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  1. Gayagaya putomaya ang peg ng Miss Grand International. Parang Miss Earth lang ang dating. Diba Miss Earth nagdethrone sa pangalawang pageant nila. Neks project ni Nawat ay back2back2back para sa Thailand. Atat na atat na sila sa sarili nilang korona.

  2. See? Mas pinili nila maging pa-popular eh. Kung sana mala Daryanne nalang din na deserving kahit di kagandahan pero super into the cause kung meron man.. keri pa.

    They chose beauty over sincerity eh.

    Pinagbigyan nila Bb pero deserving si Parul dun ha
    Pingabigyan nila Femina
    Pinagbigyan ni Thais
    Handpicked nila si ANEA
    and… AUS daw gaganapin yung MGI this year.

    They pleased everyone but the chose ANEA who’s the most beautiful na kakagaling lang sa MISS USA na handpicked nila kasi feeling nila malilift yung popularity nila. AYAN TULOY!

    Handpicked nila ngayon si Pham Huong.. alam niyo na sino mananalo.

    • Tanong ko lang… Bakit hindi tayo nanalo noong unang edisyon samantalang si Ali Forbes ay handpicked din ni Nawatt noon?

    • Mahina pla si Nawat. Dpat ang hand pick nya si Ariadna pra bongacious. Tapos dethroned ulit next year joke haha

  3. When an incumbent queen cannot fulfill her duties and obligations, she either resigns or she is kicked out. Obviously she didn’t resign because she is a greedy person based on her demands. So right description, she is DETHRONED.

    And so why Queen Pia is being brought up in the picture? Queen Pia is not Anea so please keep your concerns in your own backyard. Plain silly!

    Global Beauties is a site for those who like to imagine so if you want real news, it should be your last resort. 😴😴😴

  4. Ito yung post ng GB. Yung pagkaka sulat medyo ang harsh. Pero kung ito talaga ginagawa ni Anea, Knowing na paborito sya ni Nawat noon, baka di na talaga nila kaya.

    P.S. I also read somewhere that Kristhilee Ms. Puerto Rico might sue. She’s palced in a mental institution daw for depression. For that reason alone, palagay ko unstable talaga sya. Ewan lang…

  5. I’m still not sure what happened. Was she asked to step down, or did Anea just discard her MGI sash like used toilet paper because she spotted greener pastures up ahead in the horizon?

  6. Sa. GB may statement na sila about Anea. From their side oo nga pasaway nga sya. They couldn’t schedule events and charity activities for her because her studies got in the way. She wanted her grandma to live with her in Bangkok which wasn’t part of the deal. She madee various demands daw na unreasonable and wala sa pinirmahan nila. Tsk tsk tsk…

  7. I am one of those people who don’t like a win by default. Like Justine Pasek, for me it’s not really a win. the credit goes to the real winner still. 😦 but that’s just me. Anea, while dethroned, 50 years from now, the MGI title will always be clinging to her name.

    • I highly doubt that this pageant will reach that number of years though.

      • i meant to say that 50 years from now, whether there will still be MGI or not Anea’s biography will always have MGI attached to her name.

      • Oh, sorry. I’ve understood it the wrong way. My bad.

        Yes, I agree. Winners will always be considered winners.

  8. I have a soft spot for the MGI crown. I like the filigree style and the gold is pretty unique among the big international pageants. I hope to see it on the head of a Filipina very soon!

  9. At the end of the day, the 1st runner up has always the legitimate title. The first runner will always be the safety net of the pageant. Good luck to you Ms. Australia and more power as well to ex-Ms. Grand International 2015. Definitely Anea will be a good representative from Dominican Republic in Miss Universe 2016. And I’m pretty sure Ms. Magali has an approval to that!

  10. Oh no!

    Colombia – dethroned (sort of)
    Puerto Rico – dethroned
    Dominican Republic – dethroned

    And each one has an attitude.

  11. OMG! I really don’t like ever since!

    She brought the QandA into a tear-jerking portion…

    Congrats, AU!

