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  1. #BinibiningPilipinasInternational2016!

  2. @maryjacko :
    Si Mariana Jimenez (Miss Universe 2015 na kasabayan ni Queen Pia) pala yung nasa picture na hubo’t hubad kasama yung mga babae at lalake na puro hubo’t hubad din.
    Lumabas ang picture sa public October 2014 pero deadma ang MUO at c Osmel S.
    That’s why may Post ako dito bakit hindi kausapin ni Mama J c Queen Pia na ipakita ang controversial pic kay Aling Paula kasi alam kong napakaimportante ang sagot o reaction ni Aling Poling.
    Matandaan natin na may nude photos c Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008) wearing only Jewelries for jewelry ads pero OK lng sa MUO at kay Aling Paula. Hindi sya nadethrone.
    Tapos ngayon c Kim may picture that’s not published, for personal copy or for her portfolio as a model. Hindi sya hubad at yung lalaki lng ang hubad but no genitalia exposed and it was artistically done.
    Malaki ang laban ni Kim kaya naniniwala akong makakabalik sya bilang contestant sa BbPilipinas 2016… Nasa kamay na ng lawyers nya at ng supporters nya at ng family ni Kim ang hakbang para makabalik cya uli.
    Gusto ko lang malaman ang eksaktong sagot ni MSA tungkol sa issue na to. Did the family or Mama J talk to MSA.
    Sana maayos lahat at makabalik c Kim bilang candidate #20 at maging candidate #41 na c Geisha πŸ™‚

    • Mrs tralala…anong rules ang pinagsasabi mo at paki-explain ang rules na yan πŸ™‚
      Give me a link of that complete rules πŸ™‚

    • Yes bong si MJ as in Mariana Jimenez yung nasa photo. The MUO didnt care. Why should Binibini? Ano ba pinaglalaban nila? Sa Supra the girls raunchily strut in lingerie pero dedma lang. And then there’s Samantha from last year and Janelle this year. Parang dedma lang sila. Hindi ko alam ang thought process ng mga tao behind this. Clearly may malicious intent.

  3. Sure winner si Kim. It is obvious someone wants her out cuz she’s a threat.

    BPCI, anong klaseng screening process ba meron kayo? Any of the girls don’t deserve this treatment. May guidelines nga kayo but why is this happening? This can be avoided if sa start pa lang na busisi na ninyo ang mga applicants. It is not fair to us, who have grown to like and support a candidate. Not fair to Kim who went thru the process, passed it and be eventually enbarrassed. And more so, not fair sa mga ‘fillers’, na kaya lang nakapasok dahil may tinanggal?? Wow naman, ang sakit huh.

  4. It’s still going to be a very tough job for the 2016 BB Pilipinas batch to build on the success the 2013 and 2015 classes had. Those two classes won a combined four titles (2013 Miss Intercontinental, 2013 Miss Supranational, 2015 Miss Globe and 2015 Miss Universe) and had four additional Top 5 finishers.

    Like I said, I think BPCI missed out on a hidden gem that can help the 2016 batch out in terms of Top 5 finishes in Kim Ross Delos Santos.

    Also, Kim Ross doesn’t have to be a BB Pilipinas contestant to bring the Philippines beauty titles. Just ask Karla Paula Henry, Jamie Herrell and Angela Ong who won Miss Earth. Megan Young won Miss World. Rizzini Alexis Gomez and Angela Dione Gomez won Miss Tourism International.

    A move to Miss World Philippines or Miss Philippines Earth will benefit Kim Ross more where either of those two will welcome her with open arms and give her a fair shot at a title.

  5. If BB Pilipinas doesn’t let Kim Ross back into the competition, I think Lorraine Schuck, Carousel Productions and Miss Philippines Earth will welcome her with open arms. Who knows? The Philippines might have a chance to win three straight Miss Earth titles.

    This isn’t the first time BPCI kicks one candidate to the curb and another beauty organization picks up a hidden gem.

    Look at Sandra Seifert in 2009. Seifert was one of the candidates for the 2009 BB Pilipinas batch, but was disqualified before the Coronation Night because having posed in a men’s magazine in 2007 wearing a two-piece-swimsuit.

    Seifert got the last laugh though when she won Miss Philippines-Earth and became first runner-up in Miss Earth 2009 while the BB Pilipinas 2009 batch didn’t have a candidate in the Top 5.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have some picks in the 2016 BB Pilipinas batch, but they have a tough job ahead of them trying to duplicate the success the 2013 and 2015 batches had. I think they miss out on a candidate that has a chance to help out the 2016 batch. I think they missed out on a gem that can help them out.

  6. Do not blame BpCI Nichole or anyone else for this . She appeared delirious, not forced, in the arms of a butt-naked man, didn’t she ? There’s Nothing wrong with that, it’s a fact of life. But it’s not queenly and the BP rightfully made the decision to disqualify her.
    Olafson’s pic is nothing. Women across the globe run naked but it doesn’t make them less respectable.
    And please do not compare Kim’s pic to the candidates parading in swimsuits . People wear them at the pool all the time.

    • Some people say she is the breadwinner of the family . Does she have to do that to feed her family?

    • I’m sorry Fabian but do you think Olafson’s picture is queenly? If we’re talking about BPCI standards regarding a true Binibini, Olafson should be disqualified too because topless shots like that (regardless whether the breasts are covered or not) is not “queenly”. I’m not against nude photos. Personally, I believe the human body is beautiful. Posing for a nude photoshoot should not affect any girl’s dream of becoming a bbp titleholder (unless you’re a porn star)… Kim’s photo was artistic. The concept was carefully planned out and was executed magnificently. It’s art. That’s all there was to it. Art. You said it yourself, participating in a naked marathon doesn’t make one any less respectable. So why on earth is kim disqualified for participating in a creative shoot which was not even published on a men’s magazine? Mind you, she was also fully clothe…

      • @joy. I don’t see anything salacious about olafson’s pic. to me, the pic is comparable to showing someone’s cleavage which is universally acceptable.

        But Riding on a naked man with that facial expression ? It looks hot but not respectable. If you call it artistic, what is vulgar? HI

        OMG, I’m amazed at how women react to this controversy. I’m gone 10 yrs and now everyone is very ‘fashion-forward’ already. Hihihi

      • Just to point it out to you, showing cleavage is NOT universally acceptable. Certain cultures prohibit women from showing such thing because it’s unclean and not modest.

