8 comments on “Binibini 34 Sarah Christine Bona: “In my Bb. Pilipinas journey, God has been a shoulder to cry on…”

  1. Parang sunga naman bunganga nitey. Di masara sa laki ng ipen. Shoeses kopo.

  2. Sarah Christine looks more pleasing in casual than in glam. It’s her veneers that destroy her exotic Filipina look.

  3. I’m glad these questions are asked, not because I care whether one is religious or not, but the answers are telling. I can tell who are ready to be nuns.

  4. Maxine to the Max!
    Maria for Lenten Season.
    I believe Maria Maxine is the most religious candidate.Her name Maria was Jesus’ mother.
    And she’s indeed a Maria even in her web interview! God be with her.

    • Are you nuts? Why do you chant Maxine’s name everywhere? Look, you are obviously under her demonic spell.

      • Im just refering to her name Maria. Excuse if that was the way you perceive.. I got no bad intention.

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