26 comments on “Operation Smile Day for the Binibinis 

    • That would be nice if it was actually enforced. It would probably bring back those who were turned off by the hate and quit posting. It would be nice to comment and banter again without the conversation turning cruel and demeaning.

      • Our team is on patrol 24/7 and moderation is in full force. Yesterdays’ trolls and troublemakers have been blocked permanently. FYI.

        Thank you for your concern

  1. BBP maybe the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines but it sure is unprofessional. Sa tagal na ng franchise nato, napaka messy ng trabaho nila.. Magdedeclare ng screening date pero ipopostpone.. Gagawa ng official announcement kung sino ang mga official candidates then 2 days after may madidisqualify because of height issues? Anong silbe ng screening if you can’t seem to figure out which girls are under qualifications sa height department… Tapos meron ulit matatangal due to stupid reasons eh nagstart na yung competition…. Ang daming sablay jusko…. Pati sa international scene, sablay pa rin sa mga wardrobe. Laging may abirya… Walang ganyang eksena sa Miss Earth Philippines lalong lalo na Miss World Philippines… And to think na Madam Cory has only had the franchise for a short period of time, ang successful na ng organization…. Everything goes smoothly with them….

    • Winner nga sya…ang dami nilang maglalaban at swertihan nlang kung pareho silang magagaling lahat….williams,versoza, cordoves, parejas,fernando,medina,manalo,hammond, alita,smith,gigante,gonsales,penchon,huelar,bartolome…Top 15

  2. For me, until rumors are verified and proven true
    I won’t join the bandwagon for condemning or crucifying
    someone. It would only make things so cheap.

    I actually cringe when I read some comments about the Manalos
    I think blaming someone or finding someone to blame
    for others’ downfall is already imbedded in FIipino culture.

  3. Public perception really is everything. Without any concrete proof, someone has been found guilty and already crucified on the cross

    • For every subtle reminder about civility and a semblance of order, a barrage of thumbs down from the myopic egotists who refuse to stop publicly maligning someone

  4. Bakit an dadaming nag hahype kay Manalo? Di ba andami ng nanalong “Manalo” in the past pero pagdating sa international puro “Natalo” sila?

      • Goal niya pala talaga ang mangasawa lang ng rich guy only ha. So parang magkaka korona yata itong Nichole na ito dahil close pala sila ni SMA, mag expect na lang tayo na matalo sa international pageant.

      • Ah si Nini Licaros? Ung TYG sa Miss International? Tita ba nila un? Paingay lang yan. Full support sila e kasi ung Nicole ung pinakapanget sa magkakapatid. Pinaka boba pa.

      • I second @maryjacko. Nichole Manalo is the ugliest of the Manalo sister. The dumbest pa. Lol.

      • the article about nini licaros is not meant to shame her naman, but medyo unflattering to her no?

  5. Wait, so Janelle is also out. but sa activity ba na ito (sorry, di ko kasi makita talaga) andiyan na ba si Geisha naganuma?

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