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  1. Ha ha ha ha…natawa naman ako jackAss sa statement mong amok 🙂
    Ang alam ko lng kc na nag-aamok dito eh c JACK AMOK 🙂 lol
    Teka, tawagin muna natin yung mga friends mo…… darating na raw sila 🙂
    Abangan mo na lang daw sa baba 🙂 lol

    • Mga Colombiano walang magawa.. naging extra lang sa movie… big deal na?! Kailangan ianounce?… Manalo uli sila ng Miss Universe, yun ang big deal… hahaha 😀

      • May Sex(6) scene of frontal nudity daw at 3 pages na ungol ang dialog kaya “XXX” ang title 🙂 lol

    • Pak na pak ang side note ng author sa ending. Walang bahid pakla at pait. Until now di pa rin makamove-on? Pakialam ko sa mga activities ni arowana? Hollywood daw? E di wow!

  2. Guys please check this out. Parang hindi na pick up ng mga taga IG tong interview na to. Filipino web channel daw, pero I just find the interviewer a bit too pushy. Anyway, if there are binibinis reading this, I suppose this is your best peg pano mag respond sa mga interviewers na hindi ka sambang samba. Feeling ko gusto na hampasin ng takong ni Pia pero dahil classy sya, hindi nalang.

    Interview starts at 1:11

    • Pia owned it and handled the interview gracefully! Kudos to her!

      • WOW in fer kay Mars P. ha – I thought she handled it with class, and she’s very articulate ha… bongga siya. hihi

    • no not offensive. his questions were valid, his manner was rather curt though even with the two ladies.

    • @Laila , naalala ko tong interview kay Olivia ni Oksana sa Russia noong time ni Ara to compete in Russia. Sarap ng sapakin c Russia at nagtitimpi lng c America. Makikita mo yung Picture ng America Vs Russia sa interview na to. Pero cool pa rin c Olivia.
      Kaya girls, alam nyo na kung bakit kayo dapat mananalo at hindi nganga sa mga kagaya ng interview na to.
      Dito ko nakita kung bakit c Olivia ang Miss U 2012.

      • Winner c Olivia dito. Galit nga c Trump at ang nangyari ay wala c Russia sa Taft 15.

      • She’s not as articulate as Pia. Some of the questions weren’t answered or addressed correctly.She contradicts herself several times. She did keep her cool though. The reporter is intentionally trying to provoke her.

      • worst interviewer ever. lol. olivia actually held her own. the interviewer’s questions are convoluted bordering on ignorant and definitely rude. in the end, olivia ended up looking and sounding more intelligent than her

    • Very very smart Pia. I was more surprised whe she threw in the stats of Filipinos in Toronto…

    • I find the interview well. In the first few seconds of the video, it seems Pia was answering a question on what she thought about “gullible young women and older folks [in Toronto (I suppose)] squandering their money for momentary fame.” I could say Pia gave the safest answer there. Very correctly, she said she initially would have the facts 100 percent before she should utter her words. What a Miss Universe answer!

      Pia has already mastered answering tough questions with grace and that is true especially when she had her media tour and gave her piece about the MU crowning fiasco in almost all of her interviews. How I wish her Binibini successor would be smart like, or smarter than, her.

      On the lighter note, Pia’s neck in the video steals. I envy her for having that. 🙂

      • Friend lng talaga sila kaya lng minsan ang mga girls eh if your friendly with them, binibigyan na ng meaning kaya sakay na lang c Doc…lol…
        Team sawi…Goodbye MU1999 Final 3 Q&A…lol

      • Boto parin ako kay Doc… they look happy naman… Malay nyo naman Bi sya… and mukha naman syang exclusive dater… Loyalty is a choice regardless of gender or sexuality.

      • Actually C2F puro mga modelong bakla yang tatlo at nag3some sila after this pic 🙂 lol
        C andrea talaga ang type ni doc pero pinagbigyan na rin c river to join para walang gulo…lol…gawa lng ng kuento para masaya …lol
        Wala akong nakitang post c andrea sa pic nato sa insta nya.
        C doc lng at river ang nagpost 🙂
        Bakit kaya #@%*(_+)xXkkk?

      • Oh my, at gelay pla itechuwa? Ang hand-sung nka touchina sa otoko bells? Hay okrayela much… attentionez whore at ginamit pa si pianono…

  3. Our Queen definitely deserves some rest. After all, she’s been working hard and has been making lots of money for her employer. Cheers to the Queen of the Universe.

  4. I think that the forumers are already educated as to proper posting to a related articles or blog.

    Beautiful Pia.

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