28 comments on “On the Spotlight: The Century Tuna Superbods Nat10n Finalists

  1. This batch is stronger that the previous years.

    All men can share the spotlight by assigning them months as titles. Is that possible?

    It’s a battle between Olivia and Ambra for the ladies. They are both oozing with sexxxiness.

  2. I think Culver has the best musculature.. kulang lang sa height and facial symetry.. I like Ryan’s height, face structure and symetry and his bonestructures… but his musculature needs some improvement… Ali has the best balnce between facial symetry, bone structure and musculature… my only problem is that his lean dry face makes him look too mature… clint has the best bond structure but his traps are too big..

  3. Ali & Ryan for men because their muscles are leaner than the rest whilst Ambra & Olivia for women for their faces and curves. These two ladies should try out for BbP2017.

    • superbodnation2016

      Superbods finalists from BbP reuniting with Alaiza Malinao who looks like Queen Ariella at first glance. She definitely has levelled up. I hope she joins BbP next year.

    • I was at the event. Ryan and Olivia exuded the most confidence. Was expecting more from my previous bets Ali and Clint. Culver had the best physique. I’m torn now, which is actually very surprising. Strong batch this year.

      • Thank you for sharing, D2E. Now I can see the candidates in a more detailed manner through your eyes. BTW, I like “abbreviating” your chosen username. It’s cool just like C2F. Cheers!

  4. Dexter Co, in follow up to my comment on the previous Superbod’s feature here, the mystery has been solved. I was referring to Princess Abella (and not Maria Martinez as you guessed) as the one having beauty pageant potential. She is stunning ha, and I know she can improve more once she finally decides to join a national pageant. She is not a shoo-in for the top prize in this search, but… who knows? And the hotter guy than Ali Khatibi I referred to there is Clint Bondad pala.

    • Ana Princess Abella kinda looks like Valerie Abou Chacra of Lebanon in Miss World 2015 + a bit of Glaiza De Castro in this photo.

      • Exactly my thoughts, Laila. Pretty no? Hoping that she minds joining a national pageant, or the Binibining Pilipinas for that matter.

  5. share ko lang dito kase…si leren Mae ang ganda, sana maisip nya mag BBP kahit nanalo na sya.

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