18 comments on “Easter Sunday Specials: “Aside from singing, fashion is my second passion,”says Binibini 24 Niza Limjap

  1. I watched her sing ‘ how did you know’ . she can carry a tune but i’m not jumping up and down listening to her.
    olafson is more legit to me. now that she’s gone, I guess limjap wins by default.

    i prefer no. 10 among the ‘singers’ though. she may not have the best voice but she exudes beauty and class while singing.

  2. I have read somewhere that Niza really has beautiful eyes in person and I think so, too. To me, she nailed her glamshot resulting to a Molly Isler aura. Good luck!

      • seriously dex? damn so many blogs so many heights … she is really gorgeous 🙂

      • You might find this helpful, Chrome. I got the details from BbP official website:

        Crescent Anne Samaco, 25, 5’7″
        Jeslyn Santos, 23, 5’7″
        Kylie Verzosa, 24, 5’7″
        Paula Rich Bartolome, 25, 5’7″
        Maria Mica Maxine Medina, 25, 5’7¼”
        Dindi Joy Pajares, 23, 5’7½”
        Nichole Marie Manalo, 26, 5’7½”
        Nicole Cordoves, 23, 5’7½”
        Jennifer Hammond, 25, 5’7¾”
        Anjellica Lopez, 20, 5’8″
        Kristine Angeli Estoque, 22, 5’8″
        Priscilla Kimberley de la Cruz, 25, 5’8″
        Angela Gene Valdez, 24, 5’8½”
        Maria Lina Prongoso, 23, 5’8½”
        Nina Sabrina Sophia Limjap, 25, 5’8½”
        Sheena Dalo, 25, 5’8½”
        Vina Prulla Openiano, 23, 5’8½”
        Apriel Smith, 20, 5’8¾”
        Jessica Gonzales, 24, 5’10”

      • and whoever can get around on this one has a chance to win MU’16..
        Miss Universe Poland 2016 Magdalena Bieńkowska 22 , 5’10

      • She’s like a doll with strong resemblance of Linda Carter (Wonder Woman).

        That’s one reason why our representative should really be facially beautiful first and foremost.

    • Nicole Cordoves reminds me of the beautiful and gorgeous MU2013 3RU Ariella “Ara” Arida from that pic on the bottom left. Love the high cheekbones too! 🙂

    • With all the positive feedback I heard from those who really witnessed the show, she is the most probable winner of best in talent. Cheers!

      • Ive just watch it via You tube. Limjap, Gamboa and Olafson will be the top 3 for talent. But her’s (Limjap) was the best. Lets see 🙂

        Any update on Kim ? Or word from SMA ?I havent started choosing my final 7.

      • Call it “sirang plaka” or “cannot move on” but a part of me is still hopeful. I will let go of HOPE only by the 5th. 😉😉😉

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