17 comments on “An earlier finals for Miss Earth 2016?

  1. Teen Universe 2016 Official Results

    Winner: Miss Puerto Rico
    1st Runner up: Panama
    2nd Runner up: Ecuador

    Top 6
    1. Panamá
    2. USA
    3. Argentina
    4. Puerto Rico
    5. Ecuador
    6. Nicaragua

    In the Top 16 were Misses Mexico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Nicaragua, South Africa, Paraguay, Panama, Canada, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Venezuela, Peru, USA, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Turks and Caicos Islands (public vote).

    Special Awards:

    Miss popularity- Ecuador
    Miss Teen Model- Dominican Republic
    Miss Photogenic- USA
    Best Face- Canada
    Best Hair- USA
    Mejor Cuidado de Cabello- Puerto Rico
    Mejor Traje de Noche(Dress)- Panamá
    Best Dance Regional – South Africa
    Miss Silhouette- Nicaragua
    Miss Simpatia- Turks and Caicos
    Best Director- Baha

  2. Hindi kaya mas maganda na ang ME org should deal or work with the Ministry of Environment in each country to succeed on its mission in protecting our environment.
    Mas malakas ang impact sa akin kung mismong ME at gobyerno ay nagtutulungan sa ikagaganda ng daigdig.

  3. Napeste ako doon sa isang fan ng pageant na’to! Pintas ba naman ng pintas kay Pia sa Missosology. Di ba niya alam yung ibang Pianatics nagtatanggol pag may nagsasabing cooking show itong pageant na’to! Ilan-ilan na nga lang fans ng Miss Earth, puro Pinoy pa, tapos mababawasan pa! Naman!

    • Di ko napigilan sarili kong sagutin. Sabi ko, “di kasalanan ni Queen P kung walang editor ng magazine gustong ilagay reyna niyo sa cover nila!”.

  4. Sa isang forum, balita daw sa Europe ulit ang Miss Earth kaya daw sa October gaganapin ang pageant.

    Natuto sila na hindi lahat ng delegates sanay sa lamig – kaya tama lang sa October para hindi masyadong mainit, at hindi masyadong malamig

  5. Well, if it will be held overseas, why not! Macau or sana vietnam. basta wag china! lol

    • Bitterness? Where in your life does bitterness reflect too…To nega iha, mag reflect ka sa buhay mo okay?

  6. @cool brew
    So.true!… I’ll go as far as having Leo HOST Miss Earth! That would be good for everyone involved (including the fans). Nice thought that you brought up, but pretty good idea if i do say so myself. 🙂

  7. now if only Leo DeCaprio will chair the judging panel.His victory speech that was laced with environmental messages drew more attention to the Miss Earth advocacy on saving Mother Earth

    • Agreed. Leo has always been a staunch nature advocate. I remember this from his Blood Diamond days.

      Would be nice if he could join the judge’s panel.

    • sabi sa kabilang forum sa Europe daw ulit ang Miss Earth kaya October gaganapin ang pageant

  8. Great news! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that another country hosting will take place this year and in the next three years. Mabuhay Miss Earth!

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