        Why do I consider that particular photo artistic, you ask? Well let me break it down for you. Let’s look at the theme being displayed in the photograph. Personally speaking, the picture represents human connection on an intimate level. Just by looking at the body language of the two individuals, there’s an obvious physical interaction. Kim’s face exudes raw organic emotions that represent her emotional connection to the man. The addition of neutral and dark tones give the photograph an authentic atmosphere. This shot is a creative representation of human nature.

        So why isn’t this vulgar? Because Kim was not exposed bare. Although the man was unclothed, you did not see his private region. All you see is his side. Kim’s facial expression was not repulsive, It was beautiful. If Kim was fully naked in this shot with her breasts uncovered and her tongue sticking as she sat on top of this nude man, that’s vulgar….

        But i’m gonna bring it up again, if BPCI standards are being applied, Olafson MUST be disqualified then because a “true” binibini cannot participate in nude photoshoots regardless whether her boobs were exposed or not.

        So if Olafson gets to keep her spot, then Kim by all means should be able to join the competition again.

      • Sorry Joy but I am with Fabian here.
        The photo for me is very suggestive and verging on being explicit and being vulgar.
        No fashion or any high-end magazine would even consider the photo as something
        artsy nor editorial and I am sure before the disqualification, there was an extensive objective discussion amongst the concerned people at BBPCI.

      • you know what’s interesting? People interpret things differently. I didn’t say Kim’s photo was magazine worthy. But the photo is an artwork. You cannot deny that. It’s an intimate photo that was tastefully done. This is not porn. You only make it vulgar if you add malicious meaning to it.

      • There’s this thing called erotic art. Google Jeremy and look at the results. The pictures you see, they’re NOTHING compared to Kim’s photo. Kim’s is not even scandalous if you ask me…. it’s nothing and shouldn’t even be a cause of concern.

      • Joy of course dahlinn I know what an erotic art is (no need to google) and all models have had done it at least once in their careers but the only difference is that Kim is joining a pageant which everyone knows has imposed rules against this kind of pictorial. I am sure even Kim is aware of that even before signing up. So that’s it.

    • lakas maka Nicole manalo mo na retokada naman…:P ganitong ganito din ang ginawa nila kay seifert noon….desperadang manalo si MANALO. hahahaha

  7. Kim Ross , the front runner and favourite to win have been disqualified. I am sure some candidates are secretly happy she’s out.

    Does anybody have a copy f the picture in question? Is it really so vulgar that it’s enough to disqualify the favourite?

  8. I like kim but not as much as my bet (oh, yes)..but..damn..why disqualify her? I’m not into camps, I’m into the girls..bwisit ang may gawa nito.. Kim is soooooooooooooo much deserving of a crown..haiissssssst..

  9. Are you freaking kidding me? Why was she disqualified and NOT olafson??? For fuck’s sakes, Olafson has raunchy photos online but she’s still in the game… Is this a sick joke?? Sino ba taga research ng BPCI. May defect tong department na to. First sa bbp 2015, they didn’t know Christi already competed in MIntercon. and they ended up crowning her with the title. Why? Kasi di daw nila alam…. Tapos ano to, bawal ang sexy “nude” pic pero si Olafson nakalampas??? Give me a break…

    • Hindi kasi threat si Olafson so walang nag-report sa BPCI, siguro kung meron mag-appeal baka matanggal din.

      • It only goes to show how insecure they are of Kim because they fully know how strong a contender she is !

    • it just goes to show that pageantry can be disgusting.. siraan talaga ang peg? At the end of the day, whoever wins the title, taga A&Q man o Kagandahang Flores or RL angels, may camp ka man o wala, the girl will represent the entire philippines…. Hindi lang sarili niya or campo… buong bansa na pinaguusapan. So bakit may-siraan? Diba dapat ngtutulungan…. And hindi masaya or challenging ang laban kung sinaraan mo yung chance na magcompete ng co-candidate mo… So what if you perceive Kim as competition? Edi maganda, so you can push yourself to outshine her in the finals and do your best to stand out. Hindi ung sisiraan mo siya to make competition easier for you. Walang sense yun. walang saya…. Hindi patas….

      • I totally concur with you, Joy ! As I have previously posted in my comments, hindi “patas” ang labanan ! They are not playing the game fair and square simply because Kim is such a “threat” they did this smear campaign to bring her down ! Such a sad turn of events for Kim and us, her supporters.
        Just not fair ! Kim was denied justice no matter how you look at it !

  10. Kung maririnig lang ako ng mga taga BPCI – ito ang masasabi ko sa inyo – f_ck you!!!
    Hindi ko kayo maintindihan, napakahigpit nyo na wala sa lugar, picture lang yon. Samantalang Malaya nyong ibinabandera ang mga contestants na naka two-piece around Araneta Center?

    • Tissa – I still don’t get it either ! Where is rationality here ? I don’t see it at all 😦

      • I could remember during the 80’s, kung mag-usot ng swimsuit ang mga kandidata ng BbP halos kita na ang mga hiwa nila sa competition. 2016 na ngayon!!!

      • Lol – tell me about it. Oh my ngayon lang ulit natawa due to your comment πŸ™‚

  11. Aabot kaya to sa 500 comments πŸ™‚ lol
    Comment lng ng comment Mrs tralala para umabot sa 500.
    Gusto ko yung paulit-ulit na comment mo πŸ™‚ lol

    • Bong – I still don’t understand why some people can sound so sarcastic to invite attention and instigate more anger and division among followers of this blog. How inconsiderate can they be ? Very pathetic and I feel sorry for them actually 😦

  12. oh oh πŸ™‚
    Nababaliw ka na naman πŸ™‚
    Huwag masyadong manic baka ka masobrahan eh tatawa ka mag-isa sa kalye nyan…
    Relaks lng bakla πŸ™‚

  13. This is a travesty. Is BPCI in the Victorian era? Or worst the Spanish Inquisiton. Granted it is their contest and they can set the rules but come on! That pic is no worse than any high fashion editorial in vogue or WWD.
    I wonder what ate Norma feels about this? Poor Kim, she is physically stunning and had a big chance of going all the way to MU! Still, there are many tall beautiful candidates. Sheena, Apriel, Cordoves, etc

  14. JawskhoPoeDu30 πŸ™‚
    Kung ano ano na naman ang pinagsasabi ni Mrs Tralala…No credibility at all πŸ™‚

  15. go support kim!
    rather unfortunate situation she’s in
    being a an early front runner she had already proven herself a winner

    in the meantime, let’s not forget that there are 40 other qualified candidates
    and that other candidate/s is/are innocent until proven guilty

  16. So ano next move natin? Here are some ideas: One million march…Hunger strike…One million tweets… Kapit bisig sa Araneta…Boycott si Geisha… Murahin si Madam sa social media…run naked sa Rizal Park…huwag iboto si Manny…

    Sabihin nyo sali kami.

