98 comments on “Queen P & Dr. M: Inspiration or Distraction?

  1. Isa lang ang sasabihin ko para kay ateng Queen P: Malaya kang gawin ang kahit ano basta alalahanin mong daladala mo pa rin ang bandila ng Pinas. Salamat po at hangad ko pa rin ang iyong tagumpay!

  2. We should all be mature. It’s Pia’s happiness and her life.

    As long as she is contended and really in love and the feeling is mutual, GO FOR IT.


  3. Pia, basta yun payo ko ha, lafang kung lafang.
    Pero make sure na pag nakatalikod ka e walang nilalafang na iba si fafang.

  4. Basta ako, pag masaya si Pia masaya din ako. I think she knows what she is doing since she is a smart lady. And I have read somewhere that those photos posted were photoshopped or altered, which I believe since I don’t think Pia would be posting those pics. Ano sya, bata? Somebody said that that photo where they were seen on bed was actually a photo where they were standing. In the US it is not impossible to change photos. Kaya ngang mag peke ng mga scenes sa movie na akala mo tunay pero computerized lang. Picture pa kaya?

    Huwag natin husgahan ang mga bagay-bagay dahil hindi natin nakikita lahat-lahat na nangyayari. Naniniwala akong disenteng babae si Pia, na kahit gaano pa ka-inlove ay di naman nya hahayaan masira ang pangalan nya, pangalan ng Pilipinas. Huwag din natin husgahan si Dr. Mike, dahil lang feeling natin na isa rin syang gay, kasi di rin natin alam ang tunay nyang pagkatao. Dahil lang ba sa mahilig sya mag post sa IG fame whore na siya? Alam ba talaga natin ang tunay na nararamdaman nya para kay Pia? Pano kung mahal nya talaga si Pia? At huwag na tayong mag pintas sa tao , e sa guwapo si Dr. Mike kay Pia, gaya na ang taong mahal din natin ang syang pinakamaganda o pinakaguapo sa buong mundo para sa atin kesehodang di sang ayon ang iba.

    Kung mabuntis si Pia, o kaya iwanan ni Dr. Mike after her reign at masaktan lang, at kung ano-ano pa na naiisip natin, well, pag nakatakda na ang isang bagay wala na tayong magagawa. Gaya nang itinakda ng tadhana na maging Miss Universe sya.

    At least naranasan niya maging masaya kahit minsan lang sa piling ni Dr. Mike, sa taong isinisigaw ng puso nya, at hindi dahil sa idinidikta ng tao sa paligid nya.

  5. I’ve been silently following everything on Instagram and other social media in regards to Pia with her reign and love life. I recall in the beginning of piamike, everyone was happy and freaking out that they met and shipping them and constantly badgering the two in the comments to declare their relationship status. Now that they gave us the answer to what we wanted to know, the fans turn on her? I found that the be so unfair for her so called fans to lecture her on her life and her miss universe duties. She hasn’t really given anyone any reason to doubt her. They just added their 2 cents like she hasn’t been doing a lot in her advocacies. Ever since she won her title 3 months ago, it’s been nonstop television interviews, photoshoots, and events. She travelled to Chicago for Steve Harvey show, Indonesia for a commercial, back to the Phillipines for her homecoming, San Francisco for the superbowl, New York for NYFW, Canada to speak on anticyberbullying and raise money for sick kids, worked with GMHC, Aid for AIDS and a lot of other causes.
    Now I see people compare her travels to other past winners and have to wonder if people understand the logistics when Pia travels abroad. Given the recent attacks in Brussels and how all of Europe is under a terrorist attack warning right now, I think there are some travel restrictions at the moment to certain parts of the world.
    I also noticed how some people think that she isn’t doing enough for the HIV/AIDS patients. Here in America we have certain HIPAA laws that prohibits Healthcare providers or advocates like Pia from sharing patient information with others (that would include taking pictures with and of them). So just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean she isn’t helping and doing her job
    Lastly, this ordeal with her personal love life. I’m happy for the couple and find it sad how some people can be so judgemental. She is a grown woman at 26. Given how much she has to endure with all of the hatred and bashing from miss Colombian supporters, I think she has every right and earned to pick and choose who and what she wants in her life. And if he makes her happy then who are we to say otherwise? Life is short and she is living in NYC for only a year. Lecturing her or her duties and priorities as if she doesn’t already know seems condescending and rude. I am a fan of Pia and fully trust and support her. A lot of people are making a big deal out of this, and I just think after winning the crown for her people and making them happy, perhaps it’s the people’s turn to be happy for her. She’s living her life and hasn’t let anyone down or given us any reason to think that she will. Let’s just trust, support and show our love for Pia! She deserves to find happiness.

