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  1. I’m glad that Nichole has transformed this well in the span of two years. I’m just concerned that her new nose or maybe the mouth also kind of makes the center part of her face look “dead” or not moving. Maybe she should practice making her face look more alive. Seeing her in motion for the first time in this vid, mukhang promising naman ang transformation niya live.

    • P.s. Her veneers are also kind of distracting in their whiteness. Hope they can do something about that. Pak na pak yung dimples niya, though!

  2. Sayang si Nicole… kung pinaayos na muna nya lahat bago sumali edi sana me crown sya last year. Tsk tsk

  3. Ohhh😃
    Tumahol ang aso dahil napalakol veneers😃
    Ang sakit lng😃lol

  4. I hope these girls really read tito Norman’s blog religiously and pick all criticisms constructively. Sometimes, we tend to go overboard and leave comments that are mistaken as plain bashing when our honest intention is just to share views and unsolicited advises. Like many of us here, I also have my personal favorites but it doesn’t mean I will never criticize them when necessary. Constructive criticism is not bashing and bashing is never constructive at all. When i size up a BBP candidate, my parameters are the MU standards, no more no less. Laging MU stage ang iniimagine ko pag may nagugustuhan akong Binibini; kung paano sila magmumukha at makipagsabayan pag katabi na ang mga Latinas and Europeans. Hindi ko pinuproblema kung ano hitsura nila sa national finals. Mas inaalala ko ang performance nila pagdating sa international competitions. To sum it up, I criticize because I want our girls to improve and be of international caliber.


  5. My day is not complete without checking on what’s new here. In fact, I read Norm’s articles first before my emails.

    • Naku pareho tayo, pagdating sa office… Norman’s blog muna ang una kong bubuksan! Heheh

    • ako rin, pagkagising ko eto kaagad binabasa ko, ewan ko ba parang nasama na siya sa daily routine ko.. 😆

  6. Hello Baliw😃
    Hwag daw magkalat dito.
    Hindi nman cguro cya sipsip.
    Talagang mabait lng cya sa tingin ko ha.
    Hwag mo na kasing ikompara ang sarili mo sa iba na may pagkasipsip, inggitera, palengkera at baliw to d max😃lol

    • Well, Be nice first ok.
      I’m always behind you.
      Take care always😃mwahhh😲

  7. I get ur point Brown Steelstone 😃
    Ang sa akin lng ay kung makita kitang perfect kahit minsan lng ay puede kang maging perfect all the time😃
    Puedeng madevelop to be perfect.
    Hindi gaya sa unang tingin mo pa lng ay wala ng pag-asa😃

  8. Ayan o c Dogs sa baba nagpapacute pero walang pumapansin kc alam na nila kung gaano kaitim ang budhi😃hahaha
    “Walang maloloko Kong walang magpapaloko”. Tandaan mo yan Dogs na wala kang mabobola dito sa blog ni Sir Norman😃😃😃

  9. I love this blog… Thanks for all the hardwork Tito Norms! 😀

  10. Hahaha…
    Lahat nlang ng kumukontra sa paging BALIW mo ay c Bong na.
    Di ako kagaya mo na palengkera kapag may ayaw sa comments ko.Inaaway Lahat gamit ang iba’t ibang pangalang ABNORMAL.

  11. Nichole is the prettiest above. If she wins MUP , she has a good chance of making it in to the top 5 .
    However , we want someone who can duplicate Pia’s win and I do not think she has the personality and smart to do that.
    I’m thinking Abt Kim but didn’t she clap at Elite ?
    I will reserve my Judgment on Kylie Jessica Jennifer Maria and Nicole when I see them on the Road. Right now , I’m not happy with Kylie, something is missing .

  12. OMG, Nichole Manalo really transformed!!! Siguradong may crown si Ateng!

    • The veneers and the nose job made the big difference. She looks amazing. Definitely a front runner!

      • Mostly ng mga front runners ngayon ay nasa edad na 24, 25 at 26 years old which is good kasi mas marami na silang experiencse at usually more mature.

  13. My 2nd comment, but been following/reading this blog since Ariella days in 2013. Probably check this site 20 times a day for new entries and comments. All entries are well-written and very organized compared to others. I have yet to meet the blogger, but he seems super humble and sincere. Thank you, Norman!

  14. Me too, I always read Normannorman.com.
    And I thank you sir Norman for this very informative pageant blog. God bless you.

  15. The Binibinis as well as other pageant hopefuls be it regional, national or international have been reading this blog for one plain reason: it’s Norman’s blog!

    On the side-note and unknown to the many, the “stranger(s)” cum bystanders in the blog are actually Norman’s prime nemesis/antagonists who are so envious of his international popularity and success. They’ve been trying damn hard to put this blog down by creating upsetting nuances that include putting up a fight with decent commenters, discrediting the blogger’s favourites and projects, making fun of others by “thumbing down” general, neutral or quick-witted comments, creating multiple usernames with different personalities, and many more.

    So to my co-readers/commenters who mellowed down due to the negative atmosphere, please don’t let the stranger(s) win nor rule. Treat them as if they do not exist!