  17. If BBP can reinstate Venus, then maybe they can do the same for Kim. BBP caves under pressure, they just need to feel it.

    • I don’t think so, kung ibabalik si Kim, tatanggalin nila si Geisha? Parang laro lang, ganern?

      • so ano, they’re going to let this pass? Ganon? Kim passed the screening and beat that Geisha girl. IBig sabihin, mas angat si Kim… So the fact that mapapalitan siya by someone who didn’t even pass the first screening due to stupid reasons, mas unfair kay kim……

  18. Nakakahiya yung ibang camp. Naghanap talaga ng butas mapatanggal lang pambato ng iba. Lalo na si tander bird bekilo. Tse.

  19. If they truly are “strict” as you claim them to be, bakit may mga nakakalampas mapa nuon hanggang ngayon? Height issues, contract issues, FHM photos, etc.

  20. Im losing hope. Its only SMA who can alter the decision.

    But then again , whoever wins the Bb Pilipinas 2016, cannot say they are the most beautiful , since they didnt have a good fight the the Goddess KRDS.

    It would have been the best Bb Pilipinas editio with JDV vs KF vs AnQ – if u know what i mean :).

    But now, Miss Universe Philippines crown will be a battle for AnQ vs AnQ :). No buts !

  21. So that guy Jack Ammo was actually right
    about his “naulinigan” about this disqualification
    Hmmm I think he is not that stupid at all like everyone
    else here is thinking

  22. Ang sa akin lang…masakit talaga ang nangyari so I feel for her and wish her well. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, be it my bet or not. Natural reaction yung hanapin ang source ng leak and point the blame. And kung gusto nya at ng fans to appeal, let them and respect that. Right nila yun, effort naman nila yun kaya wag na i-criticize.

  23. Wala na akong masasabi sa issue na ‘to na di pa nasabi ng iba. Disappointed lang ako na makakita ng mga taong dina-drag yung pangalan ng ibang contestant, and claiming that she/her backers are responsible for Kim’s disqualification. Kung galit ang mga tao sa nangyari kay Kim, invite BPCI to revisit their decision and invite them to see why it is better for the organization to support Kim’s modeling career instead of shaming her, like what MUO did with Dayana’s nude photo. ‘Wag yung i-call out agad ang ibang kandidata o ibang camp nang wala pang pruweba. Hindi rin naman fair na bahiran yung pangalan niya kasi mukang siya yung magbebenefit dito sa gulo na ‘to. Sobrang off sa akin na ang daming tao na nagcocomplain na utak-talangka daw mga Pinoy at naghihilahan pababa, pero eto sila naninira ng iba nang base lang sa haka haka.

    At the end of the day, wala pa tayong alam kung sino ba talaga responsible sa leak na yan or if it was even a leak in the first place. Yeah, we have our suspicions, but suspicions never justify condemning other people, simply because we cannot be sure of their guilt just yet. By naming her on social media and dragging her through this mess, people have already made her guilty in the court of public opinion. We have already lost the great potential that is Kim Ross. It’s perhaps the saddest part of this whole mess that the public – without proof or evidence – has robbed another candidate of her chances.

  24. Is Kim the ONLY candidate eliminated here? I thought there were would be a few others.

    What next BPCI? Eliminate the contestants who are not virgins? Enough is enough!

    Reinstate Kim and revamp the rules and regulations, and uphold them, for the 2017 Bb selection process.

    This is in the MIDDLE of Bb pageant season. This is not fair. I’m so upset and Kim is not even one of my favorite-5 whom I’m rooting for MUP.


  25. Baba lang ako konti sa level mo madame,
    Matanong lang kita ha? Anong pinaglalaban mo sa pagbanggit ng handle ko?

  26. I was not exactly rooting for Kim Ross because at this stage I’m still waiting to review every girl’s complete package once they’re made available but this latest development makes my heart bleeds for this girl. Sayang ang height at natural and effortless beauty with matching catwalk and modeling skills! I’ve checked and rechecked the picture a few times and honestly, anyone who at least once in their life have opened a Vogue magazine will find too common; even Ana Wintour will likely reject it for utter blandness. The news has reached Latino pageant sites and they’re amused at how an obviously artistic shot could be unceremoniously labeled as pornographic. A&Q and supporters should rally (peacefully) behind Kim. Call me in denial but I think she still stands a huge chance to get reinstated.

  27. It’s a shame Bb. Pilipinas removed one of the natural tall beauties from this batch.
    Now the pageant is left with mostly make-up reliant women with teeth bigger than their mouth.

  28. Ekkkkkkk, C kim lang betchi ko dis year! Niligwak pa,baka may magagawa pa para ibalik siya sa competition, like million petition! nakita ko ung picture hindi naman siya nude yung ombre yung wala talaga! at niluluto na raw para sure winner ang matalo!!!

  29. Ano ba to? Miss Morality Philippines? They need to get rid of the prudes making these stupid decisions. What’s wrong with her baring some skin during a shoot? Have they not seen high-end magazines before? Foolish.

  30. Can Mama J tell Queen Pia to show the controversial pic to Aling Paula πŸ™‚
    Aling Paula’s reaction is the best i think πŸ™‚

    • Bakla, sinabi ko naman sa yo nx time usap tayo kapag myembro ka na ng TMC…ayoko ng kausap ko na ang Brain is in the street πŸ™‚ ok… Mag-aral ka uli para mas exciting ka kausap nx time.

  31. So sad. I woke up feeling my hunch was correct that Kim was dq’d. True enough Tito Norms confirmed the news. Sayang ang height sayang ang ganda. Sayang na sayang. Naturally beautiful backed by Aces and Queens, Kim could have been our MU bet. Oh well I guess I have to root for Maxine Medina now – another natural beauty. I understand why there is black propaganda against girls who are threats to overhauled beauties. They spent a lot of money to look the way they do and they won’t stop at nothing to get what they want. Karma is around the corner and it’ll come sa tamang panahon. And to BPCI, you’re a fool for crushing one woman’s dreams.

    • It still hurts, Dawn 😦 I’m still hoping, though, that they can still do something to reverse BPCI’sdecision !

  32. Building up are these accusations against Nichole Manalo, her family and her camp. BPCi best make an official statement to either reinstate Kim Ross or to identify the party who leaked the provocative photos.

    If not, Nichole will be BOOED and BOOED and BOOED. It’s like a black cloud hovering her head. The sad truth is, SHE just may only be an innocent pawn to selfish ambtions toward individuals guiding her.