    • well said,mL
      ianyway, most of those who are castigating pia now are not her real fans . you can look back at their entries before pia won mup .
      let them all go to hell.

    • good rendition, not great.
      i’m tired of copycats , parrots or whatever you call them — regine, lani, sarah….- pati diva attitude gayado
      I want original Filipino music that gets recognized internationally

  6. And to everyone who are worried about her reign… She is merely following orders from MUO and IMG so whatever they have planned for her would be the stuff she will do or attend. I don’t think she has a say on wherever or whatever she wants to do during her reign as Miss U.

    And stop comparing Miss World to Miss Universe. These are two different organizations that have different purposes. Miss World tries to be advocacy driven so the winner gets to do a lot charity in different parts of the world. Miss Universe meanwhile is more of a split between commercial and advocacy. They want to find an all-around modern day woman who can sell the brand and also do good things at the same time.

  7. I heard the rumors the Doc might be bi. Baka naman he just wants Pia for a girl-talk about boys and and fashion.. lol

    • Actually I was wondering why Harley Tan would say “Pia is in good hands”… Is it possible that Dr. Mike also has a manager and their doing all this only for publicity and the couple really did become very close friends?

  8. The comments here reflect how divisive this subject is. I hope Pia is reading these. I would particularly be interested of her reaction…

  9. Well, Pia is a smart woman. I don’t think igive up niya ang bataan kay doctor Mike. Sabi ko nga noon as long as this relationship doesn’t interfere with her reign as Miss Universe, then so be it. I think naman she knows her priority. Isa lang talaga ang di ako komportable, posting photos na masyado silang close. I mean, alam nio na ung nasa kama, or basta those kind of photos.

    Wait, why is she in Manila BTW?

  10. I can see why fans disapprove of this. As Miss Universe, Pia is a public figure and when the spotlight is on you, perception is everything. She is representing a brand, so the conservative in me prefers that she remains unattached during her reign.

    On the same token, I feel that she represents the modern woman – one who is successful in her career while at the same time having fun dating! By dating Dr. Mike, Pia actually becomes more relatable.

    In the end, I don’t think it’s a big deal, especially here in the US. The typical reaction here would be: “Of course I’d expect her to date somebody. She’s a single gal living in NYC. Let’s get real here!”

  11. trabaho muna bago mag landi Sabi ng kapit bahay ni neneng. Una sa lahat Maraming utang pa itong Doctor na Ito. Student loan. Anyhow ano nga ba ang pakialam ko sa lovelife Nya. Gusto nyang makatikim eh go go. Pero ang Sabi nga ni Lola eh wag magpakatanga sa mga lalake.

  12. I’m more worried about how she’s spending her reign. I know she’s been sick the past week and she’s currently in the Philippines but I just thought she would be doing a lot more traveling and such. I’m always seeing pictures of the new Miss World in various countries across the globe but Pia’s only been to the Philippines and the USA. I remember seeing Gabriela Isler traveling so much and I thought Pia would’ve already started doing the same. She still has plenty of time left in her reign and I’m probably just overanalysing things way too much. She grabbed the attention of everyone in the world with the whole controversy, so I guess I just want people to see her more and understand why she deserved to win.
    Regarding the whole relationship, I don’t really think it should be effecting anyone as much as it is. And if he breaks her heart, he’s got a whole nation of crazy pageant fanatics to deal with lol.