    LET US SUPPORT Norman and this blog UNCONDITIONALLY.

    Sorry for the rant but I’ve got to do this simply because I LOVE NORMAN’s BLOG! 💕💕💕

    • Very much agree with your post and stand by you in validation of it. I have been posting comments on this glorious site for some time and have thoroughly enjoyed Norman’s posts. While I have not posted as much as I use to because of some of the vile posters, I do visit this site multiple times during the course of the day.

      Thank you Norman for always posting articles of interest and all your hard work. This is the best pageant site, bar none. You are one of the reasons I am proud to be Filipino.

      • Same here, although I don’t post comments here everyday like I used to, I still visit this blog just as much (or sometimes more) like before.

      • Of course I remember you well and I used to address you as Felipe de la Torre. How we fought for Queen Ariella and protected her from impostors and strange bashers. Cheers!

  16. Like the Binibini beauties (I could also be a beauty queen, but I am already beyond the age requirement), I also read Norman blog and I prefer it over any other pageant blogsite. It may be my first comment, but I assure you that I have been reading this site since 2013 pa. What I like most about the blog is that all articles written here are timely, up-to-date, informative, entertaining, catchy and relevant. If I had enough of odd news a day, I would visit this site to lighten up my mood. I also like the views, thoughts and reactions of SOME followers here, especially Laila’s. I just skip those nonsensical comments of others who fondly bully others. They are simply the kind of people who cannot bring up intellectual discussions.

    Way to go, Norman! We need your blog as a dose of our daily pageant madness. Mwah!

      • I feel valued by your reply, Norman, considering the fact that it was my first ever comment here. 🙂 You are indeed interactive!

      • Yes dear, it’s you! ☺ I like the way your co-Normanners (this term only applies to us who observe superb internetiquettes) are being buzzed by your latest feeds. You make this blog even more exciting!

      • Hahaha😃
        Natatawa nlang ako laila sa mga inggitera.
        Ayan may cnabi na ang Reyna sa lahat ng mga Reyna👍
        Tamimi nlang cla sa tabi dahil Di ka na gugulohin pa.
        What’s their next plan?
        I don’t know but be vigilant always😃

      • Laila deserves recognition for her impeccable feeds and congenial comments. Doesn’t she?

      • Salamat guys. Mahal ko tong Norman’s blog talaga yun lang naman yun.

      • love laila’s scoops.. lano nung blow by blow niyang comments about pia’s gown brouhaha

    • a dose of our daily pageant madness.. ha ha! that explains why i am also an avid follower/fan of this blog, updating and enriching myself with news from norman whose loyalty and faith in pageantry is simply awesome..thanks norman for the many years of giving us a dose of our collective madness..more power to you..

  17. I’m glad they do read your blog Sir Norman ! Fair and well-written ! They can always get a cue or two from reading your blog. Some of the comments may be too harsh and uncalled for but we all know they are just the minority that we can all just ignore. To all the Binibinis – I wish you all the luck. You are all beautiful ! Enjoy your Binibini journey, be yourselves and may the best and deserving Binibinis win ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Me too, I always read normannorman.com! Napaka user friendly ng blog mo Tito Norms kaya Im sure many beauty queens, past present and future, are learning a lot about what pageant fans think about them. Good or bad, they can get an idea how they are going to present themselves in public. Speaking of which, they are slowly making a mark and being judged by the fans now that BPCI has begun its events. While we only rely on pics mostly, seeing and hearing them talk will help us pick the ones who should represent us in the international competitions. For now, I’m loving Kim, Maxine, Apriel, Jessica. But its too early to make a prediction. So girls if you’re reading this, remember it is important to make an impression so please put your best foot forward. Convince us that you deserve our love and support! Best of luck!

  19. They should read this blog. Ito na ata pinaka maayos na pageant blog out there. Kahit may undesirables dito ang daling intindihin ng flow ng blog na to.I like that Norman is so classy with his writing walang halong sarcasm and kung may criticism man, constructive. good for the girls. Medyo harsh man tayo minsan sa comments page, malalaman din nila level ng popularity nila kung nag aaway away na tayo about them. Healthy naman magbasa basa ng blog na to para malaman din nila anong areas need i improve.

  20. Oh my…I hope yung article mo lang po, Tito Norms, ang binabasa nila and not the comment board. About 85-90% of the comments here are unhealthy, because of all the bashing around here. Anyways, I hope this article will make the people here think THRICE OR MORE before they leave their comments. “Always think before you click” ala-Pia Wurtzbach, people.

    • Don’t worry, the Binibinis have been trained to let all comments enter one ear and out the other. It’s part of the game, after all.

  21. Parang magkaibang tao na yung Nicole Manalo BBP 2014 sa Nicole Manalo BBP 2016. Sobrang iba na ang mukha. Styling pa rin ba ang isasagot nila kung bakit anlaki ng pagkaka iba

    • Maybe because Kylie knows what she’ll say i.e. scripted? It’s different when they’re asked a question. Dun mo makikita kung spontaneous sila o hindi.

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