    The worse case scenario is should Nichole WIN a crown! She’ll be BOOED right off the stage in humiliating fashion. It’s her family and beauty camp who should be the blame NOT Nichole.

    It’s sad sad situation for Nichole now at the expense of Kim. 😦

    • Parang case ni Ariadna yan. I know very little about the Manalo “ways” in pageantry but the way folks are talking about it on social media, it seems na may history at track record mga to. If ever may possibility na galing sa camp nya to, now would be the best time to express her/their support for kim tulad ng mga statements ng kampo nila Ria and Angelique even Kylie. Kawawa yang si Nichole pag nag escalate pa to at i pin yung blame sa kanya. If ever din na may knowledge sya sa tendencies ng supporters nya, now is the best time to publicly remind them to refrain from such acts. PR moves kumbaga. Ang layo layo na ng narating ni Nichole this year para mabahiran ng controversy pagsabak nya. Kawawa naman sya kung di talaga sya involved kase mukang malaki na rin nagastos nya para sa self improvement nya. Sana naman hindi mangyari yun.

      Umpisa na series of activities. Hanggat hindi sila hubot hubad hanggat walang FHM, UNO, Maxim at Rogue sa usapan, hayaan na nila mag compete yung mga pasok na sana. At kung ganyan talaga sila ka higpit, i todo na nila. I revamp na nila BBP ng husto. Gastusan ang prod, palitan ang crown, showcase filipino couture designers and heavily campaign for our girls once na nag compete na internationally hindi yung tayo ng tayo nag bui-build up ng popularity ng girls natin.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha πŸ™‚
      Napahalakhak ako TK πŸ™‚
      Pakiramdaman mo yung ibang nagpopost dito at naaamoy ko ang pangalan nila he hehe πŸ™‚

    • Hello Mrs tralala. ..nagTMC ka na baπŸ˜ƒ
      Balik ka nx time kpag member ka na at dimo alam ang pinagsasabi moπŸ˜ƒ

    • Mrs Tralala…Kahit wala c Kim sa BbPilipinas it’s ok for me dahil may magandang future sya..
      Ang pinag-aalala ko ay ikaw baka maibalik ka na nman sa loob sa di macontrol na emosyon…
      Sa halip na nag-bait baitan ka na ngayon ay baka mawalan ka na naman ng bait πŸ™‚ OK
      Relaks lng bakla πŸ™‚

  33. I woke up this morning getting ready for work, only to be disappointed and devastated by this turn of events at BPCI 😦
    My heart bleeds for Kim. “Sayang na saying” is all I can say for now ! To all those behind this black propaganda, you may now rejoice and be happy for you made things happen as planned ! God knows what’s in your hearts, and He will not allow people with insecurities and selfish motives, to win in the end.
    For Kim – this is not the end ! Please do not let this one chapter in your life let you down. I believe He has better plans for you ! If one door closes, another one opens with even better opportunities !
    I am not holding any grudges against BPCI. It is what it is. They have made a decision and I respect that. May I just suggest though, that in the future, that all applications should be fully scrutinized first before finalizing the official list of candidates ! What Kim & company went through was very humiliating, embarrassing and traumatic to say the least !
    Kim – thank you for inspiring us with your Binibini journey up to this point ! You have proven that you have class and that people look up to you as their role model (and that one portfolio photo to malign you is not reason enough for us to think otherwise). I am looking forward to seeing you again in print, the runway or maybe in some other endeavors where you can showcase your beauty and brains !
    Love ya, girl and I wish you the best of luck in life !
    With this, I rest my case, Sir Norman ! 😦
    P.S. I’m still in denial that Kim is out of the competition, but, I can and will move on, eventually !

  34. awww lumalaban pa naman sya in her own way. kaya siguro wala pa syang statement na thank you lord i fell blessed for the opportunity ek ek kase may mga moves pa sila. Sa pagkaka alam ko wala pang final decision ang BPCI so nag ta try na silang mag social media rally. Laban lang Kim, baka yan na rin maging way na mas maging endearing sya sa mga tao.

      • ako rin, i am not losing hope pero malakas yung impact nung photo. unfortunate pero if they want to implement fairness, la tayo magagawa ganun talaga.

      • If fairness is to be implemented, ano yung photo shoot na sinabi ni Jonas last year yet walang ginawang hakbang ang BPCI ? double standard di ba ? di ako mapakali dito sa office 😦

    • Sis Laila, wala si Madam SMA sa Pilipinas nang mangyari ‘to. Mga lawyers lang ng BPCI ang nagdesisyon. Malalaman natin ang final desisyon sa pagbalik ni Mde. SMA.

      So there’s still a chance !

      • Her presence is insignificant for her team to come up with such decision. She could easily direct anyone to execute whatever she wants through many modes of communication or instruction. Just wondering if she really wants Pinas to WIN, or her heart still belongs to her motherland.

      • Then baka pagbalik ni madam pwede pa syang maibalik. E its not the end of her candidacy pala.
        Pray nalang ng pray na si madam good mood.
        This would also create an impact sa kanya. Remember, Publicity kahit ano pa man yan is still a publicity. Pag uusapan sya.

      • hmmm interesting the saga continues….never pako na stress sa BBP ng ganito. May ganito ba sa Puteri and the likes? Only in the Philippines. Baka in the end disiyon pa rin ni Madame at kung totoo na ilang taon na nilang sinusuyo mag compete si Kim…baka nga malakas pa rin chance nya makabalik. We’ll see…

    • Kim – We’re still keeping our collective fingers crossed that BPCI reverses its decision on your disqualification ! Justice needs to be served 😦

    • Can someone please explain this to me? I didnt see kim’s “raunchy” photos pero sabu ng friend jo naka black syang swimsuit pero ang nakahubad ung lalaki. Pero ito hindi ba topless to? Bakit hindi to nadisqualify?

      • Sa nangyayaring ito, I still believe she should be reinstated. Baka nabigla lang din ang BPCI. She deserve to compete. Nasa mata nalang ng tumitingin kung malswa ang picture or hindi.

      • True. Pero mas malaswa tong kay Janelle e. Ewan ko ba parang di nagiisip ang BPCI. Google kim ross williams kailangan mong galugarin ang sulok ng internet bago makita ung picture na sinasabi nila (di ko parin nakikita), pero tong si janelle google her name lalabas to. Ang labo men.

  35. Well, BPCIΒ΄s loss is Cory QuirinoΒ΄s gain!

    Could history be repeating itself? Her disqualification reminds me so much of
    the highly publicized saga of BPCI vs Megan Young in 2013.

    Norman, I can actually see Kim Ross delos Santos winning the 2016 Miss WORLD crown!

