22 comments on “Binibini 7 Angelique De Leon: As hardworking as she gets!

  1. No ofens pero nakakaumay ang byuti nya. Para ngang mas maganda sya nong 2014. Basta di ako sold sa byuti nya. Piryod.

  2. There are a lot of beautiful faces and not to mention bodies in this batch of Binibini…. But, what I want to root for in a girl is because of her personality… Angelique doesn’t have the best make-up and facial projection but those minor details can be fixed. If she wins BBP, she can transform into the girl who can win our next International crown.

  3. Wasn’t a fan of her from the start because of her veneers but all she really has to do is to learn how to relax her mouth and smile properly.
    She’ll be a good representative in any of the international pageants.

  4. Let’s see if she’s destined to have a crown. Her video re grooming tutorial is sooo boring. Now I realised she doesn’t exactly know proper styling as she insists on parting the hair on the left. Hair should be parted based on the location of the cowlick. That’s all, folks!

  5. Acquired taste ang kind of beauty niya no? It’s either you like her or not. Parang si Nicole C. Minsan gandara siya as in bongga, minsan wala siya sa angle niya. Nevertheless, she’s articulate, seems to have a sunny personality kaya kung manalo siya ng crown (kahit pa MUP yan) okay lang sa akin. I think kaya namang i-fine tune ng projection niya before her int’l pageant. Hihi

  6. is it goodbye binibining philippine airlines special award for angelique, since she is some what connected with cebu pacific. i hope not, since she is one of the candidates who has a good disposition in life that will shine through just like our flag carrier. plus a sun shiny smile. #angeliqueen

    last year kylie won the special award, will she get it again this year.

  7. Top 15. Runner up.
    Medyo di maganda yung right leg sa swimsuit pero yung upper arms like na like ko.

  8. she needs training for camera projection. she doesn’t look sure how to pose, her eyes, mouth. she has beauty. From neck down she looks good. i hope she will learn how to project in a short span of few months now to the finals. me kulang talaga sa kanya, walang oomph at smize/sexiness sa projection.

  9. I can see her rocking the stage of MU. She’s very warm and approachable, comfortable on and off stage, she has a great physique and a very beautiful face. Mejo unsure lang ako cause of her camp… If only she was a part of A&Q, she has a higher chance of winning a major crown. Pero it’s okay. I feel like she’s going to be a part of the top 5. Galingan niya lang sa Q&A

    • There will be no camp consideration this year. BPCI has been tired of that plus the fact that BPCI deserves the credits when they are sent internationally…and not these camps.

      • Oo nga bakit sa camp ang credits? Dapat bilhin na siguro ng A n Q yung franchise ng MU para bongga. On the other hand marami ng nagawang kabutihan ang Bpci sa mga candidates at sa kanilang advocacies.kaloka.

      • The camps deserve some credit if they actually compete internationally and win. Remember the camps trained Pia, Janicel etc for their respective pageants.

  10. That’s my girl! Success comes with passion and a lot of effort too…you have my support…Way to go Angelique de Leon!!!

  11. Definitely in my top 3 as well! Gorgeous and she gives off a warm vibe in motion. She is universally appealing in her own way.

  12. She’s on top of my shortlist of 3 candidates for the MUP crown. Her sensual appeal fits the MU pageant and her figure rocks! I’ve heard her speak in a couple of online videos and also have read a few interview transcripts and she’s quite a woman of substance; her communication skills is good and can only get better from here. Wishing her the best.

  13. Angelique is my favorite Binibini this year. She is not just a pretty face and a vava-voom body. She is very intelligent, have an awesome sense of humor, is very aware and is very kind. I just love her. I hope she gets one of the other crowns, if not the Miss Universe Philippines crown.

    • I want her to be MUP too. Beautiful and smart, I’m pretty sure will give her utmost best.

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