  13. Pia is a formidable woman. She had endured failures and obstacles in her quest to winning Miss Universe with profound humility, and strength of mind and wisdom. Losing twice and those loud, bullying naysayers could prove to be perplexing for most. Pia, however, had remained undeterred and increasingly optimistic, hopeful, driven, competitive and disciplined. With all these traits had piled over more formidability on top of what she had been born with and what she had mustered prior to her finally winning Miss Philippines Universe, and eventually Miss Universe.

    I trust Pia’s judgment. She had a very reputable resume to prove it. Pia understands that her winning Miss Universe has inspired a nation. As Miss Universe, she has drawn so much admiration from many people around the world. Pia’s universal personality beams the outstanding character traits that are innately hers and the rich Filipino culture and identity.

    Whatever her relationship is with this doctor does not concern us. Having a relationship is generic that could merely be friendly. Falling in love falls under a deeper contextual human relationships. Many would opine, “What’s love got to do with it.” Imagine giving up the crown after the much publicized controversial coronation mishap. But “true love” can be a spoiler, and history proved that many men and women had given up their crowns, royal monarchal titles, immense fortune and power for “true love.”

    Pia won Miss Universe 2015. She will meet many famous people, many of them will surely forge strong and endearing relationships. And she shall be one of the most inspiring and famous beauty queens. Just trust and support her.

  14. one thing is for sure I would never date a guy who instagrams or Facebook a little too much more than me! its kist a total turn off. vanity and self importance to name a few of the indications.

  15. The first time I read about Queen Pia’s update on her relationship with Dr Mikhail Varshavski, I made this comment:

    “This is a very unexpected update from Queen Pia and it goes to show that “the unexpected” could always happen anytime, any place.

    I would not dare judge her on this one because fact is she is already 27 and that she definitely knows what is best for her and knows too well how the Universe will react. So be it.

    Your happiness is our happiness!”

    But after reading Laila’s concern below, I can’t help but agree with her totally. So let me quote what she wrote in bold letters hoping that it immediately catches Queen Pia’s attention in case she reads this article:

    I’m not worried about Dr. Mike. I’m not worried about Pia going gaga over this guy. You are all right. It’s her life. I do think she’s mature enough to handle the situation and juggle both her responsibilities and her relationship with the doctor I mean Pia’s not a teenager. I do worry about her public image. yes, you may argue that she doesn’t get any salary from us fans but her win and her journey to the crown isn’t just by sheer hard work and luck. It is with the collaboration of her fans and supporters. I’m not saying she’s misbehaving. I’m just saying that her posts however private have been misguided. Sure we want to peek into her personal life but I would personally prefer seeing them walking at the park, having coffee somewhere or getting glammed up for an event. For purely selfish reasons, I feel that she owes it to her fans to be more cautious precisely because she made the “think before you click” mantra more famous and her coronation was very controversial. One year of being on the down low when it comes to relationship updates isn’t such a long time. If Megan was able to do it, I’m sure Pia can. It’s bad enough that other people have been pointing out her lack of travel opportunities and international endorsements. It’s even worse to see them so vocal about Pia’s reign being all about painting Easter eggs, cooking in her apartment, using snapchat and visiting her bf’s pad.

    And here’s my last say: Thank you for reading, our dear Queen Pia. It’s time you reciprocated the undoubted respect and love of your fans and followers who fought hard for you unconditionally.



    I 💗💗💗 thumbs down!!!

  16. @pia, why don’t you just give dr. mike to these jealous girls? there’s more waiting for you out there lol

  17. Oh no! Bakit naman ganun makaupo si Dr. Mike sa sofa? At bakit pa na post ang ganitong pic?


  18. As long as Doc Mike has good intentions, I don’t have a problem with Pia dating him at all.

  19. I think it is unfair for everyone to judge her because of this. The girl has been working hard since after her coronation night. She’s traveled back and forth and had engagement especially in January and February and never did we hear anything negative about her. She was sick with a flu the past few weeks before she left for Phils which explains why she probably lost weight. And given the fact that Miss U has new owners makes me believe that her responsibilities will be mixed commercial and charity so they can make a potential future talent.

