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  1. I am happy with Pia with her as Miss Universe and meeting a lot of new people, but with this Dr. Mike, im a bit uncomfortable with that. I mean, if she’s happy with that, then so be it. but with these kind of posts, lalo na ung naka leab sila masyado sa isa’t isa, parang medyo off FOR ME ha. but sabi ko nga, if she’s happy and being Miss Universe is her priority then so be it.

  2. E2 pa para kiligin kayo lalo 🙂
    Nadethrone c Dr.Travis sa kapogihan ni Dr. Mike 🙂
    Pero 100% lalaki c Dr. Travis …lol

    • Possibly not gay, pero hindi ko gusto ang aura niya. Feel na feel niya ang pagka “Hottest doctor in the world” eh mas pogi pa yung OB na latino. Basta, di siya humble hahaha zzzz Dr. Mike

    • That’s what I don’t Miss Abt the Philippines — the cruel labeling of people because they behave the way they do.
      At this point , he would have prob come out already if he was gay . And Whether he is gay or not does not matter, he looks great anyway. Inggit Lang kayo

      • It seems to me that d guy is just enterprising enough to capitalise on his insta fame. He needs to constantly update his followers with his insta présence and in so doing earn more in ways more than one.Let’s leave him be. On a hindsight, manalangin pa rin tayo dahil we still never can tell, lol

    • I do know the meaning of Paminta but I find it very rude when used to describe someone. Filipinos loves labeling anyone regardless if it is offensive or not. Can’t just people accept that some guys loves to workout and look good because it is his personality not because of his sexuality?.. Can’t a girl do manly stuff and yet want a man’s penis in her vagina? Why the double standards for men? This ignorant attitude of labeling based on stereotypes is one of the reasons why our people remains divided. Stop the hate!

    • She knows the real deal… Remember, Pia lived with Harley for a year… I’m confident she can tell the difference between indigo and violet.

    • cooler naman pala hehe. pero meaning hot si dok. pero kaya yan ni Pia. hinde magpapatukso yan, she showed something interesting after her reign and as paula said kagaya ni Pia ang hinahanap nila so i think they will never dethrone her dahil lang dyan sa pics na yan. ang masama naman is unahin ang lalaking yan kaysa sa duties nya. un bang may duty pala sya tapos uunahin nya yang lalakin yan magdamag. un ang bad. but i think hinde naman ganon si pia. she worked hard for that crown. waited too looooong. so i dont think she will dethrone.
      ask ko nga pala may news daw na na failed daw si pia sa mga duties nya? how true? maybe some critics na bitter lang ang peg. kesyo puro pag momodel ang ginagawa eh she failed na sa duties nya. eh un ang assignment na binigay ng MUO eh. nag sstart na din sya ng mga tunay na assignments nya.

      • Chismis lang yan obviously… diba nag anti-bullying speech sya sa Toronto noong isang araw lang?… Hindi naman pwedeng lagare na forever… Pahi-pahinga din pag may time. 🙂

  3. Pia, pag-uwi mo yun inuutang ko ha, dadagdag ko lang sa puhunan ko sa Talipapa.
    Wag mo kong daanin sa smize ha, nun homecoming inisahan mo ko.
    Pag inulit mo pa yun kokonyatan kita!

  4. She’s indeed come a long way ! So proud of you, Pia 🙂 Philippine pride 🙂

  5. just a thought. bat kaya hindi ipursue ni Ara ang modelling? I mean know she models in the philippines. But I think she has potential to do well internationally.

    • Well, she won’t take up Chemical Engineering in UPLB if she didn’t want to pursue it for her future career. Just a guess though…

      • @Dex — sorry but just to clarify, if I’m not mistaken she graduated with a degree in Chemistry — not Chem Eng. Exactly two different fields albeit related in some areas nonetheless. I could recall two of her fun facts (?) in MU2013 — she could actually tell what the chemical composition of something by just looking at it, as well as having her own line of fragrances…….. I think that’s about right, or please correct me if my info is wrong. Gracias! 🙂

    • I agree I also think that she and Venus Raj could do well internationally as a model.

    • If she’s atleast 5’9 sana.
      May chance syang kunin ng agencies sa fashion capitals.

  6. i dont know where to post this so dito na lang siguro since mejo related naman

    huhu hindi ako makapliki kung sinong MUP ko. I think Kim is the best Binibini this year and i want her to be MUP pero Kylie is my sentimental favorite just like how Pia is for me. tapos lalo pang nakakaconfuse tong picture na to kasi damn Kylie huhu sobrang ganda niya


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      Since you’re commenting about Kim, the most suitable post would be “How do you like your Kim de los Santos?” Here’s the LINK:

      Just helping you out for your future comments. Cheers!

    • Twin sister ba ni Pia si Kylie.parehas ang styling.MU org will be looking for another type of beauty.

    • This pic shouts “mup kylie and her court”. Sa mga nagsasabing masyadong hawig ni kylie si pia, sa tingin ko makikita naman difference ng beauty nila. Pia has a longer chin and more chunky jawline. Both are beautiful in their own way without mimicking each other. I do however think that kylie is more whulandary in features.

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