8 comments on “Coming Soon: The Fun & Fab Bb. Pilipinas 2016 TV Promo Plug

  1. i just love it when BPCI steps up their prod value. sana tuloy tuloy na to from teaser videos/plugs, fashion show, finals night. sama na nga din ang crowns please. LOL

  2. Kailan po kaya mapapanood sa Channel 2 ito? Excited na po ako.

  3. It’s a shame that the promising candidates were eliminated due to pageant politics and outdated rules.
    The Bb. Pilipinas organization is in need of younger blood in its ranks and should be open to keep up with the modern times.
    Unfortunately it took Bb. Pilipinas decades to ditch its gaudy in-house designer so it’s unlikely that progressive changes are going to happen to the organization anytime soon unless another organization buys the Ms. Universe Philippines franchise.
    Good luck to the remaining contestants.

  4. Less interesting for me sans Kim in the competition . . . but it is what it is . . . Go Nicole, Apriel & Kylie !

  5. Sana naman wag bumaha sa coronation night.
    Iaalay ko ang mga itlog ni Facundo sa lahat ng Santa wag lang umulan.
    Dahil kapag umuulan, babaha, kawawa ang mga daga at pusa.

  6. Ouch! I don’t watch TV — too boring for me. 😷😷😷

    I hope somebody shares the video here when it’s already in play. Did you hear me, Hunk? Where are you by the way?!? 😚😚😚

  7. Hay naku 🙂
    Parang nawala na ang fun sa BbPilipinas dahil wala c Kim Chiu sa TV promo 🙂
    Emo lng ng kaunti 😦

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