42 comments on “Make that Four Binibinis of JDV in Bb. Pilipinas 2016

  1. She should join Miss Earth. They prefer women of substance. And she perfectly fits the bill.

    • I can already see her penetrate through the Top 5. She has a huge shot in winning the title especially if KF will train her…

  2. Any new scoop on Kim Ross? It seems like the chance for reinstatement is getting slimmer. Janelle already went on vacation.

    • The fans should have reacted in a diplomatic manner.Maybe the chance for Kim to claim back her # 20 could have been higher. Nakapanghihinayang talaga.

  3. BBP maybe the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines but it sure is unprofessional. Sa tagal na ng franchise nato, napaka messy ng trabaho nila.. Magdedeclare ng screening date pero ipopostpone.. Gagawa ng official announcement kung sino ang mga official candidates then 2 days after may madidisqualify because of height issues? Anong silbe ng screening if you can’t seem to figure out which girls are under qualifications sa height department… Tapos meron ulit matatangal due to stupid reasons eh nagstart na yung competition…. Ang daming sablay jusko…. Pati sa international scene, sablay pa rin sa mga wardrobe. Laging may abirya… Walang ganyang eksena sa Miss Earth Philippines lalong lalo na Miss World Philippines… And to think na Madam Cory has only had the franchise for a short period of time, ang successful na ng organization…. Everything goes smoothly with them….

    • @joy, it makes for a very interesting pageant. You have just answered the question why no one cares Abt MWP or MEP.

      • but is it really WORTH the attention? Destroying the dreams and confidence of beautiful ladies to get people talking is just straight up sadistic. I personally care about MWP. Not so much about MEP because their production kinda sucks… but I Still watch both pageants.

      • @Joy

        I understand where you are coming from but I have to agree with Fabian… Publicity, good or bad is the driving force that makes this pageant prestigious… It is also a good life lesson to most of these girls since experience definitely is the best teacher.

      • It’s still pretty damn tacky regardless. I wish these ladies all the best. Sabi nga ni Janelle, when a door closes on you another one opens. Janelle is going to do well in Miss Earth if she ends up getting in.

      • I think CQ is more professional than SMA. People tune in more to BbP because it’s like watching a train wreck. Watching MWP is like watching a royal ball.

    • It was Geisha and JDV that stole and spread Kim’s photo so Geisha would get in the pageant. JUST KIDDING!

  4. Based on the group photo above, I think Geisha and Candy are facially more beautiful compared to the two others who made the first cut. 😁

    • I’m not sure Abt a crown . But based on the pics I have seen so far , she has the best chance of making it into the top 5

  5. JDV girls always have the unusual names…

    Kenneth for a girl.. Geisha?!… The name of the winner may not be the top priority but its still significant…

  6. Hirap pumili, maganda lahat. Sa finals na lang ako pipili after the Q&A.

  7. This is out of topic and my apologies for posting it here. I just want to share the Vlog of Janelle Olafson regarding this whole ordeal. She stated that the photo that got her disqualified was for breast cancer awareness.

    • That’s a bit unfair. I think she was disqualified just because people kept comparing her pic to Kim’s. And no one is actively protesting Janelle’s case.

    • Omg…I was about to pose the question some days ago (accompanying my link about her statement on IG): what if a person poses nude for a cause? The same way that people do this for PETA (I really liked Sandra Seifert’s nude PETA photo, because of the reason behind it.) Personally, If I turned vegan/vegetarian & were given the chance to do so I would gladly pose for PETA in my birthday suit.

      Janelle, if you’re reading this, thank you for the explanation. You don’t owe anyone this, but thanks for going out of your way to do this. Also, plenty thanks for owing yourself to a very worthy cause (breast cancer awareness), albeit in an uncoventional way. WE HALFIES/HAFUS/HAPAS (& WITH INK/TATS AT THAT) ARE BAMF!

      This may be beating a dead horse, but I admire how she opted to be an independent. I totally identify with that.

    • She is a genuine trooper and I am not happy with the way the org handled her case — putting her on hold for sometime before finally telling her that she’s officially out. MyGolly!

      • @Dexter – Unceremonious, I must say.

        She mentioned Jong Clemente (the photographer who took her breast cancer awareness campaign photos.) Something clicks to me now: he’s a colleague/friend of a photographer whom I used to do projects with when I used to live in NY.

        Per Janelle (& upon closer inspection), her tattoo is Jeremiah 29:11. I looked it up: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

        Her photos are missing from Jong’s photography blog: http://www.jongclemente.com/janelle-olafson

      • You nailed it, Maggie! She has that type of personality. A real pity that she was not accorded justice.

        As to the missing photo on the photographer’s blog — I’ll just keep my lips zipped though I’m sure you already know what I have in mind. Cheers!

      • @Dexter – Yes, I know 🙂 My lips are zipped as well.

        A bit off-putting that this tree of issues has seemed to grow branches. Oy vey!

      • The others are actually feeling the same… All watching… reading… until they hear the much awaited update from BPCI. One of the reasons why it’s kind of quiet here. And, of course, Laila is too busy at work because it’s nearing payday. And then there’s the blog protector. It’s a matter of getting used to this better ambiance. No more spiting… Backstabbing… No one is feeling mightier than the blogger… No more abuse. I guess I like this more civilised ambiance. Anyway, we still have Basil… Fabian… And Bong! 😛😛😛

    • NelieBelly! You are one of my favorite people to work with… You and your mom are really nice people, Seeing you guys together, I knew for a fact that you were brought up to be beautiful inside and out… Don’t worry, you will have better opportunities than Binibini… I wish you the best! 😀

    • Very pleasant personality😃
      She deserve a show on TV. ..ala Regine Tolentino I guess bcoz she can dance😃
      A morning or late night show is ok😃
      I hope to see her in Miss Earth Phils☺

    • She should sue them. Talagang tinarantado sila sa nangyari. Ang daming butas ng rason ng BPCI. Ang shady pa ng acquisition ng photo nung isa tapos nahila lang to pababa.

    • Just loved her. Yes it is quite unfair dq’ng her for a photo that was intended for a good cause. These people at BPCI are insane.

  8. Go go go JDV. Train and help more gurls. The more camps the better for Phils. The higher our status will be as powerhouse of beauty.

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