  20. Distraction. Mejo nawalan ako ng gana kay Pia sa totoo lang. As if naman nagmamatter opinion ko. Haha. Just saying. Si Megan pa rin talaga ang nakapaghandle ng reign niya very well. Walang nega and alam mong seryoso siya sa duties niya.

  21. The reality is that she’s leading a public life now, and a high-profile one at that. Her reigh has a short shelf life, and although it’s up to her to fill her time in between appearances, I’m not so sure she would want to be defined by her dating life. It would not have been too much for her to ask the guy to defer full-time dating until her time’s up. A few months mean nothing if the guy is serious.

  22. Kung makareaction paper nmn kasi ang iba wagas. Alam ni Pia ginagawa nya at di nya hahayaan na mawala korona nya. Inggit kayo ?

  23. Go Pia, live your life to the fullest! 😀 Milk every moment… Love is a gift and hapiness is a blessing. 😀
    Just a tip: pag hindi nakaka-glamour, wag na ipost! 😀 But why cares what other people think?! If this is your chance for a hapily ever after then grab it as tight as you can and never let go! Whatever happens, you will always be the Filipina who won Miss Universe 2015

  24. I’m not worried about Dr. Mike. I’m not worried about Pia going gaga over this guy. You are all right. It’s her life. I do think she’s mature enough to handle the situation and juggle both her responsibilities and her relationship with the doctor I mean Pia’s not a teenager. I do worry about her public image. yes, you may argue that she doesn’t get any salary from us fans but her win and her journey to the crown isn’t just by sheer hard work and luck. It is with the collaboration of her fans and supporters. I’m not saying she’s misbehaving. I’m just saying that her posts however private have been misguided. Sure we want to peek into her personal life but I would personally prefer seeing them walking at the park, having coffee somewhere or getting glammed up for an event. For purely selfish reasons, I feel that she owes it to her fans to be more cautious precisely because she made the “think before you click” mantra more famous and her coronation was very controversial. One year of being on the down low when it comes to relationship updates isn’t such a long time. If Megan was able to do it, I’m sure Pia can. It’s bad enough that other people have been pointing out her lack of travel opportunities and international endorsements. It’s even worse to see them so vocal about Pia’s reign being all about painting Easter eggs, cooking in her apartment, using snapchat and visiting her bf’s pad.

    • Love you Laila! Ikaw talaga ang isa sa pinakacredible na commenter dito. No sugar coating. Very sincere.

    • I’m with you Laila. I don’t care what she does in her bedroom but I do think it’s just tacky posting snapchats of her activities there with Dr. Mike. You are Miss Universe for Ariadna’s sake and put it to good use. Your dating life isn’t going to advance your cause, or is it? This screams so Kardashian to me and we know what that family symbolizes …

      • I do not see anything with that… not at all. it goes to show she is not different from any one else.
        and honestly, I think it ‘s cute …what she posts with dr. mike

        living in NY alone is not easy. … even in this age where everything is at your fingertips (news, entertainment, friends ,and family) . you need someone to physically connect with.

      • Its funy that some comenters would defend a pic of a woman with naked guy as a pure art. Yet Pia’s pic with Doc Mike doesn’t show any flesh baring. It’s just that it was taken in bed or sofa. Hihi. I dont have a problem with that at all.