    • Kis already 26 daw so di na sya pwede sa MWP? correct me if I am wrong. MEP nalang sya or Mutya.

  36. Kung Politics? Sino ang pinapaburan ng BPCI?
    Bakit nangyari ito?
    Is it because there’s this picture?
    Sino ba gumawa ng picture na ito?
    Sino ba may hawak ng pictures na ito?
    Papaano lumabas ang picture na ito?
    Kung may ganitong picture, bakit di nag ingat ang may hawak neto na hindi lumabas?
    Ngayon, sino ang dapat sisihin sa pangyayaring ito?

    Sisisihin mo ba ang ibang kandidata? Sila ba ang nasa picture? May copy ba sila ng pictures na ito before hand?

    Sisisihin mo ba ang ibang kampo? Kung sisisihin mo sila, anong rason? Dahil ba sa gusto nila masira at mawala sa contest si Kim? Paano naman kaya nila nakuha ang picture na ito kung sakali?
    Kanino nila ito pwedeng makuha kung sakali?
    Gaano tayo kasure sa pagbibintangan natin na sila ang may sala?

    Si PHOTOGRAPHER ba pwedeng siya ang naglabas ng picture?
    SI STYLIST kaya pwedeng may copy din?
    Si MALE MODEL possible kaya na may copy sya nun?
    Si FEMALE MODEL may copy din kaya?
    May sinendan ba si KIM, PHOTOGRAPHER, STYLIST OR MALE MODEL na MODELING AGENCY ng portfolio nya? Possible kaya ito? Kung possible, pwedeng makuha yun anywhere else.Malalaman at malalaman padin ya ng sambayanan.

    Hanggang statement nalang yan, kulang tayo sa gawa. Puro lang tayo yabang! Congratulations Philippines!

  37. Naawa lang ako kase ang timid na nga nya to begin with tapos parang ang desperate pa ng sitwasyon nya ma clear yung name nya na na fe-feel ko nahihiya pa sya humingi ng tulong.
    Di pa naman ako ganun ka worried kase nagwan naman ng paraan yung issue with Venus noon. Baka kaya rin sya. Yes, there are other strong girls out there pero it doesn’t take away the fact na masakit din maligwak at this stage of the competition. If true na aware and BPCI sa nature ng test shoots na ito….why the sudden shift? I get it naman that what may be artistic for me may be too vulgar for others. siguro next time, wag nalang din sila mag pa screen ng mga models na may background sa editorial photography. kung gusto nila ng squeaky clean image, siguro narrow down nalang nila sa mga commercial girls.

    I understand the sentiments a lot of us here since I also support Kim pero it is what it is and and shady or sneaky man ng way into bringing this to everyone’s attention, bahala na bpci dyan. Na confuse lang ako kase if 2011 pa tinatawagan nila SMA si Kim to join at ngayon nag OO na sya, ano to? Ginawa nila para ma appease reklamo ng iba? Naisip ko lang naman kase it doesnt make sense na nililigawan mo ng ilang taon tapos iiwanan mo lang kung nakuha mo na. Wala lang…

    taken from FB

    • Kung Politics? Sino ang pinapaburan ng BPCI?
      Bakit nangyari ito?
      Is it because there’s this picture?
      Sino ba gumawa ng picture na ito?
      Sino ba may hawak ng pictures na ito?
      Papaano lumabas ang picture na ito?
      Kung may ganitong picture, bakit di nag ingat ang may hawak neto na hindi lumabas?
      Ngayon, sino ang dapat sisihin sa pangyayaring ito?

      Sisisihin mo ba ang ibang kandidata? Sila ba ang nasa picture? May copy ba sila ng pictures na ito before hand?

      Sisisihin mo ba ang ibang kampo? Kung sisisihin mo sila, anong rason? Dahil ba sa gusto nila masira at mawala sa contest si Kim? Paano naman kaya nila nakuha ang picture na ito kung sakali?
      Kanino nila ito pwedeng makuha kung sakali?
      Gaano tayo kasure sa pagbibintangan natin na sila ang may sala?

      Si PHOTOGRAPHER ba pwedeng siya ang naglabas ng picture?
      SI STYLIST kaya pwedeng may copy din?
      Si MALE MODEL possible kaya na may copy sya nun?
      Si FEMALE MODEL may copy din kaya?
      May sinendan ba si KIM, PHOTOGRAPHER, STYLIST OR MALE MODEL na MODELING AGENCY ng portfolio nya? Possible kaya ito? Kung possible, pwedeng makuha yun anywhere else.Malalaman at malalaman padin ya ng sambayanan.

      Hanggang statement nalang yan, kulang tayo sa gawa. Puro lang tayo yabang! Congratulations Philippines!

      • Eh bat parang ikaw ang galit na galit? Di naman halata sa post mo te. Mukhang ang defensive ng opinion mo.

      • Galit na galit ako kasi ayaw ko ng namimintang at kasi I know how it feels na mapagbintangan ng wala naman kasalanan te. Sana naintindihan mo yan.
        Wala ako pinapanigan na camp kasi kung sakali man na for example sa kabilang camp din mangyayari ito at pagbibintangan nila ibang candidate o ibang camp, ganitong ganito din magiging reaction ko. OA na kung OA pero its BPCI who made the decision not other people. Madami din possibilities kung paano nalaman ng BPCI yan kaya wag magbigay ng chismis ng walang matinding ibidensya. Yun lang. BOW!

      • But this does not mean I dont want her to be back. I think that the picture is not malicious.
        I never thought na mawawala sya just because of that picture.

      • Ah kaya pala. Kaya pala kung makapagreact ka parang ikaw ang pinagbibintangan. Bakit? May nabasa ka bang pinangalanan at pinagbibintangan si Jonas? Yung mga nababasa mo puro speculations lang ng mga nagbabasa kagaya natin mapa-fan man o hindi.

        Kaya minsan nahuhuli ang isda sa bibig eh, bumabanat agad na ng maraming puntos na wala naman dapat pagpuntusan.

      • huh!?!? Marty, anong pinagsasabi mo about kay mama Jonas?????
        Ni mention ko ba sya?

        Ang sinasabi ko is yung mga tao na kung makapamintang akala mo sigurado na sila, mga tao na nagmemention na agad ng specific names. YUN PO OKAY!?!?!
        So yung kay Jonas, normal lang yunrg reaction nya as sya ang may hawak kay Kim. Mas may alam yun sa akin sa nangyayari.

