10 comments on “Miss Earth 2015 and the Race to 1 Million Seedlings

  1. Miss Earth is such an under-appreciated pageant mainly due to the low production value of its pageant’s coronation telecast.
    But when it comes its social causes, mainly environmental, the pageant truly delivers unlike other pageants that are all glitz but no substance.

  2. Ganda naman ng Reynang Angelia. Wagas at karapatdapat lang ang mga inaani nyang tagumbay. Bow.

  3. Eeeeee natutuwa ako sa trees talaga. Yung image ko ng QC cubao lang na duming dumi ako. Pag lipat ko dito sa Fairview area gusto ko na iyakan kase kala ko magulo parang cubao. Super tuwa ko na maraming trees maraming area na malilim kahit maglalakad ka lang sa tindahan. Kaya I super love this cause. I’d like to participate 🙂 yey!

  4. Time will come when our countrymen will be proud of what Miss Earth Foundation (Carousel Productions) is doing for the sake of our world. Hopefully soon… With my fingers crossed. 😘

  5. Who cares, maski sang million pang puno ang itanim ninyo walang pakialam ang madla! pautot lang ninyo yang patanim tanim kunwari ninyo ! sorry pero nasa binibining Pilipinas ang spot light ngayon, mas gusto pang pag usapan ng mga bayot at pageant faanatic ang mga natsutsuging candidate sa biibini kesa dyan sa pakitang taong patanim tanim ninyo!

    • They are planting trees not for the sake of publicity. They do it for your children and great great grand children. Be thankful instead of maligning MEO.

    • Nakakatawa ang comment mo. As if they are just doing it para maungusan ang ibang big pageants.
      If you are here to pull down miss earth because of their GOOD ADVOCACY then SHAME ON YOU!

      They are doing this because that is what they can do in sharing their worth unlike you what can you do? Puro ka competition competition who is better who is the best. E di ikaw na ang magaling Alanis MORESHIT! Your name speaks who you are! SHITPAMORE!

  6. Also discouraged is the planting of gmelina trees because their roots absorb much water leaving other plants around them with less. Also they have toxic (allelopathic) effects on other plants, especially those near them.

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