    • Jacob, Dawn and Fabia:

      para din tayong timang. pag walang bf kakanchawan natin palagi. pag nandyan na napapa iling naman tayo. i guess, ganito lang talaga mga pilipino. makikisawsaw pero sa totoo lang ayaw lang natin ng gulo. these grievances about proper decorum just shows how concerned we are for Pia. Ayaw natin sya makitaan ng mali ng ibang lahi. I think and I may be wrong about this ha – she should just make an official statement na walang halong nervous humor or pa hapyaw na SERYOSO AKO NA CROWN ANG MAUUNA. Para lang ba kumalma lahat kase I think the reason kung bakit sobra yung mga kontra tulad ko {although nag tra try naman ako maging mas open minded kase di naman importante opinion ko} is because kailangan natin ng assurance from her na hindi sya magpapabaya. In short, kailangan nya lang tayo kilitiin ng sincerity.

      • Di ako kontra sa relasyon. It’s her private business. She can date or f*** all the dashing men in NY (been there, been that sabi nga ni Melanie) and I do understand why she needs to put it out in public because she is a celebrity (and so is the doctor) but come on .. we get that you’re dating the hottest doctor in town, so what? She confirmed it and it was in the news. So what’s next? I for one don’t need to see every snapchat of you and the doctor lounging around, making faces, showing off. I get it you two are in love … the world gets it. And everyone can relate what’s it like to have budding romance. Pia must remember the doctor would never ever meet her, let alone know her, if she weren’t Miss Universe. I guess Pia should know where her priority lies, in my opinion.

      • Maybe Pia wants the whole world to know because gusto nya bakuran si Doc para safe kahit like right now they are physicaly seperated, ang daming pwede magtangka… Ang daming babae or kahit lalaki na I’m sure gs2 maka 1 on 1 sa basketball si doc now… Sabi nga nung isang girl forumer based sa New York, gusto nya magpa total body check-up kay Doc when she gets the chance.. now na yun. At least ngayon all the followers of Pia can make sure that he will stay loyal to our queen. Bantay sarado sya ngayon hehehe.. 😀

      • Well said, Laila! She should not look to vulnerable and cheap. Is she becoming one of the Kardashians? Ewwwwwww!

    • Yup Megan definitely did her job well by making sure that there’s a line between personal stuff and her job. My problem with Meg is the guy really… he’s blabs and blabs about Meg and plays the relationship PR game in practically every interview he has and even now. I think it’s very attention seeking. I just feel like the guy uses Meg to have some media mileage. Meg on the other hand is just simply quiet about or just post on her personal accounts with saying too much. She even asked Sir Norms to not speak about it in her Hola interview or if it comes up in interviews, she goes for neutral answers or tries to sidestep without being rude or attention seeking. I think that was very classy and appropriate move from Meg. And all social media pics are chosen carefully.

      Anyway, onto Pia, I just hope that she should somehow emulate how Megan handled her relationship while in her reign. Meg knew that she’s representing the organization and was careful on what to post, be it verbal, text or visuals. It’s okay to be in a relationship but filter the public posts on social media. There’s a way of getting the message out by choosing the right images or videos. If not Meg as a model on how to handle relationships, then go for Rolene as she had a very public relationship. She announced her engagement during her reign – an engagement since Jan2015 based on the wedding prep videos, but refrained from posting so much about her personal life and focused on her job after the announcement. She toed the line very well. I just hope that as Pia’s reign and relationship continues, she’ll be more careful with what she posts. That’s just it for me, be careful on what to put out there and just filter things through.

      As for her MU work, I think it’s more about IMG and since Pia is their first Queen, they’re still getting into the rhythm on handling an MU. Hopefully, they get to fill her schedule in the coming months. Overall, I think she’s doing fine and hopefully, she’s happy with Dr. Mike! 🙂

      Ps. I think MUO really pushed Molly out there during her reign because Megan had such a big impact n 2013-2014. It’s been long since MWO had someone who had similar impact as Aishwarya Rai and MUO had to keep up. Just my thoughts, of course.

  25. I personally don’t like the relationship, but I guess she can do whatever she wants as long as she put the crown first before anything else as Miss Universe. Until she relinquishes her title and maintain a clean slate prior to that I’ll keep my nasty opinion to myself.