        Ang sa akin yung wala ka na nga alam, nakabasa ka lang na ay si ganito ganyan.. naniniwala ka na at pinagkakalat mo na din. Ibig ko sabihin dito, madaming possibilities kaya hanggat walang ibidensya, wag magkukukuda as if sure na sure ka kung hindi naman. Yun lang. Malinwanag?

      • Atsaka ano ibig mo sabihin na defensive? explain mo ng magkalinawan tayo dito Marty….

  38. Hi guys,

    I am just alarmed by some allegations that it might be the other candidate’s family who came out with Kim’s provocative photo. Unless you have a solid proof that can support your allegations, the same sounds malicious and is libelous. Libel on social media is now an actionable wrong and a complainant can have ways to trace you through your IP addresses. So, be careful.

    Though we are affected by the BPCI’s decision, let us be classy reacting to this mess. Let’s accept Kim’s fate and move on. We don’t have to blame others who might be innocent on the organization’s decision. If indeed Kim has a remedy to be retained in the competition, then let her legal team, if there is any, push the legal action. But the competition is gearing up, so if Kim gets readmitted, it’s still BPCI’s ball to decide on whether Kim would be crowned or not. Therefore, to mount a legal battle against BPCI at this juncture will be a waste of time. Just my two cents.

  39. Okay, lowering my expectations for Bb Pilipinas 2016 batch.
    Will get my groove back for Bb Pilipinas 2017.
    Sa ngayon, mahirap mag expect.
    Nandun pa rin yung suporta syempre. Pilipinas pa rin tayo.
    Pero bahala na kung mananalo o hinde.
    Its up to the girls if they want to win and if they prepare enough to make it possible.
    Chill muna ako. I’ll get my hopes fired up next year. : – )

  40. Meron na bang action para maibalik c Kim πŸ™‚
    Kim is 26…puede pa ba sya sa MW or ME.
    I hope makarampa pa rin c Kim to be a National Beauty Pageant Winner and represents Philippines in an international competition πŸ™‚

    • May winner sa Miss World na 27 yrs old…I think it’s Miss Venezuela – Miss World 2010 πŸ™‚

      • Sorry, wrong info….Miss Venezuela 2009 contestant in MW 2009 is 26 yrs. old while Miss World-Kazakhstan is 27 yrs old.

      • I researched that Mrs tralala 17-24 age kaya lng may nakakalusot na 16,25,26,&27 kaya tinanong ko ang bagay nayan tralala…nx time kc mag-TMC ka ok πŸ™‚

  41. It was clearly a tough decision by BPCI but I think they made the right one. I don’t think it matters who released these photos – what truly matters is that they exist. Also, having a beautiful face is not enough. We need to be represented by someone with higher moral values. Tasteful or not she looks like she was riding the naked guy on the photo and to me is somewhat pornographic. At the end of day these women become role models to our kids. And the kids that idolizes them of course they try to emulate what they do. I don’t think she should join other pageants kasi she will suffer the same fate – mapapahiya lang ulit siya. If I was Kim mag artista na lang siya. Kudos to BPCI for make the unpopular but the right decision.

    • @aljur. Your actions doesnt show what you preach. You put the so called pics of two binibinis not caring if there are kids /teens who stumble at this blog. πŸ™‚ touche

      • My apologies. I was attempting to provide the link because someone requested. I was surprised when the photo showed up after posting.

    • I think it’s highly unfair of you to judge Kim as having low moral values because of a picture that was taken of her as a model. My god, it wasn’t a sex scandal or even a nude photo, and even in those cases it would be so self-righteous of you to say that the woman has less moral values than those who dress conservatively or who never posed provocatively.

      Whether or not the picture is tasteful DOES matter, because it’s drawing a distinction between art and pornography. If we’re to say that the nude human form or whatever is automatically lascivious, then we’re discrediting A LOT of works of art that are known today.

      At the end of the day, you can think it’s pornographic and you can say BCPI made the right decision. That’s your right. But you HAVE NO RIGHT to say that a woman has low moral values because of doing her job, earning her living, and being good at what she does. Happy International Women’s Day to you too.

      • I never said she has low morals. I said we should get someone with higher. Big difference.

      • What a technicality. But you’re still saying that someone who hasn’t posed in a “provocative” shot is someone with “higher” moral values, so that’s essentially sending the same message. That a woman who is not conservative is LESSER than a woman who has a squeaky clean image. All this you’ve deduced from a picture because you personally think it’s pornographic.

      • Hirap makipag argue sa babae talo lagi ang lalake. Sige payag na ako ibalik nyo na si Kim.

    • Tang ina mo…. ibig sabihin kung di na virgin ung isang candidata diyan immoral na?

      Kung nag.pose ka ng provocative postion sa shoot at walang sex na nagyayari immoral ka na?

      Hoy bakla! Magbasa ka muna ng sociology para malaman mo ano ang moral… sarap kayang makipag.sex.. chos! Hehe

      • Based on your language ikaw walang morals. Mag moral sex ka magisa mo.

  42. …and the Latinas are now rejoicing !

    Where is the friend of the fortune teller who predicted 2015 Queens? Maybe he can predict who did the “black propaganda” πŸ™‚

  43. 1. Sad to hear Kim Ross is out. This is how I see it: Binibining Pilipinas’ loss, Miss World Philippines’ gain. Simple as that. She could give the Philippines its 2nd Miss World crown, that’s a possibility.
    And this experience should give her the hunger and the drive that she needs to get the message across that she really wants to be a beauty queen.

    2. Binibining Pilipinas and the people behind it, you with your outdated rules harking back to ancient times of Melchora Aquino, your vertigo-inducing methods & policies regarding your selection process and your embarrassing treatment of the girls disqualified like they were shit, I give up. I’m done with you. And I’m moving on to the 21st century. Good luck being stuck in that time warp.

    3. And whoever is behind all of this, the battle isn’t over yet. You just eliminated 1 girl. Besides Kim Ross, there are loads of girls who are strong contenders for the MUP. The sad thing for me is, we will never get to see the chance for Kim Ross to prove her mettle against the other ladies in competition, if she can give a good fight worthy of a top caliber beauty queen. It would have been an exciting pageant moment.

    4. As for our chances in Miss Universe, still optimistic about it. I hope my bets pull through ( I have 3 btw ). And please, I hope we do not send a Philippine rep to Miss Universe that the Colombian girl Andrea Tovar & the Latinas will slay easily. That would be embarrassing.

