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  1. I can’t imagine myself in her situation. She is determined to prove to the world that her existence has true meaning. I hope that she can hide her tattoo below her left breast when she competes. Do we have a beauty queen with a tattoo?

  2. ey pretty. cheerup after a year or more this would be just one day=) and you would be better =) love yah!

  3. She’s a natural fresh beauty and a good public speaker.
    She’s more suited for Miss World Philippines.
    Quirino knows how to keep up with the times which is why she was able to produce a winner (Megan) in just a few years since she took over Ms. World Philippines.
    Bb. Pilipinas Org. is still stuck in its very outdated ways hence it took 40+ years before it produced a winner (Pia).

  4. Naiyak talaga ko sa kwento ni Janelle. Unfair talaga ang BPCI. Dapat talaga nagimbestga muna sila bago nagpalabas ng official list. Susmaria.

    • True! Nadamay lang talaga, but I am positive that this will work out to her favor. From this experience nakilala tuloy sya ng madla.

  5. Ang sakit naman nito. She was emotional but I couldn’t help but focus on her face and teeth. She’s soooo pretty. She may not have the biggest fan base during her stint at BB but she’ll have an even bigger one once she joins MEP or MWP. I’m sure we will all be very supportive of her. I know BPCI has rules and they cannot take in everybody because not everyone is qualified but I hope they realize the impact they’ve caused to girls like Janelle or Kim or Sandra.

    Speaking of Kim, she’s very gracious with the support she’s been getting. She replies to comments and smiles but someone pointed this out before, I forgot if it was bong, Bong or Dexter or closer but it seemed that Kim isn’t fighting or affected. I don’t know if something is still being done to have her reinstated because she’s keeping mum but now I sort of get you guys. Did she really want this or was she relieved when she got the boot? Call me crazy but I feel that we (fans) are doing all the fighting for her . I feel that mas lumala pa pagka distant and timid nya after ng nangyari. So now it’s making me question if napilitan lang ba talaga sya sumali kase lahat ng tao sinasabing perfect sya for the part?

    • Ako rin, gets ko rin na may rules ang BPCI and regardless of how backward it seems, I guess I respect na pinaninindigan nila ‘yon. Ang akin lang, sana ok ang communication and treatment sa girls. Sobrang bastos lang na Janelle had to find out from the FB page na na-boot out siya dahil wala na yung picture niya. BPCI didn’t even have the courtesy to tell her. Maski text, wala. She kept trying to reach out but they won’t give her a definitive answer even after her photos have been taken down. Ilang araw nang nakalipas saka lang siya ipinatawag para sabihan.

      ‘Wag naman sana ganun. If BPCI wants to stick to their old-school rules, then fine. Pero they have to be more professional in communicating with their contestants and the public. These are girls are real people, not objects that belong to them during the pageant period. They have the right to know what’s going on with their case, good or bad man yan.

      • Arghhh oo yun pa! I remember sa group chat na mention ng mama ni Kim pag nagtatanong kami nag aantay lang sila ng text. Kung sa office nga ilang araw ka di pumasok paoadalhan ka na ng return to work order ano ba naman na gawin professional ng BPCI way of communicating nila? Sana Hindi totoong ganun pero Ewan natin….

    • @Laila – Whether or not she has any plans of joining ANY pageant ever again, I’m already one of her sheeple, lol! Have you seen her YT clips where she is working out a sweat at the gym? Also her IG posts are super-inspirational for athletic people like me as she’s into jiu-jitsu & shots of her sparring and doing target practice at a shooting range are just BAMF. She’s also a nunchuck chick – the photo of her beautiful nunchucks are just badass. I’ve subscribed to the 2 Girls And A What?! YouTube Channel (which also features her besfie, Nicole Kaufmann) which affords me to live vicariously through their travels, travails & triumphs ^_^

  6. First of all, thanks to Norman for posting this clip that I probably would have never seen because I was so disgusted with BPCI and actually, if you look at the photo it was somewhat daring so I right away concluded that Janelle would have never found an excuse for it. But I was wrong, and I apologize. A Ms. Venezuela had that type of photo for AIDS and HIV awareness, I should have known better not to judge anyone immediately. But now as I watched her clip I just realized how Bb. could be so mean they can wreck your dream without a valid reason. But Janelle your dreams are yours and anyone can’t take that away from you. I like your attitude and the will to carry on. Best of luck to you and I am now a fan.

  7. Quoting myself from one of my previous comments about her situation:

    By the looks of it, Janelle will experience more peaks than pain in her career. It’s a good thing she received at least some training in her short stint at BBP; a great ace to have on top of her other assets. Her rib tattoo states what is ahead of her most fittingly: (Jeremiah 29:11) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

  8. TBH, I never cared for this girl’s disqualification (kay Kim Ross lang ako nakatutok). But after seeing the video, she has become three-dimensional to me now that I know her story. I can esp. relate to the part when her special someone died. Same thing happened to me, and yeah, you would not know how to survive these kind of things. It just makes you stronger.

    If she uses her strengths wisely, this girl could go places. Fighting! 🙂

  9. I really feel bad for her. BBP need to change it rules to allow provocative shoots for artistic purposes or support towards a good cause.

  10. Yeah, cheer up, Janelle. It’s definitely not the end of your pageant road. At least you have guaranteed supporters on your next plan. And those are “us!” 😇😇😇

  11. You have a bright future Janelle. What a strong woman indeed.
    I’m glad that you are contemplating in joining Miss Earth or Miss World.

    The world of Philippine pageantry is full of challenges and of course, excitement.
    Go for it.


    • OJC! It’s only now I realised that we have two co-readers with the same username. The only obvious difference is the first letter. Noticed also that one is inglesero and the other speaks like an OFW assigned in the Middle East. Just a hunch though and sorry if I am wrong.

      I suppose you’re the one from McKinley, right?

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