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  1. I see something in Riana. I sooo love her. She’s youthful, pretty, and fresh to the eyes of the public. I know she’ll shine bright like a diamond on the pageant night.

  2. Penchon does have a nose problem. Faith is OKish she looks like a softer version of diane necio. i actually like number 5. if shes spontaneous il bet my money on her.

    • Kimberle’s beauty has a queenly aura. With the right make-up contouring, the “nose problem” can be resolved. But it seems that she does not seem to have a problem with it. If she did, she would have gone for a nose job long before she joined this big pageant.

  3. Gusto ko c Kimberle dahil we have something in common like Queen Norman and Jessica Soho ..lol ..pero maganda sya ha at may K koronahan…sa rampahan at sa pagsagot na lang ang labanan.. medyo bothered lng ako ng konti sa ilong 🙂 lol
    Gusto ko rin si Doktora kc she’s waving the flags of medical practioners here na malapit sa puso ko..
    Gud luck sa Finals girls.

  4. 1 is pretty but her pics above are ugly . She also sounds very spontaneous.
    2 for me is the best. Magaling ang tindig but she needs better makeup and styling . No to MJ clones

  5. I really see why Kimberle is getting all the raves. I like #1 also, Janelle Olafson. Then again, ALL five of these ladies look great and keep getting better.

    However, as April nears, I’m curious of how the Bb Class of 2016 expresses themselves in the communication department.

    Remember the infamous Janina San Miguel? So beautiful, so regal to look at, so BB title worthy … until she opened her mouth. No disrespect, but I’m just saying.

    • I hope this girl improves. this was so painful. she’s poised to win the crown so i hope she surpasses her previous performance. her diction and accent is ok, her delivery needs more work.

      • I agree. She’s not very spontaneous. The ability to tall can be improved . But a lot of it is inborn – either u have it or not.
        Pia answered the same question very fluidly . Margie Moran’s response to the qx was generic and could be compared to Kylie ‘s but that was back in the day

      • Hmm, yes, I see your point. It makes her seem like she’s answering to the camera, not the viewer. A bit mechanical. There is still time to improve. I have great hopes for Kylie as well as anyone who so happens to bag the number of crowns in the final night as I’m rooting for the Philippines. As Pia said, when you’re up on the international stage, you’re wearing ‘Philippines’, not your own name.

      • Okay, Kylie is one of my favorite-4 picks to win MUP. Ouch!

        Not to be mean but if I were a judge at MU, and Kylie ware to be in the top 5? I would not vote her the winner. It’s not that her answers were not good, they were kind of boring and scripted.

        Nonetheless, there’s time for improvement and i feel she still has what it takes to win MUP.

      • I don’t think she has the communications chops to wow judges. It all comes down to having a deep vocabulary and quick wit in the final q&a. Pretty will take you to semis, but it’s all about personality and brains the rest of the way.

      • share to the world? LOL anyway these questions are stupid. the way she answered, she repeats the question and ends it with the same its hilarious….STUPID actually. can she be more relaxed and spontaneous??? arrrggghhhh

      • Yayyyyy!!! I did not know ganyan siya! Sorry lang po pero hinde talaga pwede mag represent sa MU. One thing I also noticed with Kylie…iba ang mukha nya pag nakangiti na nakalabas ang ngipin. Mas maganda sya pag naka tikom ang lips. She knows that’s her asset kasi almost all of her pics are naka slight ‘simangot’ siya. Maganda naman kaya lang she has to smile more often.

      • The way she answered sounds scripted. It does not feel authentic. Share with the entire world? Let’s be real 🙂 She answered the question in a way so as to get as much likes as possible. No substance at all.

    • Isa pa to. I soooooo want her to make it. Hindi pako 100% convinced dahil lang sa personality nya. Sana sa personality department ang i peg nya si Shamcey. Yung mahiyain, medyo seryoso tapos may ibubuga palang tamang landi.

    • Sana bubbly at spontaneous ang pagsagot…hindi natural ang dating sa akin 🙂
      Good luck na lng Kylie dahil 40 kayong maglabanlaban kaya ibongga mo na ng todo sa Finals.

    • Oh.. what does this mean?.. Are they dating or “just” friends?… Baka confirmed?

    • Kung hindi lng MU2015 si Pia dito kc guarded si Pia now, malamang may mas masarap na nangyari..lol
      Kinilig si Queen P dyan at umasa na naman hanggang sasabihin na naman nyang ‘Sawi’…lol
      Enjoy mo lng Pia at may tamang oras para dyan.
      If he loves you, he will come to you kahit maraming balakid 🙂

  6. Alex and Angela for me are the front runners in this group. Per pic, Alex projects very well with that small face! Angela is pretty just needs more edge on the styling part for an added sass.

    • Hindi ata marunong kumuha ng photo si Mr. Bong Tan, laki ng pinangit nila sa official number photos. Mas maganda pa sila sa screening #AllTeaAllShade #Truth

    • #4 Kimberle Penchon is really pretty. #2 is pretty as well but the teeth look like veneers – they are quite big for her mouth. #3 has potential to be in the top finalists.

  7. I like the beauties of these ladies. They’re all vibrant in their own ways. Their biggest challenge, however, is how to outshine the taller candidates. The best of luck to each one of them. Hopefully at least one of them gets a crown!

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