    • I was delighted with the MWP idea but then naalala ko 26 na daw si Kim e. so….
      MEP pwede pa

  44. OH OH OH πŸ™‚
    So, it’s confirmed that Kim is out.
    Well, there is sunshine after the sunset.
    Life must go on πŸ™‚
    Some bitch are happy now.
    She turned 26 yrs old last month.
    Let’s see what’s next for Kim πŸ™‚

    • I’m just telling you the truth Mrs tralala…
      I’m not a bitter person and It’s you who is harsh darling…it’s recorded in the history of Sir Norman’s blog.
      But i think you’re trying to be nice now.
      But i tell you one thing..”a devil is always a devil. He/she can be an angel yes, but a fallen angel” πŸ™‚
      Have a good night my love πŸ™‚

    • Ikaw dapat mag-move on dahil inaakala mo ako ay walang utak kagaya mo…
      wala sa post ko na masasabi mong di ako naka move on…for what na mag move on ako eh ok lng naman sa akin na mawala c Kim sa BbP…Pero kung maibalik cya fine, mas maganda ang labanan.
      Hindi naman ako kagaya mo na mabaliw-baliw sa kacocomment ..halatang may deperensya ang utak πŸ™‚ lol
      Sira ka na Mrs tralala kaya huwag mong sirain lalo ang sarili mo πŸ™‚ OK πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  45. I think theres no point in finger pointing lalo na sa mga co-candidates ni Kim. Masyadong palengke at kalye na ang dating. Eww. At d end of d day, it’s bcpi that decided. Ibig sabihin convinced sila na malaswa. Sila ang organiser so ang magagawa lng siguro natin ay magfile ng pΓ©tition. Hindi kailangan na magsigawan or magbintangan or mag-away. Huminahon po tayo. Magjuicy fruit muna.

  46. if there’s indeed a demolition job against kim ross courtesy of a fellow contestant or a fellow camp, i just hope karma will go back to you. you can’t accept a healthy competition locally, how will you ever compete internationally. i bet she’s happy to get rid of one strong competition.

      • I am deeply saddened by Kim’s elimination. BPCI now gives me a reason to unfollow its beauty pageant this season. I hope Kim won’t be disheartened by this mess. She should walk away with head up high and prepare for Miss World Philippines. I believe there is an ultimate reason for this. She would represent the Philippines in Miss World and bring home the crown for the second time. Go, Kim!

        To the girls remaining in the competition, I wish you luck. The competition would be toughest now because the judges would not see a real stand out in your league. Whoever gets the loudest cheer would win.

  47. I’m still optimistic about her reinstatement.
    I’m quite seeing a silver lining on this one. Remember Venus’ dethronement last 2010? It was an election year. Mar was running for president. BPCI was pressured to reinstate her after analyzing it might somehow affect Mar’s candidacy.
    Now 6 years later, I am seeing a similar scenario. Mar is running for presidency again. Will Stella bow down to pressure again?

    Still hopeful. Praying for a miracle.

  48. May ginawa ba kampo nila Manalo noon?
    Kausap ko yung mga nagkakagulo sa grupo ni Kim.
    Nakaka pang hinayang pero pag na reinstate sya, dapat ipakita nya na uhaw sya.

    Sayang ang height, print at ramp skills pero oh well…

    Kaya ko na memention si Manalo kase na mention ni Boree and iba kong mga kasamahan sa group. Nanay daw ni Manalo ang naghalungkat ng photo na yan. May hashtag campaign na sila against Manalo. Nakakaloka. Sayang pa rin si Kim. Pwede talaga pang tapat sana sa mga Latina.

    Yung tinutukoy ata ni Mama J na may FHM spread itong si Samantha Balbin last year….Kylie had a feature on FHM but they took it from a Cosmo article.

    • Ah okay di ko napansin yang girl na yan last year lol!
      Pero sa totoo lang madami nagsasabi na isa sa painakamaganda si Manalo, medyo tagilid nga lang sa Q&A
      Kailan ko kaya makikita itong mga kandidatang ito. Kaya siguro di ako nabibigyan ng chance pa kasi hindi pa tapos ang final count nila lol!
      Balita ko sa MArch 29 pa daw press presentation e. So meaning amdami pang pang iimbistiga ang mangyayari?

      • That’s the thing. Balbin is so forgettable to the point that BPCI totally ignored the fact that she did FHM. Now i am curious, ganong “kalaswa” ba tong alleged photo na ito?

    • Well, if the Manalo camp is really behind the leak, shame on them. Sad to say, but there are also girls better than their girl who could stand in her way for the crown.

    • Kung pinayagan si Ms Balbin, dapat payagan din si Kim!

      Dapat tigilan na nila ang mga ganitong paghuhusga! These women may have done very sexy fashion shoots but it doesn’t mean that they have low moral values 😦

      Don’t judge a book by its cover (or lack of cover)!

      Otherwise maraming candidates ang madi-disqualify paglabas nila sa Evening Gown competition for “very clear” reasons (kita mo na halos kaluluwa nila). Pero may ginagawa ba ang Miss Universe Org? Nadaaaa!

  49. Kim Ross DLS should sue for loss wages while spending her time competing( instead of working) and get disqualified after background check that should have been cleared and verified before getting immersed in the competition. It’s unfortunate and someone should be held accountable.

  50. Kim, pinagtanggol pa kita sa unang comment ko, Kimekera ka pala.
    I saw the picture posted by @aljur, very bastusin naman pala ang photo.
    Though it was not released, the point is it leaked and was spread in social media.
    Kung ganito ang pica, paano ka iidolohin ng kabataan.
    Hayyyy, kasingganda mo ko Kimikera, pero never akong nagpasa ng apllication sa Binibini dahil ang dami kong unreleased pica na halos blush-on lang ang suot ko.
    Haaaay Kim, goodbye!

  51. WOW. JUST WOW. I smell something very fishy. This is just too much, whoever is behind all this, I just wish you and your friends all the best. Get ready for the consequences, KARMA is just right around the corner. #PrayForTheseLostSouls #JusticeForKimRoss

  52. I think this is really stupid. I mean, it was clearly an artistic shot, it wasn’t one of those raunchy pictures that just aim to titillate. It was a kind of picture that gets put in fashion magazines. And even assuming that it was racy or pornographic, it wasn’t even published. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  53. Juice Mio Mori, pag may sexy pictorial yet artistically done e disqualified na?
    Quing ina ng pusang gala.
    Buti na lang at mataas ang rating ng Story of Us ni Kim at Xian.
    Bawal ang sexy photo pero ang nude scalp e pwede?
    Paki-explain Madaam!

  54. Kung ang sexy fashion test shoot ang reason na nadis-qualified si Kim Ross, paano nakarating sa BPCI ang photo na yon na di naman naka-published sa kahit anong magazine?

    Sir Norman, di ba nagba-background check ang BPCI mismo mga Official Candidates?