  12. The dethronement proves that Miss Grand International is not an ordinary pageant. The Philippines has to own its crown soon.

    Congratulations Miss Australia.

  13. If only Parul won this contest (which I strongly believe she deserved) – they would not have this problem right now. They brought this on themselves by getting swayed by a tearful life story (totally unrelated to the final question) and preferring ladies from the Caribbean over other deserving girls. Truth!

  14. Well is she has plans of joining MU as DR’s rep, aba kahit si Nawatt na usapan, onting delicadeza naman. She royally f-ed up her q and a nung ms usa, nag aambisyon pa sya for MU? Ano naman tingin nya sa sarili nya? Hindi lang sya ang matangkad na may magandang katawan no. Anyway, good riddance … congats Ms. Australia.

    • I will never forget her answer sa q and a in miss usa . “we need politicians to remind us when to do right and when to do wrong”… hehe. anyare?

      • may sinasabi tong friend ko na buntis daw tong si Anea. Joke ba to o may narinig din kayo?

      • Meron nga pero parang bulong bulong lang among other fans. Wala pang nanggagaling sa credible na source.

      • Anea tried to bluff her way in the q n a but failed miserably. She obviously clueless on what political correctness is hehe

    • If she has plans to join DR for MUP then she’s forgetting that her Miss Grand reputation could follow her. I don’t think MUP (or even DR) would want a rep who doesn’t take responsibilities seriously.

    • I don’t think she’ll join MUDR. She perfectly knows that MUSA and MU are owned by IMG.

      On the other hand, it seems that “residency” is not an issue in other countries. Why is it a big issue to BPCI?!?

      • Simply because BPCI is a different organization from those of other countries. It has it’s own rules and regulations.

      • Nagtaka ka pa. Lahat issue sa BPCI hehe…pero I’m with them with the residency thing. Medyo old school ako. Pet peeve ko yung mukang Pinoy na pinoy na ni isang word na matino in Filipino hindi maka pag salita. Basta ang off sakin. Keri lang if doon ka na pinanganak but if you will be representing the Philippines, be as Pinoy as you can be naman. Parang hindi ako matutuwa kung gagamitin lang stepping stone ang Pinas just because malakas sash factor natin these days.

        May photos na sya trying on gowns si Anea I mean. May campaign na ata sa DR na pasalihin sya ng MU. I think it’s really greedy on her part. She’s having videos of her pasarela released…I think hindi far fetched yung speculations na gusto nya mag try for MU.

      • I could relate to that just in a manner that I hate those Filipinos born and raised here and migrated to the States for just a few years and pretend to have forgotten the native language completely. And when you talk to them, their accent is even worse compared to those from the remote barrios in the country. 😂😂😂

  15. Good luck to Miss Australia! Are they sending her now to South Sudan to promote world peace?

  16. Pag puro lovelife ang atupagin ni Pia eh malamang mangyari ito sa kanya

    • Oh please. Your statement is tacky. Your presumption is malicious, much less your own conclusion.

      • Hello!! Tingnan nyo bga po ang mga pics nila na nglalabasan. She’s supposed to be a role model.

        Go ahead with your thumbs down, but this is my stand on how she handles her lovelife. Kelan nya lang ba yun nakilala? It reflects sa image ng mga Pilipina. Si Pia naman oh. I thought she was smart. Bumigay agad.

      • Interesting. I would want to know your idea of a “role model” and a “smart lady”.

        On a second thought, huwag na lang. This conversation is pathetic…

      • Yeah you opted on wag na lang coz you realized na oo nga naman, Pia is not being a good example.

      • Ako rin Laila, wala ako interes sa Pia Mike tandem. Pwede naman kasi discreet na lang like how Megan handled her relationship with Mikael during her reign. Mas low key, hinde pa-controversial.

        Guys dont call me anti-Pia, you have no idea kung ilan gadgets hawak ko during the pageant para makaboto for her and I dont regret voting for her, she also deserves to win. Yun nga lang mejo sana nghintay muna sila ni Mike, at least after her reign. Sincere love can wait anyway. Or kung talagang di sila mka antay, sana they keep it low key kasi Pia has responsibilities and carrying the name of MUO.
        Yun lang, o sya thumbs down na mga kapatid!

