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  1. I just saw Maria G #36 video.

    Wow ha. She says her namd is pronounsed “Jigante”? Where did that come from????? “Higante” is the correct pronouns. Ask anybody in Cebu.

    The website say she is a graduate of Philosophy? Haler di pa cya graduate nohh!!! Ask people from USC. Better yet, the registrar!

    Tapos sabi she grew up in Bantayan Island??? Haler taga Cebu Island cya noh! Born and raised. She go to Bantayan once in a while maybe.

    Tapos GK for 4 yrs? Well she joined 4 yrs ago maybe pero once in a while din yan noh not a real comitment thing.

    I hope they correct this before press presentation. Baka lang maging contro know what i mean? Do your research naman nohhh.

  2. I also like Maria G’s video…very articulate.

    I like Dindi’s choices… her accent is not the most cosmopolitan but she showed personality.

    Surprised that Ria finaly nailed her interview compaired to her past tries at BBP… again finaly!..

    I like Maxene Medina’s vid… its very classy and regal… but I still need to see more personality from her like the others..

  3. Merong boses pekpek (sorry sa word ha, yan talaga kaagad pumasok sa isipan ko.. ayoko lng maging plastik) 🙂 lol
    Actually, Bet ko sya.
    I love you girl and good luck 🙂

    • talagang naka spell out lol wala man lang asterisk lol….sino dun? Si Estoque ganda ng diction pero yung veneers nya ang distracting. Magaganda pala katawan nila nalimutan ko i mention.

      • Gusto ko c Estoque Laila, parang c Janine magsalita 🙂
        From Davao yan kaya Fight..fight ..fight lng.
        Yung Veeners nga lng… pero malay mo magustuhan ng mga hombre na judges kc alam mo na parang ano yung veneers ha ha ha…ayoko ng isulat kc censored..magagalit c Sir Norman…yung ano na may ngipin …lol.. turn-off 🙂

      • Di rin puedeng lagyan ng asterisk laila kc magiging pokpok sa ibang readers 🙂 lol

      • Beauty Queen ang arrive… since 18 pa sya…top 15 or 10 🙂
        Pasalihin sa mga minor beauty pageants para mahasa at papayat konti 🙂
        Maamo ang mukha kaya puede sa MI2018 or MU2020 🙂

    • ah grabe alala ko nung puyaters abangers kami kaka antay ng updates ng photoshoot na to. may dramang nag aantay pa kami ng go signal ng magazine company or photographer na game i repost na. those were the days my friend.

  4. From the videos, I liked Hammond’s sass and Jenniffer Eden who looks like a cross between Jessie Mendiola and Carla Humphries.

    From this first batch, I loved Nicole. Ok fine, I love her armpits. I used to have a love affair with Paulina Vega’s armpits but now I’m going local….

    • @Laila – About your connent on Jennifer Eden’s look: Yes, yes & yes! I just knew her facial template was familiar for some reason. Hit the nail on those similarities on that one!

  5. Who cares about gossips and rumors? If it’s your preference, visit missosology. They love to spread gossips more than facts in their forums.

    My current favorites for top placements are: Apriel Smith (MGI), Kylie Verzosa (MU), Maxine Medina (MS) and Nichole Manalo (MI). I am still undecided for Intercontinental and Globe. Is there Q&A in Globe?

    • Checked YT if there’s Q&A and there I found this…

      I cannot believe that this pageant is like a fiesta pageant in our local barangay. But I am amazed that most of the contestants spoke good English. That’s all I can say.

  6. Next to #10 is #11…feel ko lang if I based it on the headshots. From Pia to Nicole… 🙂

  7. Rumors are: The headshost and half-body shots were leaked daw. It was clearly sabotage daw. One candidate even cried kasi daw test shot daw yung nirelease na photos nila and there were pics 100x better. May iba daw nabigla nung nangyayari yung shoot kasi di pa ready yung girls pinicturan na agad.

    Idk if the rumors are indeed true, what is happening BPCI? And why even release these shots? Alita and Pajares have the best shots but di hamak na mas magaling pang magselfie and mga bb kesa sa nagshoot neto. Kung eto na talaga ang official raw shots then I really am out of here. Halatang may pinapanigan and sinisiraan.

    And if this is indeed true (again) then Kim’s disqualification may be a blessing in disguise else she would’ve experienced these as well, if not more.

    • @jajang I saw the shots. Manalo looks matronish, the pretty girls became not so pretty. The only decent ones are gigante alita and Cindy. I mean decent (not pretty) kudos to Bb for managing to make the beautiful go to the other direction. Special mention to photographer and make up artist. Di Maya fan ni Janel or Kim ang dalawang into at naghiganti

      • @bryan I wasn’t putting any light into Kim’s reinstatement if that was what went across to you because I have already moved on. What I simply said was Kim’s dq MAY BE a blessing in disguise.

  8. I have been a regular reader of your blog ever since Maria Venus Raj almost captured that evasive crown which we finally owned with Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s very successful performance. Salamat, Kuya Norman. :-*

  9. My fave five so far:


    • I can’t seem to pick my 5 yet and runner ups.. People thought this batch was weak but honestly, we have a lot of girls here with great potential.

      • not knowing most of the candidates makes it really hard to pick your top 5 . however, the videos above have pushed me further away from Nicole Apriele and Sheena .

      • Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Of course it’s difficult to pick a top 5 at this point. The competition has only started. I look forward to seeing these ladies perform in all of the pageant activities. Alright, we get it Fabian… You’re not fond of Sheena, Nicole and Apriele. You don’t need to repeat yourself lol….

