19 comments on “Always heel thyself in fabulous shoes

  1. O, heto bagong chizmax. Hintayin nyo na lang ang confirmation ng BPCI or A & Q.


      • Wiz kyem yan Bong! Basta’t ako ang nag-chizmax 99% trulalala! 🙂

        ‘Yong 1% na natira, out of the kulambo and jowa ko for one year pag di totoo. Di ko na e-elaborate kong saan cya nagwo-work. 😉

    • How about Janelle? For Breast Awareness pala yung pic nya…BPCI talaga, di man lang nag-research nakinig lang sa chu-chu.

  2. Sana may panlalaki na shoes c JB para bibili ako ..yung parang adidas rubber shoes….lol.. kc ayoko na ng nike bcoz of what they did to manny p….lol

  3. Nacurious tuloy ako sino c Bianca…maganda naman sya sa pic sa baba pero ng pinanood ko sya sa Utube during Preliminary show eh mukha syang c Myra Manibog sa malayuan… shocks..
    Ok naman sya sa prelim baka naligwak sya sa prelim. interview 🙂

  4. Best in swimsuit are you kidding ME? Oh c’mon… look at the hips full of baby fats!!! hahahaha… i never fan of this girl ever since she competed bb pilipinas and miss universe 2009. magsalita pa lang nakaka turn off na walang ka sense sense kahit anong angulo…. i think her sister nicole also not very good in comm. skills… i only like her sister kat among them!!! well well well…. tingnan natin kung pano sila sumagot sa public during their final presentation!!!

    • So the one below is Bianca Manalo?!? Ohhhmigoolay! No wonder she didn’t make it. In fairness, her face is twenty times better than her sister’s newly “renovated” face.

      • In building construction, when the original is changed and not just refurbished, it is simply called renovation. Since there were obvious changes that cannot be explained it should be called “renovated!”. 😀

  5. Off topic: I think this girl is showing more flesh than Kim’s controversial photo. What do you think guys?


      • And to think BPCI/SMA handpicked this swimsuit. IRONIC that they’re now pointing fingers and disqualifying other girls for showing MUCH LESS.

    • Worst than disturbing. Whoever is that trying hard in the photo will not have guts to show that piece to her own daughter. It is so Rated X – a millimeter more and you’ll see her deadly mussel.

      • Both Kate and Pam won Best in Swimsuit during their Bb participation and are the only sister tandem to have won the same award.Will Nichole make it three?

      • I have no idea about the eldest one and I kind of doubt the other. She was kind of fluffy to me based on the sample. I cannot imagine how she got awarded for that body. Is it part of a corruptive bargain?!?

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