9 comments on “Will Ann Colis crown a Bb. Pilipinas Tourism or Miss Globe Philippines?

  1. I hope there’s no Globe title up for grabs. Although Ann won the pageant, she deserved a much better pageant than that, and I don’t want to see another Miss Universe-worthy girl be wasted again. Should be Universe, International, Intercontinental, Supranational & Grand Intnl. as well as the two runners up. Even though Parul represented the Philippines in Miss Grand 2015, Ann should pass her crown on to the next Miss Grand Philippines for 2016 instead since Parul already passed on the 5th-place crown and Ann hasn’t. 🙂

    • P.S. Parul could hand the new girl the sash or bouquet of flowers if that helps 🙂

      P.P.S. New Binibining Pilipinas crowns please! The current ones look cheap and tacky. (I cringe everytime I watch Christi with that tiny little $2-looking crown that couldn’t even fit over her bun). Maybe they could make crowns with different coloured little details or crystals or jewels on them:
      Universe: Blue detail
      International: Red detail
      Intercontinental: Purple detail
      Supranational: Yellow detail
      Grand Intnl: Green detail

      Just a suggestion 🙂

  2. Beautiful Ann. What happened to her reign by the way? I havent heard much of her tasks or whatsoever. Any news?

    • Never heard of anything except that she is Miss Globe and that she is going to relinquish her crown sometime on the latter part of the year in the same place most probably. At least she got a crown and some other prizes I suppose. 😕

  3. One thing, paki palitan ng crown ung maganda na worthy pag awayaw..chos…

  4. Even Ann Colis’ image above indicates confusion for obvious reason.

    I agree with you, Norman. It is most important that Ann is able to relinquish her national crown first than debate on titles which are practically on hold because they’re not properly settled yet.

  5. I don’t mind how many titles will be awarded. What I would like BPCI to do is to give us explanations of why some candidates needs to disqualified without due process. Draw a line between decent or raunchy photography. If we can come all together to stop this foolishness of BPCI, we should act now or they will do it again next year pageant. I hope BPCI will treat every candidate with respect and dignity which I believe they deserve it.

    • Pakitagalog na lng po, your englishation is so sakit to d bangs. Makabayan nman ang name mo. Anuveh teh.

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