  26. Oh dear, cant we just leave them in peace? Pia isnt our property and she has a mind and her heart of his own.

    When she was asked why she should be the next MU she didnt say it’s because she wont fall in love during her reign.

  27. Nothing wrong with being in a romantic relationship as long as she doesn’t flood her social media accounts with photos of her love life and of themselves doing anything and everything.
    The fans are mostly interested in her journey & reign as Miss Universe.
    What is the life of a Miss Universe? What does a Miss Universe actually do?
    Her activities as Miss Universe is what the fans what to find out & see through her social media accounts and not her love life.

  28. I don’t find it to be such a big deal with this thing between Pia and the doctor.
    Let them date. Let them be PDA about it. Let them act like teenagers.
    Let them deal with each other differences. Let them discover each others imperfections.
    Let them learn that keeping things private actually relieves the pressure of making their relationship work.
    Let them make mistakes. Let them take risks, to go out on a limb.
    I mean, I always thought Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas would end up marrying each other forever.
    Guess what happened?
    Pia is new to this, dating a celebrity, or in the doctor’s case, a semi-celebrity.
    Let her experience it. And figure out if she can make it work.
    As for the doctor, like I said earlier, not a big deal.
    Dr. Travis Stork of THE DOCTORS is a much better catch, IMO. And an Emmy winner at that.

  29. Sa tagal ba naman 42 years of waiting, nakalimutan na ng mga Pilipino na nag-evolved din ang Miss Universe!!!! Ang nasa utak pa din ng mga pinoy ay ung 1973 culture and values of Miss Universe.

    Hayaan na natin si Queen Pia na lumigaya. Let’s hope and pray na matapos at magampanan niya ang kanyang tungkulin bilang pinakamagandang babae sa buong sansinukob!!!

    Pero sa totoo lang di ako patol kay Doc. Nalalansahan ako!

  30. I dunno, I think people are just overreacting and are being way too entitled. I don’t understand how Pia can be “distracted” from her duties because she has a boyfriend. She is not a child, and being Miss Universe–which isn’t to downplay the role–isn’t rocket science that requires Pia to focus only on that. Even presidents have families, come on. Some Filipinos just feel like they know better, and that they have a say on how Pia should live her life. Let her live her dream and enjoy her youth.

  31. The issue is not about having a boyfriend but the guy she hooked up with. He is a known publicity-seeking womanizer and social climber in the NY dating scene. She can do way better than him as she will meet more people throughout the year. Too bad that she jumped in bed with the first guy who happened to conveniently (or creepily) “meet” her.

    • publicity-seeking? a social climber?
      who the hell is not?
      you are talking like he’s a bum.
      at least, he is trying to do something to make himself better. for chrissake, he trains at a prestigious hospital and he is hot.
      you must be jealous hahahaha

    • I don’t believe the Doctor is publicity seeking.He has millions of followers in IG even before Pia won Miss Universe.

      The Doctor is hot. I would prefer him over a DOM with $millions.

  32. 9. The fans don’t want Miss Universe to date a gay doctor.

    Thumbs down in 3,2,1…

  33. Hindi dapat tanggihan ang grasya, minsan lang yang ganyang papa doc, so make the most out of him.
    Lafang kung lafang!

  34. There are always distractions, if we allow them. There are some people who are always cynical or waiting for things to go wrong. My theory is that when someone is skeptical it reflects to what he/she is. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how to react to it.

  35. Honestly the fans never affect Pias reign. pero ung mga pinoy na fans at mema lang pinapakita nila how we pinoy are. dinedescribed nila tayo. unlike some foreign fans and MU followers supportive pa sila kay Pia and they even understand her, they still have trust on her. we are number one country na may utak talangka in everything. Kahit anong post sa FB out of topic ang comments, kung ano anong pagmamagaling, kapilosopohan, unprofessional sumagot o makipagdebate. lalo na ang mga straight genders. etc etc. nakaka proud maging pinoy, pero nakakagigil ang ibang pinoy. maging bansang ito eh nililisan na din ng iba becoz of corruption, hinde na comfortable sa ibang pinoys, mas prefer na nila makipagkaibigan at makipagusap sa mga foreigners.

