prelim, did you ever notice Queen Pia? Among the candidates, parang kay Dindi lang cxa napasulat? Just curious, ano kaya sinusulat nya?’…

    I play again the video, Oo nga bakit biglang napsulat si Queen Pia?

  21. Parang smokes and mirrors lang lahat na naproproduce ni gigante kaya ako ninenerbyos sa kanya. kung pasiklaban ng personality at comm skills, go ako kay gigante pero for a beauty pageant with glamazons, medyo pass muna….

    p.s.apriel smith might just bag one of the crowns based on her presentation photos…very muscular lang so baka pwede gaing mas lean kung manalo sya…

    • Lapad ni gigante .I was rooting for her dahil maboka. But lapad nya . sana may way maworkout. Igsi din ng legs. Both her and jehza are 5’6 pero jehza mahaba biyas.

  22. Sat what you wanna say….this girl’s body is so feminine….i love it….

  23. Ay oo, nanahimik ako kay Kylie kase medyo di ko sya ganun ka bet pero look at her in these series of photos…she really wants it and she looks really good.

    • Ang ganda ganda nya talaga, yes I am very biased lalo na kay Kylie pero just look at her! Last bbp year, gusto ko sya pero I loved Pia and Janicel more pero thisyear gustong gusto ko sya just as much or more the way I loved Pia and Janicel last year. Siguro dahil na din sa hunger nya sa crown, talagang get out of my way ang peg nya.

      • Nakuha moko sa “get out of my way peg.” Pero true, walang effort and hindi xa mukhang forced.

  24. Smith
    Runner ups


  25. JawskopoeDuterte😃
    Naarouse talaga ako sa rampahan ng ating mga naggagandahang binibini😃
    Parang nasa club na gumigiling at nagbebenta ng karne 😃
    Bastusin ang dating sa akin.
    Ganyan ang mga ginagawa ng mga cheapangga sa club.
    Akala ko pa nman may good moral character required ang BbPCI.
    Bakit parang nagbebenta ng karne ang pinapagawa sa mga binibini😃😃😃lol

  26. Si Kylie and pinakamalakas ang aura. Handa na siya kahit bukas pa ang Miss Universe. Okay din sana si Maxine pero hindi siya kakabog sa international scene. Si Dindi sigurado na sa Supra at si Angelique may drama rin na pangabog sa Grand. Si Apriel, Nicole, Nichole may karapatang makoronahan din.

    • I have gone through the photos of each candidate at BBP facebook.
      May I just add Anjelica Lopez, Jehza Huelar, Maxine Medina, Mariella Castillo
      Kylie Verzosa’s face reminds me of Kyla’s (the singer) so no for me for now.
      I really like Nichole Manalo no matter what.
      I was disappointed with Nicole Cordoves, she is beginning to look like Miss Singapore

      If I would to choose MUP now, that would be Apriel Smith.
      I just feel that even if she stands side by side with the front-runner comes Miss Universe,
      she would still shine.
      Just a little bit of body streamlining by A&Q, and voila, you will have the perfect candidate.
      This is just me.

      • yup if the decision is to choose right now and need to send in MU tomorrow, compete next weeks i think apriel is the one. she really will shine kahit mga latina hinde sya masasapawan. liwanag ng hitsura nya ready na sya eh. 2nd option is kylie. may iba pa pero need to polish more. pero since matagal pa ang MU and ilang days nalang MUP na so may chance pa sila.

  27. Ang sikip naman ng stage! Halos di makagalaw ang mga kandidata. Buti na lang walang na-out-of-balance siguradong mahuhulog sa sikip.

  28. Kylie, Apriel, Dindi and Nichole for this round. True, Kylie’s smile is distracting but nothing can a good orthodentist can’t do, pwdng ifix yan. Manalo on the other hand is always a revelation. Got second thoughts of her thighs though, fillers? But anyhow damn! Mukhang mananalo na talaga si Manalo! 😅

  29. Omgg my girls delivered!!!! Aura kung aura si Kylie, kung may best in aura Kylie na ‘to char, kesho practice pa ng smile (it’s not ugly but it’s also not a winning smile tip ko lang: don’t squint your eyes kasi magbabago takaga ang itsura kahit sino when they squint their eyes). Maxine may trademark pose (si Kylie din) galing din, ang ayaw ko lang (this is entirely a personal preference) yung quiff ba yon na tawag sa hairstyle ni Maxine, I prefer big curles katulad nung glamshot nya for her. Dindi my gad, rampadora!

  30. Kakagising ko lang…dami ko nababasa about Dindi. Natuwa naman ako. may video ba nito? kamusta mga gerls? Fit ba sila lahat? Mamaya pa ako ma iimbistiga. Last year marami pa medyo mashuba. Swimsuit ok? Mamaya na ako aariba. Pra sa ekonomiya muna pero na excite lang ako ano na ganap….

      • ok salamat. may break ako check ko agad. ilang tao na nag message sakin about dindi. ibig sabihin gusto nya talaga maka place. i saw mark’s list na excite ako.

      • @Laila , everyone is bitching about nichole’s and maria’s procedures. how come no one is calling dindi out on the same?
        at least, nichole and maria look natural to me.

      • @fabian. I think the reason nobody is bitchin about dindi if ever may pinagawa is Hindi sumali sa minor pageant like gigantic. Walang before and after . ok lang if may I ask ano ginawa sa face ni dindii


  32. I was half hoping KimRoss will suddenly be a candidate. Guess not… 😦

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