7 comments on “Miss Globe 2015 Ann Colis is loving Montreal

  1. Di ko alam kung saan ko to ikakabit pero since Canada naman, look what I found…
    A recent video of Riza Santos….what happened to her face?????? Parang lahat ng features nya magang maga

    • Hindi naman ako affected so I guess it’s alright. I’m sure she’s doing fine with whatever she’s doing. Smile!

  2. Beautiful talaga si Ann. Pwede rin sya international model, she should give it a try after her reign. Maybe her exposure in Canada will pave the way for her.

  3. So happy for you Ann Colis. Thanks for making us proud. The beauty of the Philippines shining through.

  4. I am hoping Miss Globe 2015 will going to visit Miss Universe 2015 in New York. Anyway enjoy your vacation in Canada. Like what they say in French fais un bon voyage et amuse toi bien

  5. Infernez, malocaloca siguro ang beauty ni Ann ng nasa parada. Parang victory parade siguro ang feeling niya. Ahihi.

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