      • Hay nako Baby Nica, dyan lang ata tayo magkasundo. I won’t go as far as saying wag syang pabubuntis ganun at ang kaibahan ni Pia sa mga na dethrone is maturity. Kaso sya din nagsabi na pag na inlove sya para na syang bulag so on that note hinay hinay lang. Kung mag popost sila ng photos, I would rather see them fabulously made up, attending a charity event, or some dinner party o kaya naman rugged and casual doing something outdoorsy.Usapan nga namin nila Boree kagabi, kung mga relation namin ako almost 10 years, sya a couple of years na, wala nga kaming mga photo sa social media na nasa kama eh gets? sya pa lalo na MU na.

      • Exactly my point Laila, imagine pictures of MU with her bf in bed or in a sofa. And again, another point kelan nya lang nakilala, Pia is forgetting that before she became MU, she was first Miss Philippines and she represents women from our country, tapos ganyan? Ilang months na lang ang reign nya oh. Konting antay na lang sana.

        Agredd ulit ako sayo na kung mg rerelease sila pics sana related sa current responsibilities nila, hinde puro landian.
        Isang malaking halakhak ito ni Ariadna pag nabuntis si Pia

      • @baby nica, apts in nyc are very small. bedrooms become living rooms as well. I don’t see anything wrong with pia and mike In bed together. they are not naked making out or having sex in bed. most Filipinos who went to school in metro manila have done that- using their beds/bedrooms as living quarters.

      • That is not the point Fabian.

        Anyway, buhay nya naman yan. I hope she handles everything well. Best of luck Pia and enjoy the remaining9 months of your reign.

      • whats the point baby nica? do you see anything salacious with the pics?

    • Di rin ako super dooper fan ng Pia Mike tandem anyway, here is a recent photo. She’s flying somewhere warm. I’m thinking LA because of the wings but I am sooo hoping she starts traveling internationally na. Para tumigil na kakaputak mga Colombians or Latinos na wala nang ginawa kundi mag reklamo. Wala pa akong interes tingnan mga pang bahay shots nila ni Doc Mike kaya mabuting piro MUO activities nalang muna i post nya.

  17. Ang sabi sa Global Beauties Footnote: Any of the other finalists should have been the winner in the first place. Now Miss Grand has a real queen WITH A HEART. Those who follow the pageant from a close distance know what we mean.


    • What a complete turnaround. Eh di BA nung nanalo Yan sin Anea, kulang Na Lang iakyat Sa mga ulap at iluklok Sa kanyang Trono bilang reyna Ng langit at lupa kng makaputi yang global beauties Na Yan!

    • Is GB anti-Pia or something? They really had to place her 10th on their grand slam ranking thing.

      • If only Filipinos will stop visiting that site, it will be gone soon. Global Beauties is nothing to the eyes of MUO, MWO and MEF. It’s a site of wannabes.

      • of course, and they have to elevate supra at all cost. that’s a given fact. im just happy that GB is just like another fan website so it doesn’t really serve it’s purpose. after a year nobody knows who they chose as a winner and their country don’t even care about what GB thinks.

    • I have long stopped visiting that site, they don’t deserve my ‘click’. The reason GB is still around is because some pinoy fans still visit the site and waste their time arguing with pea-brained fools.

    • GB is very biased towards MGI. I wonder if they got paid by MGI to promote it. Ayan nakarma tuloy. Ahahaha.

  18. Rumor is that she’s joining Ms.Universe in DominicanRep. Could be true, this month daw presentation of their official candidates, it makes sense timing-wise. Pero if not, bakit kaya, hmmm.

  19. I’m confused was she dethroned or stepped down?

    Also I thought she’s from Dominican Republic not Cuba

    • Johnny, I believe Nawatt just used the words “stepped down” to soften the blow, but according to my mole, this was really a dethronement just waiting in the wings for quite some time now.

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