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  1. Wala ako pakialam kung ano pa man ang gender nya basta pinanganak syang lalake, may will syang sumali at qualufuesd sya to compete, pumasa sa standards ng organization then why not!

    Sana lang wag na maulit yung last year. May pure blooded indian na super qualified manalo pero di nabigyan ng chance dahil hindi daw naman sya pinoy, pero dito na pinanganak at lumaki. I really do not know the very reason why wala syang nakuhang title kahit obvious naman na winnable sya pero sana sa umpisa palang, hindi na siya isinali.

    I know the team has learned their lesson and sana di na maulit. Sayang ang effort kasi ng tao at oras para lang sa wala. Yun lang.. Feeling ko magiging bongga itong year na ito for this male pageant.

    • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know such thing happened because I practically do not follow male pageants. That’s totally unfair. They should have not accepted his application in the first place if they have that racial policy which I find ridiculous. If the Filipinos could install a PBB title to a foreigner who happens to feel that he is a Filipino by heart, why can’t they?

      • Well, hmmm I think the organizrs may have the answer why he did not win but in my opinion, dapat nanalo sya that night ng kahit isa sa titles. well, baka may iba reasons ang organizers or maybe the judges didn’t like him to win siguro.

    • Yung indian last year nagkataon lang hindi siya type ng mga judges. Yung lang yon. Kasi pag naqualify ka na as an official candidate regardlesd kung sino ka pa, you can already win depending on your performance.

      • Well maybe yes. I watched the pageant and in my personal opinion he deserves a spot BUT as I understand ofcourse the organization also has preference just like other pageants and I do respect that and the judgesn decision as well. Okay enough of the controversy and let’s focus with this promising upcoming pageant haha..

    • This is an entirely new organization – Gentlemen Charities Incorporated. I believe that what happened to Karan Singhdole last year had nothing to do with his Indian descent in the final deliberation.

      • If that is so sir Norms, I do believe as you’re ery much credible. 🙂
        Maybe its just me who thinks otherwise but yeah its already done and I’m giving the benefit of the doubt as the judges already gave their decisions and the kings have already competed with their respective international pageants.

        I really think this pageant is blessed for having sir Norms.

  2. In my humble opinion, one’s sexuality is seperate from gender. And, what does one’s sexuality have anything to do with his or her preference to be adressed as a person wether it is Mister or Miss? Did any of the international pageant franchise of this local pageant require a specific sexual prefference of the winner aside from his gender? Doesn’t being labeled by our society restrict us? Why should we prevent ourselves to make choices? Why should we let labels prevent us ftom living our lives to the fullest?

    • perogative ng organizer yun kung gusto ng patimpalak ng mga badiday o patimpalak ng mga heterosexuals. theyre not being asked for their preferences but they should conduct their preferences as dscreetly as what the image of the contest demands. you cant have a “mister” openly looking for dicks would you like that???

    • C2f

      What’s the definition of good MORAL character to you? Aside from the dictionary.

      • Same as what is defined in the dictionary…

        “Moral character or character is an evaluation of a particular individual’s stable moral qualities. The concept of character can imply a variety of attributes including the existence or lack of virtues such as empathy, courage, fortitude, honesty, and loyalty, or of good behaviors or habits.” But if you base those morals on what’s written on the bible or the laws created by the Catholic church then that is purely debatable. For your information, just like any rational person, I don’t practice or believe everything that is written in the bible because just like most Christians, I eat pork, I eat shellfish and I wear clothes with mixed fabrics which are all forbidden according to the bible.

  3. Sana yung organization maging solid at di papalitpalit ang titles ng mga winners. At di rin paibaiba ang handlers.

  4. Sir Norman, puede po bang sumali ang mga Bisexual at Closet Queen sa patimpampalak na to…
    Hindi naman kasi maikakaila na merong mga sumasali na Bakla talaga pero lalaki kasi tingnan MapaBarangay man o National pageant.
    Sa Mr. World nga ni Julia M. meron talagang Bakla sumasali pero lalaki tingnan at kumilos. Pinapahost pa ni Madam Julia sa International Pageant 🙂

    • Don’t tell and don’t ask policy. Don’t tell them if you are a gay and they won’t ask the gentlemen if they are gay.

      • First Runner-up, Nagtatanong lang po ako.
        Malay natin kung kakaiba ang Gentleman of the Philippines.
        Meron na kasi tayong pageant for Gays at bakit pa sila sasali dito.
        Sa mga Bisexual and Closet Queens ay malamang sasali sila dito.
        Baka kasi ayaw ng Gentleman of the Philippines na sasali ang bading sa Gentleman of the Philippines tapos next year ay umaariba sa Mr. Gay World Philippines.
        Nakuha mo ba ang ibig kung sabihin.

      • @Bong

        Sorry to join your conversation but it is that kind of discriminating label obcessed mentality which caused the owner of Mr. Gay World to create such a pageant for those people who are labeled discriminated and segregated by our society based on their sexual prefference.

    • I dont think they would allow an openly gay man to flaunt his preference here. its not a requirement to be gay or straight but i feel this pageant is outwardly straight or straight in essence. there are pageants for gay people who feel free to flaunt their choices. this is not for openly gay people i like to believe?

      • Then that is upto the judges.. And if they want to tackle the social barriers in our society, they have to show the diversity of candidates in character and personality. I believe that the winner should be highly educated, well-rounded and very inspiring individual regardless of social status or sexual preference.

    • May contest naman para sa mga Bisexual, bakit kelangan pa sumali dito?….Ano yun, para makakita ng mga bakat?…Ano purpose nila? P’ano kung nanalo …and after 3-5 years, supar ladlad na…….parang ang sagwa!

      • If that is the mentality of the person applying then of course he is not eligible to join regardless of his sexuality since good moral character is the highest priority. Pageants are suppose to break barriers and one good example of a big barrier in our society is the Stigma against those who don’t follow what is written in the bible. Ironicaly, those who impose it are complete hypocrites who chose to condemn others based on teaching they believe in the bible and yet they themselves don’t follow everything that is written in it.

      • As long as naqualify sila sa contest wala akong nakikitang problema. Siguro naman sa screening pa lang if they obviously act as gay, baka hindi sila ma-qualify. If nakalusot man sa screening, it is up to the judges kung papanalunin nila. All the contestants naman during the pageant if they don’t behave properly, pwede naman I-disqualify.
        Kung manalo, siguro naman may policy din, pag hindi sumunod pwede ma-dethrone.
        After ng reign nya, e di magladlad sya kung gusto nya.

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