  36. It’s her life. It’s normal to fall in love. It will even inspire her to do her duties and responsibilities very well. In addition she can manage to rest, have a family after her reign. The guy is a Doctor and can give Pia a comfortable queenly life. Pia has been the bread winner of her family. This time she can choose to stay home and let her husband to be, to feed her and make her a queen.

    In fact, fans don’t give Pia her salary. So?

    Laila Lopez Miss Universe 2011 found Mr. Right during her reign.

    • He’s a doctor with over $100,000 in student loans! Being a doctor or a lawyer in the US is not a guarantee of “comfortable queenly life”. And btw, Leila Lopes married a NFL football player with millions already. That’s the huge difference.

      • Who the F cares? That’s his student loans, it’s none of our business — unless you’re helping him to pay them off, including the compounding interests, now or in the near future. Sorry, but I personally find these “opinions” of some of the followers of this “chismis” a bit tacky and over the top, so to speak. Just my two cents.

      • Wow you dig his bank account’s. If that’s the case, Pia is worth admiring. She isn’t a materialistic woman. Maybe, love after all is priceless.

        Or is Leila Lopez smarter than Pia.

      • a $100k student loan is nothing. he can pay it all off in 1 year or less.. by just being a doctor. but he is not just an ordinary doctor, he is a celebrity doctor.
        and why do you talk like money is everything? you do not millions to be happy and comfortable.

      • Wow, then I guess Pia indeed choose the right guy. 🙂 And I admire Pia even more. 😀

      • What the fudges? We talking about marriage now? Its just a relationship, Geez! People should chill. Pia is not stupid to put all her hard work into waste. She is a Smart independent Adult, They are just keeping each other happy. They are not going to run away to vegas to get married. Pia did not Win the Miss Universe title for making stupid decisions.

        I cannot believe that Pia’s loyal fans are the ones who’s doubting her.

    • And living a comfortable queenly life isn’t about having $millions.You are taking it literally. A modest life with your Prince and falling in love is more than having $ millions.

  37. I am so No. 5 and if I’m allowed to add more then, I’ll put No. 9 as “Dr. M may only want to wear Pia’s crown *gaydar violently reacts*” Charot. Anyways, I’ve been open about how against I am about this relationship but like I said before, if Queen P’s happy then go lang. But, try nya lang talaga lokohin si Queen P, my gad dudugyotin ko talaga social media accounts nya.

    • if he was gay, he would come out already by now.
      jajang, you are just plain jealous lol

      • Lol, Hell no. He’s not my type, choosy ako haha. Wapakels ako kay Doc, ni hindi ko nga sya kilala until na-link sya kay Pia ehh. Anyways, I’ll repeat what I have previously said, yet again, “If Queen P’s happy then go lang.”

      • he is a doctor, not a Hollywood actor.
        I don’t know how he got into the consciousness of the media.
        I have worked with a lot of hot doctors, both male and female. So, I was not really jumping up and down when I saw him with Pia.
        But he is hot and smart , nonetheless, and deserves a Miss Universe caliber like pia.

  38. some fans are getting OA. some fans mema lang. as if they alreadyy know what on pias mind. She is smarter than those people. i cant see in her peronalities of being so desperate. yup she fell in love easily but it doesnt mean madali na din sya maikama. alam ni pia na may responsibilities pa sya as MU at alam nya kung ano ang mas dapat bigyan ng time. im sure ung mga times na nagkikita sila o date is not a time for her duty. time to relax maybe but instead she spent sometime for his bf. for wholesome purpose or date. She is a workaholic and im sure she can manage both in good and more good in her duties and responsibilities as MU.

  39. Being a matured Filipina with sound mind, Pia’s new relationship does not bother me at all. As she said herself, we are now in 2016. As smart as she is, I know that she’ll not jeopardize anything that will take her crown away. Stay happy, Queen P!

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