13 comments on “Ali Khatibi: Superbod, SuperFighter, SuperRacer & SuperDad

  1. Sarap nitong si Ali, swerte ng mahaderang si Cristine, gabi-gabi katabi nya ang otokong ito, isang inat lang e abot kamay na agad ang langit, lupa, impierno.

  2. The guy raising his right arm is very handsome.Nice chinito eyes and beautiful smile.

  3. He looks hot naman, but I find the guy standing second from left (in the second row) even hotter. Some of the girls look average. The girl standing third from right (in the first row) is a beauty pageant potential. I wonder if she gave birth already, after all pwede naman pala sumali dito ang may anak na. ‘Diba, Ali Khatibi? ☺

      • Hi, Dexter! Do you have a close up picture of that Maria Martinez? I wanna see how beautiful she is up close.

        I read the link already (I think more than a week ago and thanks for providing me the link) and I am aware that the three previous Binibinis have joined this search. Good luck to them.

      • Oh my! The reason why I shared the link was because I thought you missed it. I remembered you saying that you might not be following the pageant anymore if Kim Ross is not part of this batch. With regard to Maria, she actually has an FB account with exactly the same name with cover showing the finalists of Superbod.

      • You know what, Dexter Co, I already stopped following Binibini this season after Kim’s removal therefrom. The pageant does not excite me at all! Since I am connected to an advertising company here in Makati, I heard (just heard, hunnie, as in pure hearsay but with a shade of truth) that few of the products do not want to push through placing advertisements on the pageant night broadcast on a local TV because of some gray policies or inconsistencies of the organization that affect its brand popularity. Anyhow, I would love to know Maxine Medina, Sheena Dalo and Dindi Pajares snatch three of the biggest pageant crowns. You, who are your bets?

      • All three you mentioned are in my favourites list. With Kim Ross not being around for now (Well, I am still optimistic of her reinstatement until VinaO is not disqualified), I’ll save my Queens List for later. Cheers! 😊😊😊

  4. Naku, asawa pala sya ng malditang si Christine Reyes na inaway at binastos ang beteranang actres at super sexing si Vivian Velez!

  5. Sa mga pak na pak na background nya ay masasabi Kong showbiz na showbiz ang dating nya kung bakit kailangan pa nyang sumali Sa pakontes na to.
    Good move para mas makilala cya at mas maraming raket na darating. Showbiz is showbusiness ika nga☺
    He needs to work hard anyway dahil sya ang haligi ng tahanan😃

  6. With Ali’s solid background and accomplishments, can the other guys overtake his popularity? I bet the title awaits him on the finale.

    On the other hand, is married status allowed to the ladies as well? If so, I find this contest amazingly interesting! ♠♥♣♦

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