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  1. Jeslyn really needs to learn how to smize to counter her cute features.. A more sleek modern cutout or color-blocked dress or gown is more ideal for her…. And she either needs big hair or super straight hair to stand- out…

  2. Jessica’s height reminds me of someone: Dianne Sandico (her sister, Georgina, is a friend of mine. Was sent to compete in Miss International back in 1999.) She won Miss Bicolandia back in 1998 & is the tallest amongst the Sandico sisters (at 6’0″).

  3. Ganda ni Jessica… but does she have brains to match her beauty? We’ll see. 🙂

  4. Oh my, si Jessica.

    With her height, she can easily take home a crown. Her face is pretty, but really really transformable and will be a good vehicle for a variety of looks. As for training, she’s also quite new on the pageant scene if I’m not mistaken, so there won’t be a lot of bad habits to unlearn, and the slate is clean for them to build the best version of her. Obviously she can be made to look uber fierce/glamazonian, or they can tailor a specific look for her like what Venezuela did for Dayana (beach babe vibe) and Stefania (Hollywood Siren).

    Personally, I think that they should build on her already nice and fresh aura. Her face is beautiful but also happy and unassuming. I agree with Geoff also na may liwanag sa mukha niya! Especially with that photo, parang ang gaan gaan ng pakiramdam pag tiningnan mo siya. It would be nice if she can be developed so that she can deliver a great performance (pasarela, stills, Q&A) while retaining her open and friendly disposition. If they go in this direction, she will be a (welcome) breath of fresh air in a field dominated by girls who fight with the Fierce Factor.

  5. I’ve just noticed that Bulaqueñas joining BbP are always equipped with beautiful faces. With probably the exception this year, most of them are “kayumanggi” and of average height. Of the three, Jeslyn is the most pageant-experienced having been able to represent the country in an international pageant in Hong Kong last year. Candy, to me, has the comeliest face. On the other hand, it is Jessica whom I find strongest amongst the three. For one thing, she is the tallest in the batch. But I guess it’s too early to bestow on her superlatives. I guess we have to wait for the other eggs to hatch before we could count on the chicks. I’d say I’ll wait until the end of next month when we’ve already witnessed a lot of exposures. In the meantime, I wish all three the best!

  6. 6ft? wow! bihira sa mga pinay ang ganyang height. malaki chance niya makapag-uwi ng crown, miss international, miss grand at kahit miss u pa! ❤

  7. Oooohhhh good feedback for Jessica! Yey! I’m on board too! ☺ fresh, tall, trainable, beautiful. Imagine pag napolish yan, uber glamazon.

    • pwede diba?. maganda na! matangkad pa. may liwanag sa mga mata at mukha nya. ist time in bbp na may ganito eh. beauty queen aura na 6.0 at maganda. ganda ipadala sa MU. or kahit saan. shes too young pa naman if she failed may next time pa naman hoping she’ll join again and transform in to the best jessica. oi may letter “A” last name nya. hihi.

      • Allergic ang Bbp sa mga 6 footer. There is no winner in the history of Bbp.

        Watch out for numbers 6,35,36,37.Sure top 16 and eventually winners.

      • Bad luck ang 6 footer. Marilen didn’t represent Miss World, she has been replaced.

    • Yes indeed! Jessica’s my front-runner together with Kim de los Santos and Apriel 🙂

  8. Jessica Gonzales is jaunty, exceptional, smart, statuesque, irresistible, classy, and alluring. There not enough words to describe her.

  9. Jessica Gonzales will surely bring home a crown. Look at Jessica the veneers fit her well because of the height and the built. Sana ho kung may tao close sa KF . yun veneers ng ibang contenders paki kikilan.

  10. jessica for the win. itsura palang panalo na. wla sinabi ang veneers na mala higante ni maria gigante hahaha.

      • Maganda si Jessica, Reyna ng pistang bayan yan eh.
        Musa rin ng pa-Binggo sa Lalawigan.
        At laging pabida sa mga meeting de avanse ni konsehala at bokal de amiga.
        Gustavo de kulasisi ni Madre cacao.
        Venezuela dela uy, nuevo contodo cavayo de pulgozo.
        Jessisa por uno universo y brazo dela merced.

  11. Jessica Gonzales’s beauty is the combination Shamcey Supsup Lee and Mereia Lalaguna (MW 2015). She’s my bet for Bb International crown while Jeslyn Santos is for Bb. Tourism Queen International if this crown is still at stake.

  12. I see great potential in Jessica from among this trio – blessed with the height and a beautiful face. Given the proper training, she could fare very well.

  13. Jessica is beautiful. She’s like a rough diamond that needs polishing. parang soup na medyo matabang pero konting ayos pa perfect na. she needs the right styling, make up, and training.

    Jeslyn is also beautiful but may ibang angle lang. I mean there’s something off when she smiles. she also has a resemblance with Laura Lehmann.

  14. Jessica is a winner in here. there is something in her eyes. lumalatina din ang aura nya. sana maayusan ito ng tama. parang mas bet ko to kaysa kay Maria.

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