  10. BBP hasn’t uploaded everyone’s videos pero so far, these are the girls that did well (opinion lang naman)

    • I still have to see the rest of the candidates’ videos but honestly Nicole Cordoves won me here…. She felt so comfortable in front of the camera. Super warm and playful. And that smile, so gorgeous!!

      Sheena Dalo… FIERCE!! Mejo shy type lang but this girl is gaining momentum

      Maria Prongoso reminds me of Janine. not facially but the way she talks.. I like her aura.

      Apriel Smith… this girl is ready to receive her crown. Loving her more each day!

      Angelique De Leon, very beautiful and I know she can represent the country well if she wins a title.

      Kimberle Penchon., Ang ganda ng smile and mata!! I can see her winning Miss Globe!

      • To be completely honest, I don’t find the face of Angelique worthy of a crown BUT I know that her personality is worthy of representing the Philippines internationally. In the video, she once again proved to me how truly classy she is, a quality I always admire in women. So she is my choice – hands down – as the Best Video. I’ll give my runner-up placement to Paula Rich.

        The choices were boringly generic but I’d love to meet those that chose Adele and Kare-kare, in person. I’m sure we’ll enjoy each other’s company. 😋😋😋

      • @Dex

        I agree! Angelique’s facial movements are not the best but her choices and articulation is more than enough for me to root for her in an international competition. She is followed by Nicole Cordoves who’s telegenic and equally classy but her choices are not my cup of tea and I still need to re-evaluate her pasarela. Meanwhile, Apriel Smith is one of the girls who I think is ready to compete internationaly… I think the girl is a total package… Ako lang ay nakaramdam ng kakulangan sa kanyang hinaharap na kaya naman matugunan ng pagkain ng tama.

      • Wait si Kimberle hahaha oo nga prinsesang prinsesa. sino ba nag comment noon nun?

      • “To be completely honest, I don’t find the face of Angelique worthy of a crown BUT I know that her personality is worthy of representing the Philippines internationally.”

        Yaaasss! Ito talaga yung gusto ko ipaglaban this year sa Miss U eh. Na-establish na natin na we can produce beautiful girls. What is important for me to showcase this year is the mind and soul of a Filipina. Facial and physical beauty will always be important, but while all eyes are on us this year, I want our candidate to embody the best of what Filipinas can offer, which includes brains and personality. Kaya mga tulad ni Angelique yung nasa listahan ko for MUP kasi kaya niya itayo ang bandera ng holistically-developed Filipina sa world stage.

      • I watched the videos again . dalo looked better than I thought. I hate her fierce a la Miss japan stare . what the f—k was it all abt?
        I still don’t see what people see in Nicole. the eyebags and the ‘disproportionate face ‘ ( eyes/nose/mouth too big for the face) were a big turn off. taylor swift over adele? cool choice. those who said adele need to buy taylor swift’s 1989 lol
        I’m beginning to like Angelique. I think she will make it at least into the top 15. she really sounded great. sorry for the ‘porn star’ reference. she is too classy for that.

    • if the 5 above were the best candidates in the batch, we might as well say g-bye to 2016. the videos made me say NO WAY to Nicole apriel and dalo.

      • Well everyone has their own opinion. You seem to be a big fan of Kylie Versoza. I mean she’s pretty and all but I don’t think she’s MU material. She’s quite stiff and her communication skills need a lot of work.

    • Thank you for sharing above videos which prompted me to visit the official BbP FB page and watched from Alexandra Faith Garcia ’til Jennifer Hammond.

      My verdict: This year’s theme or challenge is quite disappointing as I was anticipating for a more engaging one. Gradeschoolers can certainly do this in a more interesting and fun manner. BbP probably just wants our candidates to feel more relaxed considering that all of them have been going through a lot of pressures lately. At least we, viewers, are able to see how these beauties could project themselves naturally in front of moving cameras. And I find it funny for some that emoting a monkey is such a very challenging task. 😅😅😅

    • I am loving Apriel in the video. She looks cute imitating emojis. She is a natural.

    • mali ako ng post, dito sana ako makikisawsaw: YES TO NICOLE C’S ARMPITS :}

  11. Norman, I honestly expect that sometime in the near future you will be a judge for BbP. Love it!!!

  12. Halos pareho tayo Tito Normz. Wala lang sa anim ko si Nichole. Meron akong Nicole.

  13. Maganda naman palang tingnan ang headshots kapag maliliit. Dindi talaga nagwagi dito.

  14. Leaked photos daw mga yan.At kelangan pang i-edit.Kung titingnan nga,minimal lang yung make-up nila.Anyare kay Kylie?She’s my number at this moment.Pero parang malalamon sa ganda ni Angelica Alita at elegance ni Sheena Dalo(parang si Venus ang aura).

    • Actually the photos were not leaked. The photographer himself uploaded them describing them as “raw headshots.” But he pulled them out after fans made a lot of disgusting/disappointing comments. Parang bashing na rin kasi sa mga candidates.

  15. I was anticipating this whole set of headshots since there was a bit of backlash about it in the other thread. I agree na medyo mukhang pawis yung ibang girls, and not everyone’s chosen shots were flattering.

    Mga Nagwagi – Girls whose headshots were flattering and brought out their beauty
    Nicole Cordoves
    Kimberle Penchon
    Angela Fernando
    Jennyline Malpaya
    Maria Lina Prongoso
    Sheena Dalo
    Paula Rich Bartolome
    Angelique De Leon
    Kristine Estoque

    Mga Nalugi – Girls whose beauty were not given justice and who deserve better headshots
    Christanne Ramos
    Kylie Verzosa
    Mariella Castillo
    Edjelyn Gamboa
    Maxine Medina
    Anjellica Lopez

    Overall, I think there were more girls that had good photographs than girls who did not. Hopefully the final ones are even better for those whose shots weren’t that good.

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