14 comments on “Ara, Bianca, Mutya, Leren and Hannah – All for mySlim Detox

  1. Ariella, Mutya, Leren and Hannah look so beautiful! Classy beauty queens then, now and forever will be.

  2. Five of the most gorgeous Filipinas in this modern era. They are role models that inspire our younger generation.

  3. Infairness naman kay Leren Mae. Bakit kaya di ng try to sa BBP. Pwedeng pwede sya.

  4. Mutya and Ara are the goddesses of all the goddesses of beauty here. They could be the heirs apparent to the thrones Aphrodite, Cleopatra or Helen of Troy had vacated centuries ago.

  5. no wonder why mutya datul won miss supranational, she nailed the photo shoot… leren also captivating…. i love it…

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