    Sana hwag tayong magparatang o mang-akusa na basi lamang sa isang haka-haka. Mas maganda tanungin mismo si Mr. Jonas Gaffud kung sino ang nagbalita sa kanya na may naninira sa mga girls nila dahil kung di mismo ang BPCI ang naka-discover ng unpublished na sexy photo shoot na ‘to, ang taong yon ang may motibo na siraan sila (A & Q).

  55. What a mess! This fiasco, which includes contestants eliminated for height issues, could have been prevented if the screening process were administered correctly AT THE START of the selection process.

    Kim Ross needs to move on. All the best to her. BPCI’S BbP 2016 pageant season has been tarnished. What a crying shame 😦

  56. It’s a very sad news that one of the frontrunners lost her chances. 😦
    I find it unfair until now that a too traditional beauty pageant is doing this and its the biggest and most prestige in the country.

    So sa mga nagplaplano, better choose your projects before joining binibini. Tsaka nyo na gawin lahat ng gusto nyo after your reign.

  57. If it is true that Manalo’s camp is behind this, that would be so kontrabida-ish. Nanalo sa huli ang bida.

    • paano nyo naman nasabi na camp ni manalo ang may kasalanan?
      eto nanaman tayo, sisihan blues where in fact, it’s BPCI’s decision.
      Nakakasawa na ang Camp wars sa totoo lang. Nakakaburyo! I can live with it pero nakakainis!
      Pwede bang kung sino ang karapat dapat yun nalang koronahan?

  58. “It’s sad that today, the International Women’s Day, our candidate was disqualified because of her work as model. A Filipina model photographed by the same photographer who worked with BPCI in the past, in an expressive work of art alongside with a respected male internanational supermodel. These works of art are not deemed pornogrpahic. It saddens me that while we celebrate love and equality, the very organization that should uplift women, denies them the chance to demonstrate empowerment. Hello lawyers of the Araneta Group of Companies. Hello Mar Roxas.” JONAS GAFFUD

  59. though im not a fan of kim ross for mup, i do think that she should win a crown. bpci should have done their research beforehand. there is a rumor that the camp of nichole manalo initiated this scandal. hope this isnt true. if so, bianca manalo 2.0 again when sandra seifert was maliciously disqualified? tsk tsk politics in pageants

    • and yes, i am for kylie or nicole cordoves for mup. nichole manalo just settle for another crown. shame on that dirty camp

    • Sandra Seifert…I remember that debacle. She was booted off BBP a couple of days before the coronation. I can’t decide now which situation is worse.

      I wish to see Kim in another pretigious pageant, if there is no chance at reinstatement into this one.

    • Wag na manisi ng iba.
      Ginawa ni Kim Ross, BPCI ang magdedecide. Kahit pa hindi ilabas ng Manalo yan kung totoo man ang chismis, lalabas at lalabas yang picture na yan ano ba kayo!

      Bakit nyo naman nasabi na sina Manalo ang may pakana? Dahil sa nangyari dati?

      Grabe kawawa na si Kim, namintang pa kayo ng ibang babae. Para ano? Marelieve kayo?
      Please lang tama na sobrang dami nang naalis, nasaktan at wag nyo ng palakihin pa dahil lang sa bintang. Kung may proof I will get mad as well pero kung wala naman, be careful sa mga sinasabi natin…

    • And Sandra Seifert had the last laugh in 2009 when she went to Miss Philippines Earth and won their title and went on to be first Miss Earth 2009 first runner-up while the BBP 2009 batch didn’t have a single candidate in the Top 5.

  60. Anak ng!!!! Ganong picture lang disqualified na? She is a ramp/print model and insiders say part lang daw yon ng kanyang portfolio at hindi naman daw napublish in any magazines so what the pak is wrong with that? Napakamedieval naman ng BPCI kung yon lang dahilan unless meron pang mas malaswang picture na hindi natin nakikita. Malinaw na napolitika si Kim Ross dahil marami ang threatened sa kanya. Kung sino man may pakana nito, you succeeded for now pero hintayin nyo ang boomerang ng karma. #Justice4KimRoss

    • TRUE! I actually don’t think that photo that was leaked should have been a reason for disqualification. She has freaking clothes on! Ni hindi nga nkatapat ang genitals. Her facial expression is that of a model you see in plenty of other shoots!

  61. Too bad the possible back to back for Philippines….is now slim. May the best girl win 😦 Sadness overload for ACES and QUEEN! KIM SHOULD GO MISS WORLD

  62. With regards to the Kim Ross issue: *Facedesk*

    How could they do this to the poor girl (or anyone, for that matter)? Even the ones who were added on just because there is a spot that happens to be vacated…why put anyone through this kind of mess?

    • Kung hahalungkatin natin kung sinu-sino ang iba pang pinagbawalang sumali at magkaroon ng malaking pagkakataon na magwagi, lahat sila, kung hindi man ay karamihan, ay magaganda at may malaking potensyal na mangibabaw laban sa mga banyaga. Iba-iba man ang dahilan nila SMA, ngunit iisa ang katangi tangi sa kanila – magpapanalo sana para sa Pilipinas. Kung ayon pa nga kay Sir Jonas G., bakit hindi naligwak yong 1 kandidata nung nakaraang edisyon? Ang dahilan, kasi posibleng hindi rin nga naman mananalo kahit dito pa lang sa Pinas. Pero bakit nga kaya ganun, at hinayaan lang.

      Talaga bang may purong pagmamahal si SMA sa Pinas? O ang iniisip pa rin nya ang lupang pinanggalina nya? Ngayong taon sana ang kelangan paghandaan para sa posibleng unang pagkakataon na magkaroon ng back-to-back, at lalong maipakita sa buong mundo na ang lahing Pinoy ay karapatdapat sa korona na muntikan ng hindi maibigay kay Ms. Pia.

      Nakakalungkot lang na sa aspetong ito ay may halong hindi magandang intensyon ang mga namumuno ng BBPCI.

      • @BayanKo – I hear ya. *facedesk* (I repeat.)

        I’m really up in arms about the way things are inconsistently done by the organization.

  63. What about Janelle? If they disqualify Kim, disqualify everyone with sexy shoots. That’s how to be fair.

    Is there going to be petition/appeal or case for Kim? I am willing to help.

  64. ” While I am happy that Grace Poe is qualified to run, I am very disappointed with the lawyers of BPCi for disqualifying Kim Ross delos Santos just for posing for a sexy fashion test shoot. Last year they did not disqualify someone who posed half naked on FHM. Hello? Give justice to Kim Ross!
    And balita may naninira raw talaga sa Aces and Queens girls.” JONAS GAFFUD

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