20 comments on “Binibini 39 Ria Rabajante: “…If we can’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything…”

  1. I actually pity this lady..she tops my ‘awat na’ list dis year..if its any consolation, previous top holders,include the likes of diana arevalo, hannah ruth sison, patricia ejercitado.. 🙂

  2. I was one of those who were blown away when she showed up at the screening in 2013! She was a dead-ringer of Miriam Quiambao, or so I thought…i wanted to choose her over Charmaine Elima at the beginning because she was so classy and arrestingly beautiful but then again my admiration wasn’t enough for me to become a fan. Now, by just reading how she answers questions and how her mind works is like navigating her soul and I love what I am feeling. It is the wisdom that not everyone of her age has. Ria is a beautiful soul…old but beautiful soul.

  3. Ria’s face is one of a kind. Hoping she comes to the competition this time more prepared to finally snatch a crown.

    Give it your all and enjoy the ride as you go along.

  4. Deserving si Ria sa 40. Nabiktima lang siya ng replacement kaya nag iba ang tingin sa kaniya ng mga beki. Fight lang ng fight teh.

  5. Ria is full of wisdom. It’s enough for her to climb up to the top.

  6. hope she and Angelique make it into the top 15. the judges should watch their videos to know how classy they are when they talk … women of substance

  7. basil , that was ria 10 yrs ago. let’s stay with the present tense, namukadkad na ate mo. she is now what you will never … ever… be hihihi

  8. In all honesty, I have always been a fan of Ria and find it really disappointing and pathetic with how many bashers she seems to have this year. It reminds me of the “move on, oldie” attitude that people took with Pia last year. Somehow people forget that Ria was actually a big crowd favorite when she first joined Bb. Her unique look immediately grabbed people’s attention and she was encouraged to join again by the likes of the same people who praised Ara and Bea.

    But somehow this year, her height and “not very pretty face” are suddenly the topic of conversation. Truthfully, I see a very beautiful girl with big dreams, a genuine heart, and a go getter attitude.

    Now that being said, I actually think Ria is one of those girls who ISN’T benefitting from joining Aces and Queens. It seems like they told her she needed to age her look or carry herself with a very stern aura to make up for her height. You can tell in her photos, it just seems unnatural. I much prefer her styling when her former camp.

    I’m still a fan and have hope for her. But she really needs to ditch her current look and reclaim + refine the fresh, exotic look she had before if she wants to win a crown. Go ahead, give your thumbs down.

    • @victoriano. I’m seeing a Kris tiffany aura on the glam shots . I think we should just be supportive to Ria for wanting to pursue her dreams just like Pia and MJ.

  9. Wow, this is the 1st time I’ve seen her really strategize to win…
    In fairness to her, she really made an effort to think about the answers

    • c2f, stragetize? not likely. I think she is probably the most spiritual among the binibinis being a sunday school teacher.
      but I sense some sarcasm in Norman’s title hihihi. changing camps , representing a different city, joining mwp when you keep saying you have always wanted to be MU . yeah, ria, you will fall for just about anything. you ,naughty norman, hihihi

      • The title is quoted from Ria… I don’t think Tito Norms has the same kind of thinking as yours. Ria does not have the same guidance/support from her family as the other Binibinis. She used to be so sheltered and now she needed to be independent because of unprecedented circumstances. She is experiencing and learning all these on her own only with her faith in God to guide her.

  10. i like her, she is beautiful and feminine kind ambitious and well-spoken. i wish there was a way to glam her up. unfortunately, her eyes are too small and she is too small.
    in the event that she wins MUP, i will support her. but she has to win first …which is almost impossible. but who knows?

  11. God’s Plans are bigger than yours.. God’s plans is perfect even when He is silent He is doing something great… je crois en toi Sissel.. we believe in